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Vision Vs Mission Statement Examples

Bad Vision Statements Examples

The Difference Between Mission And Vision Statement [PLUS EXAMPLES]

Here are some real-life examples of vision statements that, in our opinion, could do with a little tweaking. For each, we will explain what could be done better.

“Provide maximum value for our shareholders whilst helping our customers to fulfill their dreams.”

If this was your vision statement Well, lets hope it isnt. Thats a classic mission statement example that describes HOW the company will achieve its vision.

“Our company vision is to make every brand more inspiring and the world more intelligent by 2023.”

If this was your vision statement You would want to make it more specific and relatable. Is it realistic that ‘every brand’ will use the services of this company? How about ‘making the world more intelligent.’ Can you be more specific on which brands? What does it mean to make the world more intelligent? Not to be too harsh though – there are strong elements here ‘making brands more inspiring’ makes a lot of sense and has some depth.

“We aspire to be the most admired and valuable company in the world.”

If this was your vision statement We would suggest you rethink your decision. Can you even make it more empty than it is? Which company doesnt want to be the most admired and most valuable? Your vision statement should be more specific than that.


We are, of course, being rather harsh. But hopefully, the above examples illustrate well some of the pitfalls to avoid when creating your own vision.

Define Unique Value Proposition

Marketers use unique value propositions to attract potential customers. These propositions tell the customer what they can expect from a company. From a vision statement perspective, an organizations unique value proposition encapsulates the companys business strategy. Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema broke down the three value disciplines companies tend to use when defining their value proposition.

  • Operational Excellence
  • Customer Intimacy
  • Product Leadership

Narrowing your value proposition to one of these three helps streamline your vision statement. It tells the board of directors where your organization places its priorities, which is essential when it comes to making long-term, strategic decisions.

Your Mission Covers The Who What And How

A well-crafted mission statement answers what you do, who benefits from this and how you do it. Depending on the particular organizational structure, the mission statement of a company can be broken down into its different divisions. All in all, the purpose is to help you stay focused on the activities of today that further your dreams of tomorrow.

Your mission should help to define the transformation you provide for your customers. It should never be all about the money. As Peter Drucker states: The mission statement has to express the contribution the enterprise plans to make to society, to economy, to the customer. Furthermore, Mission statements that express the purpose of the enterprise in financial terms fail inevitably to create the cohesion, the dedication, the vision of the people who have to do the work so as to realize the enterprises goal.

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Powerful Mission Statement Examples

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

Figuring out why your organization exists can be a rewarding challenge. To determine your company’s “why,” you must identify what goals and outcomes are most important for your organization. Having this specific focus helps guide every facet of your business and serves as a standard to aim for. In this article, we discuss what a mission statement is and list 54 mission statement examples from real companies.

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Southwest: To Be The World’s Most Loved Most Efficient And Most Profitable Airline

Mission Statement vs Vision Statement

Southwest Airlines is an international airline that strives to serve its flyers with a smile. Its vision statement is unique because it sees itself not just excelling in profit but outstanding customer service, too. Its vision is possible through its strategy and can lead its employees to be at the level they work toward.

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Replacing A Mission Statement With A Tagline

Some readers may confuse a tagline with a mission statement. A tagline is usually a few words that describe your organization, but it doesnât replace your mission statement.

Examples include:

Wendyâs â Whereâs the beef?

Coca-Cola â Open Happiness

LâOréal â Because youâre worth it

You canât tell much about an organization by reading the tagline, but your mission statement clarifies what makes your company unique.

Vision Vs Mission Statement Differences

The primary difference between a vision statement and a mission statement is the time the statement focuses on. A mission statement focuses on the present and a vision statement focuses on the future.

It’s important to understand this difference because a companys plays a vital role in the company achieving the goals outlined within its vision statement. When the two statements are written correctly, a vision statement should answer where the company wants to go and the mission statement should answer what the company will do daily to get there.

Sometimes companies combine their vision and mission into one statement. When a company does this, it is important to ensure they have defined both what they do and what they want to accomplish. A companys vision and mission statements can change as the company grows and achieves its original goals.


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Create A Longer Version For Leaderships Eyes Only

Dont fret if you feel that a short vision statement doesnt fully express the intricacies of your vision. You can create a longer version, but it should not be the one you broadcast to the world.

Lets be honest most business leaders, not to mention boards of directors, wont be able to sum up their vision in a pithy sentence or two. Thats OK, said Shannon DeJong, owner of brand agency House of Who. Have a full-length version of your vision for the leaderships eyes only. Think of the long version as your reference guide to why youre in business in the first place.

