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One Way Vision Perforated Window Film

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White Perforated Window Film Contra Vision® One-Way Vision Graphics Day and Night

How to apply custom one-way vision window film ? For the most complete and up-to-date instructions see this LINK.

Below you find instructions on how to apply your custom one-way vision window films. No water is needed.

With our bespoke bubble-free one-way vision window vinyl, the window films from APPLY it Yourself provide you with numerous advantages, like:

One Way Vision Window Film

$60.00 – $90.00 / sq m inc. GST

One way film is a special perforated self adhesive vinyl for window graphics. Once it is digitally printed with your artwork and installed you can see through it but people cant see the inside clearly. One-way vision film is a very cost effective signage product to increase privacy with the added benefit of using free space to promote your business. It also has the added value of reducing heat and glare from the sun.

Graphics printed on perforated window films tend to look less vibrant than those printed on solid vinyl because up to 50% of the window vinyl is missing due to the perforation process. A laminate can be added and it can enhance the graphics appearance, increase the lifespan of the graphic and make it easier to remove in the future.

One way vision film perforated vinyl can be installed using a few simple tools and following some basic rules.

Benefits Of One Way Perforated Vinyl Privacy Window Film

Eye-catching and valuable advertising space

Perforated window vinyl with graphics is a creative idea for advertising your store or brand. A distinctive graphic or decal can boost impressions.

One-way vision privacy and security

Perforated window graphic film can hide the view into rooms without the need for blinds or curtains during the daytime.

Solar shading

A one way perforated vinyl window film can reduce glare and solar heat gain within buildings while maintaining excellent see-through from the inside.

Reduce bird strikes

One way perforated graphics window film on the outside of windows will help minimize the number of bird collisions.

Note: No matter how colorful the print is, or how much the film is covering, the side with the brightest light will always be visible to the individuals on the darker side. This creates a one-way mirror effect that can be reversed with the simple turn of a light switch, or with the natural cycle of the sun.

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Price And What Does The One Way Vision Film Cost

One way vision film is a highly cost-effective form of advertising. Custom printed perforated vinyl window film starts from the low price of $300 plus GST. This includes installation at the Sealy Signs installation centre.

The final cost may vary from this depending on the art work involved and any special effects required. The Sealy Signs team of experts offer full professional in-house design services and expert installation.

The Sealy Signs commitment:

  • We take the time to listen carefully to your requirements
  • Explain and help you choose the best options for your needs
  • Stand by our products and services with a cast iron guarantee

Make the most of your vehicles window of opportunity with superior quality one way vision film for windows from the Sealy Signs experts.

Pricing Guide for One Way Vision Signage

Our Service Locations Sealy Signs are located in Sydney, NSW and service areas throughout Sydney including:

Features Of Acme One Way Vision Window Film

A4 Sheet White Inkjet Film Perforated Effect One Way Vision Vinyl Film ...
  • Indoor/outdoor applicable.
  • Long-lasting, good privacy, easy installation, and removal.
  • 3+ years lifespan with proper placement and care.
  • Wide range of applications including vehicle windows graphics, rear window graphics, vinyl privacy window film, glass entrance doors, and more.
  • 50/50 pattern . 50% transparency material is widely used on vehicle windows and other locations where maximum through-vision is required.

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Perforated Window Signs With Bulk Discounts

For an effective and economic marketing solution, order two or more signs. The bulk discounts lower the cost per sign.

Shop for perforated window vision signs for your organization online at Best of Signs.

  • Material : Perforated Oneway

Q:How well do these signs deflect of car headlights at night?

This product will not reflect light.

Q:Can these be used for the back window of the vehicle? Plus, are they durable for being in the elements? Thank you


Q:Are the one-way vision window signs applied to the interior or the exterior of the window? Will they be damaged if the vehicle is taken through a carwash? Are they easy to apply? Can I apply them myself?

Perforated Window Decals Faq

What is a perforated window decal?

Custom perforated window decals are sticky vinyls with evenly pierced holes covering the material. Our perfs have a 70/30 opacity to puncture ratio with a one way range of vision. Check our perforated window decals specification page for more information.

How to install a perforated window decal?

You can install perforated window signs with either a dry or wet mounting technique. Go to our perforated window decals installation page to learn about the process.

How to clean perforated window graphics?

Get a soft towel, wet it lightly and run it smoothly over the perforated window signsto clean them. Avoid using ammonia or acid-based cleaners as they may damage the ink.

Where to store the perforated window graphics?

The storage life of see-through graphics for windowsis one year. Keep the product at +70°F and 50% humidity to preserve the quality of the product.

Do you ship across the US and Canada?

Yes, we do. We also offer free ground shipping on orders exceeding $70 and under 36â³ in size within the contiguous US.

