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Vision And Scarlet Witch Comics

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade

Scarlet Witch Gameplay | MARVEL Future Revolution

Wanda Maximoff’s fall from grace in Avengers: Disassembled and House of M has never truly been reckoned with, even though most of her misdeeds, from killing Vision, Hawkeye, and Ant-Man, to eradicating the X-gene of most of mutantkind have since been undone. She hasn’t even fully rejoined the Avengers, with her recent stints alongside the team marred by tension over her previous actions.

In fact, in all likelihood, her “No more mutants” spell is one of the direct motives for Scarlet Witch being murdered on Krakoa, leading to the upcoming Trial of Magneto limited series.

But Wanda’s biggest redemption came in Avengers: The Children’s Crusade , in which Young Avengers Wiccan and Speed – two young mutants who are the reborn souls of Wanda’s sons Billy and Tommy – set out to find their mother, missing since the end of House of M.

In what ultimately amounts to a heartbreaking but beautifully crafted story, Billy and Tommy and their allies in the Young Avengers do indeed track down the Scarlet Witch, only to discover that she is in the clutches of Doctor Doom – who reveals he is behind many of the traumatic turns in Wanda’s life as part of a plan to steal her reality-altering probability powers.


Avengers: Vision And The Scarlet Witch: A Year In The Life By Steve Englehart Al Milgrom And Richard Howell

If you want the original Vision and Wanda, youll have to dive into some seriously retro comics from the 80s. This collection of Marvel comics show Wanda and Vision in their early years, getting married, fighting zombies, andhaving kids? Yep, little Tommy and Billy make an appearance, and we find out how the twins came to be. And, well, thats a whole story in and of itself. Youll see.

This collection also features Agatha Harkness, Wandas old mentor, in When Witches Die.

Scarlet Witch By James Robinson Vanesa Del Ray Marco Rudy Javier Pulido Jose Giles Annie Wu Tula Lotay Kei Zama Leila Del Duca And Others *

A Scarlet Witch solo series that gives you a deeper look into Wandas character and powers. Something is wrong with witchcraft. While traveling the world solving magical crimes in an effort to make amends for past wrongs, Wanda searches for answers about her past and what is ailing magic. The powers and limitations of Wandas magical abilities are explored in this series, and the cost of the feats the Scarlet Witch preforms are made clear. While the first volume is a bit meh, volumes 2 and 3 World of Witchcraft and The Final Hex are great improvements both in terms of story and art.

If youre craving more Wanda after WandaVision, this solo series will help you get your fix. It also features a certain Agatha Harkness you might be interested in learning more about . Plus, this comic might help provide some much needed background on what it means to take up the mantle of the Scarlet Witch as well as chaos magic.

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Synopsis For Trick Or Treat

Following Avengers #211, the Vision and the Scarlet Witch had retired from the Avengers and moved into a house in the suburbs of Leonia, New Jersey. On Halloween night, they return to their new home to find Jarvis waiting for them, there to help them get settled and to pass on a housewarming gift from Captain America to Wanda, a Druidic tome he recovered from Greymoor Castle . Unfortunately, the tome turns out to contain the essence of Samhain, the spirit of Halloween, who senses Wanda’s magic as a way to revive himself. Samhain causes three children curious about the new couple in the neighborhood to become possessed by their Halloween costumes and attack Jarvis and the Vision while Samhain himself emerges from the book to confront the Scarlet Witch. While Wanda can’t harm Samhain, she eventually realizes he’s still tied to the book and uses her hex power to fling it into the fireplace, banishing Samhain and returning the kids to normal.

Afterwards, Vision and Wanda get another unexpected visitor to their house — Wanda’s supposed father, Robert Frank.

So Is Wanda A Villain

The Vision And The Scarlet Witch Have Had Marvel Comics


No. Well, I dont think so, anyway. The show briefly feinted at Wanda becoming the villain. Some fans even speculated she would be the main antagonist in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness. Thank goodness they didnt go full evil with Wanda. A super-powered grieving woman who cant get her emotions under control ventures into uncomfortably sexist territory.

Admittedly, Wanda did sort of, kind of mind-control an entire town . But she was grieving! The woman lost two parents, a brother and a boyfriend. Then she visited the piece of land her dead boyfriend bought her to fulfill her dream of living a normal, quiet life together. The deed even had a heart on it . Of course she lost it.

To Wandas credit, she made an effort to make everyones lives in the town better. When she first drives through Westview, we see a rather downtrodden suburb with depressed citizens moping in the streetsthey likely were hit hard by the Snap. Fake Pietro points out to Wanda in the Halloween episode that she acted as humanely as possible given the circumstances, giving everyone in the town better, happier lives than they had before. Free will is overrated anyway.

The television show splits the difference: Wandas grief is real and earned, but Agatha also exploits that grief for her own evil ends.

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/10 Scarlet Witch Was Wanda’s First Ongoing Series

Creators James Robinson and Vanesa Del Rey would give Scarlet Witch her own solo ongoing series in late 2015. This series would follow Wanda as she travels the world and explores the places where magic is at its strongest. It’s a journey of self-discovery of sorts.

