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World Vision 6k Walk For Water 2022

Two Children Brought Together By Clean Water And A Mothers Love

Host a Global 6K for Water Event in 2022 | World Vision USA

Brittany Kukal, 31, of Kirkland, Washington, kneeled down to fill out the form at the sponsorship table at last years Global 6K for Water at Gas Works Park in Seattle. She had been on her feet awhile having just finished a 6-kilometer loop and she was, after all, six months pregnant.

I felt great. I felt empowered, Brittany says. I felt encouraged, and I felt like the Lord was really here today. It was wonderful.

Around the globe, about 844 million people lack access to clean water, and people in the developing world walk an average of 6 kilometers to find water. Oftentimes, its women and children who make that walk, lugging heavy cans to bring back water that is likely impure and unsanitary.

A friend told Brittany about the Global 6K for Water last year and encouraged her to sign up. I gave it a lot of thought, a lot of prayer. And being Im six months pregnant, I thought its a great way to really engage and understand what these women and families go through, she says.

And it was a way to make giving more personal, to actually experience the walking and the process just makes it more real for you, she says. Every $50 Global 6K for Water registration fee will provide clean water for one person.

But walking the 6K wasnt without some concern, Brittany says it was her first child and a high-risk pregnancy. But with her doctors approval and time spent praying, she moved full-speed ahead, wanting to empathize with mothers globally.

Global 6k Participants Walk And Run For Water

Not many 8-year-olds would use their birthday as an opportunity to give back, but Luke celebrated by running World Vision’s Global 6K for Water with his friends.

Pastor Thad Spring, 46, and his wife, Jerilynn Spring, 45, both of Muskegon, Michigan, run together on a path on their church grounds in January. They both ran in the Team World Vision Global 6K here in March 2016 and plan to participate again this year.

Judy Carlson, 71, uses her cane for support while walking the Global 6K for Water with her friend Debbie Torres, 61, in Portage, Indiana. Team World Vision Manager Steve Spear doubled back on his bike after finishing his 6K run to walk alongside them.

Calvin Lee of the Urban Voice Community Church cheers for Kindergarten teacher Beatrice Hall as she crosses the finish line during the World Vision Global 6K for Water held on the lakefront in Chicago.

Walkers and runners from Green Valley Community Church cheer before beginning the Global 6K for Water May 19 in Placerville, California.

World Visions Global 6K for Water is a one-day virtual event where people from all over the world walk or run 6 kilometers, from their own homes and neighborhoods, to bring lasting clean water to children in need. Why a 6K? Its the average round trip distance women and children in the developing world walk for water water that is often contaminated with life-threatening diseases. Every step you take is one they wont have to.

Global 6k For Water: If She Can Do It You Can Totally Do It

The excitement was palpable on May 6, 2017, for families in Portage, Indiana. It wasnt only World Visions Global 6K for Water at Real Life Community Church it was the local high schools much-anticipated prom night.

Students and parents alike were excited to complete the Global 6K but also excited to get on to hair appointments, picking up corsages, and getting ready for the big dance. So about an hour-and-a-half after the 6K began that morning, pastors and volunteers started to close the course that about 75 people had completed to expedite the clean-up process.

When a family which volunteers thought were the final participants came around the corner to cheers and the banging of cowbells, instead of first celebrating, they shouted to the crowd that Judy and Debbie were still on the course behind them. Suddenly everyone was in motion once again to restore the course.

Meanwhile, 71-year-old Judy Carlson was walking the Global 6K at her own pace slowly and steadily using her cane for support. On her race bib was Bintou, 6, from Mali. Read more > >

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Unexpected Surprise At The Finish Line

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Ashlyn Fernandez used leg braces to walk the 2018 Global 6K. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it and to push the boundaries, she says. But it ended up being harder than she imagined. Midway, I turned back. It was difficult to keep going. I did the best I could, and I learned that it was okay.

When Ashlyn finished, she was sweaty and sore, never expecting a heart-melting surprise: a wedding proposal. I was blown away, Ashlyn says. Victor, her college sweetheart and private second-class with the U.S. Army Reserve, was waiting on bended knee and holding a bright green sign that read, Ashlyn, will you marry me?

They married on December 15, 2018.

For 2020, the couple hopes to walk the 6K together with their congregation from Hillside Alliance.

Being in service to make an impact in the life of a child is amazing, and the Global 6K for Water opens that door for everybody, Ashlyn says. I have been given so much and feel blessed in my life that if I can do something to serve God, to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to make an impact in the life of a child, that is the greatest privilege.

Six Hours Walking Back And Forth

Kenya Vs Mali

Contaminated water and poor sanitation are linked to diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera, with children particularly at risk from water-related diseases.

