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Vision And The Scarlet Witch Comic

Synopsis For Trick Or Treat

Vision and Scarlet Witch Saga of Wanda and Vision from Marvel comics Book Review

Following Avengers #211, the Vision and the Scarlet Witch had retired from the Avengers and moved into a house in the suburbs of Leonia, New Jersey. On Halloween night, they return to their new home to find Jarvis waiting for them, there to help them get settled and to pass on a housewarming gift from Captain America to Wanda, a Druidic tome he recovered from Greymoor Castle . Unfortunately, the tome turns out to contain the essence of Samhain, the spirit of Halloween, who senses Wanda’s magic as a way to revive himself. Samhain causes three children curious about the new couple in the neighborhood to become possessed by their Halloween costumes and attack Jarvis and the Vision while Samhain himself emerges from the book to confront the Scarlet Witch. While Wanda can’t harm Samhain, she eventually realizes he’s still tied to the book and uses her hex power to fling it into the fireplace, banishing Samhain and returning the kids to normal.

Afterwards, Vision and Wanda get another unexpected visitor to their house — Wanda’s supposed father, Robert Frank.

Vision And The Scarlet Witch Comic #1

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  • The Wedding Issue: Vision And Scarlet Witch Mantis And Swordsman

    Aside from Who would win in a fight? nothing gets comic fans more heated than the question of whether or not superheroes should be marry. In this mini-feature, Bride-to-Be Rebecca Henely and her Maid of Honor Kayleigh Hearn take a trip down memory lane to the most significant times comic companies took the plunge and got their characters hitched! Did we like the couple? Did we like the dress? And more importantly why did the marriage last? Today we cover the double wedding of Vision and Scarlet Witch and Mantis and Swordsman.

    The Couples: Wanda Maximoff and Vision/Mantis and an alien wearing Swordsmans bodyThe Issue: Giant-Size Avengers #4 June 10, 1975Today: Following years of marital difficulties including the reveal that their twin sons William and Thomas never truly existed , Scarlet Witch and Visions marriage effectively ended after the Vision was destroyed and rebuilt. Vision is now married to Virginia, a synthezoid he created with Scarlet Witchs brain patterns.

    Mantis and Swordsman who wasnt actually Jacques Duquesne but a Cotati alien reviving and possessing his body had a kid, but the kid was taken and raised by aliens. Mantis has been on many space adventures since then and Swordsmans body was resurrected by the Chaos King. Anyway, they dont seem to be together anymore either but theres probably no official annulment involved. Its not gonna get any less weird, folks!

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    I Too Shall Be Save By Love

    Situated in the middle of Tom Kings critically acclaimed series, this issue steps back from whats happening to do a retrospective of Vision and Scarlet Witchs relationship.

    Its a crash course in the ups and downs of their complicated relationship. While this could easily be a dump of events onto the page, King forms a narrative to create a much larger picture.

    Walshs art is rich with emotions, which helps reinforce different points in time. This covers a wide range from the giddiness of young love, the rage of arguments, to cold neutrality.

    Single Issues: The Vision #7Trade Paperback: The Vision Volume 2: Little Better Than A Beast

    Who Is Agatha And Was It Really Her All Along

    The Vision and the Scarlet Witch #4 (1986)


    It sure was! Diehard Marvel fans were probably not surprised to find out that Agnes turned out to in fact be comic book villain Agatha Harkness. WandaVision dropped several clues: when you squish the names Agatha and Harkness together and squint a little, you get Agnes. In the comics, Agatha is always wearing a brooch, and even as the decades change in Wandas TV Land, Agatha keeps her brooch.

    Notably, when SWORD begins to identify real Westview townspeople trapped in the hex, they never identify Agatha, suggesting that she didnt previously live there and entered of her own free will. Agatha does her best to trick the audienceshe pretends to be released from Wandas spell when Vision talks to her in the Halloween episodebut by the penultimate episode we learn that Agatha is a powerful witch who has been alive since the Salem Witch Trials.

