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Importance Of Mission And Vision Statements

What Is A Company Mission Statement

Importance of Vision and Mission Statements of organisations

A mission statement isnt simply stating your companys desire to be the best in your field or make the best product. Instead, it is a way of showing what makes your company stand out and what makes its future so bright.

In addition to stating your companys values and purpose, mission statements can also include a number of other elements. They can convey your targeted customers, position within your market, and quantitative objectives, among other things.

When writing a mission statement, it is important to understand the balance between the mission statement as a part of your companys public image and the mission statement as a part of your companys internal communications.

Know The Purpose Of Your Organization

Before drafting the vision and mission statements, you should be completely aware of the purpose of your organization. An organizations purpose is solely based on its core values and a philosophy that dictates it. Note your values, beliefs, and purpose is set.

To become successful you must know your strengths. To discover your strengths,

  • Take your employees perspective on your company
  • Consider improvement opportunities from time to time
  • Sometimes explore beyond your horizons
  • Identify factors that influence your business

Reason : You Lose Touch With Reality

A sixth reason why mission and statements often dont work as well as they could is that they sometimes lose touch with reality. I dont mean in terms of abstraction or trying to be overly nice , but in terms of how realistic the mission and vision are given where an organization currently is.

Good mission and vision statements create movement. This means they dont merely reflect an organizations status quo, because that would make them uninspiring and not very useful. However, the same applies to mission and vision statements that are so far from reality that people rather start laughing than that they feel energized. They are too far off.

Therefore, good mission and vision statements have a clear relationship with the organizations line of business and status quo, but trigger a creative tension between what is and what should be. This creative tension happens when the mission or vision is sufficiently different from the status quo, but within reachwith effort.

Advice 6: Formulate your mission and vision in such a way that they trigger a creative tension between where you currently are and where you want to be.

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The Importance Of A Mission And Vision

This is far more effective than moving forward without any goal in sight, and manipulating strategies along with way.

Regardless of company size, mission and vision statements provide owners and employees a purpose. This is integral to the companys strategy. These statements define what your future goals are, and what tactics you need to achieve them.

And while most people confuse the two terms, mission and vision are not interchangeable. In the following paragraphs, we discuss why you need mission and vision statements in your business.

Condense These Statements Into One

Mission and Vision Statements

A mission statement can be as short as a single sentence, or as long as a paragraph, but its meant to be a short summary of your companys purpose. You need to state the what, who and why of your company:

  • What: The company offering
  • Who: Who youre selling to
  • Why: The core values you do it for

Once you have successfully conveyed your message, its time to refine and perfect your statement.

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Disney: To Be One Of The Worlds Leading Producers And Providers Of Entertainment And Information

Disneys vision statement goes beyond providing ordinary entertainment. It intends to tell stories and drive creativity that inspires future generations through its work. This is an exceptional vision statement because it goes beyond giving consumers programs to watch, but ones that excite and change the way people see them and the world around them.

Why Is It Important To Have A Family Mission Statement

Entitlement, loss of empathy, and constant fights against screens and sugar make parenting harder than ever. Its easy to get lost in todays hyperactive world.

Thats why family mission statement examples and ideas are so amazing. They help us put together a guiding vision of what we want our family life to be.

And according to renowned educational psychologist, Michele Borba, it also helps children develop moral identity.

This post contains affiliate links, and we may earn a commission at no cost to you. See our disclaimer for more.

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Make Employees Proud And Feel Their Work Is More Meaningful

If employees know and understand the noble aims and objectives of the company, they will be proud to realize the goals. In addition, employees will feel their work is more meaningful. Because they work not only to meet their needs, they can work in an environment that has the same understanding and motivation of work.

Why Create A Vision Statement

The Importance of Your Mission and Vision Statements

Not every company with a vision statement goes on to achieve enormous success, but the most successful and long-standing companies all have vision statements of some kind.

Vision is defined by a companys core values, and core values are the bedrock on which the enduring parts of the company are built. Strategies, business practices, products, and ideals might change, but a companys true vision is its most important guiding principle when it comes to making long-term decisions.

Vision statements dont have to be dreamily vague or come across like motivational posters. At their most impactful, vision statements are plainly stated and an authentic reflection of what a company truly believes to be most important to its mission and survival.

