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Pro-vision Backup Camera System

Page 5: Advanced Dvr Settings

Wireless Cameras system // PRO-VISION®
  • Page 60 PRO-VISION Video Systems ® DVR-906M SYSTEM GUIDE Network Settings The network settings allow the user to configure the LAN and Wi-Fi functions of the DVR unit. The default configuration is to have Wi-Fi enabled using Wi-Fi Access Point Mode. There are two different Wi-Fi modes on the DVR unit that can be set from the Wi-Fi Mode…
  • Page 61 PRO-VISION Video Systems® DVR-906M SYSTEM GUIDE Stored Wi-Fi List: This displays a list of all available Wi-Fi networks that have been previously entered for the DVR to connect to. If you wish to remove a previous Wi-Fi SSID, select it from the list and press Remove.
  • Page 62 CONFIGURATION PRO-VISION Video Systems ® DVR-906M SYSTEM GUIDE Stop-Arm Camera If a DVR-824 Stop-Arm camera is connected to the DVR unit, the Stop-Arm Camera settings page will appear in the DVR units web menu under Advanced settings. Vehicle Detection Status: Shows the current status of the detection feature.
  • Page 63 CONFIGURATION PRO-VISION Video Systems ® DVR-906M SYSTEM GUIDE System Info Unit Info: Shows the current version of all DVR unit. Camera Info: Shows the current versions of each camera and if applicable its model/type. Import/Update: Allows configuration files or firmware to be uploaded onto the DVR unit, press Choose File, locate your file, then press…
  • About This Portable Backup Camera

    Simple design makes it easy to install

    The wireless magnetic backup camera with a rechargeable battery for trailers Has a 120° Degree viewable angle, its waterproof and has auto night vision. The camera is one of the most durable we have, with incredible adjustability and night vision clarity. The RV Box camera has a metal sun shield visor to protect you from glare and pebbles.

    This is by far our toughest built camera. It has been regularly used in cars, vans, buses and even industrial sized caterpillar trucks, operated in the harsh oil sand of Canada. This camera can take a direct hit from a rock and it will still work like new.

    Reachable BatteryThis portable rearview camera is also wireless and it runs on reachable battery . Just call us if you need those options modified and we can do that for you.The way this system installs is very simple. Just magnetize the camera to the back of the box trailer and when you unhook it take the camera off. For the monitor, it can be hardwired or plug it in with the cigarette lighter adapter that is provided.

    This wireless Portable rear view camera can be used as a swift hitch camera too.

    Magnetize the portable backup camera anywhere

    Place this anywhere on your Semi Trailer and you can see everything using the monitor. Keep in mind we can make the monitor bigger or smaller depending on your needs.

    Keep Your Commercial Fleet Safe And Your Business Running Smoothly

    Whether youre protecting your people, your cargo or your fleet, Pro-Visions mobile video solutions help you create and maintain a safe environment for your most critical assets. With the proper solution, including real-time monitoring, a solid-state digital video recorder and no moving parts to fail, you can minimize downtime, reduce accidents and keep your business operating safely. And our industry-leading products are backed by exceptional customer care, which includes working with you to create a custom, turn-key solution tailored to your specific safety needs.

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    L V6 Ecoboost 30l V6 Power

    Ford F-150 Backup Camera Systems

    Fitment Includes:

    • Base Model, XL, XLT, Lariat, Lightning, King Ranch, Harley Davidson,STX, FX2, FX4, Limited, Platinum, Raptor
    • 2.7L EcoBoost, 3.5L V6, 3.5L EcoBoost, 3.7L V6, 4.2L V6, 4.6L V8, 5.0L V8, 5.4L V8, 6.2L V8

    *Please see product pages for any exceptions.

    • Ford F-150 Backup Camera Systems
    Products for your truck

    Dont Take Our Word For It


    We searched many suppliers and decided on Xiris mainly because of the response time to our questions that we had and Technical support. The product has been in operation for one year without any failure. On their own they sent someone 2 months after installation for added training on features and maintenance. As a Seam Welder Manufacturer, support from our suppliers is Key.

