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Visions Federal Credit Union Customer Service

Your Life Will Take You Places We Make Sure Your Banking Keeps Up

Trust Services

Lets face it: you cant always get to a branch. Sometimes thats because youre out of town, other times its because youre just too busy. Whatever the case, your active life shouldnt mean that you cant do what you need, which is why weve made banking on the go as easy as possible.

From making transfers and paying your bills to sending money and checking your statements, the Visions FCU Mobile app lets you do whatever you need, wherever you are. Want to set travel dates or order a new card? No problem. How about depositing a check just by taking a picture? Weve got you covered.

Available for free in the App Store and Google Play store, the Visions FCU Mobile app lets you take control of your finances from the comfort of your favorite device. Download it today and start banking without boundaries.

Going Out Of Town Its No Problem With Shared Branching

Bank without boundaries with the Credit Union Shared Network

There are dozens of reasons to love your credit union account great rates, low fees, local service but sometimes life will take you places where we dont have an office. Thats where the Co-Op Shared Branching Network comes in. With Shared Branching, you can access your Visions account nationwide free of charge.

Heres how it works:

Lets say youre out of town and cant find a Visions location. You walk into a participating credit union with a different name, tell them youre a Visions member , and you perform the same transactions you would at any dedicated Visions branch.

With Shared Branching, you can:

  • Deposit and withdraw cash
  • Purchase official checks and money orders

With over 30,000 ATMs and more than 5,000 branches available nationwide, finding a location is easy.

Just search:

Long Island and NYC

In New York City and Long Island in particular, there are several shared credit unions: Bethpage FCU, Teachers FCU, and Justice FCU.

Activation And Fraud Alerts

Featuring 24/7 availability for all requests.

Fraud Alerts Program OverviewMessaging frequency depends on account activity. For more information, TEXT HELPto 32874. To cancel fraud text messaging services at any time reply STOP to any alertfrom your mobile device.

For Fraud Alerts support, call 800.242.2120. By giving us your mobile number, you agree that Fraud Alerts text messaging is authorized to notify you of suspected incidents of financial or identity fraud.

HELP instructions: Text HELP to 32874 for help or call 800.242.2120.STOP instructions: Text STOP to 32874 to cancel

Release of Liability: Alerts sent via SMS may not be delivered to you if your phone is not in the range of a transmission site, or if sufficient network capacity is not available at a particular time. Even within coverage, factors beyond the control of any carrier may interfere with messages delivery for which the carrier is not responsible. No carrier will guarantee that alerts will be delivered.

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How Can I Open An Account

Opening an account is easy. You can simply stop by our on-campus location noted below, or go to to earn a $25 new account bonus!*

*Certain restrictions apply. Must have valid U.S. Social Security number to qualify.

Important information for international students

Opening an AccountInternational students must provide their foreign permanent address and TIN/PAN number to open an account.

International Wire TransfersDo you need to wire money to your Visions account from another country? Click here to learn about Wire Transfers.

Important Security Message About Unexpected Calls And Texts

18 best images about Credit Union Love on Pinterest

Smishing is a form of social engineering in which fraudsters send text messages to individuals in hopes to obtain sensitive information. Visions has recently received reports from members receiving text messages asking them to verify a transaction on their account. When a member replies to the text, they receive a call from the fraudsters asking for their online banking credentials and one-time passcodes.

Visions will NEVER ask for online banking credentials or One-Time Passcodes via an outgoing phone call to you. This information should not be shared with anyone. If you are ever unsure if a message is legitimate, contact us at 800.242.2120. You can also report card issues 24/7 at 833.224.5785.

It should also be noted that employees from the Fraud Department will not provide a badge number to verify their identity.

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Here’s What You Need To Settle Different Account Types:

  • Personal AccountsChecking, Savings, Money Markets

    Accounts with no joint account holders are closed and all funds are distributed to the estate once all the proper documents are provided.

    Accounts with joint account holders remain open until we receive all proper documentation regarding the primary members death. Surviving joint owners can continue to use the account with limitations, but the account will need to be closed eventually.

  • Joint owners on the account may continue to write checks, make deposits, and withdraw funds at any Visions branch. Transactions or items in the decedent’s name may be subject to return.

Certificate Shares

Certificates without joint account holders are closed and all funds are distributed to the estate without penalty.

Certificates with designated beneficiaries are paid out with valid identification upon receipt of all proper documentation.

