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Kaiser Permanente Mission And Vision

Enhancing Health Care Coverage

The Imagining Healthcare Anywhere Vision Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanentes primary aim in meeting the requirement is to maintain its customers healthier. The institutions offer health-supportive and preventative initiatives and specialist medical experts are always available to assist in any manner they can.

It is considered credible by the firm that thinks that prevention is better than treatment. Only that Kaiser Permanente implements the steps instead of simply managing illnesses as they happen. But in doing so, the firm had sparked a shift in care views, putting a greater emphasis on the need to keep the masses healthier.

Vision Mission Core Values

Dearest Home Senior Cares Mission Statement:

We are the chosen provider of choice for quality home care services. Our primary mission is to deliver affordable, exceptional, non-medical care services to our seniors in the comfort of their dearest home for a longer period of time.

Dearest Home Senior Cares Vision Statement:

Our vision is to be the worlds leader in building the largest and most trusted home care company. We strive to provide affordable, quality care in an environment where all our seniors can live their life to the fullness. Our dedicated employees go above their regular duties to make personal connections with seniors that make a great deal of difference in their health, well-being, and quality of life.Errol Morgan

Dearest Home Senior Cares Core Values:

At Dearest Home, we are committed to these nine core values that does not only define who we are, but also serves as guideline to help us become the home company we would like to be. We seek to touch lives of others every day following these core values.

Our Mission Vision Values

From the founding of Permanente Medicine with Dr. Sidney Garfield over 80 years ago to the decades of care and commitment for our patients, our community, and each other that have followed, Northwest Permanente has been powered by our purpose.

For the physicians, clinicians, and staff of Northwest Permanente, P.C., the Mission, Vision, and Values serves as a compass for everything we do how we work and engage with our patients, our community, and our colleagues.

These fundamental principles serve as the keystones of our culture and our lens for operational decision-making a framework designed to ensure Northwest Permanente is both the best place to receive care and the best place to work.

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About Kaiser Permanente Hawaii

For 60 years, Kaiser Permanente Hawaii has been recognized as one of Americas leading health care providers and not-for-profit health plans. We currently serve more than 250,000 members across Hawaii.

Care for members and patients is focused on their total health and guided by their personal physicians, specialists, and team of caregivers. Our world-class medical teams are supported by industry-leading technology advances and tools for health promotion, disease prevention, care delivery and chronic disease management.


Kaiser Permanente exists to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve.


We are trusted partners in total health, collaborating with people to help them thrive and creating communities that are among the healthiest in the nation.

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center

Kaiser Permanente History

Kaiser Permanentes mission is to provide quality care for our members and their families, and to contribute to the well-being of our communities.


Monday: 8:00 am 7:00 pmTuesday Friday: 8:00 am 5:00 pm


Monday: 8:00 am 7:00 pmTuesday Friday: 8:00 am 5:00 pm


1111 East Mill Street, Suite 100San Bernardino, CA 92408Monday Friday: 8:00 am 5:00 pm


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Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

There are some steps you can take to help prevent your personal information from being stolen.

  • Safeguard your health and identification information just as securely as you would a credit card or bank account number. This includes:
  • your Kaiser Permanente identification card and number
  • your Medicare number
  • Don’t give out personal information unnecessarily.
  • The following government resources may help you protect yourself from identity theft:

    Kaiser Permanente Bernard J Tyson School Of Medicine

    Kaiser Permanente announced its plan to start a medical school in December, 2015, and the school welcomed its inaugural class in June, 2020. The vision for the school is to redesign physician education around the pillars of patient-centered care, population health, quality improvement, team-based care, and health equity.

    Mark Schuster was named the medical school’s Founding Dean and CEO in 2017. The Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine was renamed from the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine in November 2019 in honor of late Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO Bernard J. Tyson. The medical school received preliminary LCME accreditation in February 2019 and is expected to receive full LCME accreditation by 2023. The school will waive all tuition for the full four years of medical school for its first five classes.

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    Practice Of Choice In The Market

    Recognized by market share and financial success

    We, as part of Kaiser Permanente Dental, are the recognized leader in the strategic market segments where we choose to compete. Brokers, employers and individuals prefer our competitively priced plans and members appreciate the tremendous value of their total health experience. Through partnerships with Kaiser and the Permanente groups we are uniquely positioned to address the healthcare crisis. It is our competitive advantage.