    Xiris has been a great partner for us. They have excellent technology, and their staff is highly committed and responsive to our needs and to any problems we have.

    The scrap reduction due to instantaneous feedback makes this a cost-saving tool for our Tube Mill operators.

    The system has been a very valuable asset to us We appreciate and look forward to continued work with Xiris Automation.

    I would highly recommend Xiris vision systems to anyone that wants a robustly built weld monitoring system that can be custom tailored to your specific needs.

    The operators like using the system for its ease of use and instantaneous response to mill adjustments helping them produce consistent high quality tubing.

    Were thrilled with the Xiris cameras and the effect theyve had on our welding accuracy.

    Xiris staff provide unparalleled service, continually going out of their way to show they really care about their customers and their product.

    Were very impressed with the Xiris Weld Camera system!

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    Enhance Your Training Program And Improve Driver Performance

    Footage of real-world situations is an excellent tool for training new employees, as well as helping to improve driver performance and accountability. Video review also enables you to ensure that safety procedures and protocols are being followed, and it helps you make any necessary adjustments to driver behavior and keep your operations running smoothly and safely.

    Page : Understanding The System

  • Page 10 SD Card: The base DVR-906M kit may come with different size SD cards base on the ending of the kit number. Kits ending in -64 includes a 64GB SDXC card. The SD card is the primary recording media for your DVR unit …
  • Page 11 INSTALLATION PRO-VISION Video Systems ® DVR-906M SYSTEM GUIDE Solid-State Drive: A Solid-State Drive is a high-capacity storage device that utilizes high-performance, solid-state flash memory to provide storage that is not affected by the typical vibration experienced in a mobile environment.
  • Page 12 INSTALLATION PRO-VISION Video Systems ® DVR-906M SYSTEM GUIDE DVR Interface Cables The DVR Interface Cables are used to connect to the vehicle and other system components. PD-1771 Power Cable: This cable supplies battery power to the DVR unit it also includes an ignition signal input cable to turn the system ON and OFF.
  • Page 13 INSTALLATION PRO-VISION Video Systems ® DVR-906M SYSTEM GUIDE PX-1843 33ft Analog HD A/V Cable: 33ft Analog HD cables are used for the connecting both analog standard definition and high definition cameras to the DVR unit. The male ends connect to cameras and the female ends connect to the DVR.
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    Outfit Your Fleet With A Visual Safety Solution

    Installing one of our backup camera systems in your vehicle improves the driver’s visibility exponentially! With options including 4 camera inputs for multiple views around the vehicle, night vision, waterproof durability, and 120° field of vision, we have the system to meet you and your fleets needs! Rosco has you covered!

    Page 4: Display Installation

    Rear Vision Camera Solutions // PRO-VISION®
  • Page 47 INSTALLATION PRO-VISION Video Systems ® DVR-906M SYSTEM GUIDE 10.1 HD Monitor Kit 1. Determine monitor mounting location and then decide which mount 10.1 Quad will be used. The U-shaped mounting bracket works well mounting to the dash or ceiling. The adjustable fan mounting bracket works well adhesive mounted to dashboards or windshields, it also can be screw mounted.
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    Page : Product Contents

  • Page 6 INSTALLATION PRO-VISION Video Systems ® DVR-906M SYSTEM GUIDE Digital HD Camera Kits Digital HD Camera Kit Options Photo Part # Item / Assembly Description DVR-810 Digital HD Night-Vision Dome Camera with 20ft Cable and Mounting Hardware DVR-813 Digital HD Windshield Camera with 10ft Cable and Mounting Hardware…
  • Page 7 INSTALLATION PRO-VISION Video Systems ® DVR-906M SYSTEM GUIDE Display Kits Display Kit Options & Accessories Photo Part # Item / Assembly Description 5 LCD Monitor Kit with Harness, 15ft A/V Cable, DVR Cable, Mounting Bracket, and Hardware PM-1950S 5 Waterproof LCD Monitor Kit with Harness, 15ft A/V Cable, DVR Cable, Mounting Bracket, and…
  • Page 8 INSTALLATION PRO-VISION Video Systems ® DVR-906M SYSTEM GUIDE Cables & Related Accessories Cables & Related Accessories Photo Part # Item / Assembly Description PX-1942 Analog 15ft A/V Cable PX-1943 Analog 33ft A/V Cable PX-1841 Digital 10ft HD A/V Cable PX-1842…
  • Discourse Of Police Body Cameras

    This section may require to meet Wikipedia’s . The specific problem is: This pretty much repeats things that were said in previous sections, but in a less neutral tone. Please help improve this section if you can.

