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Corneal Disease Diagnosis And Treatment

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A corneal disease exam and diagnosis is a fast and simple procedure. We check for corneal disease or trauma by examining the eyes with high-end magnifying equipment. Using a slit lamp and advanced diagnostic technology we can detect signs of corneal infection, inflammation, scarring, and other problems. A special dye may be used to determine the extent of the damage.

As with any serious eye infection, corneal disease should be treated immediately. Some antibiotics and steroids can be used topically and orally to treat the myriad of conditions that can affect the cornea. It is important NOT to use a friends eye drops or Visine drops without consulting your optometrist.

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Common Eye Problems To Look Out For In Children

Children are not always aware of their problems or do not always know how to express them. Therefore, you may want to encourage your child to talk to you if they have problems. Likewise, if you notice that your child has eye problems, you should schedule an eye exam right away. Three common eye problems in children include:

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Need A Child Eye Exam Heres What You Can Expect

Like anything your child experiences for the first time, an eye exam can be intimidating. We understand how apprehensive your child may feel and do our best to create a warm environment with a friendly and caring staff. To start, the eye doctor will ask about your childs health, activities, eye problems and any other health problems. From there, the doctor may perform a series of exams such as

Low Blood Pressure Dehydration And Blurred Vision

gulf coast vision center pace

An often-overlooked cause of blurry vision is dehydration. When you become severely dehydrated, your blood pressure drops, leading to dizziness. The brain may not receive enough oxygen.

The levels of important electrolytes such as sodium and potassium may also drop due to dehydration. Electrolytes transfer electrical signals throughout the body. If the levels become too low, the signal transfer becomes abnormal.

The combination of low blood pressure and an electrolyte imbalance due to dehydration can cause blurry vision. If you experience blurred vision, dizziness and a headache all at once, increase your water intake and schedule an exam with an eye doctor in West Florida.

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Early Detection Is Key To Preventing Serious Eye Problems

Eye problems occur as we age. Many people start to experience eye problems as early as in their 40s. Symptoms related to low vision include:

  • Blind spots in your field of view
  • Distortion in images
  • Sudden deterioration or loss of vision

The good news is that we offer assessments and proper diagnoses for these conditions. Early detection is the best way to make sure you enjoy clear vision for years to come. To catch eye conditions early and help prevent vision loss, you should schedule an eye exam when you turn 40 or when you start to experience vision problems. If you are at high risk for an eye problem, yearly visits are recommended. If there are no issues, you should then see your doctor every two to four years until you are 54. Afterward, visits should be more frequent – every one to three years. By the time you turn 65, consider visits every one to two years.

See What Others Have To Say

Having been an eye doctor for over 20 years, I didnt want to compromise when I decided to have LASIK. Dr. Concool and the quality of his work were outstanding and the bladeless technology is amazing. Im still loving my 20/20 vision.

Amazing! Thats the only word to describe Dr. Concools laser cataract surgery. Quick, painless and the results are nothing short of astounding The side benefit of laser cataract surgery is that I now no longer need to wear glasses and my vision is 20/20 and crystal clear! If you need surgery, laser surgery is the only way to go.

It has been 10 years since Dr Concool performed my LASIK & Im still 20/20. As an eye doctor, I appreciate the positive effect excellent vision can have on ones lifestyle. Its no wonder he was chosen as one of top surgeons in the US.

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How Does Low Blood Pressure Affect Vision

One condition that can arise from low blood pressure is blurred vision. How does low blood pressure cause blurred vision? The condition occurs due to poor circulation in the blood vessels that supply the front portion of the optic nerve. The optic nerve is the cable that connects the brain to the eye and carries millions of nerve fibers and blood vessels.

Although blurred vision can occur from a total blockage of a blood vessel that feeds the optic nerve, it is more commonly caused by a lack of pressure or perfusion of the tissue. Blood pressure may change relative to the eye pressure, and the normal flow of blood reduces. If the optic nerve’s nutrient and oxygen supply stops due to low blood pressure, nerve tissue is damaged and lost. This results in vision loss or blurred vision.

Can Low Blood Pressure Cause Blurred Vision

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Low blood pressure is typically a good thing for most people. If you have low blood pressure, you have a systolic pressure of less than 120 and a diastolic pressure of less than 80 . However, your blood pressure can reach a point where it is too low. When that occurs, you experience a condition doctors call hypotension.

