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Glucose Meter For Vision Impaired

Diabetic Patients Now Have A Minimally Invasive Option For Glucose Readings That Provides Results In Four Common Languages To Promote Access For The Visually Impaired

How do talking glucose meters work? A webinar for blind/low vision diabetics
  • Receive your readings in English, Arabic, French, or Spanish
  • Comes with batteries, test strips, and a travel case
  • Choose from three different volume levels or a silent option
  • Allows you to take readings from numerous locations on your body
  • Designed to be used by nearly anyone – no coding is required!

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How To Use Your Blood Glucose Meter:

  • Get your meter, strips, tissue and sharp container ready
  • Wash your hands in warm soapy water and dry well
  • Insert test strip in your meter
  • Prick your finger
  • Transfer blood to test strip
  • Dispose of lancets in sharps container
  • Record your results in a diary
  • Note: Its better to prick the side of the fingertip. Glucose reaches your fingertip faster than other sites so it is not advisable to use alternative sites, especially in cases of low blood glucose levels.

    What should you do if your blood glucose levels dont seem right?

    Introduction To The Dexcom G5 Cgm

    Dexcom GS CGM

    Lets fast forward to 3 years ago when I was introduced to the Dexcom G5 CGM, or continuous glucose monitor. This is a device that is worn 24 hours a day and provides an updated glucose reading every 5 minutes. It was small, discreet, and required I test my blood sugar just twice a day to calibrate for accuracy, which was a huge relief. The updated G6 system, which I upgraded to a little over a year ago, now requires no finger sticks for calibration. Blood sticks for calibration are only necessary if a reading is assumed to be inaccurate.

    After so long on the Dexcom system, I cant imagine life without it. The information it provides is far superior to what is provided with a single finger stick. Traditional glucose meters still have their place, but the Dexcom system provides a current glucose reading as well as information as to which direction my glucose level is heading. For example, if my glucose is 120 mg/dl, directional arrows will let me know if that is constant, rising or falling, and how quickly. This information allows me to better understand how activity, exercise, and food affect my glucose levels. This feature is helpful for anyone. As an athlete, I especially appreciate this function.

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    Which Blood Glucose Meter Is Right For You

    There are many blood glucose meters on the market and the one thats right for you depends on your needs. Are you looking for something small to put in your pocket, do you need to test for ketones as well as blood glucose levels , are you vision-impaired? Lets take a look at some of the features that you might find useful, so you can make the right choice for you.

    If You Think The Reading Is Wrong Check For The Following:

    Advocate Redi
    • Is the battery low or flat?
    • Have the strips expired?
    • Is the strip youre using correct for your meter?
    • Is there enough blood on the strip?
    • Has the strip been put into the meter the right way?
    • Have the strips been affected by heat or light?
    • Did you wash and thoroughly dry your hands before doing the test?
    • Did you use hand sanitiser instead of washing your hands with soap and water?
    • Did you have to squeeze really hard to get the blood out of your finger?
    • Is the meter clean?
    • Is the meter too hot or too cold?
    • Is the calibration code correct?

    If you are still concerned, your credentialled diabetes educator or pharmacist can help you check your meter.

    Article for Circle

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    Prodigy Diabetic Supplies For The Blind

    Prodigy is committed to providing products for blind/low-vision diabetes patients. Our Prodigy Voice® Meter has won awards from both the National Federation of the Blind and American Foundation for the Blind for being a product that provides blind patients the same conveniences as everyone else. Independence one click at a time! Measure one unit of insulin at a time, allowing better control of insulin therapy Makes a distinctive click with each increment For easy mixing, holds one or two bottles of insulin For more information on where to find a Prodigy Count-a-dose®, please call 1.866.908.9201 Total Independence Fully audible- from setup to goodbye! Easy to useNo Coding required, simply insert the test strip and meter will power on Repeat button replays last message spoken Tactile features for easy navigation For more information on the Prodigy Voice® please call 1.866.540.4786Continue reading > >

    Leading Accessible Blood Glucose Meter Pulled From Market

    The leading blood glucose meter for visually impaired people has been withdrawn from the market.