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Why Is It Important To Define The Big Picture

Your vision and mission are the foundation on which your business is built. You probably have an idea in your head of where you want to go and why you do what you do, but if you dont have it codified, then it is easy to go off-track. You get an idea, start to work on it, get another idea, change directions, get another idea. . .rinse and repeat.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Were known for putting People first, which includes recognizing, respecting, and valuing differences. By fostering a Culture that embraces and utilizes our diversity, we create competitive, yet equitable, advantages that contribute to our overall success. Were dedicated to advancing DEI, including our efforts to cultivate a workforce and Leadership Team that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.

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Collective Bargaining And Freedom Of Association

As of December 31, 2021, approximately 82% of our workforce was represented by labor unions. Our approach to collective bargaining focuses on partnering with Leaders and Unions to negotiate labor agreements that achieve positive outcomes for our People and Southwest, while also fostering relationships founded on honesty, civility, and understanding. Our Annual Report on Form 10-K contains more information on the various unions representing our Employees.

What Is A Mission Statement

How To Write Your Vision &  Mission For Success In Your Business ...

A mission statement describes the current state of an organization and its primary goals or objectives. It provides detailed information about what the organization does, how it does it, and who it does it for. Unlike the vision statement, it is short-term in nature. However, it is related to the vision statement in that it outlines the primary goals that will help to achieve the future the organization desires .

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Mission Statements Spark New Ideas

While you are discussing and considering your mission statement, it may open you up to new ideas. In fact, heres where the true value of getting everyone on board to contribute to the mission statement development process lies.

While it is important to have a solid foundation, the mission statement can also shift your perspective on your work. It can cause you to look at your company with a fresh set of eyes.That being said, a mission statement can always be changed over time, enabling you to adjust your statement in new directions that better suit your team and your own business goals.

It is, if you will, part of the ideation process and it brings together multiple opinions and beliefs that every single member of your company can provide.

Importance Of Mission And Vision Statements In Strategic Planning

The mission selected for Stevens District Hospital is to improve health by providing high-quality care. The vision is to provide the broadest range of services in the county. The background of Stevens District Hospital indicates that it has an aggressive quality management program and a low volume of medical malpractice claims. This would indicate to me that the hospital organizations mission is to continue to qualify as a not for profit facility and provide general range of acute services. Improving health by providing high quality care indicates that their measurements are with the providers that they employ. The vision is to be the choice for the physician and patients when choosing a health care organization. Their goal is within 5 years to have multispecialty physician practice system with six family practice physicians and specialists to achieve this goal.

The strengths of the mission statement are improving health by providing quality care. Improving health is dependent on the professionals that are employed, resources that are provided, and range of services. The hospital was able to recruit one family practice physician to its primary care market. Currently Stevens District Hospital holds 52% of the patient population in the 96101-zip code.


Hawthorne, M. . The Purpose of Mission and Vision Statements in Strategic Planning. Retrieved from statements-strategic-planning-13161.html

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Examples Of Good Corporate Vision Statements

  • To be a nerd for all your needs. Its short, sweet, catchy, and has a nice ring to it.
  • To make people happy. Its short and to the point and it dovetails nicely with their tagline, The happiest place on earth.
  • To be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and self-fulfillment needs of womenglobally. Based on qualities that women appreciate.
  • To accelerate the worlds transition to sustainable energy. Nearly every word has meaning for today and into the future.
  • To give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. An accurate statement that applies globally.
  • To give customers a wide assortment of their favorite products, Every Day Low Prices, guaranteed satisfaction, friendly service, convenient hours and a great online shopping experience. Its a bit longer than most, but it speaks clearly to what they offer.

There are several key takeaways for understanding the importance of a vision statement. It doesnt matter whether the statement is short or long. Vision statements should be a central part of strategic planning. Because the vision statement guides all aspects of a company, boards should take their time in developing it. Once the vision statement has been created, dont hide it. Share it with the world and take a sense of pride in it.

Help Determine And Inform Performance Standards

The Mission, Vision, and Values statements

Like guiding thinking and actions of employees, strong Vision and Mission statements will make it much easier to construct transparent and consistent performance standards and measurements. One can ask “What behaviours do we want to encourage/discourage that would bring us in alignment with our Mission and closer to our Vision?”

Not only can performance tools be aligned to the Vision and Mission, but the performance tools can be used to help align the organisation.

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Reason : You Try To Sound Nice And Please Everyone

Another feature of many mission and vision statements that I have seen is their overly socially desirable message and tone. If we are to believe the average mission and vision statement, most commercial businesses exist purely and only to make the world a better place.

