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World Vision 6k Walk For Water 2021

What You Can Do

Join the 2021 Global 6K | World Vision USA
  • Walk or run the Global 6K for Water on May 16, 2020 right from your own home or neighborhood to provide life-changing clean water to one person in need. Youll walk or run with the picture of a child receiving clean water through World Visions water projects.
  • Learn more about the importance of clean water and how you can be part of the movement to end the global water crisis by 2030.
  • Join us in praying that more and more communities would have clean water access, and thank God for the access to clean water gained by this community.
  • Give a monthly gift to provide clean water to communities lacking it. Your ongoing gift helps creates lasting change in a community.

Once On A Feeding Tube A Chicago Woman Runs 6k For Clean Water

Elisabeth Morton was one of the last to cross the finish line during the World Vision 6K for Water in Chicago last year, but she collapsed in joy anyway.

Nobody thought she could finish the race, which raised money for World Visions clean water work in Africa.

I fell over in tears, the 28-year-old says, and it was a great feeling to know God gave me what I needed to cross.

The run was about more than reaching the finish line for Elisabeth, who suffers from an unexplained health condition. Starting in 2012, Elisabeth couldnt eat or drink without excruciating pain, and while her diet contained the fattiest foods possible, she lost half of her body weight. Doctors still havent figured out why.

Just before Christmas that year, she was attached to a feeding tube, which was replaced five times in 17 months. Throughout it all, Elisabeths faith radiated to the medical staff around her as she confidently prayed for Gods sustenance and healing.

God is bigger and has a plan. He just asks us to submit to him.Elisabeth Morton

Miraculously, in May 2014, she had improved enough for doctors to remove the feeding tube. Slowly Elisabeth regained weight, but her ability to eat remained restricted. Nevertheless, when a friend at church invited Elisabeth to join the World Vision 6K for Water, she decided to run.

I have clean water, she says. I have food, even though it hates me. dont. I want to give back.

Walk For Water: Your 6k Vs Theirs

With her baby on her back and toddler by her side, Monica, a Kenyan mother walks in a dry riverbed to dig for water at least twice a day, a distance of about 8 kilometers .

Rocio Lopez Orosco, 11, walks over a polluted stream in Colomi, Bolivia. Her family does not have clean water at their home, so she must walk to get it from a nearby ground well. This is how we live, Rocio says. As part of its child sponsorship program, World Vision will help improve access to clean water in her community.

A family affected by flooding in Cambodia exudes relief after a World Vision water filter distribution. During the rainy season, flooded wells caused families like this one to temporarily lose access to clean water.

Djenidie residents in southern Mali dance to celebrate a World Vision well-drilling crew striking water June 5, 2017. This well marks World Visions 1,500th borehole drilled in Mali since 2003. Still, only 16 percent of Malians in rural areas have access to hand-washing facilities with soap. Only about 64 percent of people in rural areas like Djenidie have access to an improved water source. World Vision is focused on bringing access to clean water to more than 800,000 Malians between 2010 and 2020.

Every day, women and girls spend 200 million hours walking to collect water for their families. Thats 8.3 million days. More than 22,800 years. Its hard to get your head around numbers that large, so start instead with 6K.

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Global 6k Participants Walk And Run For Water

Not many 8-year-olds would use their birthday as an opportunity to give back, but Luke celebrated by running World Vision’s Global 6K for Water with his friends.

Pastor Thad Spring, 46, and his wife, Jerilynn Spring, 45, both of Muskegon, Michigan, run together on a path on their church grounds in January. They both ran in the Team World Vision Global 6K here in March 2016 and plan to participate again this year.

Judy Carlson, 71, uses her cane for support while walking the Global 6K for Water with her friend Debbie Torres, 61, in Portage, Indiana. Team World Vision Manager Steve Spear doubled back on his bike after finishing his 6K run to walk alongside them.

Calvin Lee of the Urban Voice Community Church cheers for Kindergarten teacher Beatrice Hall as she crosses the finish line during the World Vision Global 6K for Water held on the lakefront in Chicago.

Walkers and runners from Green Valley Community Church cheer before beginning the Global 6K for Water May 19 in Placerville, California.

World Visions Global 6K for Water is a one-day virtual event where people from all over the world walk or run 6 kilometers, from their own homes and neighborhoods, to bring lasting clean water to children in need. Why a 6K? Its the average round trip distance women and children in the developing world walk for water water that is often contaminated with life-threatening diseases. Every step you take is one they wont have to.

World Vision Global 6k For Water

World Visions Global 6K Run extends registration to August 31, 2021 ...

Every step you take is one they wont have to. Join tens of thousands of people around the world to walk or run in the 2021 edition of the Global 6K for Water, the worlds largest family walk, run, and fundraiser for clean water!

