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Is It Covered Under Insurance

Kansas City Lasik Discover Vision Centers

There are several forms of healthcare facilities offered in the United States. The majority of the healthcare treatment facilities in the U.S. are privately owned and operated.

58 percent of hospitals in the country are run by non-profit organizations, 21 percent of hospitals are run by the government, and for-profit agencies own another 21 percent of hospitals.

Unlike most developed countries worldwide, there is no universal healthcare policy in place in the United States.

Instead, most healthcare facilities are subsidized by publicly-funded healthcare coverage schemes such as Medicaid, Veterans Health Administration, and Medicare, as well as private healthcare insurance policies.

Healthcare facilities in the United States generally cost higher than the pricing in other first-world countries. Thus, American citizens and residents with lower income find it quite difficult to access even basic healthcare facilities in the United States.

Talking about Contoura Vision Surgery under publicly-funded insurance schemes, the procedure is largely not covered under public healthcare insurance in the United States.

Whether you get actual coverage for Contoura Vision under public healthcare schemes depends on various criteria depending on the state youre trying to access the treatment in.

Similarly, when it comes to private healthcare insurance coverage for Contoura Vision, the coverage depends on the terms & conditions of your insurance provider.

What Is The Lasik Vision Institute

The LASIK Vision Institute provides life-changing laser vision correction services at the companyâs 27 upscale centers conveniently located in 23 states across the United States. Some of the countryâs most highly experienced independent LASIK doctors utilize the safest, most state-of-the-art, clinically proven and FDA-approved LASIK technology at each LVI center. LVIâs skilled eye surgeons have performed more than 800,000 procedures, delivering 20/20 or better vision to 98 % of our patients within one year. Pre and post-operative visits and patient counseling are available at all locations. Because LVI owns its own laser equipment it is able to offer consumers pricing significantly below other providers while maintaining the highest standard of care and service. Learn more about LVIâs affordable LASIK pricing and financing programs by visiting the companyâs website.


Contoura Vision In The Usa

Vision illnesses are quite common within the population of the United States of America. According to the data published on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, over 12 million people aged 40 years and above have vision impairment.

Out of the total people suffering from vision illnesses, over 8 million U.S. citizens and residents over 40 have vision impairment because of refractive error in their eyes that arent corrected.

The refractive error problem isnt unique to the United States. However, it is the starting sign of failing vision in the human eye and, if left untreated, can cause serious vision illnesses and may even lead to complete blindness.

Therefore, it is essential to take proper and quick action against refractive error, primarily when it is found within the younger population.

The age-old treatment procedure for refractive error is wearing spectacles. However, it is not really a treatment for refractive error.

Considering treatment solutions for refractive error, the Contoura Vision Surgery is currently the best treatment for refractive error.

The Contoura Vision Surgery is a LASIK procedure. As Contoura Vision Surgery is needle-free and causes no pain to the patient, it is highly favoured by refractive error correction.

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What Is Blended Vision

Blended vision occurs when your dominant eye is focused for distance and your non-dominant eye is focused for intermediate / near. This may be different from other forms of monovision you may have tried. Unlike blended vision, full monovision correction leaves a patient optimally corrected for distance in their dominant eye, but fully corrected for near in their non-dominant eye. This can lead to patients feeling lop-sided or uneven and can even affect your depth perception.

Blended vision is a slight off-set. With both eyes open, most patients do not notice their blended vision and are able to achieve functional vision at distance, intermediate, and near. Blended vision patients often maintain their depth perception and are able to appreciate a wide range of vision without feeling unbalanced between the eyes.

Other options you have for treating your near vision difficulties include: refractive lens exchange ,NearVision CK , or cataract surgery.

Dr Reena Patels Personal Experience With Lasik

LASIK Kansas City, MO  Laser Eye Surgery St. Joseph, MO

I had LASIK in 1999 by one of my mentors. At the time, I had terrible allergies and was miserable in my contacts. I couldnt keep my contacts in for long periods of time and my vision was filmy. I didnt like my glasses and felt like the glasses blocked my peripheral vision. Going without contacts or glasses was not an option, as I couldnt see the big E on the eye chart without them.

LASIK changed my life. I was so impressed with the results of my LASIK surgery that I changed my career path to specialize in LASIK. I am still impressed by my results 21 years later and the technology has only gotten better.

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I Thought Lasik Couldnt Help You See At Near

This is not true. As a matter of fact, many patients at Cavanaugh Eye Center have LASIK to improve their distance AND near vision. LASIK does not keep your eyes from aging which is the underlying cause for presbyopia . However, LASIK can offer you a small amount of near-sighted correction and this will help you achieve functional vision for things such as your cell phone, computer, and light reading. Patients over 40 who have the LASIK procedure for vision correction typically choose a blended or monovision treatment plan.

