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Royal Caribbean Vision Of The Seas

Go From Beach To Beach

Vision of the Seas – Complete Ship Tour 2022

Hillsboro Beach- This beach is known as the quiet place or the quiet escape. It has a certain nature derived tranquility that is punctuated by an adjoining lighthouse.

Pomano Beach- One of Fort Lauderdale’s biggest attractions because of the annual Pompano Seafood Festival and Fishing Rodeo. It also boasts clear and warm waters that serve to enjoy water sports amidst the beauty.

Lauderdale By the Sea- It has a bit of a small town feel to it. On Friday nights the streets are blocked off and a stage is erected for live music and a party vibe. This is also a great place to go snorkeling and diving to intimately admire the complex reef system.

Hallandale Beach- Ideal for guys’ vacations as there are numerous sports available. These range from golfing to boating and salt-water fishing. It is also popular for it’s energetic nightlife and quality racinos, horse racing and casinos.

Vision Of The Seas Ship Review

The 78,491-ton, 2,000-guest Vision of the Seas was the last of Royal Caribbeans six Vision-class ships, launched in 1998, just a year before Royal launched the game-changing Voyager of the Seas.

Vision is not much less than half Voyagers size, and today is even more overshadowed by Royals Oasis and Allure of the Seas, which are nearly three times as large. Size isnt everything, of course, and midsize ships have a certain charm owing to their greater coziness and the convenience of having everything close by. Still, Vision and her Vision-class ships do feel a bit dated.

Ready To Book Your Royal Caribbean Vision Of The Seas Cruise

If all of the above sounds like your idea of a perfect, family-friendly, fun-filled cruise, what are you waiting for? Vision of the Seas is a small and intimate ship, but it packs in a lot to love for its size. This is one cruising experience you wont regret booking.


How big is the Vision of the Seas?

Vision of the Seas is on the smaller side, measuring in at a weight of 78,340 GT, a length of 279 meters , and a width of 105.6 feet. It has 11 passenger decks and a capacity for 2,050 passengers at normal occupancy, or 2,514 passengers at maximum occupancy.

What class is Vision of the Seas?

Vision of the Seas is one of Royal Caribbeans Vision-class cruise ships. The Vision class includes six ships: Grandeur of the Seas, Enchantment of the Seas, Rhapsody of the Seas, Vision of the Seas, Legend of the Seas and Splendor of the Seas.

How many pools are on the Vision of the Seas cruise ship?

There are two pools on Vision of the Seas, the main pool and the Solarium pool. The main pool is open to cruisers of all ages and is the most crowded, while the Solarium pool is only open to cruisers age 16 and up.

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Is The Vision Of The Seas A Good Ship

Each of Royal Caribbean’s ships offers a unique layout with features and activities catered to all. Whether the Vision of the Seas is right for you will depend on your individual preferences. Do you prefer a larger or smaller ship with many or fewer guests? Are you hoping for many family activities or entertainment options for an older clientele. Our deck maps layout and activities list provide a helpful guide to what you’ll find on board. Feel free to explore the see if this ship is suited towards your preferences.

Vision Of The Seas Onboard Costs

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Another way to gauge the cost of a cruise is to consider how much you’ll spend on board. Even though a lot is included in the base cruise fare, you may still spend money on things like spa treatments, specialty dining, drinks, and excursions. In addition, guests can also have to pay for things like gratuities and tips.

Typically guests can expect to spend about 25 – 40% of the cost of the cruise on onboard expenses. In other words, if the cruise fare is $1,000 per person, you might spend between $250 and $400 on extra expenses.

The table below will help you understand what you might spend onboard a Royal Caribbean ship.

Royal Caribbean

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The Best Family Vacation On The Planet

Royal Caribbean hasn’t shied away from making a very bold prediction that Icon of the Seas will be the best family vacation option, and that isn’t hyperbole.

Mr. Schneider did not walk back that assertion at all, “we believe we have created the best family vacation in the world that could compete with anything else you’re going to go do.”

“And notice we didn’t say cruise in the world. I said vacation.”

Royal Caribbean has said it wants Icon of the Seas to compete with any land vacation, especially Orlando, Florida vacations.

Royal Caribbean International President and CEO Michael Bayley said earlier this month at the company’s earnings call with investors that Orlando attractions are the competition Icon of the Seas is designed to bypass, “The Icon product, along with Perfect Day, with the kind of experiences that we’re offering, with the kind of new accommodations that we have on Icon and the experiences that we have for young families, older families and of course couples and singles and what have you, is really squarely standing shoulder to shoulder with Orlando and those kind of destinations.”

He was also quick to say that Icon will not be an attempt to mimic or takeaway from an Orlando trip. Instead, he hopes it offers something different but equally impressive, “I don’t want to take away that moment my kid gets to see Mickey Mouse for the first time. I want parents to go experience it, do that. I worked there. That’s a moment that everybody who has kids should go do.”

