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High Resolution Night Vision Security Camera

Anran Home Wireless Security Camera 50 Feet

10 Color Night Vision Cameras TESTED – Hikvision, Dahua, Reolink, Lorex, Amcrest, Annke

This camera is an indoor only camera, that features a 360-degree viewing angle, two-way audio and motion detection. In addition, this camera has local storage with a micro SD card and 1080P video.

This camera uses 12 infrared LEDs to achieve the 50 feet of night viewing. Finally, this camera uses a technology called IR-CUT filter for a clear picture for night viewing.

Annke 8 Channel Security Camera System 100 Feet

This 8 channel system features 1080P resolution for live viewing and recordings. Also, this system has an advanced H.264+ compression to save more video. The advanced H.264+ system can record up to 816 hours con continuous videos.

The included bullet cameras are IP66 weatherproof rated and can work in temperatures as cold as -40-degrees. In addition, these cameras have a viewing angle of 82 degrees and customizable motion detection.

Finally, these cameras include lens and an IR-CUT filter for automatically switching between night and day viewing.

Zosi 8 Channel Security Camera System 100 Feet

This 8 Channel system features IP67 weatherproof rating and a 1080P resolution. This system includes a 2 Terabyte local hard drive and one-way audio. This system can send push notifications to your smartphone or tablet, for your customizable motion detection.

The cameras included in the system has a 75-degree viewing angle and includes 36 IR-LEDs.

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Yi Outdoor Security Camera 50 Feet

In addition to this camera having 50 feet of night viewing distance, this camera is waterproof rated and records in 1080P high definition resolution. This camera also has two-way audio and 100-degree viewing angle.

This camera records events to the YI cloud service using AES level security. The AES security is the same type of security used by banks and other financial institutions. In addition, this camera features an emergency siren to scare off and criminals.

The YI camera uses 12 infrared LEDs to achieve the 50 feet viewing angle.

How Do I Connect Rtsp Camera To Nvr

Lorex High

To connect the RTSP camera

  • Connect the one end of the UTP cable to the RTSP camera and another end to the NVR.
  • Open the monitor of the NVR and select IP Channel from the Channel Settings tab. Check Auto Add and click Scan.

To connect the PoE camera

  • Connect the Ethernet cable from your router to the back of your NVR. Plug it in the Ethernet port in between the HDMI port and the PoE ports. But, make sure the NVR is switched on.
  • Connect an Ethernet wire from one of the PoE ports on your NVR to the camera. This will verify that it is switched on.
  • Connect a HDMI or VGA cable from the back panel of your NVR to a monitor. Make sure that the monitor is set to the correct input.
  • Connect the included mouse to a USB port on the back or front of your NVR.

To connect the Wi-Fi camera

  • Connect the camera to your router via Wi-Fi
  • Connect your PoE NVR to the routers LAN port
  • Open the monitor of the NVR. Select the IP Channel from the Channel Settings tab. Then, check Auto Add and click Scan.
  • Youll then see the Wi-Fi camera in the list. You can also assign a channel for it if necessary.

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Flir Fx Indoor/ Outdoor Wireless Security Camera 65 Feet

This camera is one of the few on this list that is rated for both indoor and outdoor use. Also, this camera features the ability to review a day of events in less than 5 minutes.

In addition, to live video, this camera features a wide 160-degree viewing angle. This camera includes local storage with a micro SD slot.

In addition to live viewing, this camera also includes temperature, humidity sensors, and smart alerts. The FLIR camera is one of the few on this list that is completely wireless.

Finally, this camera features two-way audio to speak to the person on the other side of the camera.

Long Range Night Vision

Usually, black and white night vision covers a longer range than color night vision. For example, at 100 feet distance in the monitoring area, black and white mode would capture clear images, while color mode fails.

Color night vision cameras can only see within a limited amount of distance at night, often between 30 to 50 feet. To make up for the short covering range of spotlights, some cameras combine spotlights with IR LEDs for a better night vision effect.

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What Are Night Vision Security Cameras

A night vision security camera is a type of surveillance camera that is able to see in low-light or no-light conditions. They typically have infrared LED illuminators, which emit invisible light that the camera can see. This allows the camera to produce a clear image, even in very low-light environments.

The night vision capability has gradually become necessary for security cameras because many break-ins and burglary happen at night. You’ll feel safer as you know there’s a camera watching your assets when you are deep in sleep or away from your business.

Also, night vision security cameras can deter potential trespassers or burglars. Darkness will no longer be a cover for thieves because any suspicious activity will be recorded by the faithful camera.

About color night vision cameras

Color night vision security cameras are those cameras that are able to capture video footage in color at night, just as during the day. This is thanks to their special infrared technology that allows them to see in low-light or no-light conditions. As a result, they can provide much clearer images than traditional black and white night vision security cameras.

The color night vision cameras are better because they offer people a clear view of what is happening during the night. This can be extremely helpful for law enforcement officials when they are trying to investigate a crime. Additionally, the high-resolution footage from these cameras can be used as evidence in court proceedings.