Keep It Short But Meaningful

Mission and Vision Statement Examples: How to Write Them

A vision statement should be concise no longer than a sentence or two. You want your entire organization to be able to repeat it quickly and, more importantly, understand it. However, a vision statement must be more than a catchy tagline.

can be smart and memorable, but this is for your team and culture, not for selling a specific product, Falkowski said.

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Sweetgreen: To Inspire Healthier Communities By Connecting People To Real Food

Notice that sweetgreen’s mission is positioned to align with your values not just written as something the brand believes. We love the inclusive language used in its statement.

The language lets us know the company is all about connecting itsgrowing network of farmers growing healthy, local ingredients with us the customer because we’re the ones who want more locally grown, healthy food options.

The mission to connect people is what makes this statement so strong. And, that promise has gone beyond sweetgreen’s website and walls of its food shops: The team has made strides in the communities where it’s opened stores as well. Primarily, it provides education to young kids on healthy eating, fitness, sustainability, and where food comes from.

Mission Vs Vision Vs Value Statement: What They Are And How To Write Them

When starting a business, you should have a clear picture of the problem youre solving, how you plan to resolve it and which values drive your team and hook customers. To attract top talent and ensure your idea is viable to stakeholders, you need to be able to reduce these concepts down to a simple mission, vision and value statement. In this article, well explore the differences between a mission statement vs. vision statement and offer tips and examples to help you craft your own.

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Write Your Final Vision Statement

Once you’ve adjusted your vision paragraph and made the changes you wanted to make, it’s time to edit your vision paragraph down to a vision statement. In many cases, your paragraph may naturally shrink as you solicit and implement feedback from others, and you may even want to specifically ask for opinions on how your paragraph could be more concise.

Here are a few ways to shorten your vision paragraph:

  • Eliminate what’s unnecessary. Now that you’ve stepped away from your paragraph a few times and gotten a few rounds of feedback, are there any phrases or ideas that don’t feel as necessary as they did when you wrote it? Cut any parts that feel lackluster or less impactful than the rest of the paragraph.

  • Look for synonyms. Are there any areas where you used several words to say something that there’s already a word for? For example, you might replace the phrase “give people the ability to,” with “provide access.”

  • Edit each concept individually. Chop your paragraph into sentences and chop your sentences into phrases. Pick up each small segment on its own and see if you can come up with a shorter way to phrase it. It helps if you evaluate the smaller segments out of orderhopping around or going backwards piece by piece will help you notice things that your brain smooths over when you’re reading a full sentence.

When your vision statement is finished, bring it back around to your stakeholders to get final feedback and make any finishing tweaks.

Vision Mission And Purpose: The Difference

Mission and Vision Statements


There is a ton of talk about purpose and how it moves an organization forward, how a teams mission is defined, and how the vision of the leader is laid out to make their direct reports move to action.

There also seems to be some confusion over the differences between vision, mission and purpose and what is really important in an organization. If you dont know which to tackle first, dont worry. Theres some rationale behind all of it, and I will explain each term so you no longer have to guess what is best for your team in the end.


Lets first define vision and look at why it can make or break a companys success in its ability to create a happy, engaged culture of people who make a difference. A vision is where the company is going. It’s what the future looks like if goals and intentions are accomplished and laid out to be the driving force of how the company defines success. It is usually created by the executives who then use it to help the team get excited about where they are going.

I’ve found that a vision needs to be drawn brightly and colorfully and in a way that members of the team buy in, knowing that if they get there, and if they are a direct reason for why they get there, they will have done their jobs successfully. With that comes appreciation, accolades and perhaps a raise or promotion, or just really good connected feelings they have for being a part of that company with the greatest leaders in the industry.


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Answer Foundational Company Questions

In addition to your keywords document, take time during your brainstorm to answer the following questions:

  • What is our organizations main purpose?

  • What are our companys main strengths?

  • What are our company values?

  • Why does what were building matter?

  • How do we want to make a difference as a company?

  • What is our vision for our company culture?

  • What are our most ambitious goals?

  • What impact do we want our company to have on the world?

  • What are our company wants? What about company needs?

  • If our company succeeded in everything it set out to do, how would the world be different?

