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Ff War Of The Visions

How To Reroll In War Of The Visions

The First 9 Minutes of War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Gameplay

When starting a new account in War of the Visions, after you complete the tutorial, youll receive ten free summons plus many free crystals and login bonuses. After you use those tickets and crystals if you dont like the units that you received then by all means you can just delete the account and repeat the process, effectively doing the reroll. You can even skip the tutorial part and the whole process shouldnt take more than five minutes.

The Battle System And Abilities

The battle system is where this game really shines. Even if it is just a recycled version of previous Brave Exvius games, it still is an incredibly fun and more difficult version of the Final Fantasy Tactics battle system with a FFX style grid for ability unlocks. Even though many of my other ratings on this game are average, I have played this game, and continue to play this game, mostly so I can enjoy the quality of the battle system.

First, the game uses a tiles/ squares movement system like the original Final Fantasy Tactics and youll instantly feel nostalgic when you play it. In most battles you can choose five units , which gives you a great deal of control over strategy and maximizing the teamwork of your units. However, unlike Tactics, each unit is locked into a specific main job with the choice of three static subjobs. While this aspect more limited, it still allows for plenty of customization. The game has tons of abilities and certain units have special jobs that are only available to them . Many of the special jobs have abilities from regular jobs, but with some unique tweaks. Ill talk more about unit rarity later, but all UR units have a special ultimate move. Some of the ultimate moves are lame or silly, but most of them are very exciting to use.

Every unit has an unchangeable element associated with their abilities and the elements are used in a paper, scissors, rock fashion using a standard Square Enix elemental wheel:

Light < > dark

Hournes First Division Solidus

Mages, like in every other game, are extremely powerful characters due to the sole fact that they possess tool kits to quickly burst down the opponent with high amounts of damage in a short amount of time.

Solidus helps pick up the slack that some mages might have in the stats department by granting them a Magic Attack +10 buff. But like all other cards, Solidus is versatile. Solidus also grants a party-wide buff of Slash Attack Resistance +20 protecting your mages from being continuously chained by slash compositions.

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Strongest Physical Damage Dealer


Sterne is a high damaging close range character. He holds the highest damage in the game while still able to use troops and ninjas for different attacks. He can be utilized to set up a lot of different team compositions.


There are 2 ways that the character can limit break :

1.Limit Break

Limit Break cost character shards with the count of 40/80/120/160/200, which makes it a total of 600 shards needed to fully limit break a character.

2. Awakening

Other than the character levels, there is also Job levels. Characters level 40 and below can only level a Job up to level 6. Character level lower than 50 will only allow to level a Job until level 9. The secondary job on the other hand is based of the characters star., if the character have 2 star, you can have a secondary job, if the has 4 star, if can get a tertiary job.

After leveling up a job, theres equipment to be dealt with. Equipment has an ability tree which you can access it by clicking the option position at the second from the top at the right of your screen. We highly suggest you not prioritize on skill upgrading first as it costs a whole bunch of gold.

/8 Esther The Hero Of Thunder

War of the Visions : le Tactical est aussi attendu chez nous

Esther is the answer to a water meta in War of the Visions, and she can be built for either defense or attack, making her a staple in any team. Not only can she destroy water teams, but she can also defend very well against physical attacks, even from earth units, which is her weakness. She has the ever-necessary barrier breaker and deals damage with Bolting Strike, which not only has high accuracy to go against the evasion meta but also recovers a percentage of her HP on a critical hit.

Her paladin subclass gives her access to defensive buffs for herself and her team, while her main class has Magnetic Force giving her a physical barrier. She can also give herself pierce, strike, and missile attack resistance while raising her accuracy. Esther also has access to courage, allowing her to survive a fatal blow at least once. Be careful, however, because she melts against magic. Esther is a perfect choice if you need a Thunder element unit, even better than Cloud of Final Fantasy 7 fame.

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/10 White Marshmallow Miniature

Who knew that a silly little flan hat would be the most meta item in the game? The comfortable-looking beanie is an excellent item to carry for any unit for any kind of content that the game will throw around. Giving the user resistance toward most ailments is indispensable.

On top of that, the hat also gives the unit Accuracy +20, making it extremely deadly in the hands, or head, of a critical hit-based unit. Lets hope that the enemy doesnt have a Platinum Armor.

War Of The Visions: Ffbe

War of the Visions is a tactical role-playing and strategy game that is available on both Android and iOS devices, and it allows you to control various units on a grid-based battlefield. It was developed by Square Enix on November 14, 2019, and as you can expect from the company, it is a high-quality game.

The objective of the game is to complete various objectives while using your units to your advantage. Its graphics are 3D and it has voice-overs for its characters.

