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Digital Vision Board Template Free

Set Aside Time Each Day To Contemplate Your Vision

Digital Vision Board Canva: Free template for your 2022 goals

This is a very important part of the whole process of creating a vision board. It is recommended that you take a few minutes to look at your vision board and contemplate the images there. Do this at least twice a day. This ritual trains your mind to be alert to experiences and opportunities that bring you closer to your goals so you can act on them accordingly.

Canva Free Template Turquoise

via Canva

This is a free digital template available on Canva. It has a turquoise theme that is soothing to the eyes.

The main advantage ofusing online graphic design platforms such as Canva is the large volume ofstock images you can choose from to make your vision boards stand out. Thereare images you can use for free, but in order to have full access to the imagedatabase, you need to subscribe to the premium service for a fee.

Use Pictures And Quotes That Give Positive Feelings

Be sure to use images and quotes that inspire and uplift you. If you find an image that makes you feel needy or doubtful, dont use it. For example, if you see a picture of a car and you want it so desperately, but feel you cant ever get the money needed for such a wonderful car, dont use it. Only add photos that give you positive, believable vibes.

Just as with physical vision boards, your attitude is the key to an effective vision board.

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Why Should I Make A Vision Board

Its all about manifestation, yo! Seriously, vision boards help you go through the process of actively thinking about your hopes, goals, and dreams. Theyre a great way to organize what you want your future to look like. Once its laid out on a vision board, you can begin to think about what’s needed to make it all happen!

Online Vision Board Apps And Websites For 2023

Vision Board Kit

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best online vision board app is, then we recommend Canva as the best choice.

Do you want to live the life youve always dreamt of?

One great tool for turning dreams into reality and manifesting goals is a vision board.

Sometimes also known asa dream board, a vision board is a collage of images and texts that helps bring clarity and focus about what one reallywants in life.

People use this collection of images and sayings to visualize whatever they want to manifest in their lives.

What You Will Learn

  • Final Words on Online Vision Boards
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    Determine The Theme For Your Board

    How do you want to use this vision board? Do you want a separate digital vision board for each month? Are there certain areas of life that mean more to you than others and deserve their own boards ? Are you looking to manifest a whole new life?

    If this is your first vision board, you may find it difficult to decide on a theme for your board. If thats the case, check out my vision board planner for help in planning your board.

    The Threecategories Of Vision Boards

    Vision boards fall into three common categories:

    • Social relationships

    Most people invest a number of hours to create physical vision boards. After theyve mapped out their goals, they use magazine cutouts, printables, and stickers to create a collage representing their hopes, dreams, and goals. Often they use corkboards or thick cardstock to serve as the base for their vision boards. These boards are highly personal and meaningful for their creators.

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    Save Your Vision Board And Keep It Somewhere Youll See It Frequently

    Your vision board is most effective if you keep it some place where you can see it frequently. You could print it out and hang it on your fridge, the wall near your desk or your bathroom mirror. Since this is an online vision board, you could have it as your desktop wallpaper or saved as a background for your phone.

    The more frequently you look at it, the more likely you will think about whats important to you and how much progress youve made.

    If you save your collage as a JPG, you can make it the wallpaper for your phone or laptop. Or you can save it as a PDF and print it out to put in your planner or journal.

    Final Words On Online Vision Boards


    An online vision board is a very empowering tool. When used correctly, you can reap the benefits of visions boards and change your life. With this representation of your dreamswhether in physical or digital formyoull be more inspired to work on manifesting them.

    And thats actually thekeyword here: work. A vision board givesyou the focus and clarity to define your goals. It is up to you to uncover theopportunities for achieving these.

    If want to get started right away, then be sure to check out Canva where you can pick from thousands of designs to create the perfect vision board. Or if you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these posts:

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    What Is And What Could Be

    via Christie Zimmer

    This journal page features a charming color scheme and fun fonts and layout. It helps determine what things you can improve on to raise the quality of your life and achieve what you’ve always dreamed of. After youve brainstormed your answers, you can transform this page into your actual vision board.

    What Is A Digital Vision Board

    A digital vision board, also called a dream board or a mood board, is simply a vision board you make using an online app or with a software program such as Word or Photoshop. There are several free online apps you can use to create your vision board digitally, such as PicMonkey or Canva.