    We are highly valued members of Kaiser Permanentes healthcare team. The NW region has fully embraced dental care as part of its overall strategy and core business. PDA is an essential part of an integrated system that Kaiser Permanente NW promotes in their marketing and advertising campaigns around total health.

    We are rewarded with outstanding support from the region, including capital investment in infrastructure and technology necessary to sustain our superior position in the market. We have expansion plans in place because other regions recognize the value of our integrated model.

    We are financially solid. We have the financial resources to act on opportunities and mitigate threats. We are good stewards of our resources, utilizing them responsibly to reward dentists, reinvest in the dental program, and appropriately fund our obligations.

    Your Role In Getting Safe Care

    Kaiser Permanente: A Shared Vision for Total Health
    • Follow these important steps when you visit our medical offices or hospitals.
    • Stay up-to-date with your personal health information on and email or call your doctor if there is anything you think is out of date or in error. allows you to view most test results, check past visit information, email your doctor with non-urgent questions*, make routine appointments, request prescription refills, and more.
    • Visit other websites to learn more about patient safety:

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    Practice Of Choice For Dentists & Care Teams

    Satisfying careers and professional opportunities

    We are the group practice of choice in the nation, a center of excellence in our community, and a leader in healthcare innovation.

    Dentists feel valued and enjoy the collegial atmosphere. We effectively balance clinical practice goals with personal vision and life goals

    We invest in clinical excellence and personal success. Permanente Dental Associates, P.C. offers an impressive array of professional development opportunities unparalleled in other group and private practice models. We offer multiple career tracks including roles in operational leadership, teaching, mentoring, research, technology, and community outreach, cultivating solid leaders for our future.

    We are clinical leaders in our offices. We model excellence with our Kaiser Permanente support staff, build confidence in their abilities with a feeling of support in achieving their full potential. Our care teams fully embrace their roles, maximize their capabilities for personal growth and job satisfaction, and take initiative to meet the needs of both our patients and KP Dental.

    We use state of the art technology and our dentists have easy access to the tools, materials and resources they need. We are fully supported by our professional administrative team, leadership team and board of directors, who understand and represent our interests and skillfully guide us into the future.

    Greg Adams’ Vision For Kaiser Permanente

    What has he learned and what can we all learn from him as we lead through the uncertainty that lies ahead?

    Oliver Wyman Health

    2020 brought on a pandemic, an economic recession, social unrest, wildfires, and a contentious US presidential election. Greg A. Adams, Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente, has faced all of these challenges in his first year leading the company. What has he learned and what can we all learn from him as we lead through the uncertainty that lies ahead?

    We address this question below in an interview with Greg, recorded at the 2020 Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit. Here, Sam Glick, Partner, Health and Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman, chats with Greg about how Kaiser Permanente’s strategic plan shifted amidst the pandemic and what new opportunities for the organization have emerged in time. Below, Greg explores how to innovate and drive organizational transformation from the top down.

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    Reporting Concerns About Quality Of Care

    If you have any concerns about your safety or quality of care, please talk about them with your health care team. If you dont understand the answers you receive, ask for more information.

    If your concerns cannot be resolved with your health care team, we encourage you to report your concerns to the management team at your medical center. Find contact information for your medical center online, or contact Member Services for assistance.

    Practical Research For Better Health


    Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute is the non-proprietary, public-interest research center within Kaiser Permanente Washington, a nonprofit health system based in Seattle. Kaiser Permanente Washington provides coverage and care for more than 710,170 people in Washington.

    Our research produces timely, relevant findings that help people everywhere stay healthy and get the care they need. From testing new vaccines to helping people quit smoking to finding ways to delay or prevent Alzheimers disease, our discoveries have helped millions of people worldwide lead healthier, happier lives.

    Learn about our impact and history, and see our annual reports.

    Our Mission

    Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute improves health, well-being, and health equity for our members and all communities through collaborative research and evaluation.

    Our Vision

    We envision a future where we partner with researchers, health systems, and communities to improve health care, eliminate inequities, and help people thrive where they live, learn, work, and play.