    SuperCheck2 is no longer available for sale after the manufacturer Apollo Medical Technologies Ltd discontinued the product.

    The device provided blood glucose readings through a voice system to help visually impaired people with diabetes manage their condition.

    There is another blood glucose meter for visually impaired people, the GlucoRx Nexus Voice Meter.

    The meter is described as a: Talking, multifunctional machine with advanced GDH-FAD enzyme technology for an entirely accurate diabetes blood test and simple self-management of blood sugar levels.

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    Best For Travel: Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System

    Courtesy of FreeStyle

    • Works on multiple testing sites

    • Large, backlit display

    • Small enough to fit pockets

    • Less accurate than non-travel meters

    When youre on the move, a compact and minimally invasive glucometer can be the key to successful diabetes management. This pick from FreeStyle is designed with travel in mind. Its small enough to fit easily in your pocket or purse, and it has a large enough LED display to be easy to read. It requires a smaller blood sample size than most monitors to provide an accurate reading in just five seconds, and it works on several testing sites, so you can give your fingertips a rest whenever necessary.

    The FreeStyle Lite doesnt require coding, keeping your testing process simple no matter where you are. The monitor can store up to 400 results, noting both the date and time, and it provides 7-, 14-, and 30-day averages, too. It also comes with four alarm reminders to help keep you on track when your daily routine fluctuates.

    Price at time of publication: $22

    Result Speed: 5 seconds | Included in Kit: Test light, reminder alarms, test strips sold separately

    Interviews With Four Users Of Blood Glucose Meters

    glucometers and low vision choosing the right meter

    We visited four visually impaired users of blood glucose meters to observe how they used their meters and to interview them. All four have had diabetes for over 20 years and experience fluctuation in their remaining vision. One person was visited at her place of employment, and three were visited at home.

    One person tests her blood six to eight times a day. She uses two meters, the Accu-Chek Voicemate at home, and the Accu-Chek Complete outside her home, because she thinks that the Voicemate is too bulky to take anywhere. To read results on the Accu-Chek Complete, she either uses her closed-circuit television or her vision, when possible, or asks someone to read it. She wishes the Accu-Chek Advantage were smaller and the Accu-Chek Complete would have speech output.

    Two people use the Glucometer Elite from Bayer. One of the two tests his blood once a day and uses his vision to read the results. He likes using the code key to calibrate the meter and being able to apply more blood after the initial application, but he wishes his meter had a larger screen. The other person tests her blood four times a day and uses her CCTV to read the results. She likes the code key feature and the capillary strip feature. She wishes her meter had speech output.

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    Stay On Track Of Your Diabetes

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 37 million Americans, more than 11% of the U.S. population, had diabetes in 2019, and at least 96 million adults were pre-diabetic. Elevated glucose levels in the blood can damage vessels by narrowing them. While blood vessels all over the body are impacted, damage to the fragile blood vessels of the eye can lead to vision changes. This article provides an overview of the eye conditions related to diabetes along with tips and products that can help monitor blood glucose levels.

    Diabetic Retinopathy

    Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of vision loss among working-age adults, according to the National Institutes of Health. Several factors influence whether you get diabetic retinopathy:

    • blood sugar control
    • how long you have had diabetes

    According to the American Diabetes Association, the longer you have had diabetes, the more likely you are to have some form of retinopathy. People who keep their blood sugar levels closer to normal are less likely to have retinopathy or will have milder forms.


    People with diabetes are twice as likely to suffer from glaucoma than people without diabetes. The longer someone has had diabetes, the more at risk they are for developing glaucoma. Risk also increases with age.

    Did you know?

    Glaucoma occurs when pressure builds up in the eye. Vision is gradually lost because the retina and nerve are damaged.


