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World Vision Teacher Resource Center

How Much Does Sponsoring A Child Cost

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To sponsor a child in another country through World Vision costs $39 per month. To maximize your monthly gifts, we combine them with other donations to fund programs that create long-term access to essential resources for your sponsored child, their community, and other vulnerable kids. Because of our community-focused solutions, for every child you help, four more children benefit, too! Everywhere we work, our aim is to strengthen and empower the entire community, so all children have the chance to experience fullness of life.

How Do Charity Gifts Work

Learn what happens when you donate a gift.First, explore the World Vision Gift Catalogs collection of more than 100 charitable gifts that you can donate in someones honor. When you donate a charity gift in someones honor through the World Vision Gift Catalog, youll provide help to those who need it, while giving a meaningful gift to someone in your life.

You can give these donation gifts as presents for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, Easter, or simply as a thank you gift any time of year.

How does it help? When you donate a gift, that gift gives back by empowering people out of poverty around the world. And we promise that the charity gift you give in someones honor will be used within that gifts category wherever its needed most. Read more about how your gift will be used at the bottom of every gifts description.

What does my gift recipient get? You can mail, print, or email a personalized card that explains the impact of your gift, along with a photo of how your gift will give back to those in need.

What Is The Best Organization To Sponsor Through

The best organization to sponsor children through depends on whats most important to you. There are several reputable child sponsorship organizations with different but effective approaches, all of which you can research on Charity Navigator. The World Vision difference stems from what were trying to achieve life in all its fullness for children, especially the most vulnerable. We value every child as a precious gift from God, made in His image and valuable in His sight. We value them as whole people, and seek to support their entire well-being: physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. This shapes our approach to helping children become all God meant them to be in body, mind, and spirit. If these values resonate with you, then youre likely to agree that World Vision will be the best organization for you to sponsor through.

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What Do You Get When You Sponsor A Child

When you sponsor children through World Vision, youll get instant access to information about your sponsored child and their community through a My World Vision account or by downloading the World Vision app! In your account, you can see the latest updates, view photos and videos, read community progress reports, and more. You can also send your sponsored child an email right from the app. Your new sponsored child will write you an introductory letter, which will arrive in the mail.

As a sponsor, youll also get our award-winning World Vision magazine two times a year with beautiful photos and stories about the work you help make possible. And once a year, youll get a community progress report with updates about improvements in your childs community and how your child has benefited from community programs.

Do I Have To Write Letters To The Children I Sponsor

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No, writing letters to your sponsored children is not required. When you first sponsor a child, you will receive a letter from them introducing themselves. You dont have to respond, but we make it quick and easy to do so by sending your child an email through your My World Vision account . You can also send a card or care package. Children really value a life-enriching connection with their sponsors. Your encouragement can give your sponsored child hope and confidence a tangible reminder of Gods love!

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Teacher Resource Center Supports Los Angeles Teachers

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On December 6, World Vision staff drove a large trailer packed with essential educational supplies into the parking lot at Roosevelt High School in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. This mobile Teacher Resource Center is a new way World Vision is supporting teachers in under-resourced communities.

Educating children must be a priority for helping build a better future. This is true in any part of the world including our own nation.

* * *

Its like a candy store, says teacher Lourdes Gutierrez, who gratefully filled her bag with teaching essentials including markers, crayons, Play-Doh®, construction paper, toys, and more.

Why Sponsor A Child

Sponsoring a child is the most personal, effective way to fight poverty and help children build better lives and futures. When you sponsor children in need, you build special relationships and encourage them with hope for the future. Plus, your donations join forces with other sponsors to lift your child, their community, and other vulnerable children out of poverty for good. Everything we do has one aim fullness of life for every child. Your support helps pursue the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being of vulnerable children.

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Does My $39 Monthly Gift Go Directly To The Childs Family

As a sponsor, youre connected with one specific child. But sponsored children do not receive direct cash benefits. Instead, your monthly donation is pooled with other donations to fund development programs that benefit your sponsored child and their whole community, as well as other kids in need ensuring you have maximum impact. And it works! Because of our community-focused solutions, for every child you help, four more children benefit, too.

Does Sponsoring A Child Actually Help

World Vision International Dan Mtonga: Program Quality and Resource Development Director

Yes! Multiple independent studies have proven the long-term effectiveness of sponsoring a child and child sponsorship programs in general. Independent university research evaluating World Visions programs specifically shows that participation leads to multiple improvements in childrens lives such as:

  • Being happier and more hopeful
  • Enjoying good health
  • Having higher levels of school attendance
  • Teen participation in World Vision activities was associated with higher levels of social support, resilience, and life satisfaction.