    About Us

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    Total Health At Kaiser Permanente

    Total Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. In 2013, Kaiser Permanente launched Total Health to help Kaiser Permanent members and workforce, their families, and communities achieve this vision of health. By focusing on chronic conditions driven by modifiable social and environmental determinants of health, Kaiser Permanente Total Health works to benefit communities through a variety of programs including: Thriving Schools initiative which aims to create a culture of wellness in schools including healthy meals Every Body Walk! which raises awareness about the benefits of walking and an incentive plan for the Kaiser Permanente workforce to improve health metrics. Partners include safety-net providers, fresh food providers, theatres, and grassroots organizations, in addition to schools and school-related organizations. Kaiser Permanente funds $2 billion that is needed annually for this population health work and supplemental funding is provided by partner organizations. To read more about this innovative program, see this brief summary .

    Protecting Your Privacy And Security

    Kaiser Permanente is dedicated to ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of your health information.

    We have policies, procedures, and systems in place to keep your electronic, written, and oral health information secure.

    Medical records and patient information are stored in areas with limited access. In addition, medical, claims, and other sensitive information in data systems are protected by network security safeguards such as firewalls, anti-virus software, and passwords. Staff members keep your information confidential when speaking with colleagues or with you over the phone. Staff members who have access to such information are trained and monitored for compliance within confidentiality and security guidelines.

    As part of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act , Kaiser Permanente provides a notice about your privacy rights and Kaiser Permanente’s privacy practices. The notice describes how protected health information about you may be used and disclosed, and how you can get access to this information. View our Notice of Privacy Practices.

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    Birth Of The Historic Lmp1997

    Kaiser Permanente and the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions agree to a groundbreaking advance in labor relations. The Labor Management Partnership, currently the largest of its kind in the United States, involves front-line staff in decision making, enabling continuous improvement that keeps care affordable while improving service and quality. Through the strength of the partnership, these advancements continue today.

    Kaiser Permanente Mission Statement & Vision Statement 2022

    Kaiser Permanente Careers: An Inside Look | Kaiser Permanente

    Kaiser Permanente is a notable non-profit health care organization. This company aims to provide high-quality, affordable health care services. They have their medical group, physicians, nurses, and a team of caregivers. As this is a nonprofit organization, it primarily collects funds from profit partnerships or Professional corporations. About an 8.7million members and patients, this 76-year-old organization is serving profoundly in the US. Kaiser Permanente works with 39n hospitals and more than 719 medical officers. They focus more on innovation, clinical research, health education and improving community health.

    Company Name
    Henry J. Kaiser, Sidney Garfield

    Every company has a mission and vision statement. A mission statement defines the purpose of a company and a vision statement illustrates the companys goal, strategic decision-making process to achieve those goals. According to the mission statement, Kaiser Permanente wants to establish itself as an affordable quality health service provider. This company aims to be a leader in total health by making life better.

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    Today Tomorrow And Beyond

    We continue our quest to advance medicine, deliver the best care, carry the medical industry forward, and improve the lives of our members, employees, and communities.

    Learn more about the history of Kaiser Permanente and discover some of our amazing stories by visiting our dedicated site.

    Practice Of Choice For Patients

    Convenient, personalized care in a professional environment

    We are a patient centered group practice focused on accessibility, convenience, service, evidence-based care, and professionalism. We are uncompromising in quality and trusted to do what is right. Our patients recognize total health as the integration of oral health and overall health. They value the expanded role we play in their overall health and have fewer care gaps and lower long term healthcare costs.

    All interactions set the tone for a great patient experience. The appointing process is easy and efficient. Patients feel welcome and enjoy prompt service. Our modern facilities and professional environment enhance our patients total care experience.

    We offer exceptional personalized and compassionate care in line with our patients values and preferences. Our high quality and focus on prevention engages them and results in stellar satisfaction.

    Patient engagement, disease prevention and patient wellness have become a reality. We help people be healthy.

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    Protecting You From Fraud

    Preventing fraud, waste, and abuse is part of our mission to provide quality health care. Health care fraud increases the cost of care for all of us. It also can threaten the quality of health care delivery.

    It is fraud when someone else uses your Kaiser Permanente identification card to obtain care. Not only does it abuse and waste members health care resources, this type of fraud is a crime. It can also put the wrong information into your medical record, because someone who falsely assumes your identity to obtain care may have a different blood type or medication allergy than you. This could cause you harm later on.

    That is why we check your Kaiser Permanente identification card and ask for a picture ID every time you come in for a visit. We want to make sure the right person is getting the right health care service.

    It is also fraud when your identity or information is stolen and used to obtain credit, benefits, or money.

    We have a team of experienced crime and fraud investigators who review and investigate reported cases of potential fraud. They also investigate misconduct identified through monitoring our systems and operations.

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