Certificates with a joint account holder or can be settled as follows:

  • Funds can be transferred to a new certificate under the joint account holders primary account with the same dividend rate and maturity date as the original certificate share
  • The certificate can be closed without penalty

Manager Profile Angela Farina

I transitioned to retail banking and lending in 1996 after a career in real estate and self-employment. Dedicating my professional development to the financial industry, I attended the American Banker’s Association Stonier Graduate School of Banking and the Wharton Leadership Program at UPenn. Being a lifelong neighbor in Passaic County, I serve varied nonprofits at many levels. My greatest passion is helping people achieve their financial goals. From youth services to home buying and estate planning, I have you covered!

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Manager Profile Jessica Blaha

I have been working in the banking Industry for 11 years and joined Visions in 2015. I have always had a passion for helping people and Visions gave me the opportunity to combine that passion with my career. My primary focus has always been the members building relationships and strong connections with them. As Manager at the McKinley branch, I have the pleasure of developing a staff who can share that same focus.

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Protecting Your Cards From Suspicious Activity

Helping You and Your Community | Visions Federal Credit Union

Visions has an extra fraud prevention program to protect your credit and debit card. You may encounter some instances where your transaction could be declined if the activity is considered extremely suspicious.

If you plan on traveling, please notify us so we can monitor your out-of-country transactions.

If your card is denied for a legitimate transaction, please call us at 800.242.2120.

And always monitor your statements or view your accounts online. If you see a suspicious transaction, be sure to contact us immediately.

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What Can I Do With Bill Pay

  • Pay anyone, anytime, anywhere, day or night from the comfort of your own computer.
  • Set up single or recurring automatic payments such as a car payment or rent
  • Expedite payments to individuals using the Person-to Person Payment feature
  • Use the Calendar feature to view scheduled payments and quickly set up additional payments or schedule a reminder with a few clicks
  • Personalize and send a Gift Check
  • Personalize and send Donation to the charity of your choice
  • Transfer Funds to an account in your name at another Financial Institution
  • Schedule e-Notifications to receive payment and event notification information via email or text.
  • Lost track of time? Use the next business day or second business day delivery feature to expedite payments.

How Do I Sign Up

Enrolling is easy. Simply log into your account, click the BILL PAY tab, and follow the prompts to set up Bill Pay for your account. First time enrollment must be completed through a desktop or laptop browser. Once enrolled, all functions are available through the mobile app. If you have any questions regarding enrollment, or the online Bill Payment service, please call us at 800.242.2120. Log into your account at

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As You Get Started Heres What You’ll Need To Know:

What is the first step?Inform us of the members passing and well initiate the account settlement process. You can either call us at 800.242.2120 or stop into a local branch.

We recommend that you notify Visions, as well as any other financial institutions with which the decedent had a relationship, of the account holders passing as soon as possible, then complete the settlement process within six months. This helps to protect the decedent’s accounts from potential fraud and tax complications. Visions is required to continue to report to the Internal Revenue Service under the decedents Social Security number until the account is closed. By taking prompt action, you may avoid tax reporting complications with the IRS.

What kinds of documentation will I need?Well ask you to provide the following, if applicable.

Important documents:

  • Death Certificate Must be an original certified copy, not a photocopy
  • Letters of Administration If no Will exists, or if there is no living executor, the probate court will issue this documentation granting executor authority
  • Letters of Testamentary This is a document from the probate court giving authority to the executor of the estate
  • Small Estate Affidavit This document is used to request payment from a decedents individual account.
  • New Jersey state tax document
  • Copy of the paid Pennsylvania funeral bill

Here’s what changes:

Accepting Payments Is About To Get A Whole Lot Easier For You And Your Customers

Case Studies

Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you for a quote! Continue past the form to learn more about our Merchant Services.

What is this PowerForm? Don’t worry! You aren’t signing up for anything yet! We’re only collecting your contact information so we can get in touch. There are no obligations when requesting a quote!

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Want To Build Your Credit Try A Secured Credit Card

Looking to build your credit? It really doesnt get much better than a secured credit card. Heres how it works:

The money you deposit determines your credit amount. $500 on deposit = $500 credit card. You make purchases, pay your balance, and build your credit up bit by bit.

The money you have on deposit is still yours youre not losing anything. And, because its secured, youll enjoy advantaged rates, too. Talk about a win, right?

Secured credit cards are a great move for people just starting out, those looking to repair their credit, or for students and young people who want to get a head start on their financial futures. Plus, all of our credit cards come with great rewards, too.

Ask us if this is the right option for you!

Why Bank With Mckinley

We pride ourselves on member service, teamwork, and conversation, with a motto to treat everyone as if they are our grandmother, mother, or child. Through our conversations, if we identify an opportunity to introduce some product or service to benefit you, we’ll talk about it. Why? Because, just like one of our relatives, if we know of a way to save you money or maximize your returns we would tell them all about it! Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, and our staff will work to get to know you and accomplish what’s best for you.