    The research also found that World Visions child sponsorship programs foster collaboration and build bridges that strengthen communities. Across the five area programs that were evaluated, sponsorship was successful in involving vulnerable and marginalized groups as well as including communities of both Christian and non-Christian faiths.

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    World Visions Teacher Resource Center Is Like Christmas For Teachers

    Miguel Negron, 13, with a handful of pencils donated by World Vision.

    I love it when I get to visit any of World Visions teacher resource centers in cities across the United States. Maybe its because it reminds me of that sense of excitement I felt when I started a new school year with my brand-new book bag filled with untouched notebooks and unsharpened pencils.

    Or maybe its because its fun to watch teachers as they navigate the aisles with their shopping carts piled high with supplies. They express such joy over a notebook, eraser, or stick of glue.

    I vividly remember a trip a couple of years ago. I was at the warehouse in Chicago while some teachers from Roosevelt School in Cicero, Illinois, picked out their free materials. They called across the space to each other with shouts like Did you see these? or Can you believe this?

    Claudia Jimenez, the schools principal, says that of the nearly 700 students at her school, 90% were on free or reduced lunches. She knew that many parents couldnt afford to buy school supplies for their children. The resources she and other teachers picked up that day would help fill in the gap.

    Claudia says it made a difference to her students when they had brand new supplies items that werent hand-me-downs. I think its more motivating to make them want to learn, she says.

    That day, I also met Laura Garcia, a sixth-grade teacher at Roosevelt. Her enthusiastic response to World Visions teacher resource center still makes me laugh.

    How Do I Sponsor A Child

    There are two ways to sponsor a child: You can 1) choose a child to sponsor based on their age, gender, location, or type of need, or 2) put the power to choose in a childs hands by signing up to be chosen by a child in need. You can give your monthly gift by credit card, debit card, or Electronic Funds Transfer .

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    World Vision: 4 Ways World Vision Tackles Poverty In The United States

    At World Vision, we are called to serve the most vulnerable children and their communities around the world, including right here in the United States. And we do it by engaging churches and organizations and providing a way for manufacturers and businesses to share excess resources with people struggling with poverty. In 2018, we were able to reach more than 4 million people, including 2.2 million children, through our various U.S. ministries.

    Here are the top four ways we are tackling poverty in the United States.

    Donated productsWorld Vision helps tackle poverty in the United States by providing families, schools, churches, and community organizations with products donated by U.S. manufacturers and corporations. These products are distributed throughout our national network of 2,300 partner organizations from six World Vision warehouse locations and 12 affiliate partner sites. We also operate essential supplies, building materials, and Teacher Resource Centers in cities like Chicago, Seattle, New York, Dallas, and Hartford, Connecticut.

    Products donated include furniture, office and school supplies, hygiene products, cleaning supplies, appliances, clothing, toys, roofing shingles, insulation, books, seasonal decorations, and other items. In 2018, we distributed nearly $100 million worth of new donated products that helped almost 3.7 million people.

    One way you can give essential products, like a winter coat, to a child in need is through the World Vision Gift Catalog.

    How Long Will My Child Sponsorship Last

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    Your sponsorship is an ongoing commitment that helps your sponsored child and their community overcome poverty for the long term. We partner with communities, typically for 10 to 15 years, until they can sustain improvements on their own. Your ongoing sponsorship allows you to witness the progress firsthand, for as long as youre able.

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    World Vision Appalachia Can Help Supplement Teachers School Supplies

    • Beth Christian Broschart

    BUCKHANNON, WEST VIRGINIA A program through World Vision is helping teachers in some classrooms acquire much-needed supplies for their students.

    Buckhannon Academy Elementary School instructor Sherri Hoover recently traveled to the World Vision Teacher Resource Center in Philippi to get new school supplies for her classroom.

    There are many schools in Buckhannon and across West Virginia that participate in this program, Hoover said following her visit on Thursday. It is through World Vision Appalachia.

    World Vision Appalachia operates under the umbrella of the global Christian humanitarian organization, World Vision.

    According to their website, World Vision serves West Virginia, with a focus on Barbour County.

    Their work in Appalachia began in 1981 with programs including Essential Supplies, Teacher Resource Center, Building Materials, mission trips and more.

    Hoover said to participate in the Teacher Resource Center, schools must qualify. World Visions Teacher Resource Center provides new school supplies to educators teaching in low-income neighborhoods where at least 70 percent of the students qualify for free or reduced-price school lunches, according to World Visions website.

    Eligible teachers may shop for free supplies.