    In the comics, Agatha is more of a chaotic evil presence than an outright villain. Shes actually thousands of years old, and during the Salem Witch Trials she turned a bunch of her coven members over to the Puritans to cull the weak witches, arguing the strongest would survive attempts to burn them at the stake. So, shes intense.

    She eventually becomes Wandas mentor and teaches her how to master her witchy powers. When Wanda loses her twins to Maphisto, Agatha tries to help by erasing any memory Wanda had of her children, but Wanda predictably goes mad.

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    Is Vision Dead Or Alive


    Both! Sort of. Wanda and Vision were always emotionally connected because they were both entangled with an Infinity Stone called the Mind Stone. Wanda was exposed to it when she was being experimented upon by HYDRA, and Vision had it living literally inside his head. In the final episode, we find out that the Vision that Wanda created in her dreamland was made from the part of the Mind Stone that still lives inside Wanda. I wouldnt take that literallyI think she basically temporarily gifted him some of the power she had gotten from the Infinity Stone herself. When Wanda destroys the Hex she destroys Vision with it.

    However, there is hope that Vision will live on. Acting SWORD director Hayward created White Vision as a super-weapon and instructs him to destroy the Hex version of Vision. But while Wanda was fighting Agatha , White Vision has a philosophical debate with Hex Vision. They discuss the age-old puzzle of Theseus ship and conclude that the thing that makes any being who looks like Vision actually Vision is the memories that Vision has within him.

    Hex Vision gifts his memories to White Vision, from falling in love with Wanda to dying at the hands of Thanos. White Vision then flies away to who knows where, but given that Hex Vision promises Wanda that some version of himself will see her again, expect White Vision to pop up in the MCU again.

    What About Wandas Kids


    Wanda and Visions kids do seem to be gone if not strictly dead. When Wanda breaks open the Hex for the Westview townspeople to escape in the finale, Vision, Tommy and Billy all begin to come apart in pieces. She closes the Hex again to keep them whole. But we can presume that when she collapses the Hex entirely, Tommy and Billy disappear, just like their dad.

    Theres still hope theyll show up in the movies though. Wanda and Visions kids experience something similar in the comics. Wanda unwittingly made a deal with the devil, named Mephisto in the Marvel comics, to have them. The devil rescinds on their agreement and makes them disappear for awhile, but then they reappear in the stories as teenagers. They even become members of the Young Avengers superhero team. Tommy, who goes by Speed, shares his speedster powers with his uncle, Pietro. Billy, who inherited his mothers vague reality-warping powers, has gone by Wiccann.

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    Who Was Controlling The Hex


    It seems that Wanda was, indeed, the person controlling the Hex. In the penultimate episode, when Wanda and Agatha take a Christmas Carol-style trip down memory lane, we see Wanda obsess over sit-coms as a child. She was even watching one when her parents were killed. Later in the memory, after Vision is killed, Wanda drives to Westview where, apparently, Vision had purchased a plot of land where they could build a house and grow old together. Wanda is so overcome with grief that magic just bursts right out of her and creates the Hex. She literally tries to escape into the American dream.

    Agatha says that she senses powerful magic coming from Wanda, and thats why she enters the Hex. Its deeply unclear why people outside the Hex could see Wandas life on TV. Something with her powers and radio wavesdont think about it too much.

    Scarlet Witch And The Vision

    The History of Vision & The Scarlet Witch

    Avengers Masterworks Vol. 15

    Collects: Avengers #136-149, Material from Marvel Treasury Edition #7

    Wanda and Vision go on a brief honeymoon before returning to the Avengers and an adventure involving the Serpent Crown!

    Avengers Masterworks Vol. 16

    Collects: Avengers #150-163, Avengers Annual #6, Super-Villain Team-Up #9

    Wonder Man returns from the dead, sparking off a love triangle with Wanda and Vision lasting until modern day! The Private War of Dr. Doom! Plus, Wandas would-be, maybe could-be dad hangs around for a spell: the Golden Age speedster, The Whizzer?!?

    Avengers Masterworks Vol. 17

    Collects: Avengers #164-177, Avengers Annual #7, Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2

    The all Big Guns volume! Jim Shooter and John Byrne on the Count Nefaria Trilogy! Jim Starlin and Thanos Final Threat! Avengers meet the Guardians of the 31st Century in the Korvac Saga! Plus, yet another slow-burn subplot begins surrounding Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witchs origin!

