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Star Wars Visions Ep 1

Hot Takes Star Wars Visions

Star Wars Visions Episode 1 Best Scenes “The Duel”

Youre listening to the Star Forge podcast with Scya and Mal, two nerds who have a lot to say about Star Wars: The Old Republic and all its features rest assured, the podcast is working as intended.

This podcast is rated E.S. for extremely silly and may contain bad words bad jokes and other bad content that is not suitable for children maybe it is we dont know were not their parents.


Scya and Mal cover Star Wars media in a way that just didnt fit in the regular podcast episodes. Listen at your own risk.

Search For The Kyber Crystal

Mitaka counsels T0-B1 to find himself a kyber crystal. Another droids plays a hologram of a kyber crystal. Mitaka tells him that there is one such crystal on the planet and that the crystal is the core of the lightsaber, the weapon of a Jedi Knight. He explains that the Jedi tradition is for Padawans, the young apprentices of the Jedi, to search for the crystals first. If he really wants to become a Jedi, Mitaka needs to find a crystal of his own.

The following morning, T0-B1 sets out into the desert with C03 on a speeder bike to find a crystal of his own. He looks under rocks and digs holes but can’t find one. T0-B1 continues his search through the Jedi. While riding his bike, T0-B1 reflects on the difficulty of his quest. After returning home, Professor Mitaka counsels him to clear his mind and use the Force, explaining that it is the source of the Jedi’s power. When T0-B asks where he can find the Force, Mitaka explains that the Force is present everywhere in all things.

Subsidiary Of The Walt Disney Studios

Acquisition process

Discussions relating to the possibility of signing a distribution deal with Lucasfilm officially began in May 2011, after a meeting that George Lucas had with the then Disney CEO during the inauguration of the attraction. Lucas told Iger he was considering retirement and planned to sell the company, as well as the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. On October 30, 2012, Disney announced a deal to acquire Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion, with approximately half in cash and half in shares of Disney stock. Lucasfilm had previously collaborated with the company’s division to create theme park attractions centered on Star Wars and Indiana Jones for various worldwide.

, co-chairman of Lucasfilm, became president of Lucasfilm, reporting to Chairman . Additionally, she serves as the brand manager for Star Wars, working directly with Disney’s global lines of business to build, further integrate, and maximize the value of this global franchise. Kennedy serves as producer on new Star Wars feature films, with George Lucas originally announced as serving as a creative consultant. The company also announced the future release of new Star Wars films, starting with in 2015.

Kathleen Kennedy era, 2012present

In early 2013, Iger confirmed that Lucasfilm planned to have released during the six-year period the was released. The first of these released was , and the second was .

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    Star Wars: Visions Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

    You know the story. Imperial Stormtroopers roll into a no-account little village in the middle of nowhere, bullying the residents. Homegrown resistance is thwarted by the appearance of a female Sith in high heels, wielding an umbrella lightsaber that must be one of the most original designs in the franchise. Here is the occupying force, blithely occupying. Its an age-old theme. And out of the shadows steps the wanderer, the quiet knight errant, the ronin. Its fundamental stuff, this, though given a jolt of novelty thanks to the Star Wars trappings the ronin has a droid pal, the villagers are a hodgepodge of different species and the fact that, when the ronin draws his own lightsaber, it, too, is red.

    At its most fundamental Star Wars is a story of good versus evil. Its rare to see red clash with red in this franchise, and the woman expresses a similar sentiment. It raises all kinds of questions, few of which The Duel bothers to answer, instead settling for ambiguity. The thrill is in the dynamism of the titular duel itself, which takes place across a river and atop a waterfall and logs carried by the fast-moving current. Eventually, the lone swordsman bests the villain, and slips the red Kyber crystal from her destroyed saber inside his cloak, along with many others, all red.

    Star Wars: Visions The Duel Ending Explained

    Best upcoming sci

    The Duel is an incredibly strong start to Disneys latest Star Wars project. The bite-sized story is engaging and the animation is beautiful. However, the most interesting part of the episode is the ending. The villagers refer to the Jedi Knights of old before realizing the ronin is actually a Sith . Perhaps this particular vision occurs in a distant future, sans-Jedi, or an alternate timeline. The planet The Duel occurs on is also vague it appears to have a temperate climate similar to Earths, and it is inhabited by a variety of alien races. It actually resembles Sorgan from The Mandalorian, though given that Visions doesnt take place in the regular Star Wars timeline, this is highly unlikely.

    What we do know is that while the ronin wields a red lightsaber, he is no friend of the Sith. Given his demeanor and collected Kyber crystals, he most likely has a vendetta against the ancient order of Force-users. Perhaps they killed an old friend , or maybe he was cast out for some transgression.

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    Star Wars: Visions Ep1

    Star Wars: Visions EP.1

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