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Do I Need An Appointment At Walmart Vision Center

How Long Does It Take For Prescription Glasses To Be Ready

Walmart Vision Careers

Ordinarily your prescription glasses should take 5 7 business days to be ready for dispatch or collection, however, this can be dependent on your prescription, frame and lens choice.

How quickly can I get a pair of prescription glasses?

It usually takes between 7 and 14 business days to get new glasses, but they often arrive earlier than the stated time frame. Theres a good chance that expedited options are available if you need your glasses in a hurry.

Does Walmart have an optometrist?

Both independent optometrists, as well as Walmart-employed optometrists, offer complete eye exams to diagnose vision conditions as well as eye diseases. Rest assured, every doctor that Walmart hires or contracts is licensed and a fully certified optometrist, and in some cases ophthalmologists. .

Do They Accept All Types Of Insurance


I dug around on their website and discovered that Walmart Vision Center takes most major insurance providers.

Apparently only the following providers are considered Out-of-Network which means theyll cover less.

  • Cole Managed Vision

Id contact your local Walmart eye center if you have any specific questions related to your insurance.

How Much Does An Eye Exam Cost At Walmart

If you have a Walmart Vision Center nearby and you need a new or updated prescription, you may be able to schedule your eye exam there. Select vision centers have independent doctors of optometry working in offices next to Walmart.

An eye exam at Walmart costs around $85 prices vary depending on location. I found that the cost for an eye exam at Walmart was pretty average compared toother popular optical centers.

You should call your nearest Walmart Vision Center to get an exact price for the eye exam before scheduling. If youre being fitted for contacts or renewing your contacts prescription, you can expect an additional fee.

Note that while some optometrists are employed by Walmart, most eye exams are conducted byself-employed doctors who lease space in the stores near the vision centers.

You can book an exam by using thestore finder online and calling the number for your nearest location. According tothe website, an associate will help you set up an appointment.

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Looking For Eyeglasses Near You

Our office is located right next to Walmarts Vision Center. Our frames start at $9 and include frame styles such as Baby Phat, Hard Candy, Cover Girl, Flexon, Iron Man, Hello Kitty, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We also carry safety frames and sunglasses.

The doctor and staff at Derby City Eye Care provide consistent, compassionate, comprehensive eye care for patients of all ages

Are you experiencing vision loss, double vision, flashes and floaters, eye trauma, swollen lids, or red, painful eyes? We can help!

How Much Does Walmart Charge For Eye Exam

Walmart Eye Center Make Appointment

Average Walmart Eye Exam Cost. The Walmart eye exam cost can range between $60 and $75. The price can go higher depending on the location of the Walmart Vision Center that youre visiting.

Does Wal-Mart give eye exams?

Considering that Walmart offers everything from automotive to beauty needs, its no surprise that the mega-giant retailer offers eyeglasses and contact lenses, along with eye exams by licensed doctors of optometry .

What are Walmarts Vision Center hours?

Generally, the Walmart Vision Center opens at 10 AM and will be closed at 6 PM on Sundays. So in summary, Walmart Vision Center hours are 11 AM to 8 PM Monday-Friday, 11 AM to 9 PM on Saturday, and 12PM to 6 PM on Sunday.

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Is Walmart Vision Center Good

Product Range and Quality. Besides being conveniently located for most people, Walmart Vision Centers are tastefully decorated and offer nice selections of eyewear at reasonable prices, including wide varieties of frames and lenses. As a discount retailer, Walmart generally emphasizes value-for-price over high quality.

How Much Does A Walmart Eye Exam Cost

An eye exam at Walmart will generally cost somewhere between $50 and $100 without insurance. But prices vary by store, so be sure to call ahead of time.

  • In our survey of optical centers and doctors offices across the country, the average cost for an eye exam at Walmart in the continental U.S. was $73.

  • Walmart was $22 cheaper than the overall national average: $95.

It never hurts to call around, but if price is on the top of your list, youll often find that store-based optometrists at places like Walmart, Target, Costco and Sams Club offer some of the most competitive prices. Compared to the exams at these types of locations, Walmart was much closer to the average during our survey.

If you have vision insurance and plan on using it, check in with your Walmart location before you head to the store. Verifying your insurance eligibility ensures you wont have any unwelcome surprises at the checkout counter.

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How To Book An Appointment For An Eye Exam

You can book an appointment for a Walmart Vision Center eye exam by calling or visiting the store in person.

To book your appointment in-store, simply ask an employee for a vision exam, and they will help you get set up.

To find the contact information for the Walmart Vision Center nearest you, use the store locator feature on the Walmart website.

Just enter your zip code or city and state, and it will show you the closest Walmart stores to your location. Next, click on the store youre interested in and choose the Store Details option. Then, you will be redirected to a page with the stores contact information, including its phone number. With that, you can call and make an appointment for an eye exam.

