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How To Naturally Improve Vision

Books About Improving Vision

Fix Your Eyesight: Improve Your Vision Naturally With One Lesson

I remembered a book I picked up years ago called, The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses by Dr. William H Bates. I read through it, and it gave me hope that I could improve my vision naturally, but the instructions weren’t that helpful.

Then I purchased two books that gave more detailed information. The first was Give Up Your Glasses For Good: Holistic Eye Care for the 21st Century.

Give Up Your Glasses for Good provides background information on different types of eye conditions, such as refractive error and age related macular degeneration, floaters and cataracts. It then dives into an assortment of mental and physical exercises to relax the eyes and bring back clear focus.

The second book I used is called, Improve Your Eyesight with EFT. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It helps you work through emotional baggage and we all have emotional baggage. Some of the exercises were a better fit than others, so use what fits for you.

The Bottom Line Of Eye Health

Our modern lifestyle contributes to a more rapid decline in eye health than nature intended. Factors like an increase in artificial light, TVs and computer screens, reducing stress, and a poor diet may all contribute to a decline in eye health.

Keep in mind that while reducing eye strain is great for your overall comfort, it might not always fix your vision problems. If you suffer from certain eye diseases like myopia , hyperopia , severe vision loss or eye damage, cataracts, or macular degeneration, youll probably need glasses or contacts to correct the problem.

I am not a doctor and you should always do your research to see what works best for you. Visit an optometrist to receive regular eye exams and checkups to evaluate your eye health, and to see what they recommend for vision therapy.

This article was medically reviewed by Dr. Scott Soerries, MD, Family Physician and Medical Director of SteadyMD. As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor.

Do you or your children wear glasses? Ever tried anything other than the conventional methods to improve your eyesight?

Take A Break From Technology

Technology is a great thing. It allows us to do so much more than we could dozens of years ago. Consider that now you dont even have to leave the house to go grocery shopping! You can do all of that with your phone and have your food delivered right to your front door. Sometimes, technology is not always good. This is often the case when it comes to your eye health.

For example, one study found that the blue light emitted from your smartphone, computer or television could accelerate blindness and impair your vision. Specifically, the study found that blue light causes excited retinal that interrupts cell signaling. Because phones are a relatively new invention that hasnt been around for more than 20 years or so, its hard to determine the full effect they have on our eyes as proper studies have not been done yet.

Your best bet is to reduce the amount of blue light that youre exposed to by taking a break from technology every once and awhile. Find other things to do instead of scrolling through social media. This is a great time to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Most studies report that people spend hours a day on their phone anyway, so use this time productively and your eyes will thank you.

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What Was My Overall Nutrition To Improve Eyesight

In order to improve your eyesight, you need a proper diet. Nutrition is an important part of improving the human bodys function and general health. A healthy diet can help with weight loss, in addition to lowering the risk of health conditions such as high cholesterol.

There are many reasons to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Proper nutrition helps you maintain a healthy weight and waistline. Healthy habits you establish can greatly improve your overall health. Eating the right foods is important, but its especially important if you want to keep your eyes healthy.

The important part to remember is to find a Nutrition Plan that works best for your body. You may have noticed I dont use the word diet very often. It feels restrictive, it feels short term, it feels trendy. We all know of manymany.many fad diets. Our goal here is longevity, and lifestyle change, not just a short term fix. Find the foods that fuel your body to be at its best, and make that your nutrition plan.

You can start managing your nutrition by simply limiting the amount of processed foods, sugar and alcohol. Begin to eat whole foods.

Have Leafy Greens Guavas And Tomatoes

How to Improve Eyesight Naturally

The leafy greens keep your retina unaffected by age and guavas help prevent cataract.

Some carotenoids like lutein, zeaxanthin, and lycopene can ward off eye disease. Found in spinach, mustard greens, and kale, zeaxanthin and lutein may play a protective role against cataract, age-related macular degeneration , which is the degeneration of the central part of the retina, and retinitis pigmentosa or the degeneration of the rod cells of the retina.3 Meanwhile, lycopene found in guava, watermelon, and tomatoesmay help prevent cataracts.4

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Why Does Vision Get Worse With Age

Many factors play a role in how well your eyes age, and each eye disorder affects different parts of the eye, which can cause changes in your eyesight. A few common age-related vision changes include:

  • . With a decrease in visual acuity, you notice less detail in objects. Its tested during an eye exam when you stand 20 feet from the eye chart and are asked to read a line of letters from the chart without wearing your glasses or contact lenses. You may also be asked to cover one eye at a time and read aloud the smallest letters you can see on the chart.
  • . Simply put, your eyes are less able to detect small changes in light. Difficulty with driving at night is a common example of decreased contrast sensitivity. For this test, the examiner asks you to look at a chart with rows of letters and name the letters in ambient lighting. As the test progresses, the contrast between the letters and the background decreases so its harder to distinguish whats written.
  • Diminished capacity to accommodate. To test for accommodation, the doctor has you look at a near reading card and then adds prescription lenses until the target becomes clear.
  • Heightened sensitivity to glare. While driving, you may increasingly notice glare from headlights at night or sun reflecting off windshields during the day. The scattering of the light entering your eye due to changes to your eye lens causes this intense glare.

What Causes Poor Eyesight

Nearly a century ago, a breakthrough eye doctor named Dr. Bates believed that glasses and contacts only made vision problems worse. He founded the Bates Method, an alternative therapy that relied on eye exercises and relaxation. His theory was based on the idea that the muscles surrounding the eye can become unbalanced, causing strain that leads to vision problems.

However, many modern ophthalmologists argue with this idea, saying that it is the rods and cones in the eye that determine vision problems and that muscle tightness does not affect vision.

So whats the bottom line? The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. While eye exercises might not help everyone with vision problems, there is new evidence that relaxation practices can help reduce eye strain due to increased electronic and screen use.

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Know Your Family History

Some eye diseases can run in families. People may wish to talk to their close relatives to find out about their eye health history.

Knowing about eye conditions that run in the family can allow a person to take precautions. It is also necessary for people to inform healthcare professionals and eye doctors about their family history.

Eye conditions that can run in families

The Problem Of Being Too Still: Focus On Being Active

How to Fix Your Vision In Only 5 Minutes! Follow Along

We dont need to run out and get a gym membership and start blocking off 3 hours a day to get moving. You can easily start with a 10-minute walk during the day and build from there. You will also find many free resources online that are only 15-20 minutes long.

Bonus tip here, the more activity you can do outside you are also getting the benefits of vitamin D straight from the sunlight!

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Keep Your Hands Clean

Touching your eyes with dirty hands, such as when handling contact lenses, can easily infect them with germs, bacteria, and diseases. These can lead to irritation, dryness, and blurriness in your vision.

Always wash your hands before touching your eyes, replace or clean contact lenses regularly, and store contacts in a proper disinfecting solution made specifically for contact lenses.

Things That Likely Wont Treat Blurry Vision Naturally

You may have heard about eye exercises to help maintain optimal vision, such as rolling the eyes back and forth. However, theres little credible scientific evidence suggesting that eye exercises can improve blurry vision.

For eye health, a well-rounded diet high in fruits and veggies is recommended over supplements. These vitamins can be found in leafy greens and other colorful fruits and vegetables, like:

Dont rely on vitamin supplements for adequate nutrition. See a doctor or nutritionist if youre unsure how to achieve a balanced diet.

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Physical Activity And Exercise And Eye Vision Improvement

Its no secret that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health. Kids who dont exercise regularly often have poorer eyesight and are more prone to developing other health problems later in life.

But did you know that getting regular exercise is one of the best ways to improve blood flow and oxygen to your eyes? Its true! And the good news is, there are lots of different exercises you can do that are fun and feel good.

Foods That Improve Vision

Home Remedies to Improve Eyesight

Eating a healthy diet is one of the best ways to improve your vision, even if you dont have any pending vision problems. This is because diet influences many different factors in your body that determine how likely you are to become diagnosed with a disease.

Picking foods with a high antioxidant value and healthy fats helps control inflammation and can help improve the overall health of the tissues and blood vessels in your eyes. On the other hand, eating the wrong foods can cause inflammation to build up in these areas and prevent you from being able to see correctly. Here are some of the best foods for eyesight:

  • Raw cacao powder or dark chocolate

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Improve Your Vision Naturally Through Your Diet

The first step to improving your vision is to work on your diet. How many of the essential eye health nutrients do you get every day? If you dont know, its time to start logging your food. Using a notebook or your phone, record your diet for one week. Then, review it to see how many of the following nutrients you consumed:

Perhaps you notice from your food log that you ate a ton of greasy and sugary foods. These foods are low in nutrients and can actually damage your eyes over time. The first thing you need to do is clean up your diet and start drinking more water. This will ensure your eyes have the nutrients they need to function well and stay strong. Luckily, the nutrients your eyes depend on are often the same nutrients your other organs need. Choosing to eat a healthier diet overall will benefit your entire body as well as improve your eyesight.

Eye Exercises To Improve Vision Fast

You exercise your mind and body, right? So, why not exercise your eyes, too? Its a great way to strengthen your eye muscles and improve your eyesight right at home or whenever youre at. You can exercise your vision in the car on the way to work or even when sitting at home watching television. Here are some exercises to improve vision.

  • Focus on change: this exercise is designed to strengthen your focus. Start by sitting down in a chair. Hold a finger a few inches away from your eye and focus on it. Keep your focus and slowly move the finger away from your face. Then, break your focus for a moment by looking beyond the finger. Focus again on your finger and bring it back to your face. Once the finger is near your face again, break your focus and look at something out in the distance.

