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Medicare With Dental And Vision

What Is The Best Dental Insurance For Seniors On Medicare

Dental, Vision, and Hearing coverage under Medicare

Determining which dental insurance plan is best for you requires a consideration of your specific needs and preferences. It all boils down to what aspects of dental coverage are most important to you, be it the cost, network size or benefits that address specific dental issues that concern you most. Start by narrowing your plan options based on your geography and budget. Next, you can compare various plans customer satisfaction ratings, coverage limits and more. Its also worth researching the top dental insurance providers before enrolling in coverage.

Nat Gen Hearing Coverage

Nat Gen hearing coverage will pay up to $125 on diagnostic services including hearing exams. It will also save you an average of 62% on hearing devices. Some additional perks include a year of free follow-up care, two years of free batteries, and a three-year warranty for loss, repairs, or damage to hearing devices.

Do Dental And Vision Plans For Seniors Require Waiting Periods

All carriers are different regarding waiting periods for dental and vision plans. Commonly, carriers do not have waiting periods for preventive and basic services. However, you may need to satisfy a waiting period before receiving coverage for dentures, glasses, hearing aids, and other major services.

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Waiting periods typically last between six and twelve months, depending on the service and the carrier.

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Does Medicare Cover Dental

Medicare does not cover standard services including dental exams, cleanings, more expensive procedures like fillings and extractions, or devices like dentures, plates or implants. Part A may cover dental services you get during a hospital stay, or emergency procedures. But outside of a hospital stay, you pay 100% for dental services.

Dental And Vision Insurance For Medicare Recipients

Dental, Vision, and Hearing

If you need dental and vision coverage, you may choose Medicare Advantage Plans, which are also called âMA plansâ or âPart Câ, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. MA plans cover all the services that are covered by original Medicare, plus some additional services like vision and dental care. MA plans are offered by private companies that are approved by Medicare and they follow rules set by Medicare.

âEnrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan is how millions of older adults obtain dental coverage,â Christian Worstell, a Licensed Health Insurance Agent in Raleigh, NC, tells WebMD Connect to Care. âThese plans include all of the benefits covered by Original Medicare in addition to extra benefits like dental, vision, and hearing care, often for no monthly premium. It’s typically more affordable to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan with dental coverage than it is to enroll in a stand-alone dental insurance plan.”

With MA plans, you may get covered for the following services which are not covered by original Medicare:

  • Fitness programs
  • Vision care services
  • Over-the-counter drugs

There are different kinds of Medicare Advantage Plans and you should compare the plans before you choose one. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, you can join one of the MA plans if:

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How Does Medicare Advantage Dental Coverage Work

Medicare Advantage plans are the primary method for dental coverage under Medicare.

Whatâs usually covered:

  • Tooth extractions

Medicare Advantage are bundled plans that combine add-on benefits such as dental or vision with Original Medicare and additional cost-sharing for medical needs. About 94% of Medicare Advantage plans offer the option for dental coverage. However, sometimes there is an additional fee to include dental coverage in your plan.

For example, the standard Medicare Advantage plan from Kaiser Permanente does’t include dental care, but if you upgrade to the Medicare Advantage Plus plan, you’ll get dental, vision and hearing coverage.

The level of dental coverage with Medicare Advantage plans varies. Some have an annual payout limit, such as only contributing $1,500 to your dental care each year. Other plans could have coverage specifications on the number of cleanings per year or denture coverage.

B Late Enrollment Penalty

If you do not sign up for Medicare Part B when you first become eligible but later decide to enroll, you may have to pay a late enrollment penalty for as long as you remain enrolled in Part B.

The late enrollment penalty for Part B can be a premium increase of up to 10% for each 12-month period that you were eligible for Part B but not enrolled.10

So, for example, if three years lapsed between the time you became eligible for Part B and the time you decided to enroll, you would face a late enrollment penalty of 30% of the premium.

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Medicare Part B May Cover Some Eye Exams

Medicare Part B provides some limited vision care, but it wont pay for routine eye exams or glasses and contact lenses.

Medicare Part B does, however, cover the following vision benefits:

  • Annual eye exams for beneficiaries suffering with diabetes

  • Annual glaucoma testing for those at high risk for the disease

  • Age-related macular degeneration diagnostic testing and treatment

  • Cataract surgery and associated corrective lenses

  • Prosthetic eyes

Option : Medicare Advantage Plans With Dental Coverage

Senior Dental Plans – Also Vision and Hearing Coverage

Dental coverage varies widely by Medicare Advantage plan. In some cases, you have to pay extra to have dental care included in your plan. There could also be options for basic or premium coverage, letting you choose the dental plan that works for you.

Look for plans that offer low-cost or free preventative services. If you need more expensive treatments, pay attention to the plan’s cost-sharing percentage and the cap on how much the plan will cover each year.

The best Medicare Advantage plans for dental coverage are from AARP/UnitedHealthcare, Aetna and Highmark.

AARP: largest network of dentists

Among our picks for the best Medicare Advantage plans, Aetna has the cheapest monthly costs. The company reimburses policyholders for in-network dental coverage, and it provides the option for expanded dental benefits at an additional monthly cost. This can be a great way to manage your expenses if you need significant dental services in the upcoming policy year.

