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Outdoor Security Camera With Night Vision

Why Is My Security Camera Blurry At Night

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Most people have complained about their night vision cameras being blurry during nights. According to experts, this problem is related to infrared light reflecting on the camera glass or any reflective elements that are closer to the camera. The main causes of these problems include:

  • Dust or scratches on the camera glass
  • Reflection from objects nearer to the camera
  • Defective or missing rubber ring around the camera lens
  • Bad lens problem

These are the primary factors that might be causing blurriness in your night vision camera.

Are Security Cameras Safe

Online security is important for everything you do, and security cameras are no different. All the big brands know that online peace of mind is just as important as protecting your home. Whether your footage is backed up at home or on an external server, its safe. And when it comes to the security cameras themselves, you can black out areas of the home you dont want them to go.

Key Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Night Vision Security Camera

Many factors would affect your final choice. But do remember, a top high-quality outdoor wireless security camera with night vision would have the features shown below:

  • High resolution. The security camera resolution should at least reach 1080p . The higher resolution the night vision security camera has, the more details and clearer footage it would record, including facial details and license plates number.
  • Weatherproof. Rain or shine, hot or cold, an outdoor CCTV WiFi IP camera must brave it all. So its IP code at least reaches IP65. See more in IP66 security camera definition and recommendation.
  • Long range. This indicates how far the camera with night vision could see at night. A long-range night vision security camera should see at least 30 feet. In our test, the night vision range of Reolink Argus 3 Pro and Reolink Go Plus is 33 feet, RLC-810A 100 feet and RLC-823A 190 feet!
  • 3D DNR. Also called multidimensional digital noise reduction. This technology is adopted to remove image noise and compensates for image distortion caused by color blending errors by extrapolating. A quality night vision camera should have this basic technology for better performance.
  • Wide field of view. The larger the viewing angle of the surveillance camera, the more it would capture, and the fewer blind spot you would have. The article How to Choose Wide-Angle Security Cameras includes detailed explanation of how the lens and image sensor determine the camera’s viewing angle.

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How Do Wireless Security Cameras Work

A wireless security camera is like a webcam, except it can sit anywhere in your house and connect to your local wireless network as well as the internet. With this kind of camera, you can keep watch on your house from around the corner or from another country via a computer, smartphone or tablet, helping to ensure peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is under a watchful eye.

Wireless home security cameras can be used for all sorts of reasons, but typical uses can be keeping an eye on children, looking in on a sleeping baby at home, seeing what your pet gets up to while you’re at work or even just checking who’s at the door. They can also send you alerts if they detect motion, such as someone in your home who isn’t supposed to be there.

A security camera must be set up securely on your network to prevent unauthorised access

Of course, any home security camera or other internet-connected device needs to be set up securely to prevent anybody else gaining unauthorised access. You may have heard stories of cameras or other devices being ‘hacked’, though in most cases this is due to not setting up proper security on the camera and network router.

Motion sensing

As well as calling up live video of your home any time you like, most cameras have motion sensing capability and tell you if something’s amiss, notifying you via email or SMS when there’s unexpected movement.

Color Night Vision With Spotlight

VideoSecu Outdoor Weatherproof Infrared Day Night Vision Security ...

Besides making use of natural light and advanced technology, there is another way to produce color night vision. The most direct way to see in the dark is to create light sources.

Color night vision security cameras with spotlights have become trending products in the market. These cameras have built-in spotlights that can be manually turned on or activated by motion at night. The spotlights can emit bright and white lights to illuminate everything in front of the camera. Even in total darkness, you can see clear and full-color images.

While starlight security cameras are rather expensive for their advanced image sensor, spotlight security cameras are more budget-friendly. Also, they can give you stronger protection because the spotlights can deter would-be burglars and stop the crime before it happens.

We also have written about color night vision in previous articles, so if you would like more tips and guides on color night vision security cameras, then don’t miss this article, which you can view by .

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Can An Indoor Camera Do Double Duty Looking Out A Window

Wireless cameras cant have it all. It would be great if they could watch things inside by day, and keep an eye on whats going on outside after dark, right? But it rarely works.

Most indoor security cameras will pick up glares and reflections when aimed out a window. This obscures the outside view, making it useless.

If security both outdoors and indoors is a priority for you, we recommend getting the right type of camera for each area. You may be able to find an indoor camera that claims to be specifically designed to minimise the glare and reflection of a window, but be sure to read a lot of customer reviews to back the claim up.

