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Lasik Vision Institute St Louis

Is It Covered Under Insurance

Does LASIK Eye Surgery Hurt?

There are several forms of healthcare facilities offered in the United States. The majority of the healthcare treatment facilities in the U.S. are privately owned and operated.

58 percent of hospitals in the country are run by non-profit organizations, 21 percent of hospitals are run by the government, and for-profit agencies own another 21 percent of hospitals.

Unlike most developed countries worldwide, there is no universal healthcare policy in place in the United States.

Instead, most healthcare facilities are subsidized by publicly-funded healthcare coverage schemes such as Medicaid, Veterans Health Administration, and Medicare, as well as private healthcare insurance policies.

Healthcare facilities in the United States generally cost higher than the pricing in other first-world countries. Thus, American citizens and residents with lower income find it quite difficult to access even basic healthcare facilities in the United States.

Talking about Contoura Vision Surgery under publicly-funded insurance schemes, the procedure is largely not covered under public healthcare insurance in the United States.

Whether you get actual coverage for Contoura Vision under public healthcare schemes depends on various criteria depending on the state youre trying to access the treatment in.

Similarly, when it comes to private healthcare insurance coverage for Contoura Vision, the coverage depends on the terms & conditions of your insurance provider.

Planning To Visit Usa For The Surgery

As per data published on the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, over 560,000 people visit the United States as medical tourists from all over the world.

The strict procedures involved in getting a visa to the United States combined with the higher treatment costs reduce the number of inbound medical tourists to the United States.

However, the United States features one of the most modern healthcare industries in the world, offering all types of latest and cutting-edge treatment procedures by trained and experienced doctors.

The United States also holds immense value as a tourist and business destination for people worldwide.

Advanced Technologies Cost More

A LASIK centers investment in advanced diagnostic and surgical technologies will affect the price of LASIK. For example, a LASIK center offering only LASIK and PRK can realistically charge less than $2,000 per eye because they may only examine the cornea and only provide two treatment options. This means they invest less in technology and can charge less. That practice may reduce the procedure cost, only to recover it through less expensive, bare-bones technology and high sales volume.

At Brinton Vision we provide every patient with a thorough Brinton Vision Ocular Analysis . During this 90-minute examination, we use nine sophisticated diagnostic machines to measure the entire eye in 3D from the front of the cornea to the back of the retina.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pepose Vision Institute

What forms of payment are accepted?

Pepose Vision Institute – St. Louis Office accepts credit cards.

How is Pepose Vision Institute – St. Louis Office rated?

Pepose Vision Institute – St. Louis Office has 2.5 stars.

What days are Pepose Vision Institute – St. Louis Office open?

Pepose Vision Institute – St. Louis Office is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri.

Contoura Vision In The Usa

Eye Doctors St Louis

Vision illnesses are quite common within the population of the United States of America. According to the data published on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, over 12 million people aged 40 years and above have vision impairment.

Out of the total people suffering from vision illnesses, over 8 million U.S. citizens and residents over 40 have vision impairment because of refractive error in their eyes that arent corrected.

The refractive error problem isnt unique to the United States. However, it is the starting sign of failing vision in the human eye and, if left untreated, can cause serious vision illnesses and may even lead to complete blindness.

Therefore, it is essential to take proper and quick action against refractive error, primarily when it is found within the younger population.

The age-old treatment procedure for refractive error is wearing spectacles. However, it is not really a treatment for refractive error.

Considering treatment solutions for refractive error, the Contoura Vision Surgery is currently the best treatment for refractive error.

The Contoura Vision Surgery is a LASIK procedure. As Contoura Vision Surgery is needle-free and causes no pain to the patient, it is highly favoured by refractive error correction.

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St Louis Eye Surgery And Laser Center

12290 Manchester Rd, Suite 103 St. Louis, MO 63131 314.686.4200 Contact RASL for additional info at 314.839.1211. Please call 314.388.6180 for emergencies or after hours.

From St. Louls/Clayton/Creve Coeur

Take I-270 to Manchester Road West Exit. Travel 1 mile west to the Manchester Road East tumaround. Exit Left. Travel 1/2 mile. When you see Fox Jewelers SLOW DOWN. You will turn Right, Immediately past Fox Jewelers and into The St. Louis Eye Surgery & Laser Center located in the Eye and Surgery Centers building.

From Chesterfield

Take Hwy 40/1-64 to Hwy 141 . Turn left on Manchester Road and travel 2.8 miles. When you see Fox Jewelers SLOW DOWN. You will turn Right, Immediately past Fox Jewelers and into The St. Louis Eye Surgery & Laser Center located in the Eye and Surgery Centers building.

From Fenton

Take Hwy 270 North to Manchester Road West Exit. Travel 1 mile west to the Manchester Road East tumaround. Exit Left. Travel 1/2 mile. When you see Fox Jewelers SLOW DOWN. You will turn Right, Immediately past Fox Jewelers and into The St. Louis Eye Surgery & Laser Center located in the Eye and Surgery Centers building.

What To Expect After Lasik

Following your LASIK, our surgical technicians will provide you with instructions as well as eye shields to wear for the first two nights while you sleep.