The Global 6K for Water is a collection of people from all over the world walking and running 6K for the same cause clean water. 6K is the average distance that women and children in developing countries walk every day for water that is often unsafe to drink.

How will this work?1. Register at TAKBO.PH choose your distance and opt to add on donation or event shirt2. Complete and track your run3. Submit your results to receive your e-certificate!

Just visit takbo.ph website or go to wvph.co/g6kph to sign up.

Dont forget to use the following hashtags:

Got more questions? Please visit or send a message through FB Chat.


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The Global 6k For Water Is A Virtual Event It Can Be Done By Anyone Anywherealone Or In Families No Matter Where Or How You Move Your Feetin Your House At A Park Or Through Your Neighborhoodyoull Change Lives By Bringing Clean Water To Those Who Need It Most

Why 6K?Six kilometers, or 3.7 miles, is the average distance women and children walk for water in the developing world water that is often contaminated with life-threatening diseases. When your church and community comes together, each person that walks or runs the 6K provides clean water for one person in need..

The registration fees and donations will help fund clean water projects in communities where World Vision works.

Who Can Take Part

Anyone! This includes our customers, vendors, associates, family, and friends of HOH.

We will be hosting a live site again at our headquarters in Palatine, Illinois with food and festivities to follow the 6K.

At the same time, smaller groups and individuals will be joining us by walking or running a 6K route in their own local neighborhoods and parks.

If you are part of a larger organization and would like to create your own team, you can do that too using the registration link below. World Vision has some great resources available to help make the event a memorable one for you and your group.

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Richmond Hill Art Walk An Outdoor Event 3 Locations

For the past 16 years, the City of Richmond Hill has offered the Studio Tour as part of its commitment to the arts, culture and support of local artists.

This year the Studio Tour will be replaced with a 1-day outdoor art show. This Art Walk show is an excellent opportunity for local artists and artisans to showcase and sell their work at one of three locations in downtown Richmond Hill.


  • Elgin Barrow Arena, park space by Church Street,
  • Heritage Center, Amos Wright Park and,
  • Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts, outdoor plaza

Click HERE to view the list of the artists at each location. There is parking at each location.There are no fees or registration to attend.Rain or shine.

The Village of Richmond Hill Business Improvement Area will have have a table at each location. They are giving out specials to their BIA businesses for food, services etc.

They will also have 2 special prizes for those that play the BIA Scavenger Hunt for that day only – 1st place points winner $85 and 2nd place points winner $65 – to a BIA business of their choice.

For the Scavenger Hunt, click HERE to play

World Vision Global 6k

Host the 2021 Global 6K | World Vision USA

DATE: Saturday, May 21, 2022 at 8am

Parkview is moving our feet for clean water! Grab your family, friends and neighbors and join us on Saturday, May 21st at 8am for World Visions Global 6K for Water! Run, walk, push a stroller, bike, walk your dog whatever you need to do to cross the finish line! When you do, youll have provided clean water for one person through the work of World Vision. Were walking so they dont have to. Come join us!

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Walk For Water Leads To Chicago Womans Healing

Iza Narciso had just completed World Visions 6K for water in Chicago last year she was breathless, sweaty but full of joy: She had come full circle to get out of poverty.

Her post-race video interview captured a moment of profound healing for Iza, who grew up in Angola walking miles every day in search of water. Each step of the 6K in Chicago reminded her of her own struggle and the struggle of millions of women and children who walk for water.

As a little girl, I was maybe 5, I would have to walk every single day to look for water. That was a reality for me, Iza says. I dont remember how many miles, but I remember that we would try to find water wherever water was.

When she found water, there were often crowds people fought to fill their jugs before the source ran out. And walking back, while balancing a heavy jug on your head, other children would ask for water, but you have to keep walking because your family is counting on you for this water.

So you get home with a little bit of water, Iza remembers, and this water is just so precious. Every bit of it is counted. She remembers long excruciating nights of going to sleep thirsty as her mother strictly rationed their water.

As young children, Iza and her sister fled civil war in Angola. A social worker at a refugee center in Belgium essentially adopted and raised them, she says. Iza came to the United States to study at Loyola University, receiving a degree in literature. She now owns a daycare in Chicago.

Walking To Build Community

In their first 6K, Highland Avenue Churchs participants ranged from babies in strollers to kids on shoulders, kids riding scooters and bikes, all the way up to a man in his 90s, says Pastor Gabriel Martin.

Pastor Martins five kids ages 3 to 13 took part. Like Kianna, he embraced the opportunity to broaden their understanding of their place in the world.

He told them: Not only do we have blessings in our lives, but we are responsible to make sure that other kids are blessed as well.

Walking the 6K together was a blessing and a transformative experience for his church family as well. Congregation members who had only seen each other in the pews found time to talk. They met parents and kids from the preschool attached to the church.