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Fill Out Free Design Services Form

Fill out the form on our Free Design Services page, providing the measurements of your windows and a file or idea of the image/graphic you would like to use. You will then be contacted by one of our professional graphic designers within 24 hours, who will work with you personally for free to get you exactly what you need for your new multi-panel window display.

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Is Perforated Window Film Legal

perforated window graphics (One way vision)

Yes, the Sealy Signs high quality one way perforated vinyl window film is perfectly legal and complies with all Australian transport and traffic regulations.

The 2mm perforations allow sufficient light through for unrestricted driver vision. Some inferior films may allow water to enter and settle in the holes blocking your vision but the superior quality product we use is protected by a special gloss U.V. laminate that is designed to withstand the high temperatures and U.V. exposure of the Australian climate.

Poor quality perforated vinyl window film that does not meet these requirements may cause your car insurance to be voided in the event of an accident. Thats why it pays to use only the best. Sealy Signs have the expertise and the quality materials to put your name on that window of opportunity.

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Spoiler And Slider Sunroofs

There are two types of sliding sunroofs: the spoiler and the slider.The spoiler type sunroof slides back and forth on tracks mounted to the exterior roof of the vehicle. Spoiler sunroofs pop up and then slide back to create the opening in the vheicle and may be electrically or manually triggered. Available in acrylic, glass and matched-color steel panels.Sliding sunroofs have chaneels that are located between the vehicle headliner and the car roof, allowing the sunroof panel to “disappear” within the interior of the roof. They are usually triggered electronically and are avaialbe in acrylic, glass and matched-color steel panels.

Why Choose Contra Vision For Your Privacy Glass Film

Contra Vision is an industry leader in one-way window films across the US, UK, Europe and Australia. As pioneers, we developed a range of one-way privacy window films which built on our unrivalled expertise in one-way vision and one-way window film technologies.

Our one-way privacy window films ensure strong privacy from the outside whilst maintaining a clear view out from inside.

Our products are supplied in roll format for our trade customers which include professional window film installers, building contractors and distributors. We also offer the products online to DIY customers, in ready to install sheet sizes for privacy in the home or in the workplace. Our products are easy to apply and offer excellent one-way or two-way privacy options.

Have a question? Let our customer service team take care of you! You can contact us HERE.

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New Contra Vision Hd Printed Graphics

Contra Vision HD is a new development for the production of one way window graphics and it’s unique to Contra Vision. The material uses an extremely fine perforation in order to provide a 40% show through effect whilst providing a much stronger visual effect when compared to standard films.

This example shows Contra Vision HD next to the standard Contra Vision 40% product. You can see that the very close mesh of holes renders a far stronger image and even small detail like printed text is not overly disrupted by the holes in the material.

We strongly recommend Contra Vision HD film for most one way window film projects and especially for graphics that contain small printed text.

Get Easy To Use Perforated Window Signs With Personalized Designs And Uv Print Quality

Perforated one way vision print media vinyl 1.37x30m roll White window ...

With no proper marketing strategies, business growth can come to a halt. We offer a dependable solution with our eye-catching perforated window signs. The graphic displays advertise your products and services, promoting your business, and allowing for growth and development.

The one-way vision signs are easy to use with a simple peel-and-stick application procedure. They are flexible and apply on top of any solid surface.

Create peel and stick signs for personalized orders using our simple online designing tools. Customize our templates by adding text, images, or logos. For an easy and fast order process, you can upload your ready-to-print artwork. Choose from multiple size options, or specify dimensions.

We offer full-color signs with 720 DPI for high saturation graphics. The eco-solvent print quality is fade, scratch, and moisture resistant for a lasting sign.

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One Way Vision Perforated Window Film

One-way Vision printing is applied it will stick to the glass, and look vibrant for up to a year. The 60/40 pattern provides image quality and clarity when viewed from the outside and is see-through from the inside looking out.

One way vision perforated window film

One-way Visionprinting is applied it will stick to the glass, and look vibrant for up to a year. The 60/40 pattern provides image quality and clarity when viewed from the outside and is see-through from the inside looking out.

Window decal is a great option to turn your windows into at marketing place with these advertising tips.

1. Take advantage of your store window by promoting your business with sales and promotion items, discounts and clearance items.

2. One Way Vision Vinyl Window stickers are ideal way to communicate important information to your customers. An impressive designed poster could let the people to stop for a while and pay attention.

3. By advertising with One Way Vision window perforated film, you can see out from the inside while the outside observer can only see the marketing graphic. Light can also pass through so the window graphics.

4. Add security to your windows. With 1-way vision you can see out, and they cant see in.

/40 Perforated Adhesive Film

A white perforated film with a black adhesive backing. It has perforated 60% printable area and 40% open area. The white print side shows vibrant prints while the black back allows visibility through the graphic, making it an ideal solution for window and other transparent surface signage. Our Adhesive Window Perf are printed with latex ink for a longer lasting and scratch resistant print.