Of course, I exaggerate a bit. And of course, you want to sketch an attractive mission and vision that people will find desirable. But a good mission and vision should not try to appeal to everyone. It should be outspoken and reflect choices in what the organization finds important and what not, and where it wants to go, and where not.

In fact, while they should inspire one group of people, they should put off another. Because that is what making choices does. It is one of the basic lessons in strategy and marketing: choose your niche, appeal to them, and forget about others. This works the same for mission and vision statements. Dare to be outspoken.

Advice 5: Make sure your mission and vision reflect clear choices and are directed toward a specific group of people. Embrace the idea that you put off others.

An Analysis Of The Mission And Vision Of Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is a leading American airline with its head office in Dallas, Texas. The company has adopted a competitive pricing structure which is also its leading source of competitive advantage apart from its differentiated operational model. While most other domestic carriers operate on a hub and spoke model, Southwest Airlines operates a point to point model. To reduce its fuel expenses and maintain the low-cost advantage, Southwest Airlines flies only Boeing 737 aircraft, more than half of which are 737-700 model. The company started its operations in 1971 with just three Boeing 737 aircraft. Today, it serves 99 destinations ad has a fleet of 750 aircraft. Apart from 40 states in the US, it also serves some international destinations including Mexico, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Aruba, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Belize, Cuba, the Cayman Islands, and Turks and Caicos.

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Mission Statements Guide The Company Forward

Mission statements are an incredibly important navigational tool when you are thinking about the future of your company.

The mission statement is the bedrock of any organization. Make sure its as strong as it needs to be. You, your team, and your partners will turn to this as a guideline for all actions. At the same time, potential customers can judge your brand based on its mission statement to decide whether it suits their own values or not.

Southwest Airlines Cos Mission Statement & Vision Statement

HCS 499 WEEK 2 Importance of Mission and Vision Statements in Strategic ...

Southwest Airlines Co.s industry position as the leading low-cost commercialaviation company is a result of following a mission statement and a vision statement that aim for the dominantcompetitive position in the global industry. The enterprise has a history ofexpansion where cost minimization is a core factor in airline operationsmanagement. Southwests corporate mission represents businessstrategic objectives that aim for leadership in terms of customer experienceand relations, as well as the companys approach to human resource management. Thesefactors have significant implications on the corporations marketingstrategies, regarding how the business presents itself as a practical alternativeto other major airlines. On the other hand, Southwests corporate vision focuses on international leadership,revealing strategic planning for further expansion of operations. The vision statement and mission statement are primaryguiding principles that shape Southwestsstrategies to grow and explore new opportunities in the global commercialaviation market.

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The Importance Of Mission And Vision Statements: Sbec

Vision and mission statements are important foundational elements of any business. These statements can be highly motivating when they are communicated clearly and with intent as they can help provide objectives and direction. Externally, vision and mission statements can also help express your enterprises purpose to customers, suppliers, and the media. Vision and mission statements have different purposes, and theyre not interchangeable, so its important to have both for your company.

What is a mission statement?

A mission statement identifies your companys purpose and is a way to share publicly why your company exists. Generally, it is crafted as part of your business plan to help you unify elements of your business and stay on track.

A clear mission statement tells potential and existing customers and investors what to expect from your business and can provide your employees with direction, inspiration, and focus. A strong mission statement is brief usually consisting of two to three sentences that set forward what the company does, who it provides services/products to, and describes how the company wants to be perceived. It can also include information on where the company is based, its target market or audience, or a general statement about the company values and goals.

Here are a couple of examples of mission statements from very successful companies:

Walgreens: To champion the health and well-being of every community in America.

What is a vision statement?

The Importance Of A Vision Statement

Companies of all sizes can benefit from writing a vision statement. For the planets most powerful and influential organizations, vision statements are totemic phrases that can guide decades or perhaps even centuries of doing business.

But even the smallest startups can find real value in crafting and adopting a vision statement. The process of creating a vision statement requires careful introspection and consideration of your companys core values. Figuring out which parts of running a business youre unwilling to compromise oncost, quality, the speed of service, the environmental impactthen baking those ideals into a vision statement helps to clarify the direction your company is moving in.

Evolving companies can review previous statements as they grow and adapt, to see which values have fallen by the wayside and which ones still remain part of the vision.

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