One of the most significant occurrences in the series is a confrontation between Wanda and Quicksilver in Scarlet Witch #9 by James Robinson and Joelle Jones. Wanda would be disappointed by her brother making the same mistakes again and again, with the two having a falling out over this. Unfortunately, the series would end with Scarlet Witch #15.

Scarlet Witch By James Robinson

Despite being one of the most important members of the Avengers for decades, Wanda Maximoff has rarely taken a solo spotlight in comic books. However, one of her few solo titles from over the years is also perhaps the definitive story of Wanda Maximoff away from the manipulation and abuse of others, using her power on her own terms.

James Robinsons Scarlet Witch kicked off in 2016, running for 15 issues , along with follow-up one-shot Doctor Strange: The Last Days of Magic #1) follows Wanda on a quest around the Marvel Universe to repair her specific type of magic, defined as both Chaos Magic and Witchcraft in the story.

With each issue drawn by a different artist catered to the particular mythical nature of the story at hand, Scarlet Witch is an atmospheric, occult jaunt around the Marvel Universe told through a series of done-in-one tales that all build on each other.

Scarlet Witch by James Robinson represents one of the most intricate explorations of Wanda Maximoff as her own person, defined not by how others have manipulated her, but by how she manipulates reality itself through her own power.

Along with the often experimental and always engaging roster of artists and enough Marvel Comics history to hook new fans but not so much inside information as to alienate casual readers this title represents one of the best possible jumping on points for Scarlet Witchs comic book adventures.


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Who Was Controlling The Hex


It seems that Wanda was, indeed, the person controlling the Hex. In the penultimate episode, when Wanda and Agatha take a Christmas Carol-style trip down memory lane, we see Wanda obsess over sit-coms as a child. She was even watching one when her parents were killed. Later in the memory, after Vision is killed, Wanda drives to Westview where, apparently, Vision had purchased a plot of land where they could build a house and grow old together. Wanda is so overcome with grief that magic just bursts right out of her and creates the Hex. She literally tries to escape into the American dream.

Agatha says that she senses powerful magic coming from Wanda, and thats why she enters the Hex. Its deeply unclear why people outside the Hex could see Wandas life on TV. Something with her powers and radio wavesdont think about it too much.

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Avengers Origins: Vision By Kyle Higgins And Alec Siegel *

The History of Vision & The Scarlet Witch

Discover Visions origin as a creation of Ultron meant to destroy the Avengers. This one-shot explores the very earliest days of Vision and the choices the synthezoid must make when he comes up against the Avengers: to stick with his programming or forge a new path. It also gives some insight into his interest in humans and his own humanity as well as why he decided to join the Avengers. A short one-shot, but a good one.

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House Of M By Brian Michael Bendis And Olivier Coipel *

Yeah, so um, spoilers for Avengers: Disassembled below for obvious reasons. Skip ahead and just trust me on the fact that you should read this one if youre concerned about that.

One of the storylines WandaVision was clearly very inspired by. In House of M, a grief-stricken Wanda alters reality for the X-Men and Avengers after accidentally killing Vision . Admittedly, much of the talk around mental illness in this book is not handled very well. Still, this is by far one of the best storylines to come out of Marvel, showcasing Wandas incredible powers, some of the best heroes the Avengers and X-Men have to offer, and reality-bending alternate universes. Its a must-read.

So What Does Wanda Have To Do With Doctor Strange

The term witch certainly implies a connection to the sorcerers in the MCU, aka Doctor Strange and jolly band of mystics. WandaVision introduces the Scarlet Witch as a figure of lore in the MCU. Agatha says that Wanda has been written about in the book of the damned: she is born with her magic and doesnt need a coven. Agatha says Wanda is more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme.

In a post-credits scene, Wanda is consulting the Book of the Damned, which looks an awful lot like the books in Doctor Stranges library, and the runes she uses are reminiscent of ones that pop up in Doctor Strange. Still, Wanda and Agatha seem to have been born with their powers, whereas Doctor Strange and the Ancient One seem to have learned them.

Well probably find out more about their connection in the next Doctor Strange movie, Multiverse of Madness, which starsyou guessed itElizabeth Olsen.

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Nextwave Agents Of Hate By Warren Ellis Stuart Immonen Wade Von Grawbadger And Dave Mccaig

Part of an elite anti-terrorist task force gone rogue, Monica Rambeau is fighting some of the worst and weirdest monsters out there. Nextwave is irreverent and a bit ridiculous . But if you want to get a better look at Monicas energy-based powers and see her repeatedly mention her past as a leader of the Avengers, this one is for you.

Ok But Is Wanda A Witch

The Vision and the Scarlet Witch #3 (1985)


Sure! Lets be honest, what we name all these super-powered people is pretty arbitrarysuperhero, witch, X-Man. But, technically, shes a mutant. Time to get real nerdy.