The causes of low blood pressure can range from medical disorders to chronic dehydration. Common symptoms of low blood pressure include:

  • lack of concentration

Another symptom of low blood pressure is blurred vision. If you experience blurred vision combined with other symptoms, you should schedule an eye exam in West Florida.

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How Is A Low Vision Eye Exam Different Than A Standard Eye Exam

A low vision eye exam is different from a standard eye test. The goal of a low vision exam is to assess the visual system, screen for ocular and systemic diseases and prescribe low vision systems and therapies. This will help to provide an understanding of your state of vision and offer directions for further evaluations and treatments.

Determining how the low vision is affecting your day-to-day life is part of a low-vision exam. Education and counseling for the patient, family and other care providers may be part of the care received.

Cornea Care At Gulf Coast Vision Center

Gulf Coast Vision Center offers comprehensive cornea care to help you with corneal disease. Our optometric physicians can assess the damage in your eyes to determine what type of treatment is appropriate for your eye condition. If we can identify the problem early, we can prevent permanent damage to the eye and subsequent vision loss.

If you experience vision loss or eye pain, contact us to schedule an immediate eye exam. We can assess your eyes and make recommendations on what steps you should take to get help. To find out more about cornea care and how to get treatment for your injuries, call Gulf Coast Vision Center at one of our locations in Crestview, Milton, Pace, or Pensacola.

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What Can Eye Pain And Fever In Children Be A Sign Of

Total Eye Care in Pace, FL

Eye pain and fever in children can be a sign of a medical condition such as meningitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, croup, pink eye or the common cold. While many of these medical conditions occur due to infections, others are triggered by allergies, low immunity or injuries.

If your child complains of eye pain and runs a fever simultaneously, schedule an eye exam in Northwest Florida. An eye doctor can evaluate the problem to determine the cause of the eye pain. Below, we look at the causes and symptoms associated with eye pain and fever in children.

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Glaucoma Evaluation Services In Pensacola Florida

Glaucoma is an eye disease that leads to progressive, irreversible vision loss. If you are currently suffering from glaucoma symptoms, now is the time to schedule a glaucoma evaluation. Gulf Coast Vision Center can help you identify glaucoma in the early stages before the optic nerve sustains any further damage.

Our eye doctors can perform a series of tests to detect your eye condition and determine the best treatment to prevent further damage. If you have high-risk factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure or a family history of glaucoma, you should talk to your doctor to schedule regular exams. To find out more about glaucoma evaluations and treatment, call Gulf Coast Vision Center at one of our locations in Pace, Milton, Crestview or Pensacola.

When Should You Schedule A Child Eye Exam

Although every child is different, you should schedule your childs first eye exam at six months old. After that, schedule your next exam at three years old and again before they enter first grade. You should schedule an exam if your child experiences these symptoms:

  • Abnormal alignment of both eyes
  • Poor visual tracking

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Low Vision Eye Exam Services

Do you suffer from low vision? Does it impair your daily life? If so, now is the time to explore treatment options or devices for correcting your vision. Gulf Coast Vision Center offers comprehensive low vision eye exam services on the Gulf Coast. Our eye doctors can assess your condition, identify the causes of low vision and prescribe the right eye treatment to restore your site.

We use advanced technology and proven methods to measure your vision in various situations. We also conduct a question-and-answer session to learn how low vision affects everyday tasks such as dressing, cooking, driving or reading. Call Gulf Coast Vision Center at one of our convenient locations to schedule a low vision eye exam.

What Are People Saying About Gulf Coast Vision Center

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Here are some reviews from our users.

“I would like to commend Dr. Sahawneh for her help she gave me obtaining my D.O.T. medical card. She and her staff went way above and beyond her duties in helping me. The staff were very helpful, polite, and courteous in making sure I was taken care of properly. I would and will recommend her practice for anyone needing any kind of eye care. Thanks again for all you guys have done for me.”

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Your Most Trusted Pediatric Eye Doctor In Northwest Florida

When your childs vision matters, you expect nothing less than the best from your local eye doctor. At Gulf Coast Vision Center, our mission is clear. We strive to provide exceptional eye care service in Pensacola, Florida, that you can rely on. We offer a wide range of services to meet your childs eye care needs throughout every stage of growth and vision development.

