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Night Vision Security Camera System

Should I Get An Indoor Or Outdoor Night Vision Camera

10 Color Night Vision Cameras TESTED – Hikvision, Dahua, Reolink, Lorex, Amcrest, Annke

We generally lean towards an outdoor security camera. Our reasoning goes as follows:

  • Most camera users are concerned about outside threats approaching their homes.
  • If you use a regular non-night vision camera indoors, its easy to flip on a switch to make up for the lack of night vision.
  • There are definitely exceptions to these instances. For example, you might want to put a camera in your babys room. Either way, weve included some indoor cameras in our line-up, so if you want an indoor night vision camera, youve got it.

    Hackingand Tips To Prevent It

    It is impossible to deny the huge benefit customers gain by attaching their security cameras to the Internet, though as is frequently mentioned by the media, there are hackers lurking everywhere. It has become a fact of Internet life that no computer is 100% safe, and regrettably, security camera systems are at risk as well. The surveillance camera industry has been plagued over the last few years by various hacks and exploits being discovered by security researchers and hackers alike. Very few security manufacturers have been spared the embarrassment of finding out that their recorders and cameras have been hacked and controlled by some unauthorized person.

    What Is Night Vision Cctv Camera

    Night vision CCTV cameras are also known as Infrared cameras or IR cameras. Infrared LEDs are positioned around the outer edges of the camera lens which gives the camera night vision. Zxtech night vision security cameras use infrared LED technology in low light, these CCTV cameras turn on their night vision to record and view surveillance video during low light and complete darkness. Night vision CCTV cameras are available in different shapes, such as dome cameras, bullet cameras and PTZ cameras.

    Many attempted break-ins and burglaries happen at night, under the cover of darkness. To improve the security of your home or business at night there are things you can do, such as installing motion-sensitive lighting, for example, night vision CCTV cameras are most likely to help you sleep soundly at night. Night vision CCTV cameras are motion-sensitive and send real-time alerts when movement is detected, so youll know instantly if someone is trying to access your property without your permission. But security cameras without night vision cant see in the dark, so they wont always be able to detect motion and send you that essential alert to your phone.

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    Smonet 4ch 720p Hd Wireless Video Security System

    The Smonet 4CH 720p HD Wireless Video Security System is an easy to use wireless security camera system with night vision that can be set up and connected in just minutes.

    Removing the need for wires and exposed lines, the Smonet 4CH 720p HD Wireless Video Security System allows for a more beautiful and more hidden kind of safety when protecting your home or business.

    It is suitable for homes and small video projects in which it will help you record, play footage back, and do other remote functions better and more easily.

    The Smonet 4CH 720p HD Wireless Video Security System also comes with strong anti-interference, night vision, and image sensory features that enhance the clarity and quality of picture and video.

    It also supports multi-alarm triggers for video loss and motion detection and alarm alerts for sound, email, FTP, and more. Video footage can also be viewed on mobile apps anywhere and anytime for extra convenience, security, and peace of mind.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Easy to connect and set up
    • High-quality image sensors, night vision, and anti-interference features
    • Enhanced clarity and quality of picture and video
    • Suitable for assistance in small video projects
    • No wires and exposed lines for enhanced invisibility and better safety
    • Supports multi-alarm triggers for video loss and motion detection
    • Alarm alerts for sound, email, FTP, and more
    • Footage can be viewed on mobile apps and devices for extra convenience

    Yi 1080p Home Camera: Best Ultra

    KKmoon HD 1200TVL CCTV Security Camera Outdoor Night Vision 1/3â? CMOS ...

    Amazon.com price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

    If you want to spend as little money as possible on a security camera , then you’ll love the YI 1080p Indoor Security Camera . It even makes for an affordable Wi-Fi nanny cam in a pinch with YI’s baby crying detection. This sends a notification to your phone when your little one sounds off that they need some TLC.

    Unlimited free cloud storage is another great feature. You can also share app access with up to five people. But watch out if you’re an Android userthere are several reported issues with the Android app.

    Check out our full YI Home Camera and YI cameras review to learn more.

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    What Is Smart Ir

    Smart IR is a technology that automatically adjusts the intensity of the infrared illumination according to the distance that objects are from the camera. For example, if a person walks towards a camera with Smart IR, the IRs will dim as the person gets closer. This is to avoid the image from being washed out / overexposed. You can see a demo video of Smart IR below.

    What Types Of Security Products Does Lorex Sell

    Lorex prides ourselves on having a security solution for all types of properties and scenarios. We sell everything from 32-camera professional-grade wired IP security systems to easy-to-install wire-free security systems to smart home security products such as Wi-Fi cameras, video doorbells, floodlight cameras, and even security sensors. Not sure what solution is right for you? Try our Solutions Finder Tool or check out our Beginners Guide to Lorex.

