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Best Dental Loupes For Students And International Dentists

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Dentistry is a field that is mostly governed by accuracy and precision. As dentists, you wouldnt want to drill just around or near the vicinity of the cavity you want to drill the cavity at precisely the exact point it needs to be drilled, following dental principles, which pretty much calls for accuracy and precision. But doing something accurately and precisely is a challenge in and of itself. Imagine doing it on a surface where your thumb is actually bigger than the surface you are working on. Hard to imagine and even harder to do, but the introduction of magnification or loupes in our field has made this challenge easier to deal with. Thats why dental loupes in dentistry have gained a lot of popularity from the time it was introduced. Even more so now that it has become a valuable tool, something some dentists and even dental trainees/ students have come to rely on heavily frequently. And without a doubt, dental loupes for students and dentists play a significant role for bench test preparation.

Loupes are simple, small magnification devices used to see small details more closely. Unlike dental magnifying glasses, they do not have handles, and their focusing lenses are contained in opaque cylinders or cones or fold into enclosed housings that protect the lenses when not in use.

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  • Why Do Surgical Loupes Fog & What Can I Do About It? OH NO! My loupes have fogged-up AGAIN and I cant see! How many times have we all said this recently? LEARN what you can do to reduce the fogging of your surgical & dental loupes. As the use of face masks & PPP has increased â fogging has become a serious headache. Discover how you can stop lens fogging.
  • Top 5 Reasons Why to Buy a Loupe & Light Together Quickly discover the top 5 reasons to buy your loupe & headlight together at the same time. Reasons include: saving money through discounts offered by leading manufacturers, saving time by reducing the time needed to research / compare products from different manufacturers, plus three more!
  • How do I know if I need my prescription added to dental loupes?This is probably the most common question people ask, once they have made a decision to purchase a pair of dental loupes. Its a simple question, but requires a more complex answer. One of the goals in wearing dental loupes, is to have higher resolution and more clarity. It is important to remember, however, that while dental loupes enhance the viewing experience, they dont correct the doctors or hygienists vision

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What Is Clearimage Ii

ClearImage II ® Microscopes This cosmetically pleasing optical system has a 40 mm lens providing the widest possible field of vision that is clear, crisp, and distortion-free from edge to edge. The patientâs astigmatic prescription may be incorporated into the system, allowing for ease of reading never before possible. A combination of high index glass and a permanent Magnesium-Fluoride Anti-Reflection coating ensures the blackest, sharpest resolution.

Designs For Vision Has Several New And Innovative Products Including Infinity Vue Panoramic Field And Reveal

Designs For Vision Loupes Price List

Designed to provide a straightforward approach to ergonomics, Infinity VUE loupes are available in 3.0x and 3.5x magnification. Infinity VUE keeps your chin up, your neck straight and your eyes forward while viewing the magnified oral cavity. Designs for Vision invites you to try these loupes on to see the difference in your posture.

The new patented Panoramic Field Loupes represent the most significant advancement in telescope design in more than 100 years, according to the company. The viewable areas are twice as large as prismatic expanded field designed loupes and up to five times greater than Galilean loupes. Panoramic Field loupes provide unprecedented field of view, clarity, definition and color, the company says.

Designs for Vision has also launched its groundbreaking REVEAL , providing hands-free fluorescence enhanced theragnosis . According to the company, REVEAL supplies the visual information to support decision making and facilitate proper treatment options in cariology, oral hygiene, periodontology-implantology and restorative dentistry.

Designs for Vision is also introducing the patented intuitive response technology with the Micro IR HDi headlight . The patented IR feature allows you to operate the headlight with hands-free operation. Onboard biometrics sense the position of the headlight to turn the light on when you are working and turn the light off when you look up.

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Request Your Complimentary Demo

What sets Orascoptic loupes apart? You!

Because every pair is built to your specifications. It all starts in your office with a guided demonstration of Orascoptic products with your local optical expert. They take precise measurements to build a profile of your facial geometry which will be used as the digital blueprint to handcraft your loupes.

We believe that when your loupes feel apart of you, they help you achieve the absolute best you.

If you are in need of additional support for your recent product purchase, please contact our dedicated technical support team.

Take advantage of our complimentary in-office product demo.

Working with your schedule, our team of dedicated reps will set up an appointment for a one-on-one product consultation and fitting. During your appointment you can review key features, discuss various benefits and test drive the actual product. Ask about our 45-day trial period for loupes and headlights.

Fill out this form and a member of our Inside Sales team will be in contact to schedule your appointment.

As an industry leader, Orascoptic is constantly pushing the limits to provide clinicians with the latest products that achieve superior visualization through enhanced ergonomics, improved magnification and illumination.

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Patented Technology For Superior Performance

SurgiTels innovative features help our loupes show vivid detail without sacrificing a safe working posture.

  • Patented pantoscopic angle and suspended magnification technologies.
  • Prism loupes for superior magnification.
  • A personalized fit to match your working needs.

Features SurgiTels custom Ergo Fit Nose Pad System, so you can achieve your best vision through personal adjustment.

