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Dental And Vision Insurance California

How To Get Dental Insurance

New Dental and Vision Coverage Options Webinar

Most people have access to dental insurance through their employer. However, those who are uninsured or underinsured like Medicare beneficiaries need to purchase a standalone policy.

Our guide on how to get dental insurance with Medicare can help you with this process.

You can also purchase a standalone policy directly with the insurance company or through a marketplace. Dental plans sold on have to meet the criteria set by the Affordable Care Act, which include offering coverage for pediatric dentistry, emergency services and prescription drugs.

Follow these guidelines to pick the right dental insurance provider:

Identify your dental needs.

A young adult with healthy teeth has very different dental care needs than a child with malocclusion or an elderly adult with tooth decay or gum disease. We recommend writing down the dental care needs of you and your family to make it easier to find providers that cover these procedures.

A general rule of thumb is to look for plans that cover 100/80/50: 100% preventive coverage, 80% basic work and 50% major work. However, its important to see whats included in each percentage. A policy covering 50% of major work but excluding implants may be useless if your main concern is missing teeth.

Review the different types of dental plans

We go over common dental plans in our types of dental plans section. Revise each one to see which fits best in terms of coverage benefits, plan options and cost.

Compare cost vs value

Best For No Waiting Periods: Spirit Dental

Spirit Dental

  • Coverage Limit: $5,000 after 3 years
  • States Available: 50

We chose Spirit Dental because its plans dont require any waiting periods and you have to pay a $100 deductible only once instead of every year.

  • 100% coverage for three cleanings and two exams annually

  • No waiting periods

  • Annual coverage maximums can be as low as $750

  • Plans vary widely on annual maximums and costs

Spirit Dental offers dental insurance plans with no waiting periods and annual maximum benefit amounts that increase after youve had your plan for a few years. It guarantees acceptance for everyone, and you even can get coverage for major services and dental implants.

Spirit Dental is offered through Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., which has an A+ rating from Standard & Poors and an A rating from AM Best for financial strength. Spirits partnership with Ameritas also means this company works with one of the largest networks of dentists worldwide. Currently, you can choose from 111,500 dental providers at 428,000 access points nationwide.

Along with having no waiting periods, Spirit Dental charges a one-time $100 deductible, compared to the annual deductibles most coverage providers charge. Spirit offers several dental insurance plans for individuals, featuring preventive coverage, three cleanings per year, orthodontics for kids, and no waiting periods, with up to a $5,000 annual maximum benefit after youve been a customer for three years.

Delta Dental: Plans For Individuals And Groups

Flag this as personal informationFlag this as personal information Flag this as personal information Flag this as personal information Looking to buy dental insurance? Delta Dental offers comprehensive and affordable dental coverage. Compare and shop our dental plans on

Find out more about our other coverage options such as vision insurance You can round out your insurance coverage and add it as a rider to your dental

Cigna Official Site | Global Health Service Companyhttps://www.cigna.comhttps://www.cigna.comFlag this as personal informationFlag this as personal information

1Health Net Individual & Family Vision and Dental PPO insurance plans (for ages 19 You may submit a complaint by calling the California Department of

Your current dentist may participate in the Delta Dental PPO Network and/or the Delta Dental Premier Network in California. If so, he/she has claim forms and

Enroll in Dental & Vision Plans in 4 easy steps. · Keep your dentist or choose an In-Network dentist and save · Over 400,000 providers to choose from, whether

There are separate, standalone plans for vision or dental benefits that can be used on top of a health insurance plan as a form of supplemental insurance. There

Highlights: · Deductible that decreases over time. Calendar year 1: $75/person. Calendar year 2: $50/person. Calendar year 3+: $25/person. · No waiting period for

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Is Cobra The Same As Covered California

Most consumers will pick either COBRA or Covered California, but some may need to pick both to avoid a gap in coverage. If you enroll in a Covered California plan and make a payment before your employer coverage ends, Covered California will pick up where your employer coverage leaves off. There is no need for COBRA.

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Oral Health Trends In California

Dental and Vision  Affordable California

A study performed by the L.A. County Department of Public Health found that 59 percent of Los Angeles residents visited a dentist in 2015. Given the size of the city’s population, this means approximately three million residents didn’t see a dentist. Another unfortunate city trend identified by the study was that less than half the people earning below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level had visited a dentist in the past year .

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Additional Costs To Consider

Policyholders pay monthly premiums for their coverage, but thats not the only expense to keep in mind. Deductibles, copayment, coinsurance and annual maximum limits also affect the total cost of dental care.


