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Vsp Vision Insurance Phone Number

Healthy Smiles Healthy Lives

VSP Vision Insurance

We give our 1.5 million members the power to use and manage their dental benefits easily. Through innovative plans, large dentist network, and expert customer service, we make dental care accessible, affordable, and simple, leading to a healthier smile and life. And through our foundation and corporate social responsibility initiatives, we are active in the community, expanding access to quality dental care and giving to organizations that support our mission of improving the oral health of the communities we serve.Creating healthy Colorado smiles is what drives us.

How To Sign Up For Vsp

There are a few ways to sign up for VSP coverage. You can enroll in the following ways:

  • Through your employer: Check if your company offers VSP Vision Care. If so, you can enroll during open enrollment or when you have a qualifying life event.
  • As an individual: If your employer doesnt cover you, you can buy an individual plan from the VSP website. They have plans starting as low as $13 per month.
  • Through an insurance exchange or marketplace: Simply sign up directly at the enrollment site.
  • During open enrollment: If youre an eligible federal employee or annuitant, you can enroll for VSP Vision Care during Open Season.

Vision Insurance And Dental Coverage Go Great Together

  • Andrea Feucht, 12/08/2021 12:00 am

At the end of each year we often have a renewed commitment to our future health. We are full of energy and excited to start new projects, buckle down on our fitness goals, learn new skills or break old habits that are no longer serving us. But we dont need the end of the year to embrace anything healthy.

No matter the season, taking care of your body from head to toe is important for day to day well-being, long-term health and even overall happiness. For many of us, making sure that we are doing all the right things for health is made easier when we have insurance coverage. It helps to cover costs and removes some stress about financial burdens from unexpected events.

But sometimes the standard insurance offered isnt enough for your entire body. If you currently have medical insurance coverage and have wondered if you really need dental or vision, nows the time to learn about your options and consider signing up. Well show you how dental insurance and vision insurance are a match made in heaven.

For Vision and Dental Health, Go Beyond Regular Medical Insurance

Your medical insurance covers many things you would expect, from doctor visits to hospital stays to prescription drugs. Those plans often cover preventative care like blood tests and cancer screenings like mammograms.

Vision and Dental Health: Windows Into Your Overall Well-Being

Dental Insurance: So Much More Than X-Rays

Ready to Get Dental and Vision Insurance?

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Is Vsp A Good Vision Insurance Provider

Yes, VSP is one of the most popular vision insurance providers in the country. Here are some of the benefits of working with VSP:

  • They offer a wide range of coverage and plans to choose from.
  • They feature discounts on glasses, contacts, and vision care services.
  • They are the largest national vision insurance provider.
  • They dont have waiting periods.
  • They offer affordable monthly premiums, starting at $13.

What If I Break Or Lose My Glasses

VSP Customer Service Number 800

VSP offers an Eyewear Protection Program that essentially acts as a one-year warranty on your glasses. If youre part of the VSP Premier Program, you can replace your broken or damaged frames for free within one year of your purchase date.

Youll receive a discount on the cost of lens replacement. For example, you can replace single vision lenses under this plan for only $40.

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What Does Vsp Cover

Here is what to expect with VSP coverage:

  • Eye exams: VSP plans include one annual eye exam. Your copay is the fixed amount you pay each time you visit an eye doctor. Once you pay this amount, VSP will pay the rest of the amount owed to the doctor. Most
  • Frame allowance: This is a set amount of money you can use to buy frames each year, often about $150. If you select frames that cost more than your frame allowance, you only pay the difference between your frame allowance and the final price.
  • Basic lenses: Standard lenses are often covered by VSP plans. If you want premium lenses or additional features, like anti-glare or scratch-resistant coating, youll generally pay for these extras out of pocket.
  • LASIK: If you are an eligible VSP member, you can save on LASIK procedures if you are part of the VSP Laser VisionCare Program.
  • Medical issues: VSP provides you access to corrective eyewear and preventative exams. However, youll use your standard health cover insurance to cover care for eye injuries and eye diseases.

Do I Need To File A Claim

If you visit an out-of-network provider, you are responsible for paying the provider in full for the services and eyewear received at the time of your appointment, including taxes. Then you must submit a completed MetLife Vision claim form and itemized receipt to the appropriate address:

For Davis Vision by MetLife OR Superior Vision by MetLife:

MetLife Vision Claims

Birmingham, AL 35238-5018

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What Is Not Covered With Vsp

Certain add-on features for your glasses, such as anti-glare coating, scratch-resistant coating, or UV protection, may not be fully covered by VSP. Check the specifics of your plan to see exactly what is and isnt covered.

Again, coverage varies greatly according to the specific plan you choose. Check out the coverage levels available on their Plan Options page.

Affordable Health Insurance Made Easy

Getting Vision Coverage Is Easy (Enroll Directly with VSP)

Dont spend hours on government sites. Well search all available plans and recommend the best one for you based on your medical and financial needs.

  • Includes every plan available on – at the same price – no mark-ups, no hidden fees
  • Unlock savings and get the lowest price possible
  • Enroll in 10 minutes or less

4 out of 5 Stride customers find plans for less than $10 per month.

