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Walmart Vision Center Eye Exam

What Insurance Does Walmart Vision Center Take


Walmart Vision Center accepts most major insurance providers but only for eye exams and in-store purchases. To see if your insurance is accepted, callyour nearest location.

According to the website, Walmart is an out-of-network provider for the following insurance companies:

  • Cole Managed Vision

For more information on how to receive a reimbursement from one of these providers, visitthis page on

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Walmart Eye Exam Cost & Walmart Vision Center

To find a Walmart Vision Center, click this link. Enter your city, state, or zip code, and click the Continue button. Youll see a page with the store information, address, distance from your location, and phone number. Call their number and speak with one of their associates. They will be able to assist you in making the appointment.

You can go to the store directly for service. Their offices are usually adjacent to the Walmart Vision Centers outlet. An independent Walmart eye Doctor of Optometry performs eye exams, and most insurance plans are accepted.

For more information about Walmarts eye exam, visit their official website.

What Are The Products Offered By Walmart Vision Centers

Aside from the fact that they are strategically located, Walmart Vision Centers are also known to be well decorated while also giving clients a wide range of products. These products are reasonably priced and come in different lenses and frames. The ease of getting services is also quite encouraging as one could simply walk into their stores at any time without a prior appointment and still get your choice.

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Does Medicare Pay For Glasses

Post-cataract services provided by an optometrist may be covered, if the optometrist is licensed to provide this service in your state, and:

  • Medicare will pay only for standard frames.
  • Eyeglasses and contact lenses are covered even if you had the surgery before you had Medicare.
  • Both eye lenses may be covered even if you had your cataract surgery on one eye only.

A prescription order signed by your doctor must be on file with the supplier. Suppliers must be enrolled in Medicare and must meet strict standards to qualify for a Medicare supplier number. Medicare wont pay your claim if your supplier doesnt have a number, even if your supplier is a large chain or department store that sells more than just durable medical equipment .

After each cataract surgery with an intraocular lens, you pay 20% of Medicare-approved amounts for one pair of eyeglasses or one set of contact lenses, after the Part B deductible, if applicable.

Medicare will only reimburse or pay for the standard eyeglass frame amount. You pay an additional cost for upgraded frames.

For more information about Medicare eye care, you may call 1-800-MEDICARE , 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Note: Ask if the supplier is a participating supplier in the Medicare program before you get durable medical equipment. If the supplier is a participating supplier, it must accept assignment. If the supplier is enrolled in Medicare but isnt participating, it has the option to accept assignment.

Things To Know Before Visiting Walmart Vision Center

Affordable Vision Care Services From Walmart

Whether you need an eye exam, new glasses or contact lenses, Walmart Vision Center may be one retailer to consider. I found a huge selection of frame styles and colors on the website at competitive prices.

To see if theres a Walmart Vision Center near you, visit the store location page and enter your ZIP code. If there isnt a location nearby, you can still shop for glasses and contacts online.

Before you place an order or book an eye exam, take a look at these five things to know about Walmart Vision Center:

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Walmart Eye Exam Cost Without Insurance

The price of an eye exam without insurance coverage will depend on a variety of variables. The cost of your visit can vary depending on the type of provider you go to, the type of eyeglasses you choose, and even where you live.

Paying for an eye exam and glasses out of pocket without insurance can be expensive, especially if you also need to pay for other preventative care. For as little as a few dollars per month on urgent care and preventative care services, Walmart offers a health insurance alternative that is reasonably priced.

In businesses like Walmart, you may receive an eye test without insurance. They collaborate with certified optometrists and offer more affordable prices for contacts, glasses, and eye care.

An eye checkup at Walmart often costs $79 on average without insurance. An examination of contact lenses costs $129

Glasses range in price from $10 to $40, but you should prepare to spend more. With the purchase of a frame, single lenses are free. There is an additional fee for no-line bifocal lenses, typically around $80.

What Insurance Plans Are Accepted At Walmart Vision Centers

Walmart Vision Center accepts most major vision insurance plans, including:

  • Cole Managed Vision

To find out if your insurance company is accepted, please contact your nearest Walmart Vision Center. They will be able to answer any questions about vision coverage and how you can use it at Walmart.

Keep in mind that these insurance plans can cover only eye exams and in-store purchases at Walmart. So, if youre buying contact lenses online, you wont be able to use your vision insurance plan.

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Product Range And Quality

Walmart Vision Centers are in convenient locations for most people. They have a good selection of eyewear at fair prices, including many varieties of eyeglasses and contact lenses. On top of that, the centers are tastefully decorated, which might make you more comfortable.

Many people like being able to walk in without an appointment and find a popular name-brand frame. Yet you might have a hard time placing a special order for certain items. These include some brand name progressive lenses or high-profile brand frames.

Are Eye Exams At Walmart The Same As Everywhere Else

Walmart Vision Center Review

For the most part, yes. A routine eye exam with one of Walmarts independent optometrists will be used to update your vision prescription and check your eye health using the same methods as almost any other routine eye exam.