A deductible is the amount you pay before your insurance coverage kicks in. Most dental insurance companies set annual deductible rates at $50 per person and $150 per family. Other providers charge a one-time deductible, but plans with this type of deductible tend to have higher premium rates and a higher deductible


Coinsurance refers to the portion of dental care a policyholder must pay out-of-pocket after they meet the deductible and the insurance coverage kicks in.

Imagine you need a root canal that costs $300 and your dental insurance covers 80% of the procedure but charges a $50 annual deductible. If you already met this deductible on a previous visit, the coinsurance for the root canal would be $60 . However, if you havent yet met the $50 deductible, the procedure would set you back $100.


A copay is a fixed fee that policyholders pay each time they seek specific services or products like prescriptions and office visits . Copay rates should be listed on your insurance card or policy document.

Annual maximum limits

Once you exceed the benefit maximum, all other dental expenses payments come out of your pocket. For family plans, the annual maximum limit applies to each individual separately.

California Dental Insurance 2022 Prices & Best Buys

Delta Dental: Affordable Dental Insurance Planshttps://www.deltadental.comhttps://www.deltadental.comFlag this as personal informationFlag this as personal information

WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR INSURANCE? The County of Monterey offers a cafeteria-style benefits package for its employees including health, dental, and vision insurance

Premier Access Insurance | Providing Dental and Vision https://www.premierlife.comhttps://www.premierlife.comFlag this as personal informationFlag this as personal information

Dental Insurance Plans | Buy Dental Insurance Plans for https://spiritdental.comhttps://spiritdental.comFlag this as personal informationFlag this as personal information

RealCare Insurance Marketing provides C.A.R. Group Dental & Vision Plans for Sonoma and all of California.

Access to more than 5,900 vision care providers in California including retail chains open on evenings and weekends. Choice of network or non-network vision

Dental coverage is available 2 ways Click the button below and answer a few income and household questions. You can then preview health plans with dental, and

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Finding Dental Coverage In California

Health plans purchased through the Covered California Health Exchange automatically include pediatric dental benefits for children up to age 18. Many plans that are available off the Exchange also include pediatric dental insurance. Adults can get dental coverage in California by purchasing it as a supplement to their health insurance plan or on a stand-alone basis. Sometimes, stand-alone plans offer richer benefits. An exception is when the dental insurance is a supplement to a health plan that is purchased by an employer. Small business dental plans sometimes offer more benefits and orthodontia coverage may be less expensive to include. To find dental coverage, contact your Health Insurance Agent/Broker or your Human Resources Department, if your employer offers group health insurance.

Here are some common terms used when talking about dental insurance. Becoming acquainted with them will help you in understanding California dental insurance policies and in choosing the one that is right for you.

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Ppo Dental Plans California

SureHealth | Canadian Health and Dental Insurance Plans

PPO dental plans will cover some services at $0 such as cleanings, x-rays, and exams. For minor and major restorative services there is usually a deductible of $50. The annual adult maximum benefit for the PPO plans is $1,500. After any applicable deductible, the PPO plans will cover 80 percent of minor restorative procedures and 50 percent of major work such as crowns and extractions. There is also a 6-month waiting period before the PPO dental plan will share in the cost of any minor or major restorative services.

PPO dental plans are more widely accepted than HMO plans. PPO plans will also reimburse you if you receive services from an out-of-network dentist. You will always minimize your out-of-pocket costs if you use an in-network dentist. PPO plans have higher monthly premiums because of the larger network of dentists and the out-of-network coverage provided. None of the dental plans will cover implants, tooth whitening, or adult orthodontics.

The first filter for any dental plan is your current or preferred dentist. Call the dentist office to see what dental insurance plans they accept. You can also visit the carrierâs website and search of in-network dentists in your local area. If you donât plan to have the Covered California dental plan for an extended period of time, more than a couple of years, you may be better served enrolling in a dental plan directly with an insurance company.

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Another Way To Get Cheaper Dental Care

If you’re looking for a way to save on dental care without having dental insurance, have you considered traveling overseas? Two popular dental tourism towns, Los Algodones and Tijuana, are just over the Mexican border from California. By making the short journey across, you could save 50-70% on major dental work.

Some dentists in Mexico even accept US dental insurance policies, so you might be able to get the double benefit of lower prices and a contribution from your insurer. You’ll need to check your policy to see if your health insurance company will allow this, though.

Other countries where you can get low-cost dental care include:

To find out more, read our complete guide to getting dental work overseas.

Do I Need Dental Insurance

Yes, you should have dental insurance to ensure you are protected financially in the event of a dental emergency. Dental insurance will also cover your preventive care, such as biannual cleanings, and save you money in the long run.