“Stride delivers on three promises: It is easy, uncomplicated, and quick to pick a plan and get enrolled.”

Ashlee R., Instacart Shopper

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What Is Gethuman’s Relationship To Vsp

In short, the two companies are not related. GetHuman builds free tools and shares information amongst customers of companies like VSP. For large companies that includes tools such as our GetHuman Phone, which allows you to call a company but skip the part where you wait on the line listening to their call technology music. We’ve created these shortcuts and apps to try to help customers like you navigate the messy phone menus, hold times, and confusion with customer service, especially with larger companies like Air Canada or AirBnB. And as long as you keep sharing it with your friends and loved ones, we’ll keep doing it.

VSP Contact Info

How Vision Insurance Works

Once you choose VSP, you can easily use the plan to cover eligible services. Heres how to go about using your benefits:

  • Register with VSP. Once youve registered with VSP, you can pick the vision coverage plan that best fits your budget and needs.
  • Confirm your benefits. Make sure the plan you choose covers the services you need most. You can check your eligibility for eye exams, contact lenses, and glasses easily at VSPs site.
  • Find a doctor. Use VSPs tool to find an in-network doctor. You can find VSP doctors in your area easily by entering your address. Contact the doctor of your choice to schedule a comprehensive eye exam.
  • Get a prescription. As part of a comprehensive eye exam, the doctor will screen you for various eye issues, assess your overall eye health, and check your vision. If you need corrective lenses, youll receive a prescription. You can get glasses or contact lenses elsewhere, or your eye doctor may carry some options.
  • Pay your copay. Youll pay any necessary copays at the time of your visit. The office will submit the claim to VSP to cover the rest.

While the specifics of your coverage will vary according to the particular plan you choose, most VSP plans will cover the following:

  • An annual eye exam
  • One set of corrective lenses annually
  • One set of frames each year
  • Discounts on LASIK and other services

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What Is Vsp Insurance

VSP provides access to high-quality, cost-effective vision care. VSP offers a variety of plans to choose from that can fit your needs and budget.

  • Individual coverage: These plans can cover unemployed and self-employed individuals, retirees, seniors, people who work part-time, and people changing jobs. Individual plans start as low as $13 per month. These plans include an annual comprehensive eye exam and discounts on glasses, contacts, and other vision services.
  • Employee coverage: These plans cover employees. You can enroll in these vision plans during open enrollment, when changing jobs, or after a qualifying life event. These plan options may offer more benefits, like laser eye surgery.

VSP insurance plans will generally cost between $13 and $76 per month, depending on your level of coverage.

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How To Get Contacts Covered By Vision Insurance

  • Andrea Feucht, 02/16/2022 12:00 am

Contact lenses may offer you a new way to view your world with clarity. Perhaps you are a loyal contact lens wearer and you just want to know how to get the best coverage in the coming year. Maybe you are new to contacts and are wondering what the fuss is all about. No matter who you are or what questions you have, we have answers.

Whats appealing about contact lenses?

While some of us love having eyeglasses on our face to correct our vision and make a statement, contact lenses offer benefits that can be hard to pass up. For most people, one of the biggest benefits is not worrying about fogged up or dirty lenses. With changing weather conditions and the situations where wearing a mask is advised, its easy for a pair of regular glasses to fog up, get dirty, or get in the way.

Convenience with outdoor activities and other action-oriented tasks is also high on the list of contact lens benefits. You can wear any sunglasses you like with contacts, and easily put on goggles for skiing or other high-impact activities.

What are the different types of contact lenses?

Thanks to advancements in medical technology, contact lenses have far more options for comfort and daily wear than ever before. According to the American Optometric Association, contact lens types include:

– Rigid Gas-Permeable these hard lenses are long lasting, can correct more vision conditions than soft lenses, and some can be worn overnight

Where can I buy contact lenses?

Who Can I Contact With Questions Or For Help In Locating A Participating Provider

For Davis Vision by MetLife or Superior Vision by MetLife call 833-EYE-LIFE . Available Monday through Friday 8AM 9PM ET and Saturday 9AM 4PM ET. IVR available 24/7.

For the MetLife Vision PPO plan you can call 24/7 at 1-855-MET-EYE1 . Available Monday through Saturday 9AM – 8PM ET. IVR available 24/7.

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Metlifes Vision Provider Network

The MetLife Vision provider network includes thousands of professionally certified optometrists and ophthalmologists2 who offer comprehensive vision exams and ways to purchase glasses or contacts in office. You have the freedom to choose from both in and out-of-network vision providers. Out-of-network costs are usually higher when visiting providers not in-network.

Our PPO plan offers lower

Why Metlife

VSP Vision Insurance

150 years of expertise

Collaborate with our experts to help you explore options and recommend the right benefits at the right price.

Unmatched Value

From set-up to enrollment and ongoing service through claims, our dedicated service teams are with you and your clients every step of the way.

Insurance for every stage

MetLife’s insights and expertise provide a wide range of benefit solutions. From health and auto, to legal, life and so much more.

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