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How To Tell If Your Cat Has Poor Vision

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Blind Or Deaf

How to Test a Cat’s Vision

Old age, disease, and injury are all factors that might contribute to a cats development of sensory difficulties. The most often seen problems are vision and hearing impairment. Cats that are deaf or blind can still have a high quality of life if they are given the proper care and attention. It is astonishing how much cats can depend on their other senses, which allows them to go about their everyday lives without experiencing any major difficulties in doing so.

When To Contact Your Vet

Some causes of blindness are reversible so it’s important to contact your vet as soon as you notice your cat having problems with their vision.

You know your cat best. Always contact your vet if youre concerned.

Consider insuring your cat as soon as you get them, before any signs of illness start. This will ensure you have all the support you need to care for them.

Five Ways To Know Whether Your Pet Is Losing Her Vision

Regardless of your pets age, vision issues can come into play. For younger animals, these are usually the result of infections and hereditary diseases. For older ones, basic degeneration after a lifetime of use usually takes its tollfor some more than others.

But how can you tell if shes actually losing her vision?

Thats tough, given that pet vision tends to be different from our own. Nonetheless, heres a list of five ways to tell if Fido or Fluffy is having trouble seeing.

1. Know whats normal for your pet

Ideally, every pet owner should get out there with their pet and establish a normal baseline for what their pets vision should be. Heres how I do it:

Take her favorite toy or treat and see how far you can get before she no longer knows its there. I tend to have you try this first from a large distance when you know she hasnt seen it yet. Have someone else hold your pet while you walk slowly towards her. Try it several times to see at what distance she figures it out.

I know its hard for cats but you can try with items on a counter far away.

Another method involves simply paying attention to when she can recognize a friend walking towards her from a distance. Is it twenty yards? Ten?

2. Whats that on her eyes?

Notice a fuzziness in or on her eyes? Sometimes pets can see perfectly through or around these opacities but not usually. Typically, its evidence of vision loss. Get thee to thy vet.

3. The nighttime test

4. Surprise!

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How Cat Eyesight Compares To Dog Eyesight

While dogs have wider peripheral vision than cats, cats have better binocular vision than dogs. This allows cats to judge distance and better track small objects such as mice and birds.

Unlike humans, cats and dogs can see some ultraviolet light. Both animals have lenses that allow a certain amount of UV light to pass through, which also allows them to see so well in low levels of lighting.

Noting Changes To The Eyes

Amusing Photos Of Cats Hiding In Plain Sight
  • 1Look at your cats pupils. If you suspect your cat is blind or going blind, look at its pupils. Note if the pupils stay the same in both bright and low light. Also check to see if the pupils are different sizes. Both of these are signs of blindness or incipient blindness.
  • Also note if your cat is squinting or if its indifferent to changes in lighting.
  • 2Check out the color of your cats eyes. One of the changes you may see is a change of eye color. Additionally, look for more redness in your cats eyes. Alternatively, you might see that your cats eyes look milkier, cloudier, or appear more white.
  • Look for excessive redness in the tissues around the eyes. Dont worry if this is lighter pink, which is normal.
  • If the lenses of your cats eyes are opaque, this might be a sign of cataracts.
  • 3Test your cats menace reflex. Move a fingertip quickly towards your cats eye without making contact with the cornea. A sighted cat will flinch or blink when you move your fingertip towards them, but a blind cat will remain unaware of your finger. Dont get too close to your cats whiskers or create a breeze on its whiskers so it can’t sense your finger approaching its face.
  • 4Try dropping a ball of yarn in front of your cat. Notice if she watches or follows the descent of the ball. Most sighted cats will watch the ball drop. A blind cat will remain oblivious as the ball passes in front of it. Avoid getting too close to your cat’s whiskers so it doesn’t sense the ball.XResearch source
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    How Hypertension Causes Blindness

    Hypertension, or raised blood pressure, is common in old cats. Its often secondary to kidney disease or hyperthyroidism, but also occurs on its own. If untreated, it can cause two things to happen the eye:

  • The retina separates from the rest of the back of the eye. This is retinal detachment.
  • Blood vessels burst leading to bleeding inside the eye or on the retina. The blood then blocks vision.
  • The picture shows a severe case of retinal detachment. You can see a widely dilated yellow pupil, and the greenish bulging retina in the middle.

    Extreme Eye Dilation In Cats

    Vision is important to your cat’s well-being. It is involved in orientation, interaction, navigation, hunting — both real and pretend — and general happiness. If your cat is bumping into objects, has cloudy eyes or is no longer interested in playing, you can test her vision to see if blindness or other problems are to blame.