If you’re signing up for a new Medicare Advantage plan, you can choose your dental coverage options during the plan selection process. If you’re already enrolled in Medicare Advantage, talk to your provider about what dental coverage options are available to you, and if there is no add-on coverage available, you may be able to enroll in a standalone dental policy.

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What Does Dental And Vision Insurance For Seniors Cover

Dental and vision insurance for seniors often covers basic preventive care and significant services. Each plan and carrier offer different benefits. However, the most common benefits include:

  • Routine dental cleaning and deep-root cleaning

Not all plans cover hearing benefits. However, many available plans cover this additional perk.

Find Medicare Plans in 3 Easy Steps

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Find A Medicare Advantage Plan That Covers Dental And Vision Care

Medicare Advantage plans can come in a variety of types, such as HMOs or PPOs.

The type of plan you have may affect which dental or vision providers you can visit in your plan network. Before enrolling in a plan, its wise to check the plans network participants to see if your favorite dentist or optometrist accepts the plan.

Compare Medicare Advantage plans in your area

Or call 1-800-557-6059TTY Users: 711 to speak with a licensed insurance agent. We accept calls 24/7!

1 Fugelsten Biniek, J. et al. . Medicare Advantage 2021 Spotlight: First Look. Kaiser Family Foundation. Retrieved from

About the author

Christian Worstell is a senior Medicare and health insurance writer with He is also a licensed health insurance agent. Christian is well-known in the insurance industry for the thousands of educational articles hes written, helping Americans better understand their health insurance and Medicare coverage.

Christians work as a Medicare expert has appeared in several top-tier and trade news outlets including Forbes, MarketWatch, WebMD and Yahoo! Finance.

Christians passion for his role stems from his desire to make a difference in the senior community. He strongly believes that the more beneficiaries know about their Medicare coverage, the better their overall health and wellness is as a result.

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How Much Does A Medicare Advantage Plan With Dental Coverage Cost Out

Typically, copayment or coinsurance for most Medicare Advantage Plan dental coverage, such as 50% coinsurance or a $50 copayment. Also, many plans cap the annual coverage amount. That being said, plans are different between providers and even between plans offered by the same provider. You should check the costs associated with your dental coverage before committing to a plan.

Medicare Advantage Vision Coverage

Medicare Coverage: Dental, Vision and Hearing Care

A Medicare Advantage plan with vision benefits may cover things like:

  • Routine eye exams
  • Eyeglasses and contact lenses
  • Upgraded frames

Some Medicare Advantage plans may even offer coverage for specific retailers, such as frames from Warby Parker.

Check with your plan carrier to learn more about the terms of your Medicare Advantage plan vision coverage.

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Does Medicare Supplement Plan G Cover Dental

Many people dont realize that people with Original Medicare can purchase supplemental insurance to help cover some of the out-of-pocket costs. However, its important to know what Medicare Supplement plans are and what they can do for you. There are several Medicare Supplement, or Medigap, plans sold, and they are identified by letters. Lets discuss Medicare Supplement Plan G.

Understanding Medigap Coverage

Medigap insurance can help cover costs that Original Medicare does not. Since medical bills can stack up quickly, having this supplemental insurance can be vital.

You can add this supplemental insurance to your Original Medicare insurance. Plan G covers many costs, and this is why its the second most popular supplemental insurance plan behind Plan F. Many companies that offer Medicare Supplement policies are free to set premium rates. Still, each Medicare Supplement policy is regulated by the government and has to provide the same coverage.

So, if you have Plan G in Minnesota, companies would have to offer you the same coverage for Plan G in California. Some companies do offer additional benefits, so its important that you shop around a little before you decide on a certain plan.

What Plan G Covers

Plan G covers a variety of services and fees, including the following at a 100% coverage rate:

What Plan G Doesnt Cover

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Is Dental Covered By Medicare

A Medicare Advantage plan that includes dental benefits is the most common way of getting dental coverage while on Medicare. Original Medicare plans don’t cover dental care, but you can sign up for standalone dental insurance plan or get dental coverage through Medicaid if you qualify for dual enrollment.

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When Should You Get A Standalone Dental Plan

If youre not signing up for a Medicare Advantage plan that gives you unified coverage across medical and dental, a standalone dental plan is the next best way to get coverage.

You can purchase a plan directly from a private insurance company, and most let you sign up for dental insurance even if you dont have medical insurance through the company. This plan wont be connected to your other coverage through the Medicare program, but it can help you get cost-savings benefits so you get the dental services you need.

Benefits of standalone dental plans:

  • Choose the level of coverage you want, with plans ranging from basic or preventative coverage to plans that cover more extensive dental treatments.
  • Select the insurance company that has your preferred dentists in its network of providers without this choice influencing your medical plan.

Dental plans for seniors include Dental HMOs, which generally have lower monthly costs but only cover care from an in-network dentist. If youd rather have the flexibility to see any dentist, choose a Dental PPO plan that provides broader coverage but generally costs more each month.