Maximum Size: 52â³ High X 150â² Wide

Resolution: Latex ink, Printed on one side only.

Usage: Indoor or Outdoor

Q: How big is each hole on the window perf?A: Each hole is about 0.06 inches in diameter.

Q: What do you mean 60/40 adhesive on my window perf?A: It means 40% of the whole area is visible by using the punch method to open the holes. 60% is where the artwork is printed.

Q: Will the sun or other wheather related elements ruin my window perf?A: Latex ink lasts quite a long time and there is a lot that is factored to exactly pin point how long a window perf would last. Typically in an indoor office space it can last 5+ years. In an outdoor setting or storefront, it last up to 2-3 years.

Q: Can you print and cut custom shapes on my perforated window decal?A: Yes, we can cut to any shape. Be sure to select custom order option under sizes. You must upload the shape file in vector format. This can also be done in a layer format on illustrator.

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Vinyl Window Film Graphics & Building Wraps

Contra Vision enables businesses and brands to transform glass into valuable advertising space. There are virtually endless possibilities using Contra Visions vinyl window film graphics, including point of purchase displays, visual merchandising, and advertising promotions on everything from retail entrance doors, windows, and glass partitions. Perforated vinyl window graphics facilitate prominent and impactful advertising and brand awareness in unexpected locations without disrupting outside views or natural daylight from entering the store.

With Contra Vision perforated window film solutions, customers can transform buildings into large advertising billboards but without obstructing the view from inside. Perforated building wraps offer highly-flexible media visuals and can often have a powerful role in advertising product launches, branding campaigns, and event marketing. In an era when social media and viral communication thrives, building wraps are reassuringly visible, thereby communicating your promotion to a large local audience.

Customize Perforated Window Signs As Per Your Requirements

How To Apply Perforated Window Film – Inside Window Application of Contra Vision® Performance

We give customers the complete flexibility to customize their window signs as per their unique demands. They can select from the design templates uploaded by our talented designers and customize them as per their choice. If they already have their existing artwork, they can upload it before checkout.

We also give our customers the option to hire one of our designers at a nominal fee. Our custom window signs are your one-stop destination if you are looking for something that readily grabs the attention of all passers-by.

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Informative Perforated Window Decals

Besides their widespread use in advertising, see-through vinyl window graphics are also fit for informative means. Banks, hospitals, offices, schools and similar institutions get the medium to display information and updates as you see fit. Thanks to their characteristic one-way vision feature, perforated window decals show vivid content from one side while maintaining a clear view from the other. Custom perforated window decals are easy to apply and peel off without leaving any residue.

Contra Vision One Way Window Film

  • Genuine Contra Vision® brand material
  • Stunning one way vision graphics for window and glass application
  • Choice of material options to suit all requirements
  • Printed in high definition with a UV digital process
  • Installation service available

Contra Vision® is the brand name for the range of high performance one way vision films designed for application to windows. Contra Vision films are made from a perforated pattern with different degrees of perforation depending on the level of show through that the graphic requires.

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Simple Installation With No Professional Help Required

The following installation instructions will help you with a quick and easy installation of your perforated window decal. Instructions will also be included with your order, and you are free to refer to this page or download a PDF of the instructions for assistance. If you are installing a large decal we recommend having at least one other person assist you.

Clean your window, removing all dirt and grime from the surface.

Lay out your decal on the window with the backing still on and make sure it is aligned properly.

Make markings on the window with a washable marker. Be sure to double check your alignment to make sure the perforated window decal is where you want it to be.

Pull the graphic away from the window and remove the backing, exposing the black adhesive side of the decal. If the backing appears to be tearing when removing it, this may be because you are not removing all layers of the backing. When removing the backing, you should be able to see the back of the decal, which is black.

Align your decal to the markings made previously and begin to apply to the window. This will be a dry install, so do not use any water on the application surface or the adhesive side of the decal. Use a squeegee* or flat edge when applying, starting from the center and working your way outward towards the corner of the decal. *Available for purchase with perforated window decal

Download or PrintPerforated Window Decal Installation Instructions PDF

Special Effects With Contra Vision Printing

One way vision printable, a self adhesive perforated vinyl window film ...

As well as standard white printable Contra Vision window films, Printdesigns can offer other specialist films that can provide unique and interesting effects.

Translucent Contra Vision is a semi transparent film that can provide stunning backlit effects. This product can be used to decorate windows that can be illuminated from inside in order to broadcast the printed graphic during the evening to the outside face.

White Contra Vision film is normally applied to the outside face of the window but we can also offer a clear Contra Vision vinyl that can be applied to the inside of glass. The clear material can be printed in colour and then can be overprinted afterwards with white, followed by black ink in order to provide a one way film designed for application to the inside of the glass.

Our team are happy to discuss your individual requirements and provide a one way Contravision window graphic tailored for you. Feel free to get in touch via telephone, email or online chat.

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