A mutant is someone born with the X gene that gives them special abilities: Wolverine has retractable claws and healing powers Jean Grey develops telepathy and telekinesis Magneto can move metal etc. Other superheroes gain their powers later in life: Spider-Man gets bitten by a radioactive spider Captain Marvel gets her powers during an explosion involving an Infinity Stone Black Panther consumes a special herb. In the comics, Wanda and Pietro are born with their powers, which means they are mutants.

Back when Marvel Studios made Avengers: Age of Ultron, the studio didnt have the rights to the mutants, which is likely why that movie insinuates that Wanda and Pietros backstory was more superhero-y and less mutant-y. In that movie, the twins say they gained their powers from an Infinity Stone called the mind Stone when Nazi offshoot HYDRA experimented on them. Since, Disney has purchased 20th Century Fox and, thus, the X-Men. So Wanda now can be either X-Man or superhuman or, I suppose, a witch. The penultimate episode goes back and rewrites Wandas past , suggesting that she had special abilities when they were young, and those abilities were enhanced by the Infinity Stone.

Does it even really matter? Arent all superpowers basically magic anyway?

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Captain Marvel: Monica Rambeau By Roger Stern David Michelinie Dwayne Mcduffie Dwight Coye Glenn Herdling Bill Mantlo And Others

Unaware that Monica Rambeau had a stint as Captain Marvel? Well, not anymore! Not only was Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel long before Carol Danvers donned the name , she also lead the Avengers for a time. This comic is a collection of Monica Rambeaus appearances as Captain Marvel over the years, but I think we can all agree that its high time she gets her own dedicated series. You listening, Marvel? Give Monica Rambeau a solo series. Please and thank you.

/10 Avengers: Disassembled Is A Foundational Modern Marvel Text

Avengers: Disassembled by Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch is a very controversial text, but it is a foundational story of the modern Marvel Universe. The events of this story and the ones that followed shaped the Avengers and X-Men into what they are today.

A mysterious enemy is attacking the Avengers and striking at their weak points. It starts with the death of Ant-Man and continues through a She-Hulk rampage, the destruction of Vision, and the death of Hawkeye. The mystery of this killer’s identity leads up to one of the most shocking reveals in Marvel history.

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Avengers: Disassembled By By Brian Michael Bendis David Finch Danny Miki Frank Darmata Albert Deschesne Stan Lee Jack Kirby George Prez And Others

While Avengers: Disassembled doesnt include a huge amount of Wanda, its the precursor to House of M. Necessary reading to enjoy that staple of Marvel comics? Not necessarily. But this story does provide some useful backstory to the events leading up to House of M. How did Wanda get to the point of wiping most mutants off the face of the world forever? Well, youll just have to read Avengers: Disassembled to find out.

First Appearance: Ultimate X

Scarlet Witch VS Dark Phoenix | BATTLE ARENA | WandaVison | Marvel Comics | MCU

A romance many fans surely want to forget is the strange affair between Scarlet Witch and her twin brother, Quicksilver, in the Ultimate Comics universe. Marvel Ultimate was notorious for embracing a darker sensibility than the mainstream Marvel line, eventually culminating in the many disturbing moments from the Ultimatum storyline.

Notable Traits/Relationship Moments:

  • Wanda joined the Ultimates with her brother as members of their Black Ops squad
  • Wolverine discovered the twins secret romantic relationship in the Savage Land
  • Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister used the ghost of Wanda to taunt Quicksilver

Prior to that event, the relationship between siblings Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch turned physical. This information helped manipulate their father Magneto. It remained one of the oddest creative decisions in the Ultimate universe and helped prepare fans for its end.

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First Appearance Of The Vision

The Vision appears a bit later, in Avengers #57, a number that was a tiny hidden Easter egg in episode two of WandaVision . The Vision debuted in 1968, created by writer Roy Thomas and artist John Buscema.

He was the creation of the evil Ultron, who designed him to aid in his bid for revenge against his own creator, Hank Pym, Ant-Man. The Vision rebelled against Ultron and joined the Avengers, becoming a key member for years to come. Its possible Ultron could still play a role in the series and the MCUs future.

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West Coast Avengers: Darker Than Scarlet

Following the events of the 1985-86 Vision and Scarlet Witch limited series in which Wanda gives birth to her magically conceived twin sons William and Thomas, Avengers West Coast: Darker Than Scarlet brings about the first major downfall of Wanda Maximoff’s time as an Avenger.

Just before ‘Darker Than Scarlet,’ another story, ‘Visionquest ,’ put the greatest strain on Vision and Scarlet Witch’s relationship yet, with Vision being subverted by an evil AI before being destroyed and rebuilt as an emotionless shell, effectively ending their relationship.

In the wake of Vision’s destruction and rebuilding, Wanda and Vision’s sons William and Thomas are revealed not to be human children at all but magical constructs created through the power of Mephisto. All of this coupled with years of manipulation by Immortus leads Wanda to have a psychological breakdown in which she turns against her team, channeling the same dark power that created her children.

Fortunately, the Avengers are able to rescue Wanda from the brink of madness and turn her back to the side of the heroes – but not before the first major crack in Wanda’s heroism is revealed, setting the stage for her full-on villain turn in Avengers: Disassembled .


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