I cant think of any better opportunity to engage our entire congregation and community in something that has a global impact, says Pastor Martin. It reminds us of the mission that were called to as part of the body of Christ.

Says Kianna, It really felt like we came together as a community.

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World Vision Global 6k For Water 2020

At Kreider Farms, we take pride in the community involvement and outreach programs that we participate in and this month we want to talk about one that is near and dear to our heart the World Vision Global 6K for Water.

The World Vision Global 6K for Water is just that a global event that provides clean water. Thousands of communities and individuals at hundreds of host sites throughout the country and around the world all come together on May 16th and walk, run or even push a stroller to help provide clean water to those in underdeveloped countries without access. Last year more than 60,000 people participated worldwide to bring life-changing clean water to children in need!

Two Children Brought Together By Clean Water And A Mothers Love

World Vision Global 6K for Water

Brittany Kukal, 31, of Kirkland, Washington, kneeled down to fill out the form at the sponsorship table at last years Global 6K for Water at Gas Works Park in Seattle. She had been on her feet awhile having just finished a 6-kilometer loop and she was, after all, six months pregnant.

I felt great. I felt empowered, Brittany says. I felt encouraged, and I felt like the Lord was really here today. It was wonderful.

Around the globe, about 844 million people lack access to clean water, and people in the developing world walk an average of 6 kilometers to find water. Oftentimes, its women and children who make that walk, lugging heavy cans to bring back water that is likely impure and unsanitary.

A friend told Brittany about the Global 6K for Water last year and encouraged her to sign up. I gave it a lot of thought, a lot of prayer. And being Im six months pregnant, I thought its a great way to really engage and understand what these women and families go through, she says.

And it was a way to make giving more personal, to actually experience the walking and the process just makes it more real for you, she says. Every $50 Global 6K for Water registration fee will provide clean water for one person.

But walking the 6K wasnt without some concern, Brittany says it was her first child and a high-risk pregnancy. But with her doctors approval and time spent praying, she moved full-speed ahead, wanting to empathize with mothers globally.

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Can I Appeal My Taxes

You can appeal your property assessment and in very few cases, you can appeal your taxes.

Tax appeals may be filed for reasons set out in Section 357 and 358 of the Municipal Act, for the following reasons: property assessment class changes, and demolition and razed by fire. To initiate a tax appeal, complete the Tax Adjustment Application. The last day to file a tax appeal for any taxation year is February 28 of the subsequent year. Mail or email your request to:

Richmond Hill225 East Beaver Creek Road Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3P4

Join The World Vision Global 6k Run For Water

Due to Enhanced Community Quarantine in the National Capital Region announced from August 8 to 20, 2021, the World Vision Global 6K Run dates have been moved to September 1 to 30, 2021.

The World Vision Run is back again in 2021! This time, World Vision is launching the Global 6K Run, a virtual running event that aims to promote fitness and health during the pandemic while raising funds for the needs of World Visions most vulnerable children and communities.

Did you know that 6 kilometers is the average distance women and children all over the world walk every day to access clean and safe water? Through this virtual run, World Vision aims to make clean water more accessible by raising funds to build multiple water facilities in Laurel, Batangas and other communities in need. These facilities will not only provide drinking water but also water for hygiene and sanitation purposes.

Register for the Global 6K Run for a flat fee of only P600 . Registration runs until August 31, 2021. Anyone can register to participate in the global event and contribute to World Visions goal. Walk, jog or run anywhere to meet your goal. And with every registration, clean water is provided to one person through World Visions water projects.

We are inviting everyone to be part of this change through this run. To become an inspiration for many, while being fit and healthy in the process, Mr. Fuerte added.

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One Woman Creates A Ripple In Bringing Clean Water To Impoverished Communities

As Johgina Densmore walked along Lake Michigan on a bitter November day in 2014, 20-mph winds pelted the lake water at her, repeatedly stinging her face.

But the fierce winds would not deter her and her best friends from finishing their walk in Chicago. Too much was riding on them finishing they were walking a 6K with World Vision to bring clean water to children and families in Africa who walk the same distance every day to get dirty, contaminated water.

It was God who got me through those 20-mph winds on the lake, 52-year-old Johgina says.

Despite not being a runner, when Johgina learned about the lack of access to clean water many families face, she signed up for the 6K event with Team World Vision to raise money to do something about it. And in two-and-a-half years since that race against the harsh winds, her first step has multiplied into thousands all making a difference in the lives of children halfway across the world.

My life has changed regarding water, Johgina says. I was ignorant to the lack of clean water. Just to think that there are kids that dont have access to clean water, and the water they do have access to is dirty and contaminated, its made me more self-conscious. I try to share this as much as I can and share the awareness so others eyes can be opened too.

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