    The discussion of police officer wearing body cameras has been a debate for years, as many police officers started wearing body cameras around 2014. Not everyone agrees with the use of body cameras but they have become beneficial in the case of collecting valuable information related to a crime being committed. At the same time, the privacy of citizens can be compromised by body cameras potentially exposing them to unwanted publicity. The accountability of police is increased as they use body cameras to ensure the protection of the public against police misconduct. A further discussion of police body cameras occurs because the improvements need to be done within the law enforcement system that requires police behavior to change. After that, new technologies can be implemented to help increase the accountability of police.

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    Competitively Priced Backup Cameras For Trucks

    Price is always important to our customers, which is why we make sure that every camera that we offer is cost-effective and offers exceptional value. No matter what your budget may be, we can usually find you a camera that will be right for you and within your spending limit.

    Not only do we have the right products and parts to meet your needs, our proactive, skilled, and highly experienced team ensure that no matter what you are trying to accomplish with your company vehicles, we will be in a strong position to help you get there. To find out more about the cameras we offer, request a system quote or for anything else, call us at 233-3277 .

    Page 5: Basic Dvr Settings

    Pyle PLCMTRS77 Rearview Backup Camera &  Video Monitor System Kit, Quad ...
  • Page 56 CONFIGURATION PRO-VISION Video Systems ® DVR-906M SYSTEM GUIDE Select the time zone for your area. This is required if using GPS time sync, if set incorrectly GPS will synchronize to the incorrect time. DST Setting: Set Daylight Saving Time for three global regions or disable DST.
  • Page 57 CONFIGURATION PRO-VISION Video Systems ® DVR-906M SYSTEM GUIDE Recording Settings: Configure Cameras: Select the method of configuring cameras, if you unsure, select All at Once to configure all cameras with the same settings. Video Recording: Select when the camera will be recording.
  • Page 58 CONFIGURATION PRO-VISION Video Systems ® DVR-906M SYSTEM GUIDE Record Status: Indicates if the camera is currently recording Recording or Idle Start All and Start/Stop: Allows the control of the camera recording state, typically used to temporarily start/stop recording for testing purposes.
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    Know Distance And Direction

    One of the main components of safe vehicle operation is knowing the distance and direction of objects in your environment. Integrated with your vehicles rear vision system monitor, Pro-Visions ultrasonic sensor and radar systems can display the distance and direction to a possible hazard, while also providing an audible alert, which helps you avoid potential accidents and other hazards during backup maneuvers.

    Be Amazed By What You Can See

    Rosco backup monitors install easily on the dashboard, windshield or overhead. Drivers gain a clear image, free of blind spots. In addition to camera systems, we design truck, bus, RV and cargo van mirrors. With reliable vision equipment, large vehicles are more easily maneuvered. So let our rearview camera support teams customize the best vision safety solution for your fleets

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    Keep Your Children Safe

    Just the mere presence of a mobile video camera on the bus could deter bullying and vandalism, driver harassment or other unruly behavior. Likewise, the presence of cameras helps keep your drivers on their best behavior. Our exceptional wide-angle HD camera coverage inside the vehicle helps ensure the safety of the driver, as well as the children. And the recordings also provide you with video evidence of when and where each child boards and exits the bus. Pro-Vision mobile video solutions are a reliable, cost-effective way to monitor in-vehicle activity and ensure the safety of your drivers and their young passengers.