Access to clean water leads to healthier children. Like Angelinas family.

Angelina, 28, is mother to four children.

Her parents fled to Sudan as refugees, and Angelina was among the children who grew up outside of her own country. When she was in Sudan, the water tankers supplied homes with water at an affordable price.

But then Angelina returned from Sudan to her community, a border town in Aweil County, South Sudan, home to 2,620 returnees and 18,215 residents of host communities.

Since returning, she says, My first challenge was access to clean water. We walked for an hour to another village to fetch 20 litres, which is not enough for the whole family. I have to spend six hours walking back and forth.

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Walking To Build Community

In their first 6K, Highland Avenue Churchs participants ranged from babies in strollers to kids on shoulders, kids riding scooters and bikes, all the way up to a man in his 90s, says Pastor Gabriel Martin.

Pastor Martins five kids ages 3 to 13 took part. Like Kianna, he embraced the opportunity to broaden their understanding of their place in the world.

He told them: Not only do we have blessings in our lives, but we are responsible to make sure that other kids are blessed as well.

Walking the 6K together was a blessing and a transformative experience for his church family as well. Congregation members who had only seen each other in the pews found time to talk. They met parents and kids from the preschool attached to the church.

I cant think of any better opportunity to engage our entire congregation and community in something that has a global impact, says Pastor Martin. It reminds us of the mission that were called to as part of the body of Christ.

Says Kianna, It really felt like we came together as a community.

Learn How World Vision Responds To Emergencies Around The Globe

Our presence in nearly 100 countries enables us to quickly provide immediate support in all types of disasters and humanitarian crisesand we are committed to long-term support, staying to help children, families, and communities recover and rebuild. In 2021 alone we responded to 72 disasters and humanitarian emergencies in 52 countries, as well as the Covid-19 pandemic in over 70 countries.

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Who Can Take Part

Anyone! This includes our customers, vendors, associates, family, and friends of HOH.

We will be hosting a live site again at our headquarters in Palatine, Illinois with food and festivities to follow the 6K.

At the same time, smaller groups and individuals will be joining us by walking or running a 6K route in their own local neighborhoods and parks.

If you are part of a larger organization and would like to create your own team, you can do that too using the registration link below. World Vision has some great resources available to help make the event a memorable one for you and your group.

How To Take Part

2022 Global 6K for Water Thank-you! | World Vision USA

It’s very easy to take part: simply go to our Global 6K JustGiving page and click on Give Now and do your 6K. Or click on Start fundraising to create your own page or team and involve friends and family.

Engage your community

Invite friends, neighbours, or your church group along. It’s a great way to come together with others in your community, and you’ll have even more of an impact. for resources to add some fun to your event, or for you to learn and reflect on the changes youre making.

Make it a challenge

Why not challenge yourself and your friends? Whether you want to beat your running time record, walk 1K every day for 6 days, or walk 6K in an orange outfit, the challenge is yours! Make it big, make it fun, make it meaningful. The more daring, the more donations youll raise for the vulnerable children who desperately need clean water.

Bring your family

It can be fun and rewarding for the whole family, and a great way to have some outdoor fun together whilst raising money for a great cause. to get fun activities to challenge and motivate the younger ones. Take the opportunity to explore a new area or reward yourself afterwards at your favourite pub.


It’s a great chance to come together as a community, church group or family. You can share and celebrate your achievement together, knowing you’ve helped children worldwide.

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Kiannas Family Walks 6k For Water

California mom Kianna Lyons doesnt take water for granted. But shes not only concerned about the water shortages that have affected southern California where she lives. She has a heart for moms and children in sub-Saharan Africa who walk 6K daily to bring home dirty water, and shes determined to do something about it.

Kianna has chosen to join World Visions Global 6K for Water. Like last year, shell walk with her husband and three children ages 2, 5, and 7 and other members of Highland Avenue Community Church of the Nazarene in Rancho Cucamonga.

Clean water this is something everyone should have, says Kianna. Shes certain of that. When she first heard about the 6K at her church, she was less certain about participating.

Im not a runner at all! she says. Kianna and her husband wondered if they would be expected to run. And what would they do with the kids? They were quickly reassured that runners, walkers, and stroller pushers are all welcome.

The familys race kit included a bib with a picture of a child who needed clean water for each racer to wear. Maya and Owen, now 5 and 7, immediate got it.

I bet he plays basketball, said Owen about the boy whose picture they pinned on his shirt. Maya was determined to finish the course for the little girl whose picture she wore.

Kianna has kept the bibs because the 6K was such a great memory, she says.