About Full Color Night Vision

HD Security Camera with Night Vision

Almost every security camera on the market incorporates infrared night vision for recording footage in low-light environments. It is an essential feature, but it suffers from significant flaws. For starters, the range is limited, and it can only record black and white footage. Therefore, lacking a considerable amount of information in the footage.

This is where full-color night vision comes in. As the name suggests, this feature allows the camera to record color footage even during low-light conditions. Despite this, full-color night vision requires advanced sensors and a smidgeon of ambient light.

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Outdoor Security Cameras With Professional Monitoring

The Deep Sentinel is more like a mini professionally monitored security system than a standalone security camera. That’s because when the camera spot an intruder, it sends a live feed to a monitoring station. From there, a professional can sound an alarm on the camera, shout a warning, and if necessary, contact the police.

This isn’t cheap: In addition to the cost of the cameras , you also have to pay a monthly fee of $50. And, the resolution of the video tops out at 480p, as it prioritizes the smoothness of the video stream over its definition.

You could spend a similar amount for the best home security system, but they don’t monitor your cameras as proactively as Deep Sentinel. But, they’re the best home security cameras if you’re looking for active monitoring.

Read our full Deep Sentinel review.

Because Every Security Concern Is Unique

We get it. You want a reliable security system to protect your property from theft, vandalism, and break-ins. To do that, you need to find the right solution quickly that will address your specific challenge.

Spotter Security has designed and installed reliable security solutions for businesses across Canada for over 18 years. Our custom solutions have protected countless buildings, facilities, commercial properties, construction sites, and many other types of locations.

Let us guide you in finding the right security solution for your needs.

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More About Infrared Cameras

Infrared Cameras are typically used by homes and businesses that have their lights out at night or for outside nighttime viewing. Day/Night Cameras are different from Infrared Cameras and can be used in situations where there is low light. The Cameras that we supply vary in their Lux and also in the distance that they are able to see. Another feature of some of our Infrared Cameras is that some have the capability to switch from Infrared mode which captures in black and white to a non-infrared color mode. This is a great feature when you need a camera to perform both Light and non-light operations. All Bullet Infrared Cameras come with Free Mounting Bracket and Power Supply.

How Can I Improve My Night Vision Security Camera

Lorex LBC6651 High

Here are some tips to keep in mind to improve your night vision security camera.

  • Enhance your outdoor lighting with Security Floodlights.
  • Install additional infrared light sources alongside your night vision camera as it can improve the coverage.
  • Keep bright lights out of the night vision cameras view.
  • Eliminate or reduce nearby reflected IR as it may affect the night image.
  • Choose the right spot for the camera to mount where it isnt affected by wind, rain, or any other elements.
  • Choose the night vision camera according to the setting of the place you are going to install it.
  • Clean the camera lens once in a while with proper solutions.

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Best High Resolution Night Vision Cameras Buyers Guide 2022

If youre in the market for a night vision camera, the first thing youll want is a product that has a full complement of features that can enhance the video capturing experience. Unfortunately, knowing exactly what to look for can be a bit daunting. In this section of our guide, were going to show you some of the best features to look for when youre on the market for a high-resolution night vision camera. The product that you purchased doesnt have to have all of these features, but having at least some of them can make a difference in your overall experience.

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

Smart Sentry

Made by the alarm company Vivint, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is the only one on this list that offers proactive protection. Whenever someone approached our front door or lurked too long within the surveillance zone that we defined, the camera issued warning lights and tones to let them know theyve been spotted. The red warning light was particularly intimidating at night, as it glowed like an eye watching from the shadows.

Artificial Intelligence

The Outdoor Camera Pro was also pretty smart. It didnt bother us with alerts involving pets or vehicles passing by. It only alerted us when it saw people, which was incredibly useful considering that its professionally monitored. We wouldnt want to receive a call from our alarm company every time a dog walks by, especially here in Brooklyn.

Works with Vivint

As a part of the Vivint security system, the Outdoor Camera Pro integrated well with our alarm system. Theres a setting that let us use the camera as a siren for our Vivint system. In case we werent home, the camera could tip off passers-by and our neighbors that there was something going on. In fact, we asked our friendly neighbors to call the cops if they ever hear the outdoor cameras siren go off.

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Amcrest Ultrahd 4k Varifocal Poe Dome Outdoor The Best High

The first product in our guide is the Amcrest UltraHD 4K dome camera. This product comes with an ultra HD level of resolution, which means that all video will be in 3840 X 2160 resolution. This product has a high level of video capabilities its completely motorized and has a varifocal lens for precision. All video that is captured will have a smooth frame rate of 15 frames per second at max resolution.

When displaying the video feed on a smaller screen, you lose a lot of detail. Also, many of the products on the market have a higher frame rate.

This is a product that works well in the outdoors. Since the device has an IP67 build, it even has some good dust proofing. The data feed is accessible via the cloud, which will save you on purchasing microSD cards.