Walmart doctors, along with doctors at other stores with optical centers, offer what is called a comprehensive eye exam. This painless process will test most or all of the following:

  • Fluid pressure inside your eyes

  • How well your eyes move together

  • Your side vision

The four main refractive errors nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia are the most common reasons people schedule an eye exam with an optometrist.

Most cases of mild or moderate refractive error can be easily corrected using prescription glasses or contact lenses. Youll receive your vision prescription after your eye exam.

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Understand What Your Vision Plan Covers

The first step to getting the most from your BCBS vision insurance benefits is knowing what your vision plan covers. Blue Cross Blue Shield offers several levels of vision plans, and most BCBS vision plans include at least one annual eye exam each year.

Depending on the plan, benefits may also include:

  • Additional discounts on non-prescription eyewear accessories

With your BCBS vision plan, you may have to pay a small copay $10 or $15, for example on lenses for glasses. You may also pay more if you exceed your plans frames or contacts allowance.

For example, the BCBS 2022 FEP Vision plan for federal employees covers frames from the BCBS FEP Exclusive Collection. However, if you buy frames from another provider, the FEP vision plan has a $140 frame allowance. If you opt for contacts instead of glasses, you receive an allowance for contact lenses of up to $130. If you exceed those amounts, youll still receive a discount on charges over the allowance.

Carefully review your Blue Cross Blue Shield vision plan benefits. Then make sure youre taking advantage of all benefits designed to save money on eyewear, contact lenses and services.

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Walmart Vision Center: 8 Things You Gotta Know Before You Visit

Getting an eye exam and a new pair of eyeglasses doesnt have to be expensive if you play your cards right. Enter the Walmart Vision Center where you can get an eye exam and a new pair of prescription glasses for under $100. Even less if youre not super picky about frame style and brand. So I went out and did the research to figure out exactly how the eye center at Walmart works and here are all the things you GOTTA know before you show up.

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Eye Exam Cost With & Without Insurance

Sometimes, insurance policies cover eye exams.

They are considered preventative health care and require only a small co-pay from the insured. Some people need to purchase a supplemental vision insurance plan that offers coverage.

But many people do not have insurance coverage, or their plan does not cover eye exam costs. Its still possible to undergo an exam without spending a lot of money.

The average cost of an eye exam is about $200. But you can find reputable vision health establishments that do it for much less.


The cost of an eye exam depends on whether your insurance policy will cover them or not. Sometimes, it would require a small co-pay, and for others, they would need to purchase a supplemental vision insurance plan. The average cost of an eye exam is $200.

How Much Does Walmart Charge For Progressive Lenses

Walmart Eye Center Near Me Number

Walmarts progressive lenses offer an extra layer of convenience, allowing you to switch from near vision to distance vision and back with a simple head movement.

The cost of progressive lenses at Walmart starts at $110 with some basic plastic material.

The next price tier for well-known brands such as Zeiss, Seiko, or Nikon starts at around $245.

If you want something sustainable and durable, you can opt for high-index polycarbonate lenses. However, be ready to dish out around $350 for them.

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Want To Know More About Walmart Quality And Offerings

Walmart Vision Centers, and competitors, see more than 6 million patients each year. They are the second leading providers of optical goods in the United States.

Besides for being conveniently located to most people, Walmart Vision Centers are tastefully decorated and offer nice selections of eyewear at reasonable prices, including wide varieties of frames and lenses. Many people appreciate the ability to walk in without an appointment and find a popular name-brand frame, including Baby Phat, Phat Farm, Body Glove, Nickelodeon and Hanna Montana. You may, however, find it difficult to special order certain items, such as brand name progressive lenses or high-profile brand frames.

If you wear glasses, then you know how expensive and inconvenient it can be to replace them. Ive worn glasses for years and have gone way too long without replacing them in the past because Ive wanted to avoid the hassle.

In this article, Ill take a look at Walmart Vision Center, a convenient option for purchasing your glasses online or in the store.

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What Other Eye Care Services Does Medicare Cover

Original Medicares vision care is limited. Aside from the corrective lenses following cataract surgery, the only other vision care covered by Original Medicare includes:

  • Glaucoma tests every 12 months if youre considered to be at high risk
  • Annual eye exams for diabetic retinopathy if you have diabetes
  • Certain tests and treatment for eye diseases if you have macular degeneration

Medicare Advantage plans that include vision coverage, however, typically provide more vision benefits than Original Medicare.

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How To Find An Eye Doctor Near Me That Accepts Medicaid

Surely eye doctors are there and they take Medicaid. But it sometimes may be hard to find an eye doctor near me that accepts Medicaid. Medicaid is part of the law and it is insurance that may have different layers and government rules according to states. So there are some ways on how one can find eye doctors near me that accept Medicaid.

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Content Of The Screening

How much does an eye exam at Walmart cost?