World Vision Global 6k For Water

Thank you! Your message was posted to Facebook.

Are you the race director for this race? If so, to claim this race.

Additional race information can be found at .

Global 6K for Water | Detroit Walk 6K so kids in the developing world won’t have to.

6 kilometers is the average distance that people in the developing world walk for waterwater that is often contaminated with life-threatening diseases. On Saturday, May 19th, 2018, thousands of participants from around the city will walk or run 6K to bring life-changing clean water to communities in need. Each participant’s registration provides life-changing clean water for one person, so when you participate in the Global 6K for Water you take that 6K distance away from people in need.

Every step you take is one they wont have to.

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Family Feeds Their Souls By Walking For Water Together

The choice to walk a 6K was an easy one for Shurawl Sibblies. Part of the appeal was a family activity. A little bit was staying healthy. Then there was the faith motivation wanting to serve people less fortunate.

The global water crisis is staggering. Worldwide, 663 million people live without access to clean water, and those in sub-Saharan Africa have it the worst. There, women and children spend a total of 20 million hours every day collecting water. They walk an average of 6 kilometers a day to get the water they need for drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing.

I cant imagine a child walking that long for water, says Shurawl, the mother of two from Hopewell Junction, New York. I had no idea the significance of that distance. It led us to think how privileged we are.

So last year on a cold spring day, Shurawl walked and ran a 6K with her family her husband, Winston then-13-year-old daughter, Sollande then-8-year-old son, Matthew and her church community from Hopewell Reformed Church.

It was fun to talk with people along the way, run with people along the way, and have our children participate, Shurawl says. People were out with their baby carriages and strollers, but there were also some avid, hardcore runners in our bunch.

The 6K was right up Sollandes alley Matthew was more reluctant. But when Shurawl asked him, Wouldnt you like to help another child? Think of how much you have, he agreed to join the rest of the family.

Now More Than Ever Families Around The World Need Access To Clean Water

Kenya Vs Mali

Were joining World Vision and thousands around the world for the Global 6K Walk For Water in order to bring clean, safe water to families in need all over the globe.

Every day, about 800 children die from contaminated water, poor sanitation, and unsafe hygiene practicesthats more than AIDS and Malaria combined.

Every person who signs up for the Global 6K provides lasting clean water to a child in need and removes that barrier from their life, allowing them to pursue the fullness of life that God desires for them.

In 2020, we participated in the Global 6k For Water and we raised about $8,000, which supplied water for 160 people. Overall, World Vision used the Global 6K to provide clean water to 3.4 million people!

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More Than An Event For Helena

Before we started our Global 6K here at my school, I realized that my water bottle that I carried in my backpack was empty, says Helena Autischer, 16, of Althofen, Austria.

I said to my friends, Wait for me, I am going to get some water, and suddenly I realized the people we were walking for on this day dont have the same opportunity to just walk a few feet away to get clean water. So I waited through the whole 6K, and let me tell you, it was hard!

Walk For Water Leads To Chicago Womans Healing

Iza Narciso had just completed World Visions 6K for water in Chicago last year she was breathless, sweaty but full of joy: She had come full circle to get out of poverty.

Her post-race video interview captured a moment of profound healing for Iza, who grew up in Angola walking miles every day in search of water. Each step of the 6K in Chicago reminded her of her own struggle and the struggle of millions of women and children who walk for water.

As a little girl, I was maybe 5, I would have to walk every single day to look for water. That was a reality for me, Iza says. I dont remember how many miles, but I remember that we would try to find water wherever water was.

When she found water, there were often crowds people fought to fill their jugs before the source ran out. And walking back, while balancing a heavy jug on your head, other children would ask for water, but you have to keep walking because your family is counting on you for this water.

So you get home with a little bit of water, Iza remembers, and this water is just so precious. Every bit of it is counted. She remembers long excruciating nights of going to sleep thirsty as her mother strictly rationed their water.

As young children, Iza and her sister fled civil war in Angola. A social worker at a refugee center in Belgium essentially adopted and raised them, she says. Iza came to the United States to study at Loyola University, receiving a degree in literature. She now owns a daycare in Chicago.

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World Vision Global 6k Walk/run For Water

Virtual Global 6k Walk/Run for Water, May 16, Anytime: No matter where or how you move your feetin your house, at a park, or through your neighborhoodyoull change lives by bringing clean water to those who need it most. We encourage you to register, raise donations and run or walk the event on your own. Each registration of $50 brings clean water to one person in need! Use the promo code cleanwater and receive $10 off your registration fee. Help us meet Faith Covenants goal to raise $5,000 for clean water.

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