    All you need to do is gather the images and quotes you want to use, and then create a collage using the images youve found.

    You can keep your digital vision board online, or on your computer or phone where you can refer to it. Or, you can print it out and hang it somewhere where you will see it every day.

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    Free Vision Board Template

    Ive created a set of templates using Canva, a free online graphics program, that you can use to make almost any kind of vision board you might want. You can print these out to create a physical vision board or use the template to create your own digital vision board online.

    These templates come in portrait and landscape orientation so you can use them however you like. You can print them, use them as wallpaper on your computer or phone, or even share them with a friend.

    What Should I Include On My Vision Board

    Vision Board Kit

    Now you know how to get started, but what exactly should you put on a vision board? This is entirely up to you. Vision boards are great for speaking your goals and dreams to the universe. I like to use a combination of short-term and long-term goals.

    They are also nice reminders to be kind to yourself. You can make a vision board focused solely on one area of your life or put many areas altogether. Here are some goal visualization ideas:

    • Coping Skill Ideas

    When building your vision board, think about what you want for yourself and how it will improve your life, relationships, and financial outlook. Whatever goals you focus on, try to be as specific as possible. Rather than saying be more active, try spend 1,000 hours outside. Instead of get a new job, claim the job title you want such as Project Manager or Profitable Business Owner.

    Add pictures, quotes, colors, and symbols to represent your goals. If you feel comfortable, share them with a close friend or business partner to keep yourself accountable. They will also inspire your loved ones to make their own.

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    Vision Board Life Goals

    We designed this vision board to serve as a constant reminder and source of inspiration as you work toward fulfilling your life goals. This predominantly green-themed template has a prominent spot reserved for listing five of your major life goals. Surrounding it are boxes that represent your family, travel, career, and financial goals.

    Let Kids Explore Their Dreams

    Kids benefit from learning about goal-setting and visualization early on, and this template helps introduce vision boarding to young people.

    It features a colorful interface with places where you can write down or draw images representing your goals/dreams. There are also boxes with writing prompts to give structure to the process of vision boarding.

    Some of the writing prompts youll find in this template include:

    • Places I Want to Go
    • Something I Love About Myself
    • Something I Want to Accomplish
    • Pictures, Drawings, and Words That Make Me Happy

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    How To Use The Midlife Rambler Canva Templates To Create Your Digital Vision Board

    The free Canva Digital Board Templates Im sharing make creating a vision board online quick and easy. You can choose the format that appeals to you and customize any of the templates to suit your needs.

    To use the Canva templates:

  • If you dont already have a Canva login, head over to and click Sign Up to create a new personal account.
  • You dont need a Canva Pro account to use the template, so if they offer a free trial, you can select Maybe Later. That will ensure you are using Canva for free.

    2. Youll receive an email with the links to the templates. The templates come in two formats:

    • Landscape Good for printing your vision board to hang on the wall or using as your computers wallpaper
    • Portrait Good for printing your vision board to put in a notebook or planner or using as wallpaper for your phone.

    3. Once youve gotten the template you want to use, MAKE A COPY OF YOUR TEMPLATE. If you change the original template, you can never go back to the way it was.


    Each of the Canva vision board templates has 5 formats you can choose from to make your vision board. Once youve decided on the format you want to use, you can delete all the other pages in the template.

    4. Now, youre ready to bring in your images and quotes.

    Canva has several free images you can use or you can upload images youve gotten somewhere else to use on your board.

    How Do Vision Boards Work

    How to Create a Digital Vision Board

    Vision boards are based on the law of attraction and the premise that we live in a universe thats dependent on our intentions. In order for it to work, a vision board must clearly show what we want in our lives.

    Traditional vision boards are made by gluing cutout images and texts from magazines and other printed media onto a poster, cork board, or any other sturdy backing.

    Unfortunately, considering time constraints, unavailability of materials, and lack of storage space, creating a physical vision board is not practical for some people.

    A digital vision boardone thats created online or through an appis a more practical solution. Another advantage of a digital vision board is that you can access it anywhere.

    In this post, weve collected 10 online vision board apps and websites that can help bring your dreams to life. Some of these apps are free, while others require a fee to access premium features. However, they all help you get closer to living the life that youve always dreamed of.