States must set standards for conducting and documenting age-appropriate vision and hearing assessments. CMS has directed states to consult with ophthalmologists, optometrists, and audiologists to determine screening procedures to use and the criteria for determining when a child is referred for diagnostic examination.

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Prescriptions You Can Afford

With most plans, youll pay full price if you use a pharmacy other than Walmart or Sams Club.

If youre in the Premier, Contribution, Saver, or a Local Plan, you must use a Walmart or Sams Club pharmacy to get your pharmacy benefit. All other pharmacies are considered out-of-network, and in most cases youll pay the full retail price.If there isnt a Walmart or Sams Club pharmacy within five miles of where you work, youll also be able to use your benefit at any OptumRx network pharmacy unless youre enrolled in a Local Plan.

  • Premier, Contribution, and all LocalPlans: The benefits shown here are automatically included.
  • Saver Plan: Due to IRS rules, you must pay full price for most prescriptions until you meet your annual deductible. After that, youll get the benefits shown here. However, you can get some preventive medications for just a copay without meeting your deductible.
  • PPO Plan: Prescriptions start at $10 for generic drugs, as shown below. In this plan, you can use any Aetna pharmacy.
  • HMO plans: All HMOs include prescription benefits, which typically start at $10 for generic drugs. Ask your People Partner or contact your plan directly for details.

Cost Of An Eye Exam At Walmart

If you play your cards right, getting an eye checkup and a new pair of glasses doesnt have to be expensive. The best prices on generic and childrens frames may be found at Walmart. With prices starting at less than $10, they have a great assortment of both. Location may affect the price.

The cost of Walmarts eye exams is as follows:

  • Routine + Contact Lens Fitting : $125.00 Routine + Eye Exam : $75.00
  • Screening in the Visual Field: $15.00

For contact lenses, Walmart offers free standard ground shipping. Additionally, theyll ensure no ambiguous shipping terms, sometimes found at competing internet stores, or hidden handling fees.

Within the US, First Class Mail shipping is free. Within 48 hours after the purchase, they ship the items from their warehouse. You may anticipate receiving the merchandise in 5 to 7 business days.

FedEx expedited shipping typically costs $11.95. If you select that option, you ought to get the product in 3 to 5 days .

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Does Medicare Pay For Glasses And Eye Exams

While Original Medicare does not cover routine vision care, which includes eyeglasses and eye exams, many Medicare Advantage plans offer vision coverage.

Medicare Part B will cover the cost of one pair of corrective lenses following a cataract surgery to implant an intraocular lens. The benefit includes one set of corrective lenses with standard frames or one set of contact lenses. In such a case, you would pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount after you meet your annual Part B deductible.

Medicare Advantage plans often include vision coverage. These plans are sold by private insurance companies and include all the same coverage as Original Medicare while also adding some benefits not found in Original Medicare. These additional benefits may often include vision, dental, hearing, prescription drug coverage and more.

Medicare Advantage vision coverage will vary by plan, but coverage for annual eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses are often included. They also can include discounts on laser eye surgery or other procedures.

Medicare Advantage costs typically include a monthly premium along with a deductible and coinsurance or copayments.

You can compare Medicare Advantage plans online to find out what the plans available near you cover and where they are accepted.

How Much Does Walmart Charge For Eye Exams

The Best Places to Buy Eyeglasses

The cost of an eye exam at Walmart Vision Centers varies from store to store. Generally speaking, the average cost for an eye exam is around $75. That price includes a comprehensive eye exam.

However, if you need contact lens fitting, the cost of an exam may be higher, around $125. Additionally, if you have insurance, Walmart will often accept it to help cover the cost of your exam. The price in that case can be much lower, depending on your specific insurance plan.

To get the exact price for an eye exam at your local Walmart Vision Center, you can call the store and ask. If youre also interested in getting glasses or contacts from Walmart, the store employees can provide more information about how much those would cost. Additionally, if you need a new contacts prescription or contact fitting, there will be an additional fee.

Overall, compared to other eye care providers, the cost of an exam at Walmart is pretty average. You can find both expensive and inexpensive eye exams at other stores.

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Does Medicare Cover Vision

In a nutshell, Original Medicare doesnt cover routine eye exams. However, under certain circumstances and conditions, Medicare can cover certain types of vision care. For example, Medicare Part B covers medically necessary screenings and eye exams for high-risk individuals with glaucoma, diabetes, or macular degeneration conditions.

Additionally, if you have cataract surgery, Part B can cover medically necessary vision care such as eyeglasses or contact lenses. Medicare can also provide coverage for treatment or surgery for eye conditions such as corneal disease, eye injuries or infections.

Lets say you have an emergency and you need to be hospitalized for eye surgery. In this case, Medicare Part A can cover the hospitalization and inpatient care after you pay the deductible and 20 percent of the remaining costs. Additionally, Medicare Advantage plans offer additional coverage that Original Medicare may not cover. So, check with your individual Medicare Advantage plan to see whether they provide any vision coverage.

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