See if you’re a candidate for LASIK.

LASIK laser eye surgery patients typically experience little if any discomfort during or after the procedure. Your vision may be blurry for two or three hours after you return home, but within a very short time, you should be seeing details of the faces and places around you that you probably had no idea you were missing!

Most patients are able to resume regular activities, including returning to work, the day after surgery. A follow-up visit will be scheduled for the next morning, where one of our vision correction specialists will personally evaluate your progress. At that visit, you will be given the final okay to return to your routine while seeing the world much more clearly without glasses!

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Average Cost Of Contoura Vision In The Usa

The cost of Contoura Vision in the United States of America is on par with the general pricing in other first-world countries.

Patients who avail the Contoura Vision Surgery in the United States will have to pay between $2000 and $3000 per eye. The actual price will vary depending on the healthcare institution you visit as well as the prescription.

Nearby Countries for Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery: Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico

I Now Enjoy A Quality Of Life I Thought Id Never Have

CNN’s HLN Interviews St. Louis LASIK Surgeon Dr. Jason Brinton

After careful research, I decided to have Lasik surgery. I had several visits to offices around the area, and I was about to just wear glasses when I decided to see what Brinton Vision was all about. They did not disappoint. I cannot say enough about the professional staff and doctors and attention to detail they all display. From the moment you walk in the door you know your in the right place. Your concerns and needs are heard here. All of this AND 20/20 vision I couldnt be more thankful and I couldnt recommend Brinton Vision more.. I now enjoy a quality of life I thought Id never have

With wavefront-guided LASIK, Dr. Brinton uses detailed maps of the cornea, almost like topography maps in geography, to provide an enhanced view into the tiniest complexities of the eye. Wavefront-optimized treatments preserve the natural shape of the cornea in ways never before possible. The wavefront-optimized laser system Dr. Brinton uses was the first to be certified by the FDA to improve nighttime halo and glare, commonly experienced by glasses and contacts wearers, but also among the common side effects of traditional LASIK procedures.

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Are You Interested In Lasik Surgery Visit Our Practice For A Consultation

Are you tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses? Would you like to experience clearer vision that lasts for years to come? Laser vision correction may be just what you’ve been waiting for. If we find you are a good candidate, Dr. Cohen and his team can answer any further questions you may have about the LASIK procedure.

To speak with a surgeon about laser eye surgery, contact our practice online. You can also reach our St. Louis office by phone at:

How Much Does Lasik Cost

One of the questions any LASIK eye surgeon is bound to get is How much does LASIK cost? You may be shocked to know that the LASIK eye surgery cost and vision correction prices nationwide span a broad range from $250 per eye to $9,000 per eye. Why the huge gap in a LASIK price?

If the surgeon or their LASIK facility only performs one type of procedure, the answer will be a simple, one-size-fits-all price. If on the other hand the surgeon has the advanced technology, training, and expertise to perform LASIK plus all six modern vision correction surgeries, then the answer to the LASIK cost question is it depends.

What would you expect to learn if you called a car dealership and asked, What does a car cost? Unless they only sell one year, make, and model, there is no single answer. Once options and various levels of quality enter the equation, the price range widens. So, How much is LASIK, you ask? That depends on many things.

  • Does where you live affect the cost of LASIK?
  • LASIK costs more with an experienced practitioner and staff
  • Do Advanced technologies cost more?
  • Is Wavefront LASIK more expensive?
  • Does All-Laser Bladeless LASIK cost more?
  • How can I pay for LASIK eye surgery?
  • Will my insurance cover the cost of laser eye surgery?
  • Can I use a Medical Savings Account for LASIK?
  • Is LASIK Tax Deductible?

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What Is Sbk Technology

Just a few short years ago, LASIK utilized a mechanically controlled metal blade called a microkeratome. It was a good procedure it was safe and it helped a lot of people, but it was not quite as precise as many ophthalmologists would have liked.

Then along came SBK. SBK utilizes whats called a femtosecond laser. Not only do many patients have even better vision afterward, but their results are more predictable. Whats more, many patients who were once excluded from LASIK eye surgery have now been able to enjoy the visual freedom that SBK LASIK can provide.

Am I A Candidate For Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

Eye Doctors St Louis

Today, almost anyone with refractive vision problems may improve their vision through laser vision correction procedures, allowing greater freedom from glasses or contact lenses.

To find out if you are a candidate for LASIK laser eye surgery, visit our St. Louis office for a free, complete LASIK evaluation. During this appointment, we will determine your visual needs and assess the health of your eyes as well as your expectations for the surgery. Many factors are considered before we can help you decide whether LASIK or another type of vision correction is a good choice for your individual needs.

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Is Wavefront Lasik More Expensive

Yes, but worth it. Custom Wavefront LASIK treatment has been a game-changing breakthrough in vision correction. The technology consists of a sensor and laser that work together to deliver extremely precise treatment to the eye. Wavefront excels at providing patients with improved visual acuity, as well as better perception of detail and contrast. Studies have shown it reduces the risk of nighttime halos, glare, and other post-LASIK complications.

