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New Vision Weight Loss Clinic

Why Choose The New Direction System

Pre-Operative Nutrition Class

The New Direction® System is a multidisciplinary program of behavior modification, nutrition education and physical activity to reinforce lasting lifestyle changes. The program includes:

  • Proven treatment for the disease of obesity
  • Part of the comprehensive treatment plan for diseases including diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and sleep apnea.
  • Wellness approach in the prevention of coronary heart disease and many types of cancer.
  • Comprehensive Intensive Behavioral Therapy Program that will go along with patient education materials for making healthy choices.
  • Offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of all patients while enabling patients to stay in control of their eating.
  • Offers ongoing programs and support in maintenance.

New Direction® Very Low Calorie Diet

  • A medically supervised rapid weight loss program designed for individuals with a Body Mass Index of over 30 or over 27 with co-morbidities.
  • Four high-quality, high-protein, low carbohydrate meal replacements provide the sole daily source of nutrition during the Reducing Phase .
  • Each nutritionally complete serving provides 100% of the recommended daily intake for 24 vitamins and minerals.
  • Offers a variety of great tasting products.

New Direction® Low Calorie Diet

New Vision Takes Healthy Personal Approach To Weight Loss

Tracy Haun OwensFeature, Karns/Hardin Valley

New Vision Weight Loss Clinic in Karns is just steps away from a pizza place, a doughnut shop and a Chinese restaurant. When patients remark on this, clinic owner Holly Massengill tells them theyre likely to see her sometimes at those places, supporting her fellow small businesses.

Life is about moderation, she says. There are no fad diets or forbidden foods at her clinic. We want to help you make lifestyle changes. Nutrition can be your best medicine or your worst poison.

Massengill, a nurse practitioner, opened New Vision Weight Loss Clinic in February 2017. Since then, her patients have collectively lost more than 10,000 pounds.

For us, thats a huge accomplishment, very rewarding, she says. Her patients, referred mostly by word-of-mouth, come from all over East Tennessee. This year, the clinic won Best Weight Loss Clinic in a Knoxville newspaper readership poll.

Massengills patients learn about nutrition: Whats a carb? Whats a protein? What are healthy numbers? What does health look like for each person?

Thats more than just a number on a scale, she says. The picture of health is different for everyone.

Its a whole-person approach, Massengill says, one that takes into account the patients physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual health.

I felt God saying, Youre not promised tomorrow. It was a big decision, but I felt led, Massengill says.

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Ready For A Healthier Lifestyle

If youre contemplating weight loss, a strong medical team can speed up and ease your journey. The New Direction System Very Low Calorie Diet is a comprehensive, medically supervised weight management program proven to help patients lose weight. The Very Low Calorie Diet and Low Calorie Diet is clinically tested, safe and effective.

During all four phases of the program, , you are supervised by a caring team of health care professionals. These physicians, dietitians and behaviorists will create and help you stick with a program to reach your weight loss goal and develop a healthier lifestyle.

Dr Bertram Prosser Md Mph Medical Director


Dr. Bertram Prosser received his medical degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, New York. He completed residency training at the University of Arizona South Campus in Tucson, Arizona, and also completed a Masters in Public Health from Harvard University. He primarily practices as an Emergency Physician and became interested in weight management as a means of controlling a common risk factor for many diseases frequently seen in his work in the Emergency Department.

Prior to attending medical school Dr. Prosser attended the US Naval Academy, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree and spent the next 9 years as a Naval Aviator.

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Kirsten Rhodes Aas Medical Assistant

Kirsten received her Associates of Science Degree from Pellissippi State Community College. She also received her national Medical Assistant certification from the University of Tennessee.

Following high school, she worked as a childcare provider where she spent three years working and caring for children, while attending college. She has spent over seven years working in customer service.

Over the past several years, she has discovered her passion for fitness. She has a strong drive to help others fulfill their fitness and health needs and is eager to assist them along the way. Aside from working, she enjoys being outside, spending time with her family and friends, and working out at the gym.