    Collects: Force Works #1-11, 12 , 13-15, Ashcan Edition, Century: Distant Sons #1, Material from Iron Man/Force Works Collectors Preview

    Wanda leads Iron Mans short-lived team of ex-Avengers!

    X-Men: The Complete Onslaught Saga Book One

    Collects: X-Men #53-54, Uncanny X-Men #335, Onslaught: X-Men , Avengers #401, Fantastic Four #415, Cable #34, Incredible Hulk #444

    Wanda rejoins the Avengers just in time to face a mutant threat so powerful it seems to take the sacrifice of ALL the heroes to stop it!

    Heroes Reborn: Avengers

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    Avengers Masterworks Vol. 10

    Collects: Avengers #89-100

    When Wanda and her brother are taken hostage into outer space, the Avengers get in the middle of an intergalactic war to bring them back! Plus, its all hands on deck for the big 100th issue!

    Avengers Masterworks Vol. 11

    Collects: Avengers #101-111, Daredevil #99

    Steve Englehart takes over as regular series writer halfway through and begins his long-term investment in Wanda as a character!

    Avengers Masterworks Vol. 12

    Collects: Avengers #112-119, Defenders #9-11

    Englehart starts to bring the slow-burn attraction of Vision and the Scarlet Witch to the foreground- but not without a few curveballs! Plus, the Avengers/Defenders War!

    Collects: Avengers 124-125, 129-135 Captain Marvel 33 Giant-Size Avengers 2-4 Avengers: Celestialquest 1-8

    The origin of the Vision!

    The Vision And The Scarlet Witch

    The Vision and the Scarlet Witch
    The Vision and the Scarlet Witch vol. 2 #1 , art by Richard Howell.
    Publication information
    Volume 1: November 1982 February 1983 Volume 2: October 1985 September 1986
    No. of issues

    The Vision and the Scarlet Witch is a series of comic books published by . The primary characters of these comics star the Vision and Scarlet Witch, known as a couple and are two longtime members of the Avengers.

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    Ok But Is Wanda A Witch


    Sure! Lets be honest, what we name all these super-powered people is pretty arbitrarysuperhero, witch, X-Man. But, technically, shes a mutant. Time to get real nerdy.

    A mutant is someone born with the X gene that gives them special abilities: Wolverine has retractable claws and healing powers Jean Grey develops telepathy and telekinesis Magneto can move metal etc. Other superheroes gain their powers later in life: Spider-Man gets bitten by a radioactive spider Captain Marvel gets her powers during an explosion involving an Infinity Stone Black Panther consumes a special herb. In the comics, Wanda and Pietro are born with their powers, which means they are mutants.

    Back when Marvel Studios made Avengers: Age of Ultron, the studio didnt have the rights to the mutants, which is likely why that movie insinuates that Wanda and Pietros backstory was more superhero-y and less mutant-y. In that movie, the twins say they gained their powers from an Infinity Stone called the mind Stone when Nazi offshoot HYDRA experimented on them. Since, Disney has purchased 20th Century Fox and, thus, the X-Men. So Wanda now can be either X-Man or superhuman or, I suppose, a witch. The penultimate episode goes back and rewrites Wandas past , suggesting that she had special abilities when they were young, and those abilities were enhanced by the Infinity Stone.

    Does it even really matter? Arent all superpowers basically magic anyway?

    Episode : Bubble Bath

    Vision and the Scarlet Witch (1985) #1

    This commercial seems to directly reference Wandas situation. A voiceover offers bubble bath to a harried mom, saying, Escape to a world all your ownwhen you want to get away, but you dont want to go anywhere. Wanda, indeed, has escaped in her own mind, without leaving Westview. The commercial ends with a slogan: Hydra Soak: Find the Goddess Within. It is true that Wanda discovered her goddess-like powers while Hydra was experimenting on her.