3-point fit means in addition to the nose pads, the temple arms aid in supporting weight so you can work all day in comfort.

Magnification options from 2.5x to 10.0x, featuring micro and prism models.

SurgiTel loupe lenses have a pantoscopic tilt for enhanced ergonomics.

Working distance caps, so the same pair of loupes can be used with different working distances, and thus different effective magnifications. These are also a way to correct your loupes for how your eyes change over time, extending the life of your loupes.

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Surgical Loupes Recommendations Dfv/oracoscoptic/examvision/zeiss/surgitel/others

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The price of our Daylite HDI is $1,295. The weight of the optic is 1oz. High intensity is 100,000 LUX. The unit comes complete with 2 power packs. You get 6.5 hours run time on a high and 8.5 hours on medium. The price of our Ultra Mini HDI is $1,295. The weight of the optic is 0.5oz. High intensity is 55,000 LUX. The unit comes complete with 2 power packs. You get 10 hours run time on a high setting and 17 hours on medium. The price of our Twin Beam HDI is $2,295. High intensity is 140,000 LUX. The unit comes complete with 2 power packs. You get 4 hours run time on a high setting and 5.4 hours on medium. This is a dual headlight and would be worn on headset. Please see link below for pictures. Surgical Lighting SystemsAll of our new lighting options come with our HDI Universal power packs. These power packs have a simple one touch operation system as well as a smart-link technology to use both power packs at the same time for a long procedure. There is a fuel gauge indicator to keep you up to date on each power packs life. When the power pack is left with only 10% charge the optic light will flash to let you know to change out the power pack.

Practical Advantages Of Surgitel Compact Loupes

4 Smart Ways To INSTANTLY Improve Your Designs

SurgiTels patented Compact Prism loupes offer circular fields and DFVs patented Panoramic loupes offer rectangular fields according to the diagram which shows field shapes, but viewable field sizes are similar. Lets review practical advantages of SurgiTels Compact Prism loupes over DFVs Panoramic loupes.

  • Superior ergonomics: Using patented frames and manufacturing technologies, SurgiTel can offer truly ergonomic loupes to any clinician, helping prevent or alleviate the neck pain.
  • More frame choices: Oakley Radar frames and SurgiTel titanium frames are available for compact prism loupes. These frames are very stable for high magnification loupes and offer good eye protection as well as provide maximum comfort.
  • Custom nose pads for maximum comfort to wear: Single nose pads do not fit all nose types. SurgiTel offers several patented custom nose pad options for various nose types.
  • Lighter weight: The weight of DFVs 4.5x Panoramic loupes is about 130g1 and the weight of SurgiTels 4.5x Compact Prism loupes is approximately 85g. The weight of Panoramic loupes is approximately 50% heavier than Compact prism loupes.
  • TTL or FLM mounting options: TTL offers larger fields, but FLM offers more flexibility to users by allowing users to customize their viewing angle for various cases.
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    Designs For Vision Headlamps

    Like peanut butter and jelly, loupes are complemented nicely with a headlamp. While using only the overhead light equipped at your office is feasible, I find using a headlamp much more efficient as the light will illuminate the area that I am currently working on and eliminate the frustration of a hot overhead lamp in the dental operatory. Designs for Vision have multiple lights to choose from equipped with HDi technology that provides uniform light distribution with 45% more light.2 I was able to try three variations of headlamps and found benefits to each.

    The LED Daylight Micro HDi is a small, wired light weighing 0.6 oz that comes with two battery packs, a clip for wearing, a charger, and an ultraviolet filter. This light is so weightless I did not detect any variation in weight when mounted to my loupes. The 360-degree swivel clip in which the battery pack rests adapts to the clinicians preference in placement, allowing me to strategically place the battery where I found it more accommodating to operate.

    Designs for Vision LED DayLite® Micro HDi headlamp.

    Because of the length of the cord, I was able to place this battery pack as low as the waist without tension. The cord is equipped with two clips to secure it in place as it snakes up the body to the light. This was very helpful in keeping the cord from wandering around and becoming entangled as I move about.

    • Green 70% and up
    • Orange 10-40 %
    • Red Below 10%

    Designs for Vision LED DayLite® Micro IR HDi headlamp.

    Types Of Dental Loupes According To Lens System

    Galilean Loupes

    This is the more common system and is also known as lower magnification loupes. The practical range is limited to x3.5 or less, as the system is limited by spherical aberration. The fields flatness from top to bottom and left to the right begins to distort the image quality as magnification increases. An additional consideration is that all Galilean lens systems produce a halo effect at the periphery of the visual field, which, in some cases, maybe bothersome. They are, however, relatively light in weight and low cost. And recent developments in optical technology have led to the manufacture of Galilean loupes with improved optical quality. This may mean that the heavier Prismatic loupes will become outmoded, even for greater magnification.