Am I A Good Candidate For Lasik

Being a good candidate for LASIK requires three key elements. Stable refraction or power of the eye over the prior year. Typically, one must be at least 18 years of age for stability. Ones eye health has to be confirmed prior to surgery. Numerous tests are completed prior to approval for surgery to make certain the procedure would be effective and safe for a given patient. Lastly, a patients expectations for their outcome have to be in line with what would typically be expected for a given patient profile.

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Average Cost Of Contoura Vision In The Usa

The cost of Contoura Vision in the United States of America is on par with the general pricing in other first-world countries.

Patients who avail the Contoura Vision Surgery in the United States will have to pay between $2000 and $3000 per eye. The actual price will vary depending on the healthcare institution you visit as well as the prescription.

Nearby Countries for Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery: Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico

Lasik Surgery In Kansas City Mo

LASIK Eye Surgery – Kelly Vision Center

Discover Vision Centers has been at the forefront of LASIK since its inception in the early 1990s. The doctors of our clinic are internationally recognized experts and leaders in refractive surgery with over 125 years of combined experience.

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Is The Initial Consultation Free

Yes, our LASIK consults are free of charge. Discover Vision Centers offers virtual and in-office consultations. For our in-office consult, numerous tests are completed to assess both the front of the eye and the internal aspects of the eye to confirm candidacy. There are no fees associated with these appointments.

Lasik Candidates Should Have Good Eye Health

While most Americans are safe candidates for LASIK eye surgery and millions of people enjoying the miracle of the work we have been doing for decades since the procedure was first approved by the FDA, your safety is the #1 priority of your team of LASIK physicians and eye care professionals. Some of the conditions and criteria they look at to ensure they can achieve the safest, best outcomes possible from your LASIK eye surgery include:

  • Your eye prescription should fall within certain prescription limits. Although with modern LASIK technology many prescriptions can now be safely treated , certain eye prescriptions are still outside of the range that LASIK physicians can safely treat.
  • Certain eye diseases and conditions, including keratoconus, severe cataracts and severe cases of amblyopia, current infections, and certain retinal and optic nerve diseases, may render you a medical non-candidate for LASIK today.

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Best Hospitals For Contoura Vision Surgery In The Usa

The United States of America is one of the largest markets for Contoura Vision Surgery.

You can find Contoura Vision Surgery procedure offered in almost all top eye care clinics and hospitals across the U.S. states of Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, IOWA, Illinois, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

What Is The Lifetime Assurance Plan


At The LASIK Vision Institute, we are so confident in our laser eye surgeons and the high quality of vision that our patients achieve that we offer you the Lifetime Assurance Plan.

If at any time you experience visual changes, you will receive a same-technology procedure free of charge when deemed medically appropriate by the surgeon. While perfection cannot be guaranteed, with the Lifetime Assurance Plan, well help you maintain your personal best vision throughout your life.

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What Should I Do To Prepare For My Refractive Consultation

Following a checklist can make your LASIK refractive surgery consultation as productive as possible. You should be able to provide your complete health history, medication list and known medical or eye conditions. Discover Vision Centers does offer virtual consults as well as in-office consults. If you know your current prescription and if it has been stable over the prior twelve months this can be helpful to the care team. The following questions should be answered by the care team at your consultation: 1) the health of your eyes and if you are a good candidate for LASIK or other vision correction procedures, 2) a discussion on success of surgery for your specific condition and risks and benefits associated with the procedure, 3) a discussion what to expect at the day of surgery and thereafter regarding healing and return to normal activities, 4) your surgeons experience with patients like yourself, 5) ability to review all materials provided and have all of your questions answered.

Clear Pricing For Lasik Surgery

A reputable LASIK provider will provide you with understandable and fair pricing up front. At The LASIK Vision Institute, your LASIK cost is reviewed with you at your pre-op LASIK appointment. Getting an upfront LASIK price ensures that you are not left wondering what you will pay or leave you concerned about the ability to make payments later.

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Lasik Candidates Should Have Overall Good Health

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • If you have diabetes or certain autoimmune diseases, they must be controlled to be a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery.
  • Certain health conditions may require medications that can slow or prevent healing. You should tell your surgeon about all the medications you are taking and have taken in the last year.
  • Because certain medications can slow healing, you should tell your LASIK physicians about medications you are taking or have recently taken, so they can help ensure your healing is safe and fast, as recovery from LASIK eye surgery should be.
  • While hormonal fluctuations caused by pregnancy can impact vision stability, please consult with your LASIK physicians and health care professionals about how soon after you welcome your new addition to the family you can enjoy your LASIK. We know fussing with your glasses or contact lenses in the middle of the night when youre exhausted and want to crawl back into bed as quickly as possible is no fun!