    Did you know?

    Tools to Help

    Prodigy Voice Blood Glucose Meter Kit

    Prodigy Voice Blood Glucose Meter Kit comes bundled with all the essentials you need to begin testing immediately including meter, strips, lancets and more.

    Package Content

    The PRODIGY Voice glucose meter kit includes the following items:

    • 1 PRODIGY Voice meter
    • 10 PRODIGY No Coding test strips
    • 1 Prodigy control solution

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    Is There A Blood Glucose Meter For Visually Impaired Diabetics

    Yes, there is! A Talking Blood Glucose Meter is a specialized glucose meter that is designed for the blind or low-visioned diabetics without any assistance. In short, it walks the patient through the blood glucose testing process with audible step by step instructions and provides the test results through voice too. Such meters are totally audible and are Auto-code which means lesser steps and lower chances of false results due to coding error. How It Works Actually? Users simply inserts the test strip from the top of the meter. The meter will be automatically turned on and he or she will then be guided through the testing steps with voice prompts. Test results will be heard after 6 seconds with time and date as well as any memory or error code. The best part is, if any voice message is not heard properly at any step, the user can easily press a button to repeat the last message or test results again. Another distinguished feature of this meter is the design of the buttons. Its tactile feature allows visually-impaired users to feel and locate the different buttons easily. Buttons also come with raised imprint to allow users to feel and identify them with ease. Other Features : Lesser blood sample needed means finer gauge lancets to significantly reduce your pain which testing. Alternate site testing other than finger tips . Example :Continue reading > >

    Older Bgms With Accessibility Features

    Caresens n Voice Blood Glucose Monitor

    Blood glucose meters that have met many of the design criteria related to using the device nonvisually or with a visual limitation were first introduced in the 1990s. In a 2003 analysis of BGMs on the market at the time, Uslan and colleagues2 identified three LifeScan BGMs that could be used with a separate speech unit, the Mini-Digi voice module. They were the One Touch SureStep, the One Touch Basic, and the One Touch Profile. Additionally, in the late 1990s, Roche Diagnostics introduced the Accu-Chek Voicemate, a speech module into which the Accu-Chek Advantage BGM was docked . Because of the addition of the speech module, these four accessible BGM systems are bulkier, more complex, less user-friendly, and more expensive than the other contemporary but inaccessible BGMs on the market.2

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    Best Overall: Active Forward Contour Next Ez Diabetes Testing Kit

    • No calibration required on test strips

    • Allows you to set reminder alarms

    • Saves pre- and post-meal glucose levels

    Who else recommends it? Insider also picked the Active Forward Contour Next EZ Diabetes Testing Kit.

    What do buyers say? 92% of 3,000+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

    This device is an all-in-one kit that includes a Contour NEXT EZ diabetes monitor, 100 Contour NEXT test strips, 100 Active Forward lancets, a Microlet lancing device, a monitor manual, a data logbook, and a carrying case, making it the best overall.

    The glucometer itself is both fast and accurate, providing test results within five seconds. There is no coding required with new boxes of test strips. If you tend to forget to check your blood sugar, you can set several reminder alarms on the device. And if youre focused on using your data trends to better manage your diabetes, this glucometer saves pre- and post-meal glucose level test results in 7-, 14-, and 30-day averages.

    Price at time of publication: $75

    Result Speed: 5 seconds| Included in Kit: Meter, 100 test strips, lancets, lancing device, carry case

    Prodigy Voice Blood Glucose Monitoring System

    Prodigy Voice is a fully audible home blood glucose monitoring system specifically designed for visually impaired or blind users. Prodigy Voice blood glucose meter uses the famous Prodigy No Coding blood glucose test strips to measure the glucose levels in fresh capillary whole blood samples.