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    Changes In Eye Appearance

    When the look of the eye changes, it might be a sign of an underlying eye condition such as vision loss or blindness. Cloudy eyes, inflamed eyes, swollen pupils, and high reflectiveness are some of the indications of glaucoma. Glaucoma, cataracts, and inflammation of the eye are among conditions that can result in cloudy eyes. When you have red eyes, its most likely because you have high blood pressure, glaucoma, an eye tumor, or inflammation. Sometimes a blind cats pupil will not contract in reaction to light, while in other situations, a thin or non-existent retina can result in vast volumes of light being reflected from the environment.

    Can My Cat See Better Than Me

    My Guide to Help with NAUGHTY Cat Behavior!

    Cat parents sometimes get the sense that their fur baby can see something that they can’t. More often than not, this is true, but not for the reasons you may think. Cats may not have a sixth sense, but they do have a third eyelid a thin membrane that provides added protection. In turn, cats have highly evolved vision.

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    Looking After A Deaf Cat

    Deaf cats are frequently subjected to greater risks, particularly when they are outside they may not be able to detect an approaching automobile or an aggressive animal that may constitute a hazard. Many cats like doing so, which makes adapting to hearing loss quite tough. If you have a garden, turn it into a safe, cat-proof haven where they may continue to enjoy their outside activities while remaining protected from any predators. Tall fence and overhead netting are also effective options.

    Catios are becoming increasingly popular among cat owners who want to keep their cats secure while also giving them the opportunity to provide them with fresh air and freedom to wander.

    Aside from ensuring their safety, youll need to modify the way you speak with your cat as cats begin to lose their hearing as they get older.

    Deaf cats are often startled, so always approach your cat from the direction in which they are looking.

    Ways To Make Life Easier For Your Blind Cat

    If your vet has confirmed that you cat has limited or no eyesight, theres no reason they cant remain safe and happy, and your bond be as great as ever. Just follow a few small steps to make sure your feline friend has the best chance of coping.

    Although your cat may take some time to adjust to its change in sight, with a few changes they can still have a great life and youll still share that special bond together that makes your pet so wonderful.

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    Swollen Eyes Or Tear Ducts In Cats

    Severe inflammation in the conjunctiva can occasionally block a cats tear duct, causing excessive eye tearing. The vet will need to treat the cause of the conjunctivitis appropriately, which will help unblock the tear duct.

    If your cat is having a lot of tearing or swelling around the eye, go see the vet.

    Corneal Ulceration: Direct Frontal Damage

    Ten Cats With Funny Eyes That Will Turn Any Frown Upside Down

    Signs of a corneal ulcer in your cata scratch or tear in the see-through front part of the eye may show signs similar to other eye conditions. The eye may be red with discharge and there may be swelling near the ulcer. The cat may hold the eye closed or be sensitive to light. Veterinarians can do tests to identify the damage, and because corneal ulceration could be caused by injury, infections, or an inner eye disease, treatment will differ depending on the root cause.

    For corneal ulcers that are more mild in nature, your cat may respond well to treatment for underlying conditions that require antibiotic drops and/or pain relief for the cat. But deeper ulcers may require surgery and can develop scar tissue and possibly burst if treatment is not administered properly by a vet.

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    What Are The Signs Of Progressive Retinal Atrophy

    PRA is not a painful condition, so it is rarely noticed in its earliest stages of development. The first sign that is usually noticed in a cat with PRA is night blindness. Affected cats tend to be nervous at night, may be reluctant to go into dark rooms, or may bump into things when the light is dim. Pet owners with cats that are developing PRA often observe that their pet’s eyes have become very reflective when light shines on them, and that the pupils are more dilated than normal. Both eyes are affected. If an affected cat never goes outdoors or into unfamiliar environments, the condition may not be observed until the cat is completely blind. In Abyssinian cats, more specific signs when examining the back of the eye can help determine what stage the condition is in.

    Keratitis: When The Cornea Is Inflamed

    As with most eye conditions, this inflammation of the see-through cornea that covers the iris and the pupil can be painful and cause blindness if the underlying cause is left untreated. Testing can help a veterinarian uncover the bacteria or virus at work and prescribe a pain-relieving and illness-fighting treatment plan. Especially with viruses, treatment can take time, and the condition could return, so its possible your veterinarian may recommend adjustments along the way.

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    How Does It Happen

    With retinal dysplasia, the photoreceptor cells of the retina develop abnormally, leading to an early onset of blindness. Usually, both the rods and the cones are affected.

    With late onset PRA, the cells of the retina develop normally, however over time, the cells begin to deteriorate. In the majority of cases, the rod cells degenerate first causing night vision to be affected before daytime vision, but eventually the cone cells also degenerate, leading to complete blindness.