The game offers an online multiplayer mode as well as a single-player campaign. There are also daily quests that can be completed in order to get rewards.

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Raising Max Level Through Awakening

The required materials to awaken a unit are made up of:

  • Copper, Silver, Gold, Azure, Rainbow
  • Rainbow Fragment of Thought
  • Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Thunder, Water, Dark, Light
  • Awakening Prism
  • Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Thunder, Water, Dark, Light
  • Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Thunder, Water, Dark, Light
  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Rarity

    The max level should increase accordingly as shown in the following chart:


    /10 Laras Dual Pistols

    War of The Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Official Story & Gameplay Trailer

    Not only was the Tomb Raider collaboration a bit odd for most players to begin with, but Square Enix also chose to give Lara Croft a craftable signature weapon in the form of two 9mm pistols. But move over Ras Algethi, we have a new sheriff in town, and its Laras Dual Pistols.

    The pistols are perfect for any gunner unit that loves to trigger critical hits by giving them Critical Damage +20 and Critical Rate Up +15. Try to keep a straight face when you see a Final Fantasy character ready to simplify some payroll.

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    /8 Celes The Former General Of The Gestahlian Empire Of Water

    Celes is the top-tier water unit and arguably the top-tier unit of War of the Visions. Celes is a magic tank with a sword that increases her max HP by 15 percent and a stack of abilities, resistances, and innate hate that make her feel like a 100-cost unit. The one thing that makes Celes a standout is her Runic Blade ability. She easily shuts down mages such as Black Rose Helena, Jayden Rundall, and Halloween Little Leela by absorbing their magic attacks and turning them into AP and TP for herself while also protecting her allies.

    Casting Runic Blade also bestows protect and shell, and grants Celes a barrier that reduces damage. She has the potential to evade magical damage completely. Effectively shutting down most of the strongest mages in a game that relies heavily on magic users makes Celes one of the best units in War of the Visions.

    /8 Violet The Beholder Of The True Self Of Light

    The must-have unit of the Persona 5 Royal collaboration Violet has a great kit and a unique reaction that makes her a remarkable addition to light evasion units. With a higher move and jump than the average unit, Violet can get to the enemy and flank them faster than others. She’s a great interrupter, pulling the enemy forward and disrupting their buffs. Her move Vorpal Blade is a large AoE with a good range that will help her hit the enemy first as she closes in, which is helpful in both PvP and PvE.

    She can lower the defense of the enemy unit and has a chance to inflict paralysis, rendering them useless for several turns. Her true talent shines when she uses Dazzle us, Cendrillon, which raises her evasion and CT rate, making her turn come faster when she lands a critical hit. Her reaction, A Perfect Ten! raises her Slash Attack Res Piercing Rate and allows her to counterattack when she evades.

    A Perfect Ten gives Violet free hits that still count towards raising her CT if they’re critical. Violet gets free attacks, her turn comes faster, and her AoE is large and deals decent damage. A Perfect Ten works in PvP and PvE and is especially useful in raids where every turn counts.

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    Limit Break Unit Shard Acquisitions

    Unit-specific shards used to limit break units can be challenging to come by, and different unit rarities require different amounts to limit break them entirely. Ultra Rare units will need the most unit shards and, therefore, will take the longest to level up. The quickest ways to acquire Unit Shards include:

    • Level 40 Character Quests
    5 200 Shards

    The quickest ways to gain those 600 shards are to first exchange the number of medals earned from summoning the unit into the respective shards within the specific character shop. This will only work if you summon a unit on the current banner.

    Each 10x summon grants 100 summon medals, which can be exchanged at a rate of one shard for ten medals, ensuring you’ll start with at least ten shards after summoning for the unit. The longer it takes to pull the unit, the more medals you have to exchange for unit shards.

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    How Do The Bravery And Faith Stats Work

    War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius à¹à¸?มà¸?ลยุà¸à¸à¹à¸à¸²à¸? Square ...

    Bravery refers to the unit’s resilience in battle. The higher a unit’s Bravery, the greater chance they have of activating a reaction ability when dealt physical damage. You can increase a unit’s Bravery by assigning it to the Guild Barracks, but its Bravery will go down if it is KO’d in battle.If a unit’s Bravery drops to 9 or lower during battle, they become afflicted with Chicken status.Units afflicted with Chicken status will take the form of a chicken and accrue damage while running around wildly trying to avoid enemies.Units with Chicken status will regain one Bravery point each turn, reverting back to normal once their Bravery reaches 10.