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    Types Of Vision Boards

    There are several types of vision boards you can make:

    • A board that reflects your overall goals for the year, or even your life. This might be things like I want to be happy or I want to find love. I like to make a new vision board at the beginning of each year in order to feel empowered and focused on the good things that can come in the new year.
    • A vision board focused on a specific goal. This could be something like I want to buy a house in the next two years or I want to lose 30 pounds by September.
    • A vision board that describes the type of person you want to become. This might include images of people you respect, quotes about how they live their life, or even pictures of the type of clothes and accessories you want to wear.
    • Themed vision boards. A good example of a themed vision board is a monthly board with different goals for each month. For example, you could focus your January vision board on getting fit, your February vision board on improving your relationships, etc.

    Vision Boards Templates Are Magic

    In this post Im sharing my free digital vision board templates for Canva, so check out the sign-up form at the bottom of this blog post!

    Ive been making vision boards for a long time, and Ive manifested a bunch of really incredible things. With the help of vision boards, Ive manifested:

    My NLP and coaching training at Yes Supply

    I actually had the exact dates I attended on my vision board for six months before I enrolled. Its one of the best decisions Ive ever made.

    Spiritual Friendships

    I had a deep, spiritual desire to manifest new friendships with like-minded women who were also spiritual, and passionate about self-development. I remember the exact moment I pasted the image on my vision board, and felt doubtful of ever manifesting it.

    And to my surprise, I found them! I cherish these connections and Im so grateful to my past self for taking the leap and putting my desire on my board.

    A Downtown Toronto Apartment

    For two years, I lived in the most lovely student building in the core of Downtown Toronto. This was another manifestation straight from a vision board. A few years ago, I put a photo of a beautiful living room on my vision board with the deep desire to have a new living place. A few months later, the opportunity to move into that apartment in Toronto arose, and I loved living there.

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    Gather Your Images And Quotes For Your Board

    You can find images all over the Internet! Here are a few ways I like to find images for my online vision boards.

    If you see an image you want to use, simple right click on it and select Save Image to download it. Then you can use it on your board later.

    Unsplash has beautiful, inspiring images that are free to use.

    Pexels is another excellent source of stock photos use on your board.

    Google Image Search

    You can also use to find images for your board. Try searching for a desired feeling, such as abundance or joy, rather than searching for a more specific image.

    Pictures You Take Yourself

    You can also use your own images on your board! If youre out some day and see a car youd like to drive or a house youd like to own, take a picture for your vision board!

    A Picture of Yourself and/or Your Family

    I like to include a picture of myself or other people I love, like my husband and my children, on my vision board. Thats a wonderful way to focus on what you would like to see in your family life.

    Canva Design Tips For Vision Boards

    Digital Vision Board Notion Template

    Canva is an amazing tool for making dream boards. Here are a couple of tricks that I have found incredibly useful and will make your experience more efficient.

    Start by adding images or words that relate to your dreams and aspirations. Your board should be full of things that inspire and motivate you. You can add pictures of places you hope to visit, quotes from your favorite books, people who have influenced your life in positive ways, or anything else that sparks joy for you. Take the time and reflect on what truly matters most in life when choosing these items.

    After youve filled your board with inspiring images and words, play around with the color picker feature to really make your vision board represent you. Canva has some pre-selected color combinations, but you can choose your own as well.

    You can also add frames or borders to add the finishing touch.

    Once youve finished designing your vision board, its time to print it out or save it as your digital wallpaper or phone background. Look at your vision board every day and let the positivity reverberate throughout your life. Set a reminder in your phone to come back and create a yearly vision board. Its so fun to see how many goals you accomplished.

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    Tips For Creating A Digital Vision Board

    • Take your time: One of the best things about making a digital vision board? Theres no need to take an entire afternoon to cut out pictures and go glue-crazy. I find the process more relaxed and fun.
    • Pinterest is my all-time favourite source for Inspirational photos.
    • Look at it everyday: Theres something special about reminding yourself of your vision every single day. Thats why I love the digital vision board template for your phone. If you set your board to your phone lock screen, youll naturally see it multiple times a day.

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