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    Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

    Smart Sentry

    Made by the alarm company Vivint, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is the only one on this list that offers proactive protection. Whenever someone approached our front door or lurked too long within the surveillance zone that we defined, the camera issued warning lights and tones to let them know theyve been spotted. The red warning light was particularly intimidating at night, as it glowed like an eye watching from the shadows.

    Artificial Intelligence

    The Outdoor Camera Pro was also pretty smart. It didnt bother us with alerts involving pets or vehicles passing by. It only alerted us when it saw people, which was incredibly useful considering that its professionally monitored. We wouldnt want to receive a call from our alarm company every time a dog walks by, especially here in Brooklyn.

    Works with Vivint

    As a part of the Vivint security system, the Outdoor Camera Pro integrated well with our alarm system. Theres a setting that let us use the camera as a siren for our Vivint system. In case we werent home, the camera could tip off passers-by and our neighbors that there was something going on. In fact, we asked our friendly neighbors to call the cops if they ever hear the outdoor cameras siren go off.

    Why Are Security Cameras Black And White At Night

    HD Security Camera with Night Vision

    Night vision security cameras are infrared cameras and with most infrared cameras an automatic shift from full color to black and white video occurs when lighting conditions dim at night. Infrared light does not fall within the color segment of the electromagnetic spectrumthis is why humans cant see infrared light. However, some cameras on this list have color night vision and contain especially powerful image sensors that are more sensitive, therefore allowing the cameras to continue to provide color even in low-light conditions.

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    Things To Consider Before Buying A Night Vision Security Camera

    Camera Location:Its important to first decide on where the camera will be placed. Some cameras are rated for outdoor use, making them ideal for monitoring locations around the exterior home. Indoors cameras are well-suited for monitoring kids and pets and other activity inside the home but arent weather rated for outdoor use. If mounting the cameras outside, its also important to consider how they will be powered if they need to be hardwired and how that may affect location.

    Field of View: Night vision security cameras vary in how broad a field of view they give you. When selecting a camera, consider how much area you need to monitor. If you need to keep tabs on a large driveway or back patio, consider a wider field of vision of 140 degrees or more. Monitoring a room or small porch, in comparison, may only require a narrow 115-degree field of view.

    How Do Infrared Cameras Work

    Infrared security cameras use built-in IR LEDs, an IR cut filter, and a photon detector to enable their “infrared / night vision mode”. The photon sensor is used to detect when light levels are low. When light level goes below a certain level, the camera’s infrared LEDs automatically turn on and the IR cut filter is engaged over the image sensor. The IR LEDs reflect the infrared light of objects within the view of the camera. The IR cut filter enables the camera to capture the infrared light. The result is a black and white video surveillance image. When light levels return, infrared cameras switch back to day time mode and capture color images.

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    Zmodo Smart Home 3pack Wireless Security Camera

    While we cant say its the best night vision security camera, this piece from Zmodo is still amazing when darkness falls. As a matter of fact, its night vision is a bit advanced to allow you to adjust the sensitivity by its IR cut filter. This isnt possible with many surveillance cameras but its really great as it can capture color images in low-lighted conditions.

    To make it more interesting, the system has a customizable motion detection zone that can be handy as well. You can set and focus the motion detection zones on the most important areas like doors, windows, pool areas, etc. Thereby, making sure you get motion clip alerts from where it matters most.

    On receiving these alerts, you can live-view your compound in 1080p Full HD using your Android or iOS device. The cameras lens has a 90-degree viewing angle and 4x digital zoom. Hence, you can see images that are at a distance in better quality.

    Similar to the 2-pack high-resolution night vision security camera, the Zmodo 3-pack kit has a free 30-day trial for the cloud service. This provides you with a proper insight into what to expect once you subscribe to their competitive packages.



    • Doesnt come with a local storage
    • Supports only 2.4GHz wifi network

    Why Use Night Vision Security Cameras

    Top 10 Best Night Vision Security Cameras Of 2020

    A night vision CCTV camera can be an excellent tool for a wide range of different applications. For example:

    • Night vision CCTV cameras can detect motion and send you an alert most commonly use to protect home or business.
    • Stopping fly tippers if youve ever felt frustrated that fly tipping or other antisocial behaviour always seems to happen at night when youre not watching, night vision cameras can help you to gather essential evidence to stop it in its tracks.
    • Capturing wildlife footage – whether youre trying to identify an unwanted pest or take a precious glimpse of shy nocturnal animals near your property.
    • With Night vision security cameras you can capture faces and number plates to provide to the authorities.

    Compare all the CCTV resolutions at a glance. 4K has 8 million pixels. 5MP is also called Super HD with 5 million pixels. While Full HD 1080P has 2 Megapixel.

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    Arlo Pro : Best For Smart Home

    Amazon.com price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

    The Arlo Pro 4 offers compatibility with more smart home platforms than any other entry on our list. It works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings. Although it’s no longer our top pick, it’s still one of our all-time favorites.

