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Can High Myopia Be Corrected

You may have heard of myopia or nearsightednessa refractive error in which you can clearly see nearby objects and distant objects appear blurry. But have you heard about high myopia? High myopia is severe myopia that requires a higher prescription for correction. And because it generally begins in childhood, routine childrens eye exams are essential

What Patients Say About Us

Katelyn Fitzgerald

I absolutely love this vision care center. The doctors and assistants are so friendly and helpful, and the equipment they use is always the newest and greatest. I trust them 100% and would highly recommend them!

Melody McAnally

Dr. Barnes was great! She is very knowledgeable and listens to what issues you are having. The staff was also very friendly. Iâm excited to be trying scleral lenses! Highly recommend!!

Your Optometrists Serving Morrisville And Raleigh Nc

What sets TrueVision Eye Care apart from other eye care providers in the area is the fact that we provide and excel at advanced eyecare services that other doctors donât provide. We are open for emergency eye care, provide sports vision training, and are nationally recognized experts in custom and scleral contacts. Weâve built and maintained a reputation that keeps our patients coming back again and again. Give our doctors and trained optical staff the chance to help you see better than you ever thought possible.

To schedule an appointment or consultation, call us at for our Morrisville office, or for our Raleigh office.

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Welcome To Truvision Eye Care

At TruVision Eye Care, we are pleased to offer a wide range of optometry services with the latest state-of-the-art technology to benefit our community! We provide you with thorough eye evaluations, determine exact prescription strength for corrective lenses, assist with Contact Lenses, provide treatments and products for Dry Eye, and offer several eye care products.

Our new patient appointments always begin with a comprehensive eye exam. If you are unsure of your familys eye health history, its helpful to research beforehand, so we can better evaluate your own eye health. If you have never had a comprehensive exam, dont worry! All the tests and exercises are simple and painless.


Is Lazy Eye The Same As Strabismus

Curated Eyewear

Some of the most common conditions children can experience are a lazy eye and strabismus. These conditions can worsen their vision, making it harder to learn and play. If your child has a lazy eye, is it the same as having strabismus? Continue reading to learn more about these conditions, including what they are, how

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Computer Vision Syndrome & Blue Light

Each of us, on average, spends roughly 25 hours every week staring at the screen of one of our electronic devices. To put this in perspective, that means that each of us spend more than one entire day, without sleeping, in front of devices that emit blue light that is proven to do serious damage to our visual system.

Can Vision Problems Cause Motion Sickness

Motion sickness can make travelling a poor experience due to nausea, headaches, and dizziness. You wouldnt typically visit your optometrist for motion sickness, but can this condition have a connection to your eyes? If you experience motion sickness, can an eye problem be the cause? Continue reading to learn more about motion sickness, including if

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Welcome To Our Raleigh Office On Leesville Road Raleigh North Carolina Eye Care Center

We invite you and your family to visit our modern, convenient office of TrueVision Eye Care for one-stop shopping for all your vision care needs! Our eye doctor performs comprehensive eye exams and expert contact lenses fittings including for ortho-k lenses.

We also offer advanced treatment for eye disease, co-management for refractive eye surgery, and effective relief from the pain of dry eye syndrome and eye allergies. Do you need new eyeglasses? Pop in anytime to shop our outstanding optical collection of designer frames! No matter what you need, we provide it with skill and a pleasant, helpful manner.

Our Raleigh, North Carolina, office is equipped with advanced technologies so you can depend on us for accurate diagnoses and the latest treatments. In the event of an emergency, we provide urgent eye exams and emergency eye care call for immediate assistance. Our eye doctor also specializes in vision therapy, providing neuro-visual rehabilitation, vision therapy after a brain injury, and sports vision training.

A Timeless Holiday Tradition

A miserly and miserable man, Ebenezer Scrooge greets each Christmas with Bah! Humbug! until he is visited one Christmas Eve by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future. In Charles Dickens beloved classic, the three spirits show Scrooge happy memories from his past, difficult realities from the present and a grim future should he continue his closed-hearted ways. Throughout his journey, Scrooge is forced to reckon with the man he has become and contemplate the man he could be but only if his restless night leads to a change of heart by morning. Artistic Director Joseph Haj returns to direct this heartwarming holiday tradition for all ages.

Three things to know

Ticket prices

Want to dig deeper into the story? Download the play guide or the digital program.

Food drive

Throughout the entire run of A Christmas Carol, we will be partnering with The Food Group to host a food drive. Donations of nonperishable food and household items will be collected in blue barrels on Level One.

In addition, a curbside food drive will be held at the Guthrie on Sunday, December 11 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For a list of preferred items, please visit The Food Group.

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