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Vision Test For Learner’s Permit

Apply For An Oklahoma Learner’s Permit

Get Your Vision Tested and Renew Your License Online

In Oklahoma, you can begin driving as young as 15 years old, and the GDL applies to you until you’re 18 years old. The requirements for an OK learner’s permit differ based on your age.

Driver’s Education in Oklahoma

Although Driver’s Ed is not required in Oklahoma, an approved driver education course will expedite the GDL process and will make you a smarter, safer, and more responsible driver. Driver’s Ed can be provided by a secondary/high school, a commercial driving school, an approved online provider, or at home through Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed .

How To Apply Apply For A Passenger Learner’s Permit


Individuals seeking a passenger or motorcycle learners permit will be required to start their application online and make an appointment to visit a Service Center to provide required identification documentation. Once an application and documents have been processed and verified at a Service Center, customers will be given login instructions and credentials to complete their test online at home.

In person+

You must make an appointment to visit a Service Center or AAA location if you are a member.

Bring all required documents, fees, and the completed application to one of the open RMV Service Centers. At the time of your learners permit exam application, you must also pass a vision screening for field vision and basic colors.

You can pay by cash, check, money order, credit card, and debit card. Since payment methods vary by location, check whats accepted at the site you will be visiting.

When Will Your Drivers Permit Expire

A drivers license is generally valid for 2-4 years, depending on the state you live in. The expiration date of your permit will be clearly labeled on the identification card. Although you are able to carry your permit for 4 years in some states, you will want to apply for a drivers license as soon as possible to lift the many restrictions associated with a driving permit.

450+ exam-like questions

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What To Do If Your Eyesight Improves

If you no longer need to wear corrective lenses, your health professional will need complete a visual acuity assessment to confirm that you no longer need visual aids whilst driving.

Your health professional will need to forward the results of your assessment to DoT in writing. The letter must include details of your latest visual acuity readings and should refer to the class or classes of vehicle you intend to drive.

The letter can be emailed to the address below or posted to: GPO Box R1290, Perth 6844 WA. You can then find out the status of your application by calling DoT on 13 11 56.

Street address

Applying For A Learner Permit

Ohio Driver

To apply for a Learner Permit, the applicant must be at least 15 1/2 years of age. Applicant must appear before a Driver License Examiner. Click here to make an appointment. The examiner will process the applicant and administer a vision and written exam. If the applicant is paying with a credit card, the permit can be printed at the DPS location. If the applicant is paying with cash or money order, the examiner will issue a form that is taken to a tag agency where they will pay the fee and get the permit printed.

Applicants also have the option of taking the written test at a Career Tech Testing Center. There is a $25.00 fee associated with this and the applicant will still have to visit a DPS location for the vision test and to be issued the permit. Click here for more information on Career Tech testing.

The applicant must bring in the following:
  • Click here for a complete document list.
  • If you are under the age of 18 you must have a Parent or Legal Guardian present.
  • If you are between the age of 15 1/2 and 16 you must bring documentation showing that you are receiving instruction in a driver’s education course or a contract for driver’s education from a commercial school or a parent-taught driver’s education affidavit. Driver Education is not required if you are over the age of 16, however if you are taking or have completed Driver Education bring in the documentation. .
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    You Must Not Acquire Any Underage Alcohol Convictions

    In the United States, nobody is allowed to be in possession or under the influence of alcohol until the age of 21 years of age. If you are caught offending this law, you may be subject to the loss of your driving privileges until you reach the age of 21 years of age.

    Additionally, engaging in reckless driving, distracted driving, or excessive speeding may deem you ineligible to receive your drivers license for an extended period of time. The bottom line, keep your eyes on the road and use safe driving techniques to avoid any of these events from taking place.

    What Happens If I Fail My Dmv Vision Test

    If you dont pass the eye exam, the DMV employee may consider a variety of issues before they decide the next step.

    These issues may include:

    • The severity of your vision condition

    • How the condition affects your central and peripheral vision

    • Whether the condition affects one or both eyes

    • Whether the condition can be corrected with glasses, contact lenses or vision surgery

    • Whether the vision condition will worsen over time

    Depending on your individual situation, the state may place a restriction on your license. Restrictions could include:

    • Requiring you to wear corrective lenses

    • Restricting where or what time of day you can legally drive

    • Issuing a license for a shorter term

    The DMV will give you a special form for your eye doctor to complete and sign. This form might be called “Report of Vision Examination” or “Explanation for Eye Specialist” or a similar name.