How Much Should You Spend On An Outdoor Security Camera

Outdoor security cameras are generally more expensive than their indoor counterparts. They can range in price from around $50 up to a few hundred dollars or more depending on features. There are plenty of affordable cameras available that offer good video performance, but as with just about any smart device, you’ll typically pay more for features such as motion tracking, facial recognition, cellular connectivity, time-lapse recording, both onboard and cloud storage options, and rechargeable battery power.

Check out our Readers’ Choice Awards to see which security cameras and brands other PCMag readers trust most. Once you’ve found the camera for your home, check out our tips for setting it up. And for an even more advanced way to keep a set of eyes on your home, both indoors and out, check out our picks for The Best Smart Home Security Systems.

Where To Buy

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Looking For Wireless Security Cameras

We’ve tested to find you the best.

One of the benefits of wireless security cameras is that they’re generally small and unobtrusive. Most connect to your home Wi-Fi network, so you can place them just about anywhere in the home without having ethernet cable running all over the place. Some even run on batteries, to make them totally wireless you’ll see them marketed as “wire-free” cameras. You can move them from room to room on a whim, or even deploy them outside the house if they’re outdoor-capable models.

But most wireless units will need access to a power point. It’s generally easier to do this than to have a long run of unsightly blue ethernet cable, unless your home is properly wired for ethernet through skirting boards .

If you do have the opportunity to use ethernet cabling, many Wi-Fi cameras have an ethernet port, so you can plug in directly. While Wi-Fi is more convenient, wired ethernet is still faster and generally provides a more stable network connection. You may want to look for a camera that has power over ethernet as a feature, as this will let you power the camera from the same ethernet cable used to carry data, avoiding the need for both ethernet and mains power cables to the camera .

In The Dark What Can A Camera See

Reolink Lumus Outdoor WIFI Security Camera With Spotlight & Color Night Vision Unboxing and Review

The X27 is a color night vision sensor developed by SPI, a Las Vegas-based firm. The 1.5-minute video above demonstrates what the 10-megapixel sensor can record in low-light situations. The sensors ultra-sensitivity allows it to capture both conventional photographs during the day and color night vision images at night.

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How Do Night Vision Security Cameras Work

Night vision security cameras work by using infrared light to see in the dark. IR LEDs emit invisible IR light which is captured by the camera, allowing it to see in the darkness. Some night vision security cameras also use spotlights to illuminate the area, which allows them to see even in complete darkness.

That being said, there exist various types of night vision security cameras and the technologies that make them see in the dark are different.

The most common night vision cameras are IR cameras. Usually, infrared night vision cameras have multiple built-in IR LEDs, which are often set inside around the lens. When it’s pitch black outside, these IR LEDs will emit invisible infrared light for the camera can capture images or videos in the darkness.

IR security cameras also have an IR cut filter in between the lens and the image sensor. The filter is used to detect ambient light such as daylight and visible light. During the day, the filter allows sunlight to pass through and block out infrared light falling on the image sensor for great clarity and color. At night, the filter allows infrared light to reach the image sensor for clear footage.

Apart from using infrared lights, many manufacturers adopt real spotlights to shine everything in the dark. Spotlight security cameras seem to have better night vision capability. Even if there is no light at all, the camera’s spotlight can be turned on and shine brightly. Everything in front of the camera will be captured clearly.

How We Test Home Security Cameras

Hands-on testing is core to our evaluations of any home security products. In short, when it comes to security cameras, we pay special attention to resolution, night vision and latency, extra features, general performance and overall value. We evaluate all of these elements in a real home environment over the course of a week. If you want to read more about our review process, check out our in-depth article on how we test home security cameras and video doorbells.

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Other Features To Look For

  • Pan, tilt and zoom: There’s a big advantage in having remote control of the camera to zoom in and make it look around the room with up/down and sideways movement. Models with this ability will generally cost more.
  • Motion sensing: You want a camera that can be set to detect motion and automatically take pictures and video and send alerts. Other considerations include whether you can set time slots for motion detection to be active, and if you can adjust its sensitivity.
  • Audio link: Some cameras have one- or two-way audio communication via the camera.
  • Battery life: As with any portable device, battery life is an important consideration. Battery-powered cameras aren’t designed for all-day, every-day operation. Instead, they only record footage when motion triggers them, or if you do so manually via the app. So it’s important to have a motion sensing schedule and the ability to change the sensitivity of the motion. Cameras without a scheduler should be placed in a low-traffic location where the motion detection won’t constantly be triggered.