We provide comprehensive pediatric eye care products and services such as exams, contact lenses, physicals, consultations and analysis. We combine advanced technology with personalized care to give your child a holistic experience. We dont just treat eye problems. We promote eye wellness and preservation through preventative and responsive care for all children.

Contact Gulf Coast Vision Center at one of our locations in Pace, Milton, Crestview or Pensacola to schedule an eye exam. Taking care of your eyes means taking care of you!

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In 1969, the schools curriculum of resource management was taken over by Ontarios colleges and universities. That was the first time the future of the property that would become the Frost Centre, was in doubt. In 1974, Ontario Premiere William G. Davis announced that the facility would be developed as a demonstration area in resources management, education and recreation and would be called The Leslie M. Frost Natural Resources Centre. The Centre became the first outdoor education Centre in the province dedicated to environmental and resource management education. It was also the first Centre to have a large crown land management unit , associated with it for research in and demonstration of resource management, recreation and public education.

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Standard Low Vision Exam

A low vision exam assesses how visual impairment affects your daily life. The exam helps us determine what eyewear or other tools you may need to maintain proper vision. Instead of using a standard eye chart, our doctors use portable charts and a device called a trial frame that is worn like a pair of glasses to measure visual ability. A trial frame is accurate and can help you determine what path you need to take for treatment.

What Is A Cataract Evaluation

gulf coast vision center pace

During your cataract evaluation, we perform a series of exams to determine your visual acuity, light sensitivity, pupil dilation and the overall condition of the cataract. Assessments can last three to four hours, depending on the type of assessments we need to perform. The outcome of the initial tests may determine what other testing or procedures are necessary to correct the problem.

Open communication is essential during evaluations. We will ask you questions about how your condition is interfering with your vision and daily activities, and we encourage you to speak openly about your cataracts and ask questions about your condition and treatment options. We are committed to providing you with as much education as possible and providing you the most comprehensive eye care.

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Eye Exams And Emergency Services For Common Eye Disorders

Your road to recovery from an eye disorder begins with aneye exam. A comprehensive eye exam can help us identify issues and recommend the best treatment to restore your vision. We conduct a series of tests and use the latest advanced to evaluate different aspects of your vision and overall eye health.

Our centers are also available foreye care emergencies requiring immediate attention. So, if you are having an eye emergency, don’t delayâget professional help as soon as possible by calling any of our Gulf Coast Vision Centers in Pace, Milton, Crestview and Pensacola. Our centers are conveniently located for when you need critical eye care.

Pensacola Nine Mile

What Our Clients Are Saying

From making the appointment on the phone to getting fitted for glasses and contacts, the entire staff at Gulf Coast Vision Center was friendly, patient, and accommodating of our family’s needs.

Erin Crain

So surprised! Kaitlyn tightened multiple pairs of my glasses for me free of charge. I had bought them years ago from somewhere else. She even gave me tips on how to keep them from stretching out again. Very nice office and friendly staff. So glad to be able to use my glasses again. Will definitely be returning for my next exam here.

Magnolia Pitts

I usually go to their East Hill location, but I went to 9 Mile today to get my new lenses for glasses put in, and they were a delight! Friendly staff, really efficient process! Thanks guys!

Michelle Bellanova

Amazing customer service. Can not say enough good things, they were actual life savers on our trip in Pensacola. Thank You so so much!

A Marx

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What Is Corneal Disease

Corneal disease occurs due to one or more related conditions that affect the cornea and surrounding areas of the eye. Some of the leading factors that lead to corneal disease include genetics, degenerations, and infections. The condition can lead to blindness, vision distortion, or cloudy vision. Some of the most common causes of corneal disease include

Correct Your Vision With Laser Treatments

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If you struggle with astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness, your condition may impair your daily activities, making life more difficult to manage. Fortunately, treatment is available through laser vision correction or devices such as glasses or contact lenses. Gulf Coast Vision Center can improve your vision and help you see more clearly.

Gulf Coast Vision Center can help you take the first step to correct your vision with a comprehensive eye exam and diagnosis. We identify the issue and make recommendations on what type of treatment is appropriate. To find out more about our laser vision correction services, contact one of our locations in Pensacola, Pace, Milton or Crestview.

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