Amber Evans Medical Assistant

Amber is a professional, hard working individual that brings over seven years of healthcare experience to our team. She obtained her Clinical Medical Assistant Certification from the University Of Tennessee. From there, Amber started her medical career working in a variety of medical settings, including a private ENT and OBGYN practice, as well as Urgent care. Her ability to manage day-to-day tasks in accordance with patient care plans and physician’s orders has enabled her to become very successful in providing the best care for her patients. Using lessons learned along the way has landed her at New Vision Weight Loss Clinic where her true passion of helping patients achieve a healthier life style can be met and is most important to her.

Amber has also been a loving wife for 22 years, and mother to her two beautiful children. Her guidance and help along the way as a parent led to her daughter Alexis getting her degree from the University Of Tennessee, and her son Braxton being on his way to success currently as a high school football player.

Away from the office, you can find Amber spending a lot of her time on Norris Lake, or cheering on her son at Friday night high school football games. And of course, cheering on the VOLS!

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Prescriptive Medical Weight Loss

Doctor turns to Cleveland Clinic for new weight loss surgery

We are very excited to be one of the first medical weight loss offices in Knoxville to offer this newly FDA approved, weight loss injection!

In June 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved semaglutide injection for chronic weight management in adults with obesity or overweight with at least one weight-related condition , for use in addition to a reduced calorie diet and increased physical activity. This under-the-skin injection is the first approved drug for chronic weight management in adults with general obesity or overweight since 2014. The drug is indicated for chronic weight management in patients with a body mass index of 27 or greater who have at least one weight-related ailment or in patients with a BMI of 30 or greater.

Originally used for diabetes and sold under the name Ozempic, a higher dose of the same drug was evaluated for weight loss. The results were dramatic, with the average individual losing 15 % of their body weight during the clinic trial.

  • Delays stomach emptying, leading to a feeling of fullness and smaller meal size

  • Slows intestinal motility

  • Lowers blood sugars, in part by reducing the production of sugar in the liver

  • Stimulates insulin secretion by the pancreas

You are NOT a good candidate for semaglutide if you have any of the following: diabetic retinopathy, low blood sugar, decreased kidney function, pancreatitis, medullary thyroid cancer , or multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2.

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We Perform Regular Health Assessments

Only by checking your physical responses to the program can our weight loss team make the medical, nutritional and lifestyle adjustments needed to maintain your good health and allow you to lose weight safely and effectively.

Our Team of Professionals Will Provide the Following Medical Procedures:

  • Weekly weight and blood pressure check
  • Periodic blood tests to measure levels of minerals, cholesterol, triglycerides and other health indicators
  • Occasional electrocardiogram to check your heart
  • Medication adjustments
  • Periodic body measurements

These test results should interest you, too. Theyre likely to show health improvements that will keep you motivated! Weight loss can help improve, reverse or even prevent serious medical conditions including: type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol. It can also reduce joint and back pain, and dramatically improve your energy level and mood.

The Good Samaritan Weight Loss Clinic is in partnership with New Direction® Weight Control System.

Program Information

Please complete these steps in order when signing up for program:

  • Watch the Weight Loss Information Video.
  • Holly Massengill Msn Nurse Practitioner / Owner

    She is Board Certified and Credentialed by the following:

    • The American Nurses Credentialing Center as a Family Nurse Practitioner and the Tennessee Board of Nursing as an Advanced Practice Nurse and Registered Nurse

    • The American Heart Association in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Basic Life Support

    • She is a member of the Tennessee Nurses Association and the American Nurses Association

    Over the past several years Holly has discovered that helping individuals achieve a healthier way of life is really her passion. Apart from that though, she also has a strong passion for missions around the world, particularly in Haiti, where she loves to do medical mission work. If she isn’t working or doing missions, she’s usually spending time with her family hiking or traveling.

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    Clinic Open Every Saturday

    What works for one person may not yield results for the next. The Trim & Slim Weight Loss Clinic team works closely with patients to evaluate progress and make adjustments as needed. This personalized attention gives patients the support they need to succeed as well as built-in accountability to keep them on track to reach their goals.