    We love that it’s 100% wire-free it doesn’t need a power cord and still manages to outperform the competition. Its Wi-Fi connection and battery make it easy to install anywhere a ladder can reach.

    The Arlo Pro 4 is an excellent battery-powered camera, especially if you want a quick setup, multiple cameras, and outstanding video quality. Its 2K video captures more detail than 1080p outdoor cameras and records clear video any time of day thanks to infrared night vision and a built-in spotlight.

    It’s a breeze to set up, thanks to a helpful tutorial in the Arlo app. And the magnetic wall mount makes it easy to install anywhere. While you have to pay for cloud video storage on the Arlo Pro 4, it’s one of the more affordable subscriptions out there at $2.99 a month.

    Arlo 4 fixes the biggest drawback ofArlo Pro 3 in that it no longer requires a base station, which was available only when buying two or more cameras. This makes it a more affordable choice, though it’s still more expensive than the average wireless camera . The price plays a major role in the Reolink Argus 3 Pro claiming the top spot on our listsomething Arlo held for many years.

    Feature No 4 Smart Human Motion Detection

    As valuable as the Active Guard System is, it also sounds like something that could get set off by any movement in the house. Perhaps youre worried that pets moving around in front of the camera could set off its alerts, disrupting your day in the process.

    The good news is that EZVIZ has accounted for these problems with the implementation of its Smart Human Motion Detection system. This system uses a person-shape detection algorithm to ensure it only alerts you to human-shaped objects moving around in your home.

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    Arlo Ultra: High Compatibility

    If youre a smart home junkie, we suggest the Arlo Ultra. Its one of the most feature-rich cameras on the market, and it works with tons of major smart home brands.

    The downside is that, at close to $600, youre paying dearly for every feature this camera offers.

    Data effective 8/16/2022. Offers subject to change.

    Feature No 5 Color Night Vision

    Best Night Vision Security Camera – Top 5 CCTV Cameras of 2022

    Even a 2K resolution may not be able to show everything you need to see if somebody is sneaking around your house in the dark. Standard night vision isnt much help either due to the green tint it applies to everything a camera records.

    You need full colour at all times to capture every detail of an intruder.

    Again, the EZVIZ CB8 Battery PT Camera delivers.

    It records video in full colour regardless of the time of day. That means your recordings offer clarity both in resolution and colour. When you send your footage to the authorities, theyll be able to widen their search based on the colour of the clothes an intruder is wearing, as well as their general features.

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    Feature No 3 Huge Battery Life

    The EZVIZ CB8 Battery PT Camera can record footage for up to 210 days before it needs to be recharged. That means you can limit the recording downtime so your camera is almost always operational.

    But what if you want 24/7 protection 365 days per year?

    The EZVIZ CB8 Battery PT Camera offers that too if you connect it to an EZVIZ Solar Panel. These panels provide a constant source of power so you never leave your home vulnerable because your device needs recharging.

    Wyze Cam V: Best Budget Camera

    Amazon.com price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

    The Wyze Cam v3 builds on the foundation of Wyze’s original sleeper hit by introducing outdoor capabilities, a built-in siren, improved night vision, and a higher frame rate for smoother video. While the v3 saw a small price bump shortly after release, $36 is still a steal for a wireless camera this good.

    Wyze Cam v3’s night vision is noteworthy because it uses a starlight sensor with two types of infrared LEDs to produce color video at night. This is also one of the first Wyze cameras to record videos at 20 frames per second during the day, which gives it smoother video playback and live viewing than Wyze’s older cameras.

    We’re fans of Wyze’s free cloud storage that saves small 12-second clips for up to 14 days. The Wyze Cam Plus paid cloud storage plan allows for full-length video clips and is great for folks wanting better video recording without buying a microSD card. It’s also one of the cheapest plans from any security camera companycosting just $2 a month or $15 for an annual plan.

    You can buy the Wyze Outdoor Cam Starter Bundle v2 for about $45 more than the Wyze Cam v3. The rechargeable battery is great if you want a wire-free option that costs less than most other outdoor security cameras.

    See footage from the Wyze Cam v3 in our full review.

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    How We Chose These Products

    When making our selections for the top night vision cameras for this list we considered a variety of criteria.

    Picture Quality: First and foremost, a security camera of this type should produce crisp pictures in low-light conditions. With that in mind, we chose high-definition cameras with the ability to capture infrared video. When possible, we chose cameras capable of taking color nighttime video.

    Ease of Use: Keeping in mind that many people want a camera thats easy to set up, we included truly wireless models that can connect directly to WiFi and use a battery for power as well as those that require hubs or NVRs .

    Compatibility: Since many people like to integrate their security system with their smart home, we leaned toward cameras that are compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home and can accommodate IFTTT applets that allow them to work with other brands of security equipment.

    Features: We also leaned toward cameras that offer other important features, such as smart motion detection, two-way microphones, sirens, and floodlights.

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