    The Prodigy Voice is the only meter to receive an Access Award from the American Foundation for the Blind and an Access Plus Award from the National Federation of the Blind . The Prodigy Voice talking glucose meter is fully audible from setup to testing making it an exceptional choice for visually impaired or blind users.

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    Obtaining Glucometers And Supplies

    Glucometers, strips, and lancets are sold at pharmacies, mail order companies, and online. You do not need a prescription to buy these items, but without a prescription you will pay 100% of the costs. To get these items partially or fully paid for by your health insurance plan, you need to have a prescription from your doctor.

    Most big-chain pharmacies stock, or can order, talking meters and supplies. Smaller pharmacies can usually order the supplies with advanced notice. Another option is to call a medical supply company and ask to have the glucometer and supplies mailed to your home. The medical supply company then bills your insurance company.

    Another option is to get the glucometer and supplies from Accessible Pharmacy. According to their website, Accessible Pharmacy Services for the Blind is a comprehensive, home delivery pharmacy service specializing in the needs of the blind and low vision community and their families. They were founded by blind and sighted experts in the areas of accessibility, technology, and medicine and they are the only provider of its kind. Contact Accessible Pharmacy by phone at 215-799-9900, online or with the Be My Eyes app. Accessible Pharmacy, Be My Eyes, and Prodigy have partnered together to provide diabetes supplies to people with low/no vision at no or low cost.

    Desirable Features Of Blood Glucose Meters

    Monitoring Your Blood Sugar and Using Insulin When Youre Visually Impaired

    Code Key Calibration

    Although test-strip calibration is done only once with each new container of test strips, it can be a hassle to do, especially if you can’t see the meter display or the code on the container of test strips. Meters that use an encoded key or strip make life a lot easier.

    Adjustable Lancet Depth

    Each meter comes equipped with its own lancet device and a few disposable lancets. The lancet depth should be adjustable to control the puncture depth, an important feature for reducing discomfort and the need to repeat the test.

    Blood Sample Size

    Newer meters usually require from 0.3 to 4.0 microliters of bloodmuch less than the typical 10.0 microliter sample of older models. Since the manufacturers assume that verification of sufficient blood on the strip will be done visually, a smaller sample size gives the visually impaired user better odds of getting enough blood on the strip and reduces the need for retesting.

    Capillary and Touchable Strips

    The task of applying blood on a test strip can be difficult. It is particularly hard to do if the strips are so sensitive that you cannot touch the test area of the strips, which is the case with some meters. The task is made much easier if the meter uses touchable strips. In addition, it is also easier to apply blood on a strip if the strips are designed to take advantage of capillary action, which draws the blood on the strip.

    Ability to Apply More Blood After the Test Starts


    Response Time


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    Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International

    120 Wall Street, 19th FloorNew York, NY 10005www.jdrf.org/Their mission is to find a cure for diabetes and its complications through the support of research. Send an e-mail to subscribe to the Research E-Newsletter, which includes the latest in Diabetes research. Magazine Publication – Countdown – contains a section called Countdown for Kids is available. Contact them for details.

    Talking Glucose Meters & Diabetes Supplies

    Diabetic Supplies, All from One Place. Diabetes supplies for people with low vision are easier to manage with the help of LS& S. Diabetes can be frustrating enough to deal with, let alone trying to find quality diabetic supplies for the individual with low vision. Fortunately, LS& S makes all of your diabetes supplies available in one easy to navigate shopping experience. If youre a diabetic with low vision, it can be dangerous trying to measure out your dosage of insulin. With the syringe magnifiers listed below, that worry can become a thing of the past. Likewise, imagine the luxury of having your blood glucose spoken to you instead of having to try to read a tiny gauge. With these new, advanced diabetic supplies, designed exclusively with the vision impaired in mind, you may actually be able to view your diabetes in a different light. The innovative diabetes supplies listed below offer convenience as well as significant improvements in glucose testing and perhaps even more importantly, youre getting all of your diabetic supplies from a supplier you can trust.

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