All About The Royal Caribbean Vision Of The Seas

The Royal Caribbean Vision of the Seas was built in 1998. It was renovated in 2013. It’s considered a small size ship. Coming in at 915 ft long and 106 ft wide, it’s roughly the length of 2.5 football fields, as wide as 2 tractor trailers, and the same height as a 11-story building.

The Vision of the Seas can hold 2,050 based on double occupancy and more when you take into account 3rd and 4th passengers. When you compare the total tonnage of the ship to the number of passengers, the Vision of the Seas has a space ratio of 38. Depending on the ship, this number can range from 30 to 52 so this ship’s space-to-person ratio is about average.

Royal Caribbean
Space Ratio 38

The Vision of the Seas is one of four Vision-class ships currently sailing with Royal Caribbean. Vision-class ships are the oldest and smallest in the Royal Caribbean fleet. Their small size makes them easy to get around and lets them sail from ports that can’t handle larger ships. The adult’s-only solarium on these ships has a retractable roof that makes them better for sailing cooler weather cruises. These ships offer a more traditional cruise experience and lack some innovative features of Royal Caribbean’s newer ships like zip lining, ice skating, and water slides. The Vision of the Seas is very similar to its sister-ships Grandeur of the Seas, Enchantment of the Seas and Rhapsody of the Seas, although each ship may have some differences.

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Vision Of The Seas Cruise Guide

The 2,416-passenger Vision of the Seas is known for its beautiful glass exterior and appeals to guests who are looking for a smaller, less grandiose version of a Royal Caribbean ship. You wont find water slides, ice skating rinks, laser tag or bumper cars on this ship, but you will find fantastic food, bars, and lounges, as well as a quieter pool area. There is fun to be had on this ship with trivia nights, sushi-making classes, pool-side outdoor movie nights, kids clubs, a rock-climbing wall, and Broadway-style entertainment for all.

Huge windows and a wide promenade deck make Vision one of the best ships afloat for viewing the scenic wonders of each port of call. With six hot tubs, two swimming pools, comfy indoor nooks and crannies, and a bar for every occasion, all passengers can find a favorite spot.

Staterooms On Vision Of The Seas

Vision of the Seas 4k Full Ship Tour | Royal Caribbean

Staterooms aboard the Vision-class ships tend to be small and have seen a lot of use in their decade and a half of service. Standard outside staterooms are only 152 square feet, and come with a TV, a small sitting area, a vanity, and a small bathroom. If you want a private balcony, youll have to bump up to a 191-square-foot Superior Oceanview stateroom, which also offers a minibar, small sitting area, and lots of storage space. The top-of-the-line accommodations are the 1,177-square-foot Royal Suites, which come with separate living room and bedroom, a huge marble bathroom with a whirlpool tub, a baby grand piano, and a 138-square-foot private veranda.

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Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port: Your Gateway To New Lands

If you’re interested in exploring Central America, you’ll be pleased when looking through the selection of week long cruises from Fort Lauderdale. Many offer trips to places like Cozumel, Belize City and Aruba. In short, you can head to some of the most attractive and well known vacationing destinations south of the border. It’s ideal when looking for an opportunity to get to intimately know what the Caribbean has to offer. Itineraries include places like Cuaracao, St. Marten, St Thomas and San Juan. Vacationers can arrive at a new island, and consequently, new beaches almost every day of their trip. A cruise from Fort Lauderdale will take passengers year-round to a six to hie day trip in the Southern Caribbean. However, if Central and South America is more attractive, you should plan your trip on Fort Lauderdale cruises for the fall, Summer and Spring.

A Dining Experience To Suit Every Taste

From the intimate setting of Chefs Table to the familiar flavors of Chops Grille, we offer dining experiences for everyones taste, and our buy-out option means your group can have the dining room all to themselves.

Join up to 14 guests at a private table for the ultimate intimate dining experience: a five-course wine pairing dinner hosted nightly by an Executive Chef and Sommelier.

Enjoy juicy steaks, fresh seafood, hearty side dishes, and sumptuous desserts in the elegant, classic Chicago atmosphere of Royal Caribbeans popular signature steakhouse.

Giovannis serves up a family-style dining experience in an Italian trattoria influenced by Tuscanys landscape and flavors. Try the toasted herb focaccia with a braised meat dish or hearty stew!

Traditional Asian cuisine is artfully prepared and presented at Izumi. Youll be wowed by the fresh ingredients, delicate flavors, and gorgeous plating of Izumis sushi, sashimi, ishi-yaki plates, and more.

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Royal Caribbean Vision Of The Seas Dress Code

Daytime: During the day, swimsuits, cover-ups, shorts and tank tops are par for the course aboard Vision of the Seas.