  • To access the cloud functionality, youre going to have to pay a subscription fee.
  • The frame rate could be a bit higher.

This product, from Amcrest, is a very versatile night vision camera that will provide a high level of performance, even on darker nights. The capability to save the video onto the cloud also makes operating the product pretty effortless.

Why Use Night Vision Security Cameras

1080p HD Security Camera Infrared Night Vision Video Surveillance

A night vision CCTV camera can be an excellent tool for a wide range of different applications. For example:

  • Night vision CCTV cameras can detect motion and send you an alert most commonly use to protect home or business.
  • Stopping fly tippers if youve ever felt frustrated that fly tipping or other antisocial behaviour always seems to happen at night when youre not watching, night vision cameras can help you to gather essential evidence to stop it in its tracks.
  • Capturing wildlife footage – whether youre trying to identify an unwanted pest or take a precious glimpse of shy nocturnal animals near your property.
  • With Night vision security cameras you can capture faces and number plates to provide to the authorities.

Compare all the CCTV resolutions at a glance. 4K has 8 million pixels. 5MP is also called Super HD with 5 million pixels. While Full HD 1080P has 2 Megapixel.

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Swann Pro Series 8 Channel Surveillance System 98 Feet

The Swann Pro Series Surveillance System includes a 2 Terabyte hard drive and a 5-megapixel camera. This camera includes a viewing angle of 70-degrees and can be used in temperatures as cold as -22-degrees, and as warm as 122-degrees Fahrenheit.

These cameras are connected to the Digital Video Recorder via BNC connections. In addition, these cameras feature motion detection with motion zones. These zones allow you to set areas that trigger alerts and automatic recording.

This camera also features line crossing detection. This feature allows you to create a rule where you draw a line in the camera viewing angle. If someone crosses the line, your camera begins recording.

What Are The Benefits Of Rtsp

Some of the benefits of RTSP are:

  • Local controls: no need for the cameras to be connected to the internet as everything can be handled locally.
  • Accessibility: The user can access the cameras from a variety of different software.
  • Easy recording: The footage can be recorded to a DVR/ NVR/ local server/ HDD.
  • Simple Streaming: It allows you to stream live videos on RTSP-compatible media players including QuickTime and VLC media player.

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What Is Lorex Known For

Lorex has been a provider of security cameras and security camera systems for over 30 years and is one of the most trusted names in the consumer security industry. We are known worldwide for our top-quality DIY security products that are both reliable and user-friendly. Lorex products can be purchased in many retail stores and online, where we offer a vast array of individual products and security accessories, as well as pre-assembled security camera systems. Lorex has head offices in Markham, Ontario, Canada and in Linthicum, Maryland, USA. We also have product warehouses in Markham, Indiana and California.

Diy Professional Open Source Night Vision Security Camera

SVAT® Long Range Night Vision High

In this new tutorial, we will together make our Raspberry Pi open source video surveillance camera.Yes, we are talking here about a real open source outdoor surveillance camera, capable of night vision and motion detection, all connected to our Jeedom domotic solution.

Now let’s have fun. ^^

In order to launch this project, we will need:

  • Raspberry Pi 3B +
  • USB IR camera or raspicam
  • PVC pipe diam. 63 mm, length 20 cm
  • Sleeve and trapdoor diam. 63 mm
  • DC/DC converter

Total cost around 100, maybe less if you have already some parts at home. Of course, the Raspberry PI and USB camera are the most expensive things in the list.

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Best For Front Door: Amcrest Ip4m

Amcrest IP4M-1026EW-28MMPros

  • Durable and impact-resistant – a heavy-duty metal weatherproof IP67 housing
  • Provide good vision and field of view – a wide viewing angle of 118 degrees and a 98-foot night vision range
  • Clear and bright images in most conditions – 30 FPS frame rate, Magnificent 4-Megapixel 2688 x 1536p resolution, and Omnivision OV4689 progressive image sensor


We didnt have any hesitation giving the Amcrest IP4M-1026EW-28MM our Editors’ Choice Award once again this year 2020 for front door usage.

There are some good reasons for that decision. First, it has a wide viewing angle of 118 degrees and a 98-foot night vision range.

Secondly, the cam images and videos are super-crisp, sharp, and clear according to the 30 FPS frame rate and Magnificent 4-Megapixel 2688 x 1536p resolution. The progressive image sensor, in this case, is OmniVision OV4689 type for an ultra-bright image at night.

It is also durable, highlighting a heavy-duty metal weatherproof IP67 housing for outdoor use.

Amcrest IP4M-1026EW-28MM Specifications

IP67 Waterproof, 118° Viewing Angle, MicroSD Recording, 98ft Night Vision


If youre in need of the best security camera for front door use, this is a great choice for the money.

How To Choose The Best High-Resolution Night Vision Security Camera?

Lux Rating High or Low

If you want a night vision camera, you should opt for lower Lux ratings, allowing for clear images even in pitch-dark environments.

Where to Place the Camera


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