In California, you can choose from two basic dental coverage plans:

  • DMO: This stands for Dental Maintenance Organization plan and works similarly to an HMO. Youll receive services mostly from your primary dentist, and they will refer you to specialists as necessary.
  • PPO: This stands for Preferred Provider Organization plan. With a PPO, you can choose the dentist you want, and your coverage will follow them.

What services are covered in a dental plan? The services covered depends on what type of plan you get. Basic care is covered by most dental insurance plans, while advanced care is covered by fewer dental insurance plans.

The following are examples of covered care that are typically included in dental plans:

  • Preventive care: Preventive care refers to dental exams and cleanings, which are typically biannual and covered entirely by most dental plans.
  • Restorative care: Restorative care refers to minor procedures for treating decayed or damaged teeth. A filling, for example, falls under restorative care.

The following are examples of care that are less commonly covered:

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Do I Need Vision Insurance

Yes, you should have vision insurance to ensure you maintain the health and wellness of your vision. Vision insurance is for more than eyeglass wearers everyone should be scheduling regular eye exams to ensure all is well with their vision and overall health.

Though youll have to pay a premium each month for vision insurance, the amount of money this insurance will save you in the long term makes purchasing a policy well worth it. With VSP Vision Care, for example, the estimated cost of an eye exam without insurance is more than $160, while the cost with the $120 VSP Plan is only $15.

What services are covered in a vision insurance policy? Examples of some of the most commonly covered services in vision insurance policies include:

Vision insurance will help you maintain eye wellness, save you money and aid in maintaining your overall health.

Required Documents For Enrolled Dependents

Dental &  Vision

Employees are required to provide supporting documents to verify the identity and relationship of their enrolled dependent.

  • Spouse Marriage Certificate and Social Security Card.
  • Domestic Partner Certificate of Domestic Partnership and Social Security Card.
  • Child – Birth Certificate and Social Security Card.
  • Stepchild – Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate , and Social Security Card.

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What Are The Expected Costs Of Dental Insurance

The cost of dental insurance varies widely depending on where you live, your age, and the plan you select. However, it may be possible to find a plan that costs less than $20 per month for an individual depending on your state and county.

Less expensive dental insurance plans tend to cover only a small percentage of services and come with low annual benefit limits. More robust plans can easily cost more like $40 to $60 per month for an individual, although youll get more coverage, higher annual benefit amounts, and more included services in return.

How Much Does Dental Insurance Cover In California

California dental insurance plans typically cover preventative exams, routine teeth cleaning, fillings, and x-rays. Some plans cover periodontics, endodontics, dentures, bridges, root canals, and other surgical procedures.

When choosing a California dental insurance plan, be sure to compare the level of coverage so that you can anticipate the potential out-of-pocket costs.

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Best Dental Insurance Companies Of 2022

  • Coverage Limit: Up to $1,500
  • States Available: 50

We chose Cigna as the best overall dental insurance due to its broad network of more than 92,000 dentists and diversity of plans that can fit a variety of needs and budgets.

  • Some plans include restorative and orthodontic coverage

  • Network of more than 93,000 dentists nationwide

  • Waiting periods of six to 12 months for major services

  • Dental implants and cosmetic procedures not covered

Cigna is a global health service company with high marks for financial strength, including an A rating from both AM Best and Standard & Poor’s. Its dental plans work within a nationwide network of more than 92,000 dentists, and they offer phone support 24/7 every day of the year. Cigna’s dental insurance for individuals comes with no copays and no deductibles for preventive care with in-network dentists.

Cignas dental Preferred Provider Organization plans are available to consumers of all ages, and pricing is offered on a per-person, per-month basis. Cigna also lets customers choose a level of care based on their needs, with some plans offering orthodontic care and restorative care at a higher price point.

While the cost for Cigna dental insurance can vary depending on where you live, these quotes can help you get an idea of general pricing:

Getting Vision Coverage In California

Dental Insurance for Seniors | Medicare Dental Insurance | Guaranteed

Although Covered California does not directly provide vision care for most of its consumers, its partnerships with EyeMed and VSP make vision coverage affordable and accessible. Individual and family plans are offered through both companies so that everyones vision needs can be addressed.

Take your time to shop through the plans offered to find vision coverage in California that is most helpful to you and your family.

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How Can Dental Plans Make Dental Care More Affordable

Dental plans can help you manage your dental care costs better because the cost of not taking care of your oral health could be more.

  • People without individual dental coverage are less likely to get routine dental care
  • Waiting until theres a problem means that dental treatment will often be more involved and expensive
  • Major problems linked to poor oral health are more likely to appear3

Where Can I Get Dental And Vision Coverage

Health plans through Covered California Health Exchange include dental benefits for dependents up to the age of 18. For adults, dental plans can be purchased as a stand-alone policy or as a supplement to an existing medical insurