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How To Check Vision At Home

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How To Do An Eye Vision Test At Home

When was the last time you had your eyes tested? Regular eye exams can ensure healthy vision. Our eyes change as we get older, and this often goes unnoticed. The first sign that our vision is deteriorating is not always blurred or unfocused vision. Headache or eye strain can also indicate vision problems.

Better vision also means more quality of life, as sight is our most important sensory organ. 80% of the impressions we receive of our environment are obtained through our eyes. Having our eyes regularly tested by a qualified eye care professional should be a routine part of preventive health care not only for yourself, but also for the safety of other people if you are driving. In general, provided we do not have any existing or known eye problems, we should have our eyes tested once every two years.

Use the online ZEISS Online Vision Screening to check your eyes online. This online vision test was developed by ZEISS experts to allow you to test your eyes in an easy and fast way for free. At the end of the test you will then receive a recommendation indicating whether you should consult an eye care professional for expert advice. Start your online eye exam.

The ZEISS Online Vision Screening Test will provide you with a baseline of the current performance of your eyes.

How Does The Online Eye Test Work

This interactive eye exam will test your sight from 20/70 to 20/20 vision. If you successfully reach the end of the test, you’ll be directed to the 20/20 results page.

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, it’s important to test both with and without your corrective lenses. This will give you an idea as to whether your current script is the correct strength for you.

Book a Consultation at a personalEYES clinic

Although the test is designed to give you an idea of how good your eyesight is, it’s important to have an optometrist give you a proper examination every two years. They will be able to give you a more accurate test, in addition to testing for things like glaucoma and cataracts. They’ll also be able to discuss treatment options, like laser eye surgery, with you.

Check my system for minimum requirements

Let’s Begin!

Eyecarelives Online Vision Test:

EyecareLives online vision test is fast, accurate and reliable. This online tests is a FDA registered vision test that has been tested for its accuracy and reliability by top optometry colleges in USA. This two device online vision tests needs no printing of vision charts or downloading any apps. You can simply take the online vision test on your laptop or desktop browser along with your smart phone by following simple steps. Once you complete the test, it will show you the results for each eye which you can save as a record for yourself or request an online consultation to speak with an eye doctor. With EyecareLives online vision test you can repeat the test as many times as you want. You can also save the results to share with your known eye doctor.


  • How do I know if I have 20/20 vision?
  • 20/20 vision is the smallest line one the visual acuity chart. If you can read it, your vision is 20/20. If you are using EyecareLives online vision test it will show the results at the end of the test to help you understand the visual status of each eye.

    2. Are online vision test accurate?

    Most of the two device online vision tests are accurate if done correctly. Some tests in general have shown lower accuracy rates than others.

    3. Can this replace eye exams and follow ups?

    No, this is just a screening tool. It is highly recommended to get a comprehensive eye exam every year. Some patients might need to be see sooner or later as per their eye doctors advice.

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    Why Test Vision At Home

    Doing a home vision screening is free, fun, and easy. You are able to start testing your childs vision as early as two years of age. Testing your kids vision at home early can also help you determine if there are any problems. Many eye disorders can be fixed if treated by a professional in the early stages. For safety, children under two years old should have any vision screenings done by a professional.

    Understanding The Results Of An At


    Children that are 3 or 4 years old should be reading the 20/40 line. By age 5, children should be reading the 20/30 line. Older children and adults should be reading the 20/20 line. If you test your child several times across different days and he or she isnt able to see on the expected line, then you should contact an optometrist in order to get a full exam. Take the test result with you to the doctor since this additional information may help identify some underlying conditions.

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    Searching For A Free Eye Chart To Check Your Vision At Home

    Simply click on the image to the right, and your download will begin. You can use this eye chart to check your entire family’s vision.

    Remember: This is not a substitute for a complete medical eye exam by a licensed optometrist. But it could help you identify potential vision problems that demand professional attention.

    Need the JPEG version? .

    What Our Customers Say


    I am a retired Ophthalmologist and I know glasses inside and out. My trial pair were spot-on and perfect!! The frame was simple but good quality and the lenses themselves were flawless.5 BIG STARS!

    James Knapp, MD

    Excellent EyeQue Test

    The EyeQue test was amazing. And when I received my eye glasses I couldn’t believe how clear and sharp everything appears. It saved me the trouble of going to the eye doctor because I am disabled. Thank you EyeQue!

    Dan Haniff

    EyeGlass Numbers Were Accurate

    EyeGlass numbers were accurate, easy to use once you get the hang of it. I’d definitely do a solid amount of tests, and not all at once, if you’re using them to check your eyes before ordering new glasses. Satisfied with my purchase.

    Brittney Watts-Brown

    Does Exactly What Its Name Implies

    The EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker does exactly what its name implies. It accurately measured my refractive status after I learned how to best use the device. The tutorials were very helpful and improved my test scores significantly! I think the Personal Vision Tracker is a great way to check for vision changes in the comfort of your home.

    Careen Caputo, OD

    Two More Lines!

    My EyeQue lets me see two more lines on the eye chart than the prescription I recently obtained from my optometrist.

    Ted J.

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    Testing Your Childs Vision At Home Before An Eye Doctor Visit

    A home vision test may not be a substitute for an eye exam by a qualified eye care professional, but there is a way to test your kids vision, so you have an idea of what to expect at your visit. Home vision screenings dont replace the need for an eye exam with a pediatric eye doctor, but if youre looking to test your childs vision at home before their appointment, heres everything you need to know.

    How To Use The Chart

    How to check your child’s vision at home
    • Make sure you’re using a desktop computer
    • Position yourself approximately 1 metre from your computer screen, facing it directly, and cover your left eye.
    • When you click “Start”, you will be shown a line of eight characters. In the field below, type the letters as you see them, without spaces.
    • Once you’ve entered each letter, click “Next”.
    • If you’ve entered all letters correctly, you’ll progress to the next stage of the chart.
    • If you enter one or more letters incorrectly, you’ll be taken through to your results. Oops, was that just a typo? Not to worry. If you feel your mistake was a result of your fingers rather than your eyes, select “Re-Do Test” to go back and try again.
    • Once you’ve reached your result, repeat the process for your right eye.

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    What Is Visual Acuity

    Visual acuity is how clear your vision is. In the U.S., this is measured at 20 feet and ideal vision is 20/20. This means you can clearly see objects at 20 feet away. Adequate visual acuity is actually 20/40. This means a person is able to see an object that is actually 20 feet away but as though he or she were instead 40 feet away. This measurement is used to determine refractive errors, but it is not the only measurement of vision. Other important factors for your vision are peripheral awareness, eye coordination, depth perception, and focusing ability. These arent measured by a visual acuity test.

    How Can I Be Sure The Results Of My Tests Are Accurate

    EyeQue’s vision tests are comparable to traditional auto-refractors used in the eye care industry. After each completed test, results will be uploaded and evaluated through EyeGlass’ powerful analytics contained within their cloud. To get a more accurate reading, it’ll take three consistent test results. The measurements are within +/- 0.5D of each other so they should be close enough for your EyeGlass Numbers!

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    How Does The Eyeque Visioncheck Work

    First, make sure you’ve charged up your EyeQue VisionCheck device and download the app. Then set up an account and enter your serial number registration! After that answer some introductory questions about yourself before strapping on a silicone strap for practice exams – these three steps will unlock “Eyeglasses Numbers.”

    The VisionCheck exam involves nine attempts on each eye to overlap red and green blocks, which in turn make one yellow block. You’ll peer into the device with your left eye using buttons at top of it for guidance when overlapping these colors.

    It’s time to move onto the next step when you think that both red and green blocks have been successfully overlapped.

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    How To Measure Your Vision At Home

    Heart n Home Eye Test Chart UK England. Optician Glasses Print Picture ...

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 13 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 79,655 times.Learn more…

    As you have probably noticed during your visits to the eye doctor one of the first tests he makes you take is reading the Snellen chart with the letters getting smaller as you move to lower lines. This test gives the doctor a measure of your visual acuity and enables him to estimate how much refractive error he should expect during refraction. If you fail to see the 20/20 line he will most likely have you try again reading it through a pinhole so he can make sure simple refractive correction with lenses would be sufficient enough to improve your acuity. Here this article will teach you how to simply measure your own visual acuity by utilizing a simple calculation and without even needing one of those Snellen charts.

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    How To Test Vision For A Child Three Years And Older

    Make the vision test a game and tell your child that you are going to play a pointing game. Have your child sit in the chair 10 feet away. Your child needs to be directly looking at the eye chart. Have your child cover one eye. Remind him or her that no peaking is allowed. You might need to have another person help your child hold up an eye cover. Illuminate your eye chart using a flashlight or your phone in order to help your kid see clearly. Ask your child to read each line of the eye chart. Have your child point in the same direction the E is pointing on the eye chart. Repeat the test for the other eye and go through the chart again. If your child currently wears glasses, then he or she should keep them on during this home exam. If your child is tired, you may need to do the other eye at a different time for the best results. Be sure to write down the number of the smallest line your child can correctly see.

    How To Test Your Vision At Home

    Over the last three years, when services have been limited and our time at home has sky-rocketed, many of us have turned to DIY approaches to everyday tasks. From haircuts to home gyms, our capacity for self-dependence has definitely been put to the test.

    But being stuck indoors can have other implications particularly when it comes to our health. For example, spending extended amounts of time in dry environments can cause strain on our eyes, drying them out and potentially causing damage. Our increased use of screens may also pose a threat to our vision.

    So, if we can cut our own hair, and improvise our own gyms, can and should we take this approach further.

    For example, can we test our vision at home, and if we can, how do we do it?

    The quick answer is: Yes! But, as usual, there is more to consider. First of all, it is important to note that testing your vision at home is not a suitable alternative to going in and having a full medical eye examination with a professional. However, it can help to give you an idea of the standard of your vision.

    As many eye disorders can be corrected or more effectively treated when caught early, home eye tests are a great way to identify any red flags. That being said, nothing beats a regular eye exam for spotting potential vision problems.

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    The Contrast Vision Assessment

    Initially, you may think that this test is not really important. However, contrast vision is of major significance for comfortable vision. If we cannot distinguish differences in contrast, eye fatigue may be the result. We all know what it’s like when the contrast isn’t properly set on our computer screen, or if we try to read in poor light.

    Checking contrast vision is important to identify any changes that have occurred to our vision. Changes in contrast sensitivity may, for example, be an indication of glaucoma.

    In Part 2 our online screening assessment we simulate contrast vision. The test may provide you with an initial indication that your contrast vision is not as good as it could be. Your eye doctor will be pleased to look into this in more detail.

    Testing An Older Child Or Adult

    EyeQue VisionCheck At-home Vision Test

    Again, have the person being tested sit in a chair approximately 3 metres away from the chart. You may need to adjust the height of the chart to ensure it is at the same level as their eyes. Have the person cover one of their eyes. Again, if they typically wear glasses, they should also do so now.

    Shine the torch on each of the letters in turn and ask the person being tested to read each one aloud. Continue until you reach the letters on the bottom row, or stop when the letters become too small for them to see clearly. Write down the number of the smallest line they can read clearly .

    Repeat with the eye and record the results under the category left or right eye.

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    What Are Normal Results

    Typically, by the age of three or four, children will be able to see the 20/40 line of the vision chart. By the age of five, the 20/30 line.

    It is important to note that the results of the test can vary on different days. This means you might want to repeat the test over a number of days to give you a better idea of their vision level.

    If you or your child cant see the same line with each eye, we recommend bringing this up with your eye doctor at your next check-up.

    If they cant see the same line with each eye, they may have a problem that is worth bringing up with your eye doctor at their next check-up.

    On average, an older child or adult should be able to read the 20/20 line. If this isnt the case, again, it may depend on the day or conditions. For example, working for many hours at a screen can temporarily affect our vision. But if the results repeat after a few tests, it may be worth arranging to have an examination by an ophthalmologist to determine whether there are any issues.

    To find out more about the Laser Eye Surgery screening process, get in touch with one of our friendly clinic coordinators today. Alternatively, Book your Consultation today.

    What You Will Need

    You can find the resources for performing this home eye test here on the American Academy of Opthalmology website. Heres what youll need:

    • A paper cup or facial tissue to cover the eye
    • A pair of scissors
    • A piece of tape or blue tack to put the chart on the wall
    • A pen or pencil to record the results
    • A tape measure or ruler
    • A torch, if available
    • A well-lit room at least three metres long
    • A printer and the right testing chart

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    Online Vision Test At Home A Quick Guide

    80% of our learnings are through our vision. It is one of the most important senses that allows us to learn and grow. With rapidly changing lifestyle it is very important to take care of our eyes now than ever before. On an average people are known to spend 7-8 hours in front of a digital screen. Sometimes they spend more time Vs. sleeping. Regular eye exam is a simple and the most effective way to protect your eyes and do what is best for them.

    A complete eye exam include series of tests which will assess the status of your eyes as well as the overall health. As these tests are done once or twice a year only, it might a great idea to periodically monitor your vision with simple vision screen tests.

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