    Prismatic Loupes

    These provide the highest optical quality available today. In Prismatic loupes, the passage of light is lengthened through a series of internal reflections via a Schmidt prism, thus allowing the barrel of the loupe to be shortened sufficiently for spectacle or headband mounting. These loupes provide improved quality of magnification, wider fields of view, and greater depth of field. The disadvantages are that they are heavier, have long barrels, and are more costly. They can be used for all levels of magnification as dental loupes and of course as dental loupes for students.

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    Names Created For Marketing By Dfv

    Lets review names of loupes created by DFV for their marketing purpose such as Standard Field Surgical Telescopes, Expanded Field Surgical Telescopes or EF Surgical Telescopes, and Panoramic Loupes. DFV has classified their loupes into three types based on field sizes. Standard Field Surgical Telescopes are Galilean Loupes which offers the smallest field size. Expanded Field Surgical Telescopes are Keplerian Loupes which offer larger fields than Standard Field Surgical Telescopes . DFV might recognize that the field size of SurgiTels patented Compact Prism loupes is significantly larger field than their classic style expanded field loupes. Thus, DFV designed new Keplerian loupes which offer similar fields offered by SurgiTels Compact Prism loupes. Because DFV cannot use SurgiTels patented optical design concepts, DFV has used a more complex design which requires more optical elements. DFV created a new marketing name of Panoramic Loupes for their new Keplerian loupes, which offers field sizes similar to field sizes of SurgiTels Compact Prism loupes.

    Declination Or Viewing Angle

    Designs For Vision Loupes Price List

    Another concept to take note of is the declination or viewing angle. This is the angle at which a lens is set to a horizontal reference line drawn from the superior auricular crevice to the noses bridge and will determine the sightline. When operating, the greater the angle concerning this line, the greater the neck tilt necessary to view the object. It is ergonomically important to ensure that this angle is correct for the individual to minimize strain on the neck, back, and shoulders.

    Here is a diagram showing these concepts to understand them better:

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    Dental Loupes Working Distance

    Dental loupes working distance is the distance at which a loupe will focus. You need to carefully select your working distance because an appropriate one will help you maintain the correct posture throughout your procedure. To measure the working distance, sit in an ergonomic position as if you were working on a patient, and take a tape measure and measure the distance between the bridge of your nose and the area of the patient you would be working on .

    See the video below showing how to measure the working distance:

    Usually, your working distance will be close to what is shown in the table below

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    Designs For Vision Loupes

    There are additional laser protective options available for your Designs For Vision loupes. To ensure that we find the best one for you, we recommend trying one of our Fit Kits. This is a 2-week, cost-free trial of all the potential inserts that work for your style of loupes. If interested, please fill out the Fit Kit form

    Showing all 8 results

    • Thin-Film Coated Glass

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    Paid Designs For Vision Infinity Vue

    Loupes or Microscope Perhaps both?

    When we try something new, it changes our perspective and allows us to see things differently. When we see things differently, we view things we previously missed, allowing us to experience new possibilities. And this new possibility is the ergonomically designed Infinity VUE loupes by Designs for Vision.

    I think its crucial to discuss the importance of ergonomics in dentistry and how the stress of improper ergonomics can take a severe toll on our bodies. Even at the beginning of your career, you were likely developing minor repetitive stress injuries before you graduated dental hygiene school. Whether youve experienced back, neck or wrist pain, these issues can potentially lead to more significant injuries throughout your career.

    As much as I love my other loupes, I dont know how Ill ever go back. I believe that we, unfortunately, compromise our posture daily. Despite using excellent loupes that help with our vision in dental hygiene practice and restorative work, we often still experience unwanted pain, even when the loupes are measured perfectly.

    What I LOVED!

    • Dual roof prisms to bend the image in the line of sight without distortion
    • Same comfortable frame as previous models
    • Designed and developed by a science-backed, reputable company

    Aces down the line @Designs4Vision! Well done on these beauties!

    Watch the video below:

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    Paid Designs For Vision Aerosol Protection Loupes

    My Entire Graphic Design Degree in 12 Minutes


    Im regularly asked by dental peeps whether or not they should purchase loupes. And my answer is always a no-brainer yes. But its no secret that a good quality pair of loupes come with a price tag that reflects the amazing benefits.

    That said, you should be looking at loupes as an investment. Not only an investment against the risk of musculoskeletal injuries and the longevity of your career as a hygienist but an investment for the patients you treat every single day.

    Many hygienists I engage with on social media ask for suggestions on what type of loupes to purchase. Its simple spend the money on a quality pair that will positively impact how you work and enhance your quality of life.

    Lets talk about our dear friend, Amazon. While convenient and addicting, its an inevitable rabbit hole. People get excited about Amazons finds because of price or current TikTok trends, and products tend to work out for a short amount of time. But regret often ensues when we realize the quality isnt up to par. So, what happens next? Were back browsing Amazon to find the next best alternative. In the end, if youre purchasing loupes from Amazon, all youll wind up with is a sore neck, back pain, blurred vision, or even headaches. And for those of you who insist their Amazon loupes work just fine, let me ask you this: how do you know that your very first pair is the best option and that nothing else will compare?

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