    If you fail the vision test while wearing your eyeglasses or contacts, your prescription could be outdated. In that case, you’ll need to schedule a comprehensive eye exam, where an eye doctor can measure your eyesight and provide an updated prescription for glasses or contacts.

    Wear your new glasses or contact lenses when you go back to the DMV and don’t forget to bring the signed form from your eye doctor.

    Your vision will be retested during this visit. In some cases, you may need to take a driving test to prove to the DMV you can drive safely.

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    I Just Got Corrective Laser Surgery And Want My Restriction Removed What Do I Need To Do

    If you must wear glasses or contact lenses when you drive, your driver’s license will show a vision restriction. To have the vision restriction removed after having LASIK surgery to correct your vision, you must either:

    • Visit a DMV customer service center and obtain a replacement license. You will be required to pass the vision screening without wearing glasses or contact lenses, OR
    • Submit the following by mail:
    • A completed Driver’s License and Identification Card Application
    • A Vision Screening Report that has been signed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist within the last 3 months. The MED 4 must indicate that you meet the minimum visual requirements without wearing glasses or contact lenses and
    • A $20 payment for the replacement license.
    • Mail these items to:

    Apply For A Learners Permit

    How to legally pass vision test.

    Effective Friday, June 17, 2011, the minimum period that an Applicant must hold an instruction permit before obtaining a provisional license, or a provisional license before obtaining a regular license, may be extended by 30 days or more based on traffic violations committed while driving with the permit or provisional license.

    Effective June 17, Senate Bill 9, enacted by the 2011 Legislature, amends Sections 66-5-8 and 66-5-9 NMSA 1978 to provide that:

    • The six-month minimum period for which an individual is required to hold an instruction permit before obtaining a provisional license is extended by 30 days for each traffic violation, committed during the time the individual was driving with the instruction permit, for which the individual was convicted or adjudicated delinquent.
    • The 12-month minimum period for which an individual is required to hold a provisional license before obtaining a regular drivers license is also extended by 30 days for each traffic violation, committed during the time the individual was driving with the provisional license, for which the individual was convicted or adjudicated delinquent.SB-9 also expands the Section 66-5-1.1 definition of traffic violation to include: child not in restraint device or seat belt failure to properly fasten safety belt using a mobile communication device while driving a motor vehicle and buying, attempting to buy, receiving, possessing or permitting oneself to be served alcoholic beverages.

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    Learner’s Permit Driving Restrictions

    Having a learner’s permit allows you to drive a motor vehicle when a licensed driver at least 21 years of age is seated beside you. The licensed driver may be 18 years of age or older if they are your legal guardian or sibling. They must be alert and able to assist you.

    You may drive with your valid learner’s permit without a licensed driver if you:

    • Hold a valid Virginia Driver Training Certificate showing completion of the classroom and in-vehicle portions of driver education
    • Hold a DTS B is signed by a parent or legal guardian
    • Are at least 16 years 3 months old and still under age 18 and
    • Have held your learner’s permit for nine months.

    Digital Va System Or The Snellen Chart

    The Snellen chart is a physical or digital chart that is placed around 20 feet or 6 meters away from the patient and has alphabets in decreasing order of size. It involves reading the smallest letters with one eye covered while the optometrist applies different lenses in a metallic eyeglass frame mounted on the face, till the patent can see clearly.

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    You Are Only Allowed To Drive Within Your State

    Because driving rules and regulations vary from state to state, you will only be allowed to utilize your permit within the state of its issuance. This is to avoid confusion when trying to learn the rules of the road, allowing you to stick to one standard. If necessary, you can apply for a waiver of these restrictions. Your state DMV will determine whether or not to approve your request.

    Remove The Restriction By Mail

    Keratoconus: The Day I Failed My Drivers Test

    If you want to remove a CORRECTIVE LENS restriction before it is time to renew your driver license, you must obtain proof that you do not need corrective lenses and order a replacement document. Proof can be submitted to DMV

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    Do I Need To Submit An Eyesight Report Form

    Where a driver is applying to renew their driving licence or learner permit or to exchange a driving licence from another European Union member state, they are not required to submit an eyesight report form unless they wish to remove a 01 notation , for example after corrective eye surgery.

    An eyesight report form is required with an application where a driver:

    • Is applying for their first learner permit
    • Is applying to exchange a driving licence issued by a non-EU country
    • Wishes to remove the 01 notation

    Eyesight report forms must be signed by the applicant in the presence of the optometrist or the doctor completing the form. They should be submitted with an application for a driving licence or learner permit within one month of the date they were completed by the optometrist or doctor. Where a driver is required to submit a medical report form, a separate eyesight report form is not required unless indicated by your doctor.