    Faith refers to the unit’s disposition in battle. The amount of magic-type damage inflicted and taken, the chance of activating a Reaction Ability when taking magic damage, and the occurrence rate of status effects are proportionate to a unit’s Faith. A unit’s Faith decreases while it is assigned to the Guild Barracks, but it can also be raised by using certain abilities.

    • Various Fluctuations – Bravery and Faith may fluctuate depending on ability effects or other factors.
    • Roughly 25% of any fluctuations that occur in battle will be carried over to the next battle.
    • Does not include fluctuations caused by the effects of abilities with turn restrictions.
    • Will not be added to Multi Quests battles.

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    /10 Zazan The Unkillable

    There is a reason that this version of Zazan is dubbed the unkillable. The earth-based unit is a slippery one to pin down. He boasts high HP, speed, and evasion, making him the ideal tank to pair with other evasion units in the element like Kitone.

    The only downside to the more commonly dubbed UR Zazan is that he is a limited-time unit, meaning he is not in the general pool of character to pull from so building him can be quite difficult if spending real money is not on the cards.

    /8 Velis The Sagacious Veteran Of Ice

    Fighting for the title of the best healer in the game against Yuna from Final Fantasy X, Velis is a top-tier healer that has a large range and can benefit allies with more than just health. He has one of the best subclasses in arithmetician, allowing for ranged healing and magical attacks. His main job will raise his magic and give him protect and shell, but he has two moves that make him the go-to ice unit.

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    Stars of Swiftness grants haste to Velis and his ally, and Snow Healing will not only restore all allies health within range of him, but it will also grant AP as well. Velis can stand back, heal from afar, speed up his allies, grant AP alongside healing, and has a guaranteed hit move. He only lacks raise and reraise, but he’s still the best ice unit available.

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    Estimated Strongest Character List

    Within the game, Agility directly affects Move. So, we made this list based on the highest speed in character stats. Move is the turns of the game where this might have an effect on how many times you get to attack in sequence. If you speed is higher than the opponents, you can attack multiple times in between each enemies.

    Able to move to your targets are also very important. So remember to consider giving points to abilities like JUMP +1 and MOVE +1. So we included the list of characters that you might want to pick up in your gacha rolls in this War of the Visions beginners guide.

    War Of The Visions Tier List Of Units Sorted From S+ To C


    With that being said, in this article, we will take a look at all the units in War of the Visions and try to put them in tiers starting from C all the way to S+. Keep in mind that EX job is taken into consideration.

    Bookmark this article and visit it every once in a while as we will update our War of the Visions tier list as soon as new content gets released!

    Original list by Mihail Katsoris, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.

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    Training Challenge Missions Character Quests And Daily Shard Quests

    Training challenge missions will offer 120 unit shards if completed. Those missions require you to level up the unit and their job to a specific level and reward you with several unit shards in exchange. The training challenge missions are time-limited, so be sure to do them within the time frame of the unit’s release or miss out on up to 120 unit shards.

    Once your unit reaches level 40, you’ll be able to take on their character quest, which will give another 15 unit shards upon completion. You should also set up your characters for daily shard quests, granting two unit shards daily. Daily shard quests, however, are not applicable for limited or collaboration units.

    When they drop, catch double-up campaigns for the daily shard quests. It’ll allow you to gain double the daily unit shards, providing four shards per unit during the campaign’s length.

    Persona 5 Royal X War Of The Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Global Collaboration Announced

    From December 2021 to January 2022, a collaboration between Persona 5 Royal and Square Enixs tactics based mobile game, War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave previously took place in the Japanese version of the game.

    Today, the Persona 5 Royal collaboration event has been announced for the global version of the mobile game. The event will be starting on April 27, 2022 and ending on May 31, 2022.

    Just as before, there will be three units that can be obtained during this collaboration: Ren Amamiya , Makoto Niijima and Kasumi Yoshizawa .

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    /8 Oberon The Fanatical Dragon King Of Earth

    The king of Heindler is also the king of the earth element. Oberon is pure power, making him one of the best of his element. He has a kit essential for dealing significant damage and keeping him alive. His Purple Dragon’s Shield not only reduces damage done to him, but it raises his own pierce attack for three turns. This move gives him survivability and a damage boost. He’s able to increase his move and jump to get to the enemy faster and lower their earth resistance, so he does even more damage when he hits and has a unique limit break.

    When Oberon uses the Eight-Path Dragonshire limit break, it lowers all elemental resist of every target within range, making them susceptible to every element from those on his team. He can also use debuffs such as stun and stop, which can change the tide of battle if executed correctly. Throw in a guaranteed hit move, excellent AoE damage, and the notorious jump move that has him in the sky for one turn avoiding damage, and it’s easy to see why Oberon is the king of the earth element.

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