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    What Is Going On With Pietro


    The MCU seems to be messing with its most diehard fans. As I mentioned earlier, Pietro showed up in both Foxs X-Men movies and Disneys Marvel movies, played by two different actors. Both studios owned the rights to the super speedster. The MCU Pietro was killed by Ultron during Avengers: Age of Ultron. The X-Men Pietro is alive and well, as far as we know.

    In WandaVision, Agatha recasts Pietro with Peters playing the role instead of Johnson. At first, many Marvel fans thought this would be Marvels way to introduce X-Men to the MCU. Pietro would represent some kind of multiverse version of Pietro that would open up parallel-universe storytelling possibilities for the X-Men.

    It turns out, however, Fake Pietro was just some random bro from Westview. Agatha used a magical necklace to control him and give him superspeed. Agatha is jealous of Wandas abilities because Wanda is able to create beings, like Vision, from nothing. Agnes, however, can only control others on a small scale. Agatha admits to finding and controlling a new Pietro since the original MCU version was riddled with bullet holes.

    WandaVision dashed fans hopes of a X-Men/MCU crossover in the near future. It will come eventually though.

    Vision And The Scarlet Witch Comics

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    Scarlet Witch Enters The 2000s Disassembled And House Of M

    Avengers by Kurt Busiek & George Perez Vol. 2 Omnibus

    Collects: Avengers 24-56, 1 1/2, Annual 2000-2001 Thunderbolts 42-44 Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet Maximum Security 1-3 Avengers: The Ultron Imperative

    Read Avengers issues up to #34 before starting Maximum Security. Annual 2000 is read between Avengers #27 and #28.

    Avengers: The Complete Collection by Geoff Johns Vol. 1

    Collects: Avengers #57-63, Vision #1-4 , Thor #58, Iron Man #64

    In the wake of a global crisis, Wanda is on hand when the Avengers are reorganized by the UN as a sovereign political entry! Just in time for a dispute with Thor and Asgard!

    Avengers: The Complete Collection by Geoff Johns Vol. 2

    Collects: Avengers #64-76

    Wanda and the Avengers uncover the Red Skulls political manipulations and consequently need to go on the hunt for a rampaging She-Hulk!

    Avengers: Lionheart of Avalon

    Collects: Avengers #77-80

    Wanda and the Avengers travel to England, combat the Wrecking Crew and gain an addition to the team along the way!

    Avengers Disassembled

    Collects: Avengers #500-503 Avengers Finale

    The biggest Scarlet Witch story of the 2000s comes hand in hand with the modern Marvel era of events.

    Secret Empire

    Collects: Secret Empire #0 To #8

    Heaven forbid a Marvel event passes on the temptation to turn Scarlet Witch into a mini Dark Phoenix.

    Uncanny Avengers: Unity Vol. 5: Stars and Garters

    Collects: Uncanny Avengers 26-30

    Avengers: No Surrender

    Collects: Avengers #675-690

    Quicksilver: No Surrender


    Scarlet Witch Gets A New Look And A New Outlook

    The Resurrection of Scarlet Witch

    In line with the new life outlook, the Scarlet Witch will be donning a new costume that embraces an even more heroic depiction yet still offers plenty of inspiration from the character’s classic design that has made an impression on fans for decades. Rather than succumb to the weight of her own past, Wanda has finally reached a path of peace that allows her to collaborate with other heroes without flying off the handle and placing the Marvel Universe at risk. One such hero is the android daughter of her own former husband the Vision, the teenager known as Vivian Vision aka Viv, who has become a superhero of her own. If there would be anything to set Wanda off the deep end once more, it’d be the daughter of the man she loved and once violently killed. Vision manufactured Viv himself in the hopes of constructing a life that may have once been in the cards for Wanda and Vision.

    While it seemed like the odds may never again be in her favor, Wanda is truly at a place of peace in her life that allows her to operate as a superhero alongside others like Viv once again without having to constantly be guided by her past actions and events. The cataclysmic events of Avengers Disassembled and House of M will always be there as a significant part of history, but Wanda teaming up with Viv Vision shows that people move on and grow because of their own actions and the Scarlet Witch should be allowed to move on as well.

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