    Driving licence medical report form can be downloaded here

    Driving licence eyesight report form can be downloaded here.

    What Are Some Common Restrictions On Learner’s Permits

    • You must have a licensed adult in the front seat to supervise your driving at all times. All states have this requirement. Some states also require the licensed adult to have a certain number of years of driving experience.
    • While you are driving, you must not text or talk on a cell phone, not even a hands-free cell phone.
    • You and everyone else in your vehicle must wear a seat belt.
    • You must always carry your LP with you when you drive.

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    How Can I Prepare For My Eye Test

    and test your vision at home using the directions attached to the chart. If you can read the “20/40” row or lower , you should be able to pass the DMV vision test.

    If you’re not sure your eyesight is good enough to pass or if you want to improve your vision measurement schedule an eye exam with an eye doctor. Many optometrists can get you in for an exam within a day or two.

    Improving your vision may be as simple as ordering a pair of prescription glasses. The doctor will measure your eyesight and provide you with an up-to-date vision prescription, along with different ways you can improve the quality of your eyesight.

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    Page updated on Wednesday, May 25, 2022

    Schedule an exam

    Enrolling In A Drivers Education Course

    DMV Vision Test for Class C Vehicles

    Enrolling in a state-approved drivers education course is often the next step in the drivers permit process. Drivers education will teach you the intricacies of the road including traffic signs, road signals, different vehicle maneuvers, and more. Depending on the course provider, as well as the state you reside in, you may be able to take the course online, in person, or in a hybrid fashion.

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    New Drivers Ages 18 To 24

    If you are applying for your first New Mexico driver license and are aged 18 to 24, you must complete the None for the Road self-study DWI awareness class. The University of New Mexico Continuing Education Center administers the None for the Road course.

    Get None for the Road Information and an application on-line, or call 277-0051 or toll-free at 663-7465.Office hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    None for the Road brochures and applications are also available at any MVD Field Office.

    What Should I Expect For Vision Screening At Dmv

    To screen your vision, you will be asked to look into a machine and read lines of letters or numbers to the DMV representative. This screening determines whether your eyesight and peripheral vision meet Virginia’s standards to safely operate a motor vehicle. It is not a medical exam. If you fail the vision screening, you may be asked to see an eye care professional. If you need to wear glasses or contact lenses to pass the vision screening, you must wear them when you drive. Your license will show this restriction.

    It is important to note that DMV’s vision screening is not an eye exam and is not intended to be an indicator of the health of your eyes. We strongly encourage all drivers to visit their eye care professional on a regular basis.

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    How Long Permits Are Valid

    Your first driver’s license will be valid for up to eight years, depending on your age when the license is issued, and will expire on your birthday.

    If you are temporarily authorized to be in the United States, a limited duration learner’s permit will be valid only for the amount of time you are legally permitted to stay in the United States. If your authorized stay is less than 30 days from the day you apply, you will not be eligible to receive a limited duration learner’s permit. The expiration of the permit will be the same as the expiration date on the document used to prove legal presence.

    What Are The Learners Permit Restrictions


    While getting your permit is undoubtedly a milestone to be proud of, you must now understand the restrictions that come with operating a motor vehicle under it. These guidelines are put in place to ensure the safety of all drivers on the road, including yourself. If you are caught violating these rules, you may be subject to fines, jail time, and/or the revocation of your permit.

    Be sure youre abiding by the general rules described below. Make sure to check the specific restrictions for your state.

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    What Are The Minimum Eyesight Requirements To Get A Driver’s License

    Minimum vision requirements for driving vary by state.

    Remember, the lower the second number is, the sharper your vision. 20/40 is better than 20/60, 20/20 is better than 20/40, and 20/15 is even better than 20/20.

    For example, in California, you need to meet these requirements to get a standard, non-commercial driver’s license:

    • 20/40 or better in one eye and 20/70 or better in the other eye

    • 20/40 or better with both eyes tested together

    In Texas and New York, however, you’ll only need to have 20/70 vision in the better eye. However, someone with 20/70 vision in Texas may receive a restriction on their license that only allows them to drive during the day at speeds of 45 miles per hour or less.

    These restrictions are common in other states too.

    As another example, Florida applicants can:

    • Receive an unrestricted license with 20/40 vision.

    • Receive a restricted license with 20/70 vision in one eye and at least 20/100 vision in the other eye.

    Again, remember that you can wear your corrective lenses if you need to, no matter which state you live in.

    DMV vision requirements change all the time, so make sure to check with your state’s driver’s license office for up-to-date information before you go in.

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