Repeat this process a few times a day if possible. You can do it right at your desk at work or while sitting on the couch.

  • Do a figure eight: this exercise helps strengthen your eyesight as well as your concentration levels. Start by sitting down. Pick a spot on the ground in front of you about ten feet away and focus on it. Then, track an imaginary figure eight with your eyes, moving your eyes back to your seated position. Keep tracking the figure eight until you get back to the starting position as if there were a line on the ground that you were tracing with your eyes.

Once you get back to the starting point, break your focus and try it again.

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How To Take Care Of Your Eyes To Prevent Eyesight Problems


Foods make taking care of your eyes easier, but you must do a few things to help these foods do their work properly. Here are a few things you need to do to prevent visual impairment.

You must exercise your eyes to strengthen the muscles. Focus unfocus, palming, rolling your eyes, etc. are a few examples of eye exercises. Check this post out to know more.

All of us are hooked to our laptops, iPads, or cell phones. The radiation from these devices is very harmful, and no matter how many layers of protective coats we add to the glasses, the eyes always get affected. Cool your eyes by splashing water on them every one or two hours.

  • Close Your Eyes

A tight deadline can turn you into a night owl. Unfortunately, the eyes of owls are designed differently. Give your eyes 2-3 minutes rest simply by closing them. Do it every 30 minutes, and you will see a difference.

  • Adjust The Lighting

Adjust the lighting on your computer, cell phone, and iPad it will help protect your eyesight by preventing photodamage.

  • Wear Sunglasses

You must protect your eyesight from bright sunlight. If you are stepping out and it is very sunny outside, wear sunglasses. They will prevent photodamage and UV damage.

  • Get The Right Spectacles

Go to a good eye doctor for a checkup. Make sure you answer his/her questions correctly to help him/her prescribe the correct glasses for you.

Do Physical And Eye Exercises

How to Improve Eyesight Naturally – Fact vs Fiction?

Exercise can help improve your overall health in many ways, from protecting your heart to improving your memory. So its no surprise that it can benefit your eyes, too. Heres an eye exercise sequence you could try right away.

  • Sit back 20 inches from the screen.
  • Maintain eye level with the CureJoy logo.
  • Follow the eyeball as it moves across the screen.
  • Do this for not more than 1 minute at a time.

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Can Eye Drops Improve Vision

Eye drops treat symptoms. They don’t improve the problem. They are not designed to do that.

Symptom relief is a great business model for the eye industry. They don’t want to help you improve your eyesight. They would lose a customer. So the eye industry is in the business of symptom relief. Healing or improving eyesight doesn’t pay.

Eye drops for dry eyes simply add artificial tears to your eyes. The root cause for the dry eyes is a lack of tears, that’s correct.

But your body needs the ingredients to make good tears. Adding artificial tears into the eye sends the wrong signal. Your eyes tell the brain and body that there are enough tears. When there isn’t.

So, the problem gets worse and worse. Because the body stops producing its own tears.

Glaucoma eye drops simply help the eye to drain. But the blockage that causes the fluid buildup stays. So, eye drops only give temporary relief. Plus, patients have switch brands. Because glaucoma eye drops become ineffective over time.

The body becomes resistant to the drops.

When To Contact An Eye Doctor

To maintain your eye health, contact an eye doctor regularly for annual checkups and dilated eye exams. This can help detect eye conditions early and begin treatment before they worsen or cause permanent vision loss.

According to the CDC, some people may want to consider contacting an eye doctor more often, including people older than 60 years old or who have diabetes or a family history of glaucoma.

Contact an eye doctor if you have changes in vision that disrupt your ability to perform or enjoy daily activities. An ophthalmologist or optometrist can discuss corrective lenses or medical treatments to improve your eyesight.

Get urgent care if you experience symptoms including:

  • sudden loss of vision

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Even More Important: Avoid Artificial Blue Light

The full extent of the health benefits associated with blue light avoidance are only beginning to be understood. Glasses that block blue light have the benefit of making objects appear sharper, but mounting research suggests blocking blue light also serves an important biological purpose by regulating your internal body clock, which controls your sleep patterns and other body functions.

Indeed, exposure to artificial light is among the most often-overlooked health risks of living in the 21st century.

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to protect your bodys internal rhythm, and thereby support healthy sleep and a lowered risk of many chronic diseases, is to wear amber-colored glasses that block blue light not just at night but anytime you are exposed to fluorescent or LED lights.

This is because LEDs and fluorescents, although far more energy efficient, are not analog thermal light sources but digital ones. They have unbalanced wavelengths that are very different from the sun. They have a predominance of blue frequencies that contributes to free radical production, and lack the red, infrared and near infrared healing frequencies that stimulate repair and regeneration that are present in thermal light sources like clear incandescent bulbs.

The dramatic results make sense in light of the relatively recent discovery of intrinsically photo-responsive retinal ganglion cells, which are receptors in your eyes that detect only blue light.

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