Visante Anterior Scanner Oct

Carl Zeiss Meditec in Jena, Germany developed the Visante Anterior Scanner OCT. It produces a high-resolution view of the front portion of the eye, where laser vision correction is performed. It also aids in evaluating complex LASIK cases and shows positioning of KAMRA, and EVO ICL technologies in the eye.

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Why Choose Dr Cohen For Vision Correction

Dr. Bruce Cohen has been performing LASIK eye surgery in the greater St. Louis, Missouri, area since 1994. Dr. Cohen was one of the first LASIK surgeons in the area trained to use the excimer laser for laser refractive surgery after its approval by the FDA in 1995.

Dr. Cohens longstanding expertise gives his patients peace of mind and confidence that they will soon be enjoying sharper, clearer vision. To address your eye care needs and set up a LASIK consultation, contact our office online, or call:

Will My Insurance Cover The Cost Of Laser Eye Surgery

Contoura Vision Topography-Guided LASIK – :60

We wish we had the option to accept insurance payments, but LASIK is considered by insurance companies to be elective even though laser eye surgery is life-changing for our patients, and sometimes even necessary to improve their quality of life. Insurance companies do not cover LASIK or any of the six other vision correction procedures we do.

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How Can I Pay For Lasik

When determining whether LASIK or any of the six modern LASIK alternatives is best for you, quality care and outcome should be your top priority. Still, we recognize that vision correction must fit into your budget. We take all standard forms of payment , and we are able to work with health savings accounts and medical savings accounts . Most laser vision correction procedures are tax-deductible. We also work with multiple financing companies to provide monthly payment options to fit most budgets. Our most popular monthly payment options are:

Are There Lasik Alternatives If I Am Not A Candidate For Lasik

Not everyone is a candidate for LASIK. At Brinton Vision, we utilize seven of the most state-of-the-art technologies to determine the health of your eyes from the inside out. Dr. Jason Brinton and Dr. Morgan Poore use these diagnostics and their years of experience and research to empower you with the information you need to make the best decision for your vision goals. Even if you are not an ideal candidate for LASIK, Brinton Vision is one of only a handful of LASIK providers in the country to offer all six modern LASIK alternatives. These proven treatments provide clear, natural vision to people with high prescriptions, steep astigmatism, thick or thin corneas, or who have age-related vision loss that LASIK does not address. Brinton Vision can even provide solutions for many people who have had earlier versions of LASIK in the past.

The bottom line is that, even if you have been told that you are not a candidate for LASIK by another provider, Brinton Vision may have a solution for you.

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Cooperative Training Program Providing For The Underserved

In 2003, The Foundation took the lead in establishing a cooperative training program between the Pepose Vision Institute and the University of Missouri-St. Louis School of Optometry as the first program of its kind in the nation.

This innovative program provides clinical training opportunities in the field of laser vision correction surgery for both optometry students enrolled in the University of Missouri St. Louis School of Optometry Program and Eye Physician Fellows at the Pepose Vision Institute.

Pepose Vision eye physician fellows provide pre-operative and post-operative patient care training for Optometry students at the East St. Louis Eye Center operated by the School of Optometry. As part of this training program, first responders and up to three Center patients from low-income families are selected monthly for no-cost vision correction surgery performed by physician fellows, under the supervision of Drs. Jay S. Pepose and Mujtaba Qazi. In this way, Optometry students gain extensive hands-on experience in the screening and post-operative co-management of vision correction patients. It is a winning initiative for patients, optometry students, eye physician fellows and the community-at-large.

Zero Down Payment & No Interest For 24 Months

St. Louis Eye Surgery and Laser Center

Zero Down Payment & Low Monthly Payments with Fixed Interest Rate for 60 months Most insurance companies consider LASIK and other vision correction procedures to be elective, and they do not cover the cost. In rare cases, there are exceptions. Please consult your insurance company to determine your coverage eligibility.

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Returning To Normal Activities

While most patients can return to work within three days after the LASIK procedure, certain activities will remain off-limits until the patient is fully healed. This includes strenuous exercise, heavy lifting, contact sports such as football or hockey, and driving at night. During your periodic follow-ups at our St. Louis eye care center, we can let you know when you can resume these activities.

Congratulations To Our Latest Graduates Of Pvis Technician Bootcamp Training Program

If you have had eyecare experience as an ophthalmic/optometric technician or optician and want to join our growing clinical team, please send your resume to

If you have a B.A./B.S. Degree in Biology or related field and want a career change into the eyecare world, we would love to train you! Please send your resume to

Pepose Vision Institute is always looking for talented individuals who share our commitment to preserving, protecting and enhancing vision. Our surgeons and staff are driven by this mission, and go out of their way to deliver the very best eye care possible within a patient-centered, service-oriented environment.

If you have skills and experience that will contribute to our success in achieving this mission, please contact .

In addition to recruiting for our comprehensive ophthalmology practice, we also recruit for the MidAmerica Surgery Center, an ambulatory surgery center located in Chesterfield that is dedicated to providing high quality, convenient outpatient eye surgery.

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