Keep in mind that you will need to provide some basic information, such as your name and contact details, to book an appointment. Youll also be asked how many people will be coming in for the appointment and what type of exam you need.

Additionally, its a good idea to call ahead to confirm the cost of the eye exam before you book. That way, you can be sure how much the exam will cost and make sure it fits within your budget.

Free Eye Exam Walmart

Walmart Vision Center/Part 1

A Walmart eye checkup includes a visual acuity test and an eye health assessment. The eye health evaluation looks for common disorders like glaucoma and cataracts, while the visual acuity test gauges your ability to see correctly at various distances. Walmart Customer Service Hours.

An American company called Walmart Vision Centre provides consumers with free eye exams, eye healthcare, and visual products and services. For instance, among other things, it offers prescriptions and a wide selection of sunglasses, eyeglasses, and contact lenses. The organization occasionally offers a free eye test at Walmart to say thank you to its patrons.

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How Much Does Walmart Charge For Contact Lenses

The starting price for a box of contact lenses at Walmart Vision Center is $14, but the cost varies largely depending on which brand you select.

In addition to purchasing contacts from your optometrist, you can also buy them online through Walmart. Just go to and enter your prescription information. A word of caution, though, when buying contacts solely online, you will not be able to use vision insurance as a payment method.

However, if you go to a Walmart Vision Center with insurance coverage for the appointment, they can send a bill to your insurance company to help pay for the contact lenses .

Walmart Vision Center: 5 Things To Know Before Your First Visit

If you wear glasses, then you know how expensive and inconvenient it can be to replace them. Ive worn glasses for years and have gone way too long without replacing them in the past because Ive wanted to avoid the hassle.

In this article, Ill take a look at Walmart Vision Center, a convenient option for purchasing your glasses online or in the store.

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How Much Are Glasses At Walmart Without Insurance

How much do eyeglasses from Walmart Vision Centers cost? Glasses start from $10 to $40, but you should expect to pay more than that. Single lenses are free with frame purchase. No-line bifocal lenses are an additional charge .

Does Walmart Vision do walk ins?

If you still have some questions, you can walk right in to your local Vision Center on your next Walmart run and ask them all about their services .

How long does it take to get glasses from Walmart?

After ordering a new pair of prescription glasses from Walmarts vision center, you can expect your order to take up to 7 to 10 days, if you have ordered online. This allows time for your prescription glasses to be made and then shipped.

Does Walmart vision do walk ins?

No Appointment Available For Vision Center At Walmart

Walmart Eye Center Make Appointment

Need an appointment for Vision Center at Walmart but there is no available appointment? If you cannot find a time and date that fits you, you may dial the Walmart Vision Center phone number we have provided above for phone assistance or try again later the online schedule system, as other people may have cancelled or rescheduled their appointment and new appointment time slots are available.Both in-person and walk-in appointments for Vision Center at Walmart are limited and may be available on a first come, first-serve basis. You are advised to you call Walmart Vision Center phone number prior to showing up.

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Walmart Vision Center: 8 Things You Gotta Know Before You Visit

Getting an eye exam and a new pair of eyeglasses doesnt have to be expensive if you play your cards right. Enter the Walmart Vision Center where you can get an eye exam and a new pair of prescription glasses for under $100. Even less if youre not super picky about frame style and brand. So I went out and did the research to figure out exactly how the eye center at Walmart works and here are all the things you GOTTA know before you show up.

Why Do I Need An Eye Exam Every Year

A lot can change with your eyes over the course of a year. Not only can your eyeglass prescription change, but certain eye diseases can slowly set in. Many times, these eye diseases present initially with no signs or symptoms and are only detectable by a comprehensive eye exam. You are at a higher risk for eye disease if you are a contact lens wearer or have a strong eyeglass prescription.

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Does Walmart Take Vision Insurance

Wal-Mart accept most vision insurance plans as well as major medical insurance. A medical or vision plan may help pay for your exam and often a portion of the glasses or contact lenses. Following is a list of many of the insurance plans we accept. If you do not see your plan, please call.

Who is the eye doctor for Walmart?

Dr. Britt Gustafson. Our Eye Care Services. Located inside Walmart in Eden Prairie , we provide comprehensive eye care to residents of the MinneapolisSaint Paul Metro Area. Our services include the evaluation of a range of conditions including glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy , dry eye, cataracts and macular degeneration.

Children And Contact Lenses

Walmart Vision Center Review

The important thing to remember for parents of children who wear contact lenses is that contacts are prescribed medical devices. Contact lenses are not a cosmetic accessory. While the wearer may be happy about his or her new look, it is extremely important that the lenses be properly cleaned and worn according to the instructions of the optometrist.