Best Practices For Writing A Vision Statement

There is no template for writing a vision statement, however, a common structure for successful ones includes these traits:

  • Be Concise: This is not the place to stuff a document with fluff statements. It should be simple, easy to read and cut to the essentials so that it can be set to memory and be repeated accurately.
  • Be Clear: A good rule of thumb for clarity is to focus on one primary goal, rather than trying to fill the document with a scattering of ideas. One clear objective is also easier to focus on and achieve.
  • Have a Time Horizon: A time horizon is simply a fixed point in the future when you will achieve and evaluate your vision statement. Define that time.
  • Make it Future-Oriented: Again, the vision statement is not what the company is presently engaged in but rather a future objective where the company plans to be.
  • Be Stable: The vision statement is a long-term goal that should, ideally, not be affected by the market or technological changes.
  • Be Challenging: That said, you dont want to be timid in setting your goals. Your objective shouldnt be too easy to achieve, but also it shouldnt be so unrealistic as to be discarded.
  • Be Abstract: The vision statement should be general enough to capture the organizations interests and strategic direction.
  • Be Inspiring: Live up to the title of the document, and create something that will rally the troops and be desirable as a goal for all those involved in the organization.

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What To Avoid When Writing A Vision Statement

  • Dont mix up your mission statement and vision statement. Mission statements are generally easier to write because they reflect what youre doing now. Remember, a mission statement is what you are working to accomplish today, while a vision statement is what you want to accomplish in the future.
  • Dont overthink your wording. One of the hardest parts of creating a vision statement is coming up with the right wording. You may find yourself endlessly rewriting and fretting about getting it right. Does this sentence or two define your values and shine a light on your corporate identity without sounding too vague? Dont get lost in the pressure of perfect wording a specific and unique vision statement is a good place to begin distinguishing your business from the rest of the industry.

Heres Our Own Version At The Marketing Blender

Mission Statement Vs Vision Statement: Definition, examples and comparison chart

Our vision is a business world full of connection, meaning and prosperity for all.

Our mission is to be experts in sales and marketing alignment and masters of message. We strive to destroy the apathy that sucks the life out of the business world by daring to ignite the mind, inspire the spirit and penetrate the heart during business hours, every single day.

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Advantages Of Using Statements

There are several advantages of creating a clear mission, vision and purpose statement:

  • Selling point: They create a unique selling point that can boost sales.

  • Inspiration: They can be inspirational for customers, employees and shareholders.

  • Attention: They help a brand to take attention away from its competitors.

  • Increased job satisfaction: They can help to boost job satisfaction, which leads to better standards of work and a reduced turnover rate.


Life Is Good: To Spread The Power Of Optimism

The Life is Good brand is about more than spreading optimism although, with uplifting T-shirt slogans like “Seas The Day” and “Forecast: Mostly Sunny,” it’s hard not to crack a smile.

There are tons of T-shirt companies in the world, but Life is Good’s mission sets itself apart with amission statement that goes beyond fun clothing: to spread the power of optimism.

This mission is perhaps a little unexpected if you’re not familiar with the company’s public charity: How will a T-shirt company help spread optimism? Life is Good answers that question below the fold, where the mission is explained in more detail using a video and with links to the companys community and the Life is Good Kids Foundation page. We really like how lofty yet specific this mission statement is it’s a hard-to-balance combination.

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Tips For Creating Your Vision Statement

Here are a few things you should consider when start writing down your companys vision statement:

  • They should be short – max 2 sentences
  • They need to be specific to your business and describe a unique outcome that only you can provide.
  • Use present tense
  • Keep it simple enough for people both inside and outside your organization to understand. No technical jargon, buzzwords, or metaphors.
  • It should be ambitious enough to be exciting but not too ambitious that it seems unachievable. Here at Cascade, we recommend thinking 5 years into the future.
  • Vision needs to align with the company core values that you want your people to exhibit as they perform their work.
  • Following these tips and best practices should give you a solid starting point for creating a vision statement.

    Condense These Statements Into One

    Company Vision vs Mission Statement: Do You Need Both?

    A mission statement can be as short as a single sentence, or as long as a paragraph, but its meant to be a short summary of your companys purpose. You need to state the what, who and why of your company:

    • What: The company offering
    • Who: Who youre selling to
    • Why: The core values you do it for

    Once you have successfully conveyed your message, its time to refine and perfect your statement.

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    Invisible Children: To End Violence And Exploitation Facing Our World’s Most Isolated And Vulnerable Communities

    Invisible Children is a non-profit that raises awareness around the violence affecting communities across Central Africa, and the company takes quite a confident tone in its mission.

    The most valuable quality of this mission statement is that it has an end goal. Many companies’ visions and missions are intentionally left open-ended so that the business might always be needed by the community. Invisible Children, on the other hand, wants to “end” the violence facing African families. It’s an admirable mission that all businesses not just nonprofits can learn from when motivating customers.

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