    Conjunctivitis/pink Eye In Cats

    Cat Body Language 101

    Conjunctivitis in cats is more of a symptom than a disease. It occurs when the tissues surrounding the eye become inflamed and irritated.

    A wide variety of conditions can cause pink eye in cats, so it can be difficult to determine the underlying cause. In some cases, the conjunctiva can be so swollen that it is not even possible for you to see your cats eye itself!

    Although anti-inflammatory medications may reduce the swelling of the conjunctiva, it often takes additional testing and examination to identify what caused the inflammation.

    Cats with conjunctivitis should be seen by a veterinarian within 24 hours.

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    What Causes Blindness In Cats

    Blindness in cats can happen for all sorts of reasons, and some are actually pretty similar to why it may happen to human adults â this may include issues from old age to cataracts to glaucoma, or hypertension to some kind of eye or head injury. Some diseases like Diabetes can lead to eye issues as well.

    âThe most common reason is a burst of bleeding in the eyeâs interior due to a sharp blow to the head. In the rare occasion that a cat ingests enrofloxacin , this can also cause sudden blindness,â says Dr. Georgina Ushi DVM and veterinary writer at WeLoveDoodles.com.

    Caring For A Blind Cat

    Even though cats still need on their vision for survival, they frequently rely more on their hearing and sense of smell, which allows many of them to adjust well to being blind. Try to maintain your homes surroundings as constant as possible, for example, by not changing furniture, litter trays, or food and water dishes from place to place. You should also make every effort to keep your cat indoors as much as possible, or construct a cat-friendly outdoor enclosure to keep them safe while they are out in the open.

  • Blind cats are known to respond strongly to items that are loud or smelled, so investing in toys that have bells, rattles, and catnip may help excite their senses while establishing a strong link with their owners.
  • Other pets may also benefit from having a bell attached to their collars for the same reason as your dog.
  • in order to provide guidance Blindness can manifest itself in different ways in different cats.
  • It is dependent on the source and amount of the blindness in order to decide whether or not blindness in a cat may be reversibly restored.
  • If the pupil of your cats eyes begins to develop a white or grey color, this is most likely the result of cataracts, which are irreversible conditions.
  • In the same way that many humans do, cats can experience hearing loss as they get older.
  • Congenital deafness is typically associated with pigmentation, and the majority of afflicted cats have an all-white or mainly white coat, as well as blue eyes.
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    How To Manage Blindness In Cats

    Regardless what stage of vision loss your cat is experiencing, make sure to take him to the vet for a thorough analysis. Since there are so many possible health issues that can be the source of your cats vision problems, a professional will need to conduct several tests in order to properly diagnose your furry friend.

    Once your cat has been diagnosed and he indeed is suffering from a vision impairment, it is then your job to make him feel as comfortable as possible. Especially if your cats vision loss has come on suddenly, he will need extra assistance getting around as he adjusts to his new life. In the beginning, contain your cat in an enclosed space that is free of clutter. This will help him adjust in a safe environment. Once he feels more comfortable, you can then increase his space little by little.

    It is also highly advised to keep your cat indoors from this point forward. Blind cats are more likely to get lost, especially if their owners are not supervising them. If you want your cat to get some outdoor exposure, you can try taking him for a walk or keeping him secluded to the backyard while you keep an eye on him.

    Examination Of Vision Problems At The Veterinarian

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    If your cats eyesight is poor, the veterinarian will examine your pet in general and, of course, especially the eyes. Both are necessary because eye problems are often linked to other symptoms, for example in the case of a metabolic disease such as diabetes or hyperthyroidism .

    The pupil, lens, retina, etc. are inspected with a special lamp. Staining with a harmless dye makes corneal damage visible. The amount of tears produced is also measured and the patency of the tear-nasal canals, through which the tear fluid normally drains, is checked. If necessary, the intraocular pressure is measured to rule out glaucoma.

    There are also various tests that can be used to check the cats vision. For example, objects are moved and checked whether the cat follows them with its eyes. Moving toward a table edge or a falling cotton ball are standard eye tests for cats.

    Does the cat see badly and there is a suspicion of metabolic disease? Then a blood test is helpful. Blood pressure should also be measured. It is important that they are carried out correctly and the results interpreted, since e.g. B. the excitement of a visit to the vet influences the measured values.

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    Sudden Blindness In Cats

    The difference between recognizing your cats blindness for the first time and having your cat suddenly suffer from a loss of eyesight is significant. Blood clots in the inner of the eyes lens, a severe knock to the head, or, in some circumstances , ingesting the antibiotic, enrofloxacin, can cause instant blindness in cats. 8.It is possible that eye and vision problems will not be immediately apparent. Example: An elderly cat with persistent hypertension may have a detached retina, which may result in bleeding from the back of the eye.

    Its been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment. This is true in many cases.

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