    You must apply to be eligible to partake in their services, Hoover said. World Vision partners with manufacturers and corporations who donate materials to their sites like the one in Philippi.

    Is This Child Real Do Others Sponsor The Same Child

    Each child is matched with only one sponsor, and yes theyre real children with real stories. Get to know your sponsored child through letters and emails, photos, progress updates, and more. As COVID-19 travel restrictions ease, you can even visit your sponsored child and see firsthand how your donation is helping to transform their community.

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    Milgard And World Vision Provide Essential School Supplies To Teachers

    Tacoma, Wash. Milgard Windows & Doors provided a $25,000 donation to World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children and families tackling poverty and injustice, to support their Teacher Resource Center program.

    Over 32 school districts in the Pacific Northwest are served by the World Vision TRC program. Essential school supplies, such as backpacks, notebooks, binders, pencils, scissors and glue, are provided to the local area teachers to support poverty stricken students whose families are unable to purchase these necessities on their own.

    , Kim Flanary, Quincy Walker)

    World Vision is near and dear to me because of their far reaching support of the neediest in our community and the world, said Kim Mauro, Executive Assistant at Milgard. World Vision is a great partnership for Milgard since they share our value of taking care of the less fortunate in Pierce County.

    World Vision is so thankful for partners like Milgard who are invested in their local communities, said Reed Slattery, National GIK Program Director for World Vision. This amazing donation will allow us to provide thousands of teachers and students with much needed school supplies right here in Pierce and King Counties.

    This donation helps to lay the groundwork for success in the classroom at a local level. The children now have the opportunity to focus more on learning and less on securing the tools they need at school on a daily basis.

    Who We Want To Be Referred To

    Listening to JAWS (Video 2 of 4) – Statewide Vision Resource Centre

    Does it seem like somewhere along the way that the REAL YOU, the fun you just disappeared?

    You’re a Supermommy, you know that. You have all the qualities of a Supermommy. And yet, something’s still missing. Something’s not quite right. You feel like Sisyphus, always pushing the boulder up the hill, but it never gets to the top. Your to-do list just gets longer and never shorter. You need help finding your way back to the REAL YOU.Amy Zwaigenbaum created the Mystery Of The Missing You to help Supermommies like you to discover the clues to how you went missing and didn’t notice.

    Amy Zwaigenbaum, the Finding Fun Mentor, provides help in discovering how to recover the missing TRUE BLUE YOU.

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    How Do You Share Your Christian Faith Around The World

    World Vision clearly identifies as a Christian organization, no matter where we go, and we demonstrate our Christian faith in inclusive and culturally sensitive ways that are appropriate for the communities we serve. Wherever possible, we partner with local churches and Christian organizations to support and strengthen their ongoing ministry so that children can learn about Gods love for them and grow in their faith. In regions where sharing the gospel is limited by law or culture, we believe that the selfless acts of our staff are a testimony to Gods love and goodness. We serve every child we can, of any faith or none.

    What Is Child Sponsorship What Does Sponsoring A Child Do

    Child sponsorship pairs one caring sponsor with one child in need in a mutually rewarding connection. When you sponsor a child, you help their community establish long-term access to essentials like clean water, nutrition, education, and more, according to the communitys needs. Youre also able to connect with your sponsored child through letters, photos, small packages, and your prayers for them. Our programs are Christ-centered, child-focused, and community-based. Learn more about what makes World Vision child sponsorship programs unique.

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    What You Need To Know About World Visions Us Work In Photos And Videos

    At World Vision, were called to serve the most vulnerable around the world, and that includes people right here in the United States.

    We partner with a network of more than 3,000 churches, schools, and other community organizations across the United States, providing them with donated resources from our corporate partners.

    Corporate donations include items such as clothing, hygiene supplies, and diapers.

    We also supply building materials and furniture that equip our partner organizations to help people in need.

    And through generous donors, we provide school supplies to teachers at Title I schools through our Teacher Resource Centers in six locations across the country.

    When disasters strike within the U.S., World Vision staff jump into action to make relief supplies available to families in need.

    World Vision helped more than 132,000 people affected by storms in Texas, Florida, and North Carolina from September 2017 through the end of 2019.

    The COVID-19 pandemic caused widespread food insecurity within the United States. World Vision has responded by distributing 80,221 Family Emergency Kits through 51 church partners to serve 291,642 children and adults.

    Family Emergency Kits contain a weeks worth of nutritious food for a family of five, hygiene and personal protective items, plus educational supplies for kids.

    That includes police, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel in the Navajo Nation as case numbers began to surge in November 2020.

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