Evening: The ship’s shorter four- and five-night itineraries feature only one formal night in the main and specialty dining rooms, and the rest are deemed “casual.” For the most part, people wear sundresses, long pants and casual or button-down shirts to dinner. Formal nights range from special occasion wear, like beaded dresses and suits, to sundresses — and many passengers opt not dress up at all. There are typically a couple of theme nights, such as “1970s” and “Tropical,” which are completely optional.

Not permitted: Shorts, tank tops and baseball caps are specifically not allowed, but we did observe a few passengers skirting these rules.

Dining Establishments On Vision Of The Seas

Pool on Royal Caribbean Vision of the Seas Cruise Ship

Food is a big part of any cruise, and there will plenty on the Royal Caribbean Vision of the Seas. You have 9 different dining options to choose from. Of those options, 3 are complementary, or included with your cruise fare. The other 6 options have an additional fee. Some of those options are a set price and some have a la cart menu pricing. Only 33% of the dining options are included meaning you might spend more while on the ship due to the additional fees.

Included Buffet

In terms of drinks and cocktails, you have a variety of choices. Royal Caribbean serves the Coca-cola family of products. That means Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Barqs Root Beer, although the selection can vary by ship.

There are also plenty of bars available on this ship. You can see the recent bar menus for the Vision of the Seas at this link .

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How It All Started

Keeping Icon of the Seas a secret was six years in the making.

In talking about the fact Icon of the Seas is a “white paper” ship, Mr. Schneider described the design process as, “never ending.”

“You go through a great design process. We’ve got in our new build organization excellent architects and designers, with partners in the yard who really are focused on the kind of nautical marine side of some of the innovation that we’re trying to do.”

While the global health crisis may have been a hindrance, it didn’t stop the process, “you’re going back in time about six years. The pandemic didn’t stop the work. It slowed it a bit and created certain challenges.”

Mr. Schneider called the whole approach a very iterative process, with some decisions being made years ago, and still more that have yet to be set.

The master plan, the kind of where the major venues are, get locked in very early in that process. We reserve a lot to iterate, so Thrill Island came together in the last two years, including the water park.

“If you think of like steel structure locking early, that still gives you a lot to iterate on and ideate on.”

“We also keep certain venues, what we call those white spaces, and white spaces allow us to iterate even further into the process. And so there’s a couple of white space restaurants that we just finished design of maybe maybe a month ago, and then that we’ll they’ll flow into the development process.”

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    Park Cafe Is A Must Eat Spot

    There is plenty of good food onboard Vision of the Seas, but a great spot for complimentary food throughout the day is Park Cafe.

    Located in the Solarium, you can find some of the best quick grab-and-go food choices here. Soup, sandwiches, dessert and more are available.

    Be sure to try the famous roast beef sandwich here at least once!

    Park Cafe is also a great alternative to the Windjammer on embarkation day because it will be far less crowded.

    And yes, kids are allowed to go to Park Cafe, even though it is located in the adults-only Solarium area.

    Meet Your Goals Exceed Expectations

    Vision of the Seas Ship Tour

    Envision your perfect meeting, incentive, or conference. Now make that vision a reality aboard Vision of the Seas! From midair acrobatics in the ships six-story main lobby to gourmet dining in four delectable restaurants, plus state-of-the-art conference facilities and meeting spaces, Vision of the Seas is flawlessly equipped to impress each and every guest.

    Onboard, youll find event spaces in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, all loaded with the latest in technology to ensure your meeting meets its goals and exceeds expectations. Host small groups in an intimate venue, or wow a larger team in the incredible Masquerade Theatre. Our meeting spaces all come fully equipped with plasma TVs, LCD projectors, and podiums, speakers, and microphones. And with WiFi throughout the ship, youll always be connected!

    • Largest Meeting Space: 870

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    How Long Is The Vision Of The Seas

    From end to end, the Spectrum of the Seas length equals 915 feet . Compare that to the average ship length of all , active vessels in Royal Caribbean fleet, measuring 1,063 feet . Please see our size comparison chart above to see how this ship falls in line with all other active ships in the fleet.

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    Vision Of The Seas Size

    How big is the Vision of the Seas? Below, youll find all of the relevant cruise ship stats, specs and dimensions for the Vision of the Seas. Included in these statistics are passenger capacity, length, year built, year renovated, cost to build, gross tonnage, engine info, number of rooms, deck counts and more!

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    About Royal Caribbean International

    Royal Caribbean International is a brand with an incredible history and unlimited potential. The cruise line not only sets new standards by the size of the ships, but also by its degree of innovation. Especially the entertainment programm on their vessels is a new invention. The ships are convincing due to a variety of sport offers and leisure activities for every age group. Particularly the outdoor area offers great experiences with ice rinks or zip lines. However not only the big vessels, but also the smaller ones offer plenty options to have fun in a relaxed atmosphere. In the different restaurants you expect tasty dishes combined with an attentive service. On board, all age groups feel at home. Due to the company’s heritage a basic knowledge in English is recommended.

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