Health Insurance Fsas And Hsas For Lasik

Custom Bladeless iLASIK Surgery by Loden Vision Centers

Health InsuranceLASIK is considered an elective procedure, and therefore, may not be covered by vision or health insurance plans. But, dont count your insurance out of your LASIK plans just yet! Some insurances might offer a discount on LASIK, however, The LASIK Vision Institute may match your insurance plans discount or have comparable discounts available .

FSAs and HSAsFlexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts allow you to take funds set aside for your healthcare and apply them toward your LASIK eye surgery price. The benefits of using these accounts are that the funds are not subject to taxes and can generally be used at your discretion for health services .

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Dos And Donts In The Usa

Below we have listed some of the Dos and Donts to keep in mind while visiting the United States of America as a tourist.

  • Shake Hands as Greetings: In the United States, a handshake is considered a formal way to greet someone, especially if the other person is not very well acquainted with you.
  • Tip for the Service: It is considered a social manner to tip for the services you receive. Tipping the hotel bellboy, restaurant waiter, cab driver, etc., is commonly followed by the United States.
  • Be Aware of State Laws: Apart from the federal laws applicable all over the United States, there are also separate laws put in place by each state in the US. Therefore, make sure to understand and follow the local rules and regulations.
  • Put Your Footwear On Unless Asked: It is considered impolite to remove ones footwear unless asked to. Therefore, keep your footwear on while visiting someone in their home unless they specifically ask to do otherwise.

This Program Now Features The Opportunity To Receive Up To $200* Per Referral

For each referred friend or relative who has laser vision correction with us, well send the referrer a thank you check: $50 for the first referral, $100 for the second referral, and $200 for every additional referral NO LIMIT!

  • Give your friends and family a Share the Vision Referral card to bring with them to their free LASIK consultation, or simply have them give us your name while at the center.
  • You will receive your referral check after your friend or family member has had their laser eye surgery treatment at a LASIK Vision Institute vision center.
  • For any questions or additional information, please contact the Referral Rewards Center at .

    *Offer valid only at participating locations. Receive $200 for your third referral and every additional person you refer who has laser vision correction performed by The LASIK Vision Institute. This offer depicts models who are not actual patients of LVI. Individual results will vary. Talk to your surgeon. Promotion not available in DC, FL, IN, IA, MD, MI, NC, NE, NJ, NM, NY, OK, TN, TX.

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    The Lasik Vision Institute Makes Lasik Eye Surgery Affordable

    At The LASIK Vision Institute, our LASIK vision correction is safe, easy, and affordable. You too can see why hundreds of thousands of patients have chosen The LASIK Vision Institute for better vision at a better value. There is no reason to wait. Schedule a Free Consultation today and ask our LASIK Specialists for more information on the cost of LASIK.

    Am I A Candidate For Lasik Eye Surgery


    LASIK eye surgery may dramatically improve your life and the way you see it. Your candidacy depends on a comprehensive vision exam by an experienced eye doctor to determine your personal visual needs and if LASIK is a good fit for you.

    Unlike many other providers, The LASIK Vision Institute offers a free, no-obligation consultation, so contact us today and speak with one of our Eye Care Counselors to get started.

    Before going to your LASIK eye surgery consultation there are some general criteria that can guide you in deciding if this is the right procedure for you. To have laser eye surgery you should be in good eye health, good overall health, and have realistic expectations of the LASIK procedure.

    LASIK laser eye surgery can correct such eye problems as myopia , hyperopia , and astigmatism. After your eye consultation you will have the chance to discuss the different laser eye surgery options and discover which would benefit your current condition and lifestyle.

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    Tlc Laser Eye Center Reviews

    I have been very nervous about considering Lasik surgery for many years, but today I overcame my fears and finally had it done. I am beyond grateful to the staff at TLC Laser Center…

    Brenda D.

    Posted 4 years ago

    I had LASIK and the staff made me feel comfortable every step of the way. The process was thorough but quick and within hours I was seeing clearly…

    Brett T.

    Posted 4 years ago

    I am going to be honest I was so nervous to have lasik but the TLC Staff was absolutely amazing!! So very precise, friendly, informative, and just kept you knowing every detail or step that was next!!…

    Misty Terry N.

    Posted 5 years ago

    TLC is the best there is. Their staff is constantly attentive, informed, professional, and most of all, kind. They do all they can to make sure you know every step of the way about your procedure …

    Danielle B.

    Posted 5 years ago

    I had my surgery a week ago today and it was the best decision I have ever made. Not only was the surgery great, but I have to rave about the whole experience…

    Molly C.

    Posted 5 years ago

    What Type Of Lasik Technology Do You Offer

    Discover Vision Centers offers the latest laser technology. We utilize ZEISS technology, developed and manufactured from Carl Zeiss in Germany. ZEISS lasers perform more procedures in the world than any other system. We use the MEL® 80 excimer laser and VISUMAX® femtosecond laser for LASIK procedures.

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