Which Medicare Plans Will Be Most Helpful If You Need Dental Implants

Getting Medicare Coverage for Dental, Vision & Hearing

Medicare Advantage plans with supplemental dental coverage that includes dental implants will be most helpful. You may have to pay an additional monthly premium, and there will always be a maximum dental benefit amount allowed, along with either a copay or coinsurance. If you need dental implants, you will incur some amount of out-of-pocket expense.

Not all MA plans cover dental implants. Some MA plans specifically exclude dental implants, even if they offer other comprehensive dental benefits.

MA plans list dental implants as either a covered item or an exclusion in the Evidence of Coverage document associated with each plan. If dental implants are covered, you will be responsible for a copay or coinsurance until the max annual benefit is reached. You will then be responsible for the remaining costs of the services you receive that year.

Dental coverage is detailed in the EOC, but the terminology, codes, and lists of dental procedures can be overwhelming. It is best to talk with a dental provider who routinely works with insurance companies and understands all the terms and codes associated with prosthodontic procedures.

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Medicare Coverage For Dental Vision And Hearing

Original Medicare doesnt include routine dental, vision, or hearing coverage. While Medicare covers a lot of benefits, they dont cover everything. However, there are plan options for seniors seeking the help they need.

Keep reading to learn more about your dental services, vision care, and hearing coverage options.

Best Online Tools: Humana

Humana is our top pick for a dental plan with robust online tools. They have a handy mobile app and allow users to list medications, view claims, and even earn rewards for healthy actions.

  • Robust selection of helpful online tools

  • SilverSneakers fitness program

  • Website interface can be confusing

  • Not all plans come with dental coverage

Humana offers a wide variety of online tools helpful to Medicare Advantage Plan enrollees. Humanas RXMentor helps enrollees keep a complete, up-to-date list of their medications. Their MyHumana app offers access to ID Cards, drug pricing, claims, and in-network providers. Their Go365 program and app allow you to earn, track, and redeem points for completing healthy actions. Both the app and Go365 are accessed using two-factor authentication to keep your accounts secure. These are the kinds of useful website features that made Humana our pick for the best online tools.

Humana also offers SilverSneakers, a health and fitness program for seniors that includes gym access, classes, and the SilverSneakers Go fitness app for tracking and scheduling activities.

Founded in 1961, Humana offers a full range of Medicare Advantage plans with premiums ranging from $0 to over $100 each month, depending on your needs and location.

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Best Medicare Advantage Options For Vision Care

Of the vision plans we reviewed, three stood out as top options based on factors such as add-on benefits and coverage limits.

Blue Cross Blue Shield: Highest eyewear benefit amount

Kaiser Permanente Added eyewear allowance with purchase of Advantage Plus package Standard biannual eyewear benefit of $40 very low Advantage Plus doesnt bring it to the level of the top plans 5

Routine Vision Benefits May Include:

The A, B, Cs â and Ds â of Medicare
  • $0 yearly routine eye exam and eyewear allowances starting at $100 Free standard prescription lenses, including single vision, bifocals, trifocals and Tier I progressivesall with scratch-resistant coating
  • Savings on lens upgrades include tinting, UV/anti-reflective coating and polycarbonate lenses
  • Access to one of Medicare Advantages largest national vision networks, including in-store and online retailers
  • Eyewear available through online providers, including Warby Parker, GlassesUSA and others

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Dental And Vision Services Are Not Usually Covered By Original Medicare

The coverage for dental and vision is limited in Original Medicare. Because dental and vision services are not considered necessary medical procedures, theyre not fully covered by either Parts A or B. This means dental exams and supplies arent included in your Medicare coverage. However if youre in the hospital, a limited number of dental services may be covered under Part A hospital insurance.

Eye exams, eyeglasses, and other vision services are not typically included as an Original Medicare benefit. However, Medicare Part B may provide coverage for a limited amount of vision services. For example, glaucoma screening, cataract surgery, testing for diabetic retinopathy, tests for macular degeneration, and diagnostic eye exams. Occasionally this may also cover prescription eyeglasses or lenses depending on your situation.

If you need more comprehensive coverage, several options are available to you.

How Much Does A Medicare Advantage Plan Typically Cost

According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the average Medicare Advantage monthly premium is lower in 2022 at $19 per month , although the monthly premiums for a Medicare Advantage Plan can range from $0 to over $100. There are also out-of-pocket costs such as copayments and coinsurance. For some plans, out-of-pocket costs can also be impacted by going to doctors who are out of network.

Some plans have a yearly limit on your out-of-pocket costs for all medical services. For example, if you live in Dallas, Texas:

  • The United Healthcare AARP Medicare Advantage has a $0 monthly premium and a $3,900 out-of-pocket maximum
  • The HumanaChoice PPO has a $10 monthly premium and a $6,700 out-of-pocket maximum
  • The Cigna-HealthSpring Preferred has a $0 monthly premium and a $5,500 out-of-pocket maximum

While you might be attracted to the perceived lower price, be sure to check the coverage to make sure that you are getting the care you want and need, without incurring additional costs that may offset the upfront savings.

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