    Page 1: Analog Camera Installation

    Rosco Vision Systems Technology Products
  • Page 17 PRO-VISION Video Systems ® Analog HD Mini-Dome Camera Installation The AHD Mini-Dome Camera is designed to be mounted inside a vehicle. The camera is used most often inside the passenger seating areas inside buses and trains, but it also works well in the cargo area of box trucks and vans.
  • Page 18 PRO-VISION Video Systems ® 10. Place the camera locking cover over the camera ball. Loosely tighten the three set screws holes using a 1.5mm Allen wrench, allowing the camera ball to freely move until the desired camera aim is set. 11.
  • Page 19 PRO-VISION Video Systems ® Analog HD Side Camera Installation The AHD Side Camera is designed to provide coverage around the outside of the vehicle. The camera is waterproof rated IP-67 and has a wide-angle lens that can capture a wide area around the outside of the vehicle.
  • Page 20 PRO-VISION Video Systems ® 8. Attach the camera cover to the camera with the four Allen head mounting screws. Leave the screws slightly loose until the camera is aimed. 9. Power on the DVR unit and connect to the Wi-Fi to view the live camera image to properly aim it on the view page.
  • Page 21 PRO-VISION Video Systems ® Analog HD Flush Mount Camera Installation The AHD Flush Mount Camera is designed to be mounted in a body panel or bumper of the vehicle, flush with the surface. The camera is used most often inside the rear bumper of vehicles, but it also works well mounted in an enclosure above the engine compartment or rear window on rear engine busses.
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    Monitor Backup Camera Systems

    Be amazed by what you can see. The 5″ monitor kits are compact and can multiple camera inputs. These 5 backup camera kits give the driver a clear view of what’s going on behind the vehicle while reducing risk and improving safety. With versatile mounting locations on the dashboard, windshield or an overhead location, the 5″ monitor kits are always a perfect fit!

    Safety Starts With A Rear View Camera

    We cover all the safety angles. So look to Rosco when a rear view mirror with a backup camera for commercial vehicles is required. Replace a standard rearview mirror with one that displays an LCD monitor as soon as the vehicle is shifted into reverse. Or install a rearview mirror backup camera that delivers an unobstructed view of whats behind the vehicle even when its dark outside! We have sturdy, weatherproof rear view camera and monitor kits featuring night vision. Our design process generates products that are highly effective in commercial driving situations. Isnt it time to eliminate backup blind spots and improve visibility dramatically with Rosco rear view camera systems?

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    Our Truck Back Up Camera Options

    Ruckstell has been around for 70 years, so we know quality equipment. All of our backup camera systems for trucks come from top manufacturers such as Intec and Pro-Vision. Our camera solutions are reliable, convenient, and cost-effective. As with all of our products, we are proud to supply only the best back up cameras on the market.

    Semi Trailer Backup Camera Rear View System



    Semi Trailer Backup Camera Rear View System

      The 7-inch screen includes a dash mount. Use the customize section on this page to change the sizeThe monitor can mount on the dash. You can also mount it using a suction cup on the windshield or mount it overheadSwitch between 2 cameras on the monitor. Choose whichever camera you want to see and switch over whenever you likeSee the whole world in full color when reversing or driving down the road. Great for all weather conditionsExcellent wireless signal for up to 70ft. The signal will transmit without issues and does not need line of sightMount up top and point it down at the road. This is a great camera for that bird eye view that will show you everything you need to seeDriving at night? No problem! See everything behind you in full nightvisionWorks for driving down the road and reverse only. So you can use this as an observation camera to change lanesThe video image on the screen will reversed. Just like the mirror in your car. Great for backing up or looking at the road behind you100% Weatherproof. Works in all weather conditions. Rain or Snow or Sun you will be just fine using this system. Its meant to be out in the weatherContains a rechargeable battery. No need for any 12V just switch it on and use it

    Comes with a dash mount

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    See Everything With A Rosco High Mount Backup Camera Kit

    No work vehicle is complete without a high mounted camera. Increase visibility and protect your fleet against theft and liability with one of Rosco’s high mounted camera kits. These camera kits provide the driver with a clear, crisp aerial view behind the vehicle. It also records an invaluable visual display of what is being loaded and unloaded in the vehicle- essential for fleet managers!

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