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Vision Of The Seas Location

Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port: Your Gateway To New Lands

Watch THIS before you go on Vision of the Seas | Royal Caribbean

If you’re interested in exploring Central America, you’ll be pleased when looking through the selection of week long cruises from Fort Lauderdale. Many offer trips to places like Cozumel, Belize City and Aruba. In short, you can head to some of the most attractive and well known vacationing destinations south of the border. It’s ideal when looking for an opportunity to get to intimately know what the Caribbean has to offer. Itineraries include places like Cuaracao, St. Marten, St Thomas and San Juan. Vacationers can arrive at a new island, and consequently, new beaches almost every day of their trip. A cruise from Fort Lauderdale will take passengers year-round to a six to hie day trip in the Southern Caribbean. However, if Central and South America is more attractive, you should plan your trip on Fort Lauderdale cruises for the fall, Summer and Spring.

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Most modern cruise ships need to be dry docked for inspection, maintenance and class surveys every five years and once they reach 15 years of age they need to be dry docked at least twice within a five-year period. Dry docks typically last up to 14 days at a cost of up to $2 million per day and involve regular maintenance including hull cleaning, exterior painting of the structure, inspection of pipes, restoration of exterior deck flooring, and installation of enhanced HVAC filter systems

What Are Vision Of The Seas Ship Details

Vision Of The Seas is a Cruise Ship, class Vision , operated by Royal Caribbean and sailing under the flag ofBahamas. She is built in 1998 and her length is 279 meters, gross tonnage is 78717 GT and maximum speed is22.3 knots.

Vision Of The Seas is operated by crew of 765 people and the number of passengers varies from 2036 to 2443 people. She has 12 decks and provides passenger space ratio of32.

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Vision Of The Seas Built Date

When was the Vision of the Seas Built? The Vision of the Seas was built in 1998 and joined the cruise lines Vision Class.

Royal Caribbean includes 26 active ships. The oldest in the fleet was built in 1996. The average Royal Caribbean ship is 13 years old and the median build date for all active ships is 2007

Find The Beach That Appeals To Your Desires

Vision of the Seas Stateroom 8072

Fort Lauderdale’s 23 miles of spacious sandy beaches are perfect for lying down and relaxing to the sounds of crashing waves. This is true not just because they are characteristically Floridian.

But because they host a pleasant atmosphere to make the most of a sunshine filled day. Families are sure to love the scale of Fort Lauderdale Beach as well as northern Deerfield Beach. The latter is actually a bit like a cove and has won a number of awards. There’s fun for all age groups, particularly when it comes to water-sports as there are ski parks where you can learn to ride the waves. In the evening, the beach areas become quite different than midday as families take off and they offer a more tranquil environment.

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Vision Of The Seas Deck Plans

The Vision of the Seas has a total of 11 passenger decks. The lowest level available to guests is Deck 2. The highest passenger deck is Deck 12.

What does the Vision of the Seas offer in terms of things to do? The ship features 9 restaurants, 7 bars, 19 activities, and 3 other features for your enjoyment.

Cruises From Ft Lauderdale: Experience The Best Ships

The type of trip you want is really up to you thanks to the wealth of well known quality cruise lines. These include Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line and Carnival Cruise Line. They’ve garnered a considerably loyal following and are sure to meet all your needs in the classiest and most welcomed way possible.

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Vision Of The Seas Size

How big is the Vision of the Seas? Below, youll find all of the relevant cruise ship stats, specs and dimensions for the Vision of the Seas. Included in these statistics are passenger capacity, length, year built, year renovated, cost to build, gross tonnage, engine info, number of rooms, deck counts and more!

Royal Caribbean’s New Drink Menu

CINQUE TERRE shore excursion with ROYAL CARIBBEAN | Vision of the Seas

When Royal Caribbean restarted cruises in 2021, it revamped its fleetwide drink menu to pay homage to the Caribbean islands the line has relied on for decades.

The new menu is inspired by some of the signature Caribbean islands Royal Caribbean has traditionally visited, and as a way of honoring these destinations, a popular drink recipe was highlighted from each spot.

Linken D’Souza, Global Vice President Culinary, Dining & Beverage, thinks these featured drinks not only provide a tasty cocktail, but a tip of the hat to these places, “It’s like bringing a port of call to your experience onboard the ship. And maybe you have the cocktail on board and you get off from the island and you say, hey, I got to get one of those here to see how close they are.”

Some of the new signature cocktails that Royal Caribbean highlighted include:

The new drink menus are available on all the cruise ships in the fleet.

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Is The Vision Of The Seas A Good Ship

Each of Royal Caribbean’s ships offers a unique layout with features and activities catered to all. Whether the Vision of the Seas is right for you will depend on your individual preferences. Do you prefer a larger or smaller ship with many or fewer guests? Are you hoping for many family activities or entertainment options for an older clientele. Our deck maps layout and activities list provide a helpful guide to what you’ll find on board. Feel free to explore the see if this ship is suited towards your preferences.

How Long Is The Vision Of The Seas

From end to end, the Spectrum of the Seas length equals 915 feet . Compare that to the average ship length of all , active vessels in Royal Caribbean fleet, measuring 1,063 feet . Please see our size comparison chart above to see how this ship falls in line with all other active ships in the fleet.

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What Is The Vision Of The Seas Capacity

We’re often asked how many passengers are on the Vision of the Seas. The ship’s capacity is 2,048. When comparing the occupancy to the average Royal Caribbean passenger capacity, you’ll find that the average ship in the fleet holds 3,558 guests. Feel free to look at our graph above to see where this ship falls in line with all other live Royal Caribbean ships.

Go From Beach To Beach


Hillsboro Beach- This beach is known as the quiet place or the quiet escape. It has a certain nature derived tranquility that is punctuated by an adjoining lighthouse.

Pomano Beach- One of Fort Lauderdale’s biggest attractions because of the annual Pompano Seafood Festival and Fishing Rodeo. It also boasts clear and warm waters that serve to enjoy water sports amidst the beauty.

Lauderdale By the Sea- It has a bit of a small town feel to it. On Friday nights the streets are blocked off and a stage is erected for live music and a party vibe. This is also a great place to go snorkeling and diving to intimately admire the complex reef system.

Hallandale Beach- Ideal for guys’ vacations as there are numerous sports available. These range from golfing to boating and salt-water fishing. It is also popular for it’s energetic nightlife and quality racinos, horse racing and casinos.

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