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Walmart Free Eye Exam Coupon

Walmart accepts vision insurance from many companies, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, and United Healthcare. To find out what is covered, its crucial to verify with your insurer, as coverage and discounts differ based on the plan.

Budget-friendly alternatives to vision insurance policies include vision discount plans and vision savings plans.

Walmart also provides several savings on eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses if you dont have vision insurance. For instance, shoppers who buy a pair of glasses from Walmart can receive a $10 discount on an eye checkup.

How Much Does It Cost To Put Lenses In Frames At Walmart

If you visit your local Walmart Vision Center, they will likely be able to switch out your old lenses for new ones for free. However, this is only possible if youre getting yourself new frames from Walmart.

According to some reviews on Quora, you can usually expect your lenses to be installed in just a few minutes. So, if youre looking for a quick and easy way to get new glasses, Walmart Vision Center is your best bet.

However, keep in mind that not all Walmart Vision Centers offer this service. Therefore, its always better to call a store near you and double-check.

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Our Eye Doctor At Walmart Dr Fowler And His Staff Are Here To Care For All Your Vision Needs

We believe in comprehensive eye care that goes beyond just a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. We will take the time to get to know you, your eye care history, and your vision needs. Whether you are new to the practice or have been coming for years, we want you to know the joy of clear and healthy vision! We provide Walmart contact lens exams. Schedule your eye exam at Walmart today!

Our practice specializes in traditional and advanced eye care for the whole family. Whether your child’s nearsightedness is progressing and you are interested in myopia management, or your parent is suffering from an eye disease like glaucoma, macular degeneration, or dry eyes, we are here for you! Our practice also provides co-management services for cataract surgery and LASIK, as well as dry eye diagnosis and treatment. Let Derby City Eye Care be the destination for all your eyecare needs.

Have an eye emergency? Our skilled optometrist, Dr. Jeremy Fowler, removes lumps and bumps from the eyelids and foreign objects in the eye. He also treats all types of eye infections and red eyes. Don’t wait – call us at !

We offer a wide selection of contact lenses including disposable soft contacts, bifocal/multifocal, toric, conventional lenses, and colored lenses. Our selection of lenses fits your needs. Learn more about our contact lens brands.

How To Find A Walmart Vision Center & Make Appointment

Are Walmart Vision Centers Open On Sunday

Use the store locator to find your nearest Walmart Vision Center. You can make an appointment for your eye exam by calling the store directly. Most Vision Centers are open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Looking for more ways to save at Walmart? Join Walmart+ to get free shipping and delivery on almost every order , and check our guide to saving with Walmarts Photo Services and Tire & Auto Services.

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Do I Need An Appointment For Walmart Vision Center

Besides being conveniently located for most people, Walmart Vision Centers are tastefully decorated and offer nice selections of eyewear at reasonable prices, including wide varieties of frames and lenses. Many people appreciate the ability to walk in without an appointment and find a popular name-brand frame.

How much does an eye exam at Walmart cost?

How much does a Walmart eye exam cost? An eye exam at Walmart will generally cost somewhere between $50 and $100 without insurance. But prices vary by store, so be sure to call ahead of time.

Things To Know Before Visiting Walmart Vision Center

Whether you need an eye exam, new glasses or contact lenses, Walmart Vision Center may be one retailer to consider. I found a huge selection of frame styles and colors on the website at competitive prices.

To see if theres a Walmart Vision Center near you, visit the store location page and enter your ZIP code. If there isnt a location nearby, you can still shop for glasses and contacts online.

Before you place an order or book an eye exam, take a look at these five things to know about Walmart Vision Center:

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Walmart Eye Exam Cost & Walmart Vision Center

To find a Walmart Vision Center, click this link. Enter your city, state, or zip code, and click the Continue button. Youll see a page with the store information, address, distance from your location, and phone number. Call their number and speak with one of their associates. They will be able to assist you in making the appointment.

You can go to the store directly for service. Their offices are usually adjacent to the Walmart Vision Centers outlet. An independent Walmart eye Doctor of Optometry performs eye exams, and most insurance plans are accepted.

For more information about Walmarts eye exam, visit their official website.

What Insurance Plans Are Accepted At Walmart Vision Centers

I Got My New Glasses At Walmart Vision Center

Walmart Vision Center accepts most major vision insurance plans, including:

  • Cole Managed Vision

To find out if your insurance company is accepted, please contact your nearest Walmart Vision Center. They will be able to answer any questions about vision coverage and how you can use it at Walmart.

Keep in mind that these insurance plans can cover only eye exams and in-store purchases at Walmart. So, if youre buying contact lenses online, you wont be able to use your vision insurance plan.

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