    Weight loss medication is one of many services available through Trim & Slim Weight Loss Clinic. All medications have an established track record for safety and efficacy, and patient progress is closely monitored to ensure proper dosing.

    Meet Holly Massengill Of New Vision Weight Loss Clinic

    Health &  Wellness

    Today wed like to introduce you to Holly Massengill.

    Alright, so thank you so much for sharing your story and insight with our readers. To kick things off, can you tell us a bit about how you got started?I have worked in health, nutrition, and weight management for over 11 years. I discovered this passion while working and doing medical mission work in third-world countries. I volunteered in several clinics all around Haiti and I saw first-hand the impact and effect that nutrition and exercise, or lack thereof, can have on ones overall health and quality of life. I also worked as a Registered Nurse in a local hospital in Knoxville and there saw the first-hand effects that obesity can have on ones health. For instance, how it can lead to cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, high cholesterol, and other conditions that can cause long-term health damage. This got my wheels spinning and motivated me to want to help others stay on the front-end, so to speak I felt that if I could help others control and manage their weight, it could possibly improve not only their quality of life but quantity as well.

    Founded on the Golden Rule, we launched New Vision Weight Loss Clinic with the mission to take a comprehensive approach in helping others obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle while also helping improve their overall well-being and quality of life.

    Contact Info:

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    Voted Knoxvilles Best Weight Loss Clinic Five Years Running

    Monday 9a-6:30p | Tuesday 8a-4:30p | Wednesday CLOSED | Thursday 9a-4:30p | Friday 8a-2p We are accepting new patients by appointment only while we strive to get you in same-day, please note that due to our growing practice, we are currently booking new patients a week to two weeks out at times. So if youre interested in our services, dont delay in scheduling.

    Are you ready to take control of your health and start a journey that will improve your overall well-being and quality of life? Look no further! New Vision Weight Loss Clinic is a Knoxville based weight loss program that offers medical weight loss with a comprehensive approach to help you obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to be local to the Knoxville area and are owned and operated by a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. For you, this means you become like family and that our service to you is of utmost importance to us. There are no contracts, no membership fees, and the consultation is free of charge! We have already successfully helped thousands reach their goals and would love the opportunity to help you achieve yours!

    New Vampire Facelifttm Skin Rejuvenation

    Vampire Facelift® withPRFM skin rejuvenation is the next generation wrinkle removal in which a patient’s own blood is taken and treated in a special way to prepare special filler called PRFM. This compound is then used for injections into problematic areas. High concentration of bioactive components of the blood starts the skin rejuvenation process, which continues for up to 6-12 months. Read more about Vampire Facelift® with PRFM

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    Frequently Asked Questions :

    • Where is New Vision Weight Loss Clinic?

      New Vision Weight Loss Clinic is located at: 7660 Oak Ridge Hwy., Knoxville, Tennessee 37931.

    • Want to book a hotel in Tennessee?

      We can surely help you find the best one according to your needs. Compare and book now!

    • What is the phone number of New Vision Weight Loss Clinic?

      You can try to dialing this number: 249-7956 – or find more information on their website: www.newvisionweightlossclinic.com

    • What is the opening hours of New Vision Weight Loss Clinic?

      Monday: 09:00 – 18:30

    • Where are the coordinates of the New Vision Weight Loss Clinic?

      Latitude: 35.9799205895 Longitude: -84.1056740284

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    Your Weight Loss Clinic In Fountain City Knoxville Tn

    There is a lot of truth behind the old adage that looking ones best leads to feeling ones best. Todays medical aesthetics platforms enable patients to achieve impressive results with none of the risks associated with cosmetic surgery or other invasive procedures.

    For those in the greater Knoxville, Tennessee area who are ready to try a new approach to weight loss and overall improvements in health and wellness, sitting down with the Trim & Slim Weight Loss Clinic team is a great way to explore the available options and chart a course for success.

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