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Increase Security With Card Controls

  • Lock or unlock your card to allow or prevent new purchases

  • Set up travel notifications

  • Report fraudulent transactions on your card

  • Order a card replacement

Are you concerned about fraud or want to report a scam?

Please contact us if you believe you have received a suspicious email, text message, or phone call from Visions, or if you provided any of your personal information including your account number.

You may contact a representative in our Contact Center during normal business hours at 800.242.2120. If you’d like to report any card related fraud, please call 833.224.5785 .

Who Are You Identity Thieves Really Want To Know

Visions Federal Credit Union opens branch inside BHS

Take these steps to protect your personal information:

  • Enroll in free Identity Theft Protection and monitoring through IDnotify by Experian.
  • Shred financial documents and paperwork containing personal information before you discard them.
  • Don’t use an obvious password like your birth date, your mother’s maiden name, or the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  • Keep your personal information in a secure place at home, especially if you have roommates, employ outside help, or are having work done in your house. Or, consider using one of our convenient safe deposit boxes.
  • Opt out of receiving pre-approved credit solicitations by calling toll-free 888.5.OPTOUT or visit for details.
  • Don’t carry your Social Security card with you, unless you know you need it that day.
  • Don’t carry credit cards or other identifying cards that you don’t intend to use that day.
  • Utilize wire transfer, Automated Clearing House, or official checks to transfer money. Never carry large amounts of cash.
  • Teach your children ways to protect themselves from Identity Theft and Social Networking issues by visiting

If you believe you are a victim of Identity Theft, please contact us immediately at 800.242.2120.

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Why Should I Use Bill Pay

It’s easy! Bill Pay is easy to set up and use. A built-in Shortcut feature anticipates the payments you are likely to make based on your payment history and will suggest the Payee, amount, and process date based on your previous payments

Save time and money Just think no more trips to the post office to pay for stamps! If you pay 10 bills a month the “old-fashioned” way you’re paying $52.80 or more a year. You also write fewer paper checks.

Stay organized Your payment history is stored online so you won’t have to file and sort through paper receipts. You’ll have one location where you review and pay your bills while at home, at work, or traveling.

Gain peace of mind You can schedule payments in advance so you won’t have to worry about paying bills when you travel. Bill pay reminders are also available that notify you when it’s time to pay your bill.

Helps the environment & saves paper there are no checks to write or envelopes to mail. Plus, you’ll do your part to ease emissions from transporting your bill from your home to your biller.

Are There Any Fees

Only if you elect an optional service such as Gift Checks and Rush Payments.

Fees associated with optional services are debited from your bill payment account the first business day after the transaction is scheduled.

  • Customized Gift cards/checks are $2.99 each
  • ‘Next Business Day’ delivery is $19.95
  • ‘2nd Business Day’ delivery is $14.95

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Account Settlement: After The Loss Of A Loved One

Visions Federal Credit Union extends our condolences to your family. We understand this can be a difficult and overwhelming time, but remember youre not alone. You can lean on us for guidance as you navigate the account settlement process.

The information below is for informational purposes only and not intended to provide legal, tax, financial planning, or investment advice. Please seek the advice from legal, financial, and tax professionals advisors with the respect to any issue or problem you may encounter during the settlement process.

We recommend that you settle your loved ones account as soon as possible and request that you close the decedents primary accounts with us no later than six months following the notification of death. We are required to continue to report to the Internal Revenue Service under the decedents Social Security Number until the account is closed. By taking prompt action, you can avoid complications resulting from continuous IRS reporting under the deceaseds SSN. We cannot predict how long it will take for an account to settle without understanding the scope of an individuals circumstances.

If youre looking into this guide proactively, then you may want to consider contacting our Trust department or Visions Investment Services to explore additional options for managing or protecting your loved ones assets. Additional information also available through our Contact Center by calling 800.242.2120.

More Reasons To Work At Visions

Customer Service Representative Skills

Visions is about people, not profits. As a credit union, giving back is what we do. We invite our employees to do the same.

Were so passionate about volunteering that we created the Volunteer Time Off program. This offers employees opportunities to volunteer during the work day and be paid for doing it. Win-win!

And thats not all we do as an organization. Visions has donated over $7.3 million and counting to community-focused causes at least $1 million each year. We sponsor tons of community events and even practice random acts of kindness in the communities we serve.

We strive to be an integral part of all our communities and you can be too when you become a member of the Visions family. Join us as we invest in the places we live, work, and play together for a great today and even better tomorrow.

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Why Bank With Fairfield

As a member of Visions, we treat you like you are one of the family. Our job is to provide you with excellent service and help you save money wherever we can. Since we are a not-for-profit cooperative, we take our earnings and give them back to you in the form of lower loan rates and higher deposit rates.

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