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Things To Consider Before Purchasing The Outdoor Camera Night Vision

KKmoon HD 1200TVL CCTV Security Camera Outdoor Night Vision 1/3â? CMOS ...

Cameras are a great way to stay connected to your home while you’re away, but there are a few things you should consider before making your purchase.

  • First and foremost, you’ll want to think about what type of camera is right for you. Do you need indoor or outdoor coverage? Do you need night vision? Would a wireless connection be beneficial?
  • Once you’ve decided on the type of camera you need, it’s time to start shopping around. Compare features and prices to find the best value for your money.
  • And don’t forget to read the reviews! Hearing from other customers can be very helpful when making your final decision. With just a little bit of research, you can find the perfect camera to keep an eye on your home.

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What Are The Best Outdoor Security Cameras

For complete convenience and ease of installation, consider wireless outdoor security cameras. For large properties, check out security systems with up to eight cameras so you can monitor every inch of your home. Consider CCTV systems featuring night mode for round-the-clock reassurance. It’s also worth checking out weather-proof models that monitor your property while withstanding the elements.

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    How Can I Improve My Night Vision Security Camera

    Here are some tips to keep in mind to improve your night vision security camera.

    • Enhance your outdoor lighting with Security Floodlights.
    • Install additional infrared light sources alongside your night vision camera as it can improve the coverage.
    • Keep bright lights out of the night vision cameras view.
    • Eliminate or reduce nearby reflected IR as it may affect the night image.
    • Choose the right spot for the camera to mount where it isnt affected by wind, rain, or any other elements.
    • Choose the night vision camera according to the setting of the place you are going to install it.
    • Clean the camera lens once in a while with proper solutions.

    How We Test The Best Outdoor Security Cameras

    Outdoor HD Security Camera with IR Night Vision

    As with the best home security cameras, we test outdoor security cameras outside our homes. We see how well they record video during daylight hours and at nighttime, and look at the detail of the recorded video, as well as the accompanying audio.

    We also evaluate the security cameras’ apps and features you should be able to easily schedule when the cameras turn on and off, as well as set things such as custom motion zones and sensitivity, so that a tree branch or passing car doesn’t set it off.

    Better cameras will also let you filter for people, animals, vehicles, and packages, so that you only get the alerts you want.

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    What Type Of Outdoor Security Camera Is Best

    Outdoor security cameras can be used for all sorts of purposes, and your particular needs will determine which one is best. If you’re looking for minimal upkeep, a camera with a power cord might be the best bet, whereas monitoring spaces far from a power outlet could make a battery-powered device a better option. In general, cameras with at least 1080p resolution, a wide field of view, night vision and deterrence features like a spotlight or alarm will serve you well.

    What Is Included In The Package

    • 1080p Full HD Outdoor Security Camera
    • Power Supply for Camera
    Why is it called ‘Wireless’ if the package comes with power adapters?

    The ‘Wireless’ refers to having your camera connected to both the internet and your cellphone in a wireless way in order that you may remotely get through the camera. Meanwhile, power adapters are used for constantly running the camera.

    Connectivity requirement

    • Smart devices with iOS or Android
    • 2 Mbps for live view, or 4 Mbps for cloud service.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Home Security Cameras

    Theres a heap of reasons to choose security cameras for your home, and to get them from JB.

    • Latest tech. Big features such as night vision and notifications.
    • Easy to use. Quick setup and peace of mind is yours.
    • Big range. JBs range of security cameras and systems is huge.
    • Heap of storage. Choose the backup plan you want.
    • Accessories. Plenty of accessories to choose from.
    • High resolution. No worries about blurry images
    • Weather-proof. Designed to last in Australian conditions.
    • Quality design. They look great.

    Recap: Which Night Vision Camera Is Best

    LOREX LBC7032F

    Heres what we love about our top four night vision security camera picks.

    EZVIZ C3W Outdoor: Best night vision rangeCome for the 100 feet of night vision. Stay for the swivel base, siren, and strobe light. Just be prepared for the lack of zoom feature and tedious wrestling with an outdoor power plug.

    Arlo Ultra: High CompatibilityWith Arlo Ultra, you can connect with seemingly every smart device under the sun. You just wont know quite how far you can see in the dark .

    EZVIZ Indoor: Best budget pickSpend as little money as possible! But youll have to keep the camera indoors and plugged in for it to work.

    Reolink Argus 2E: Best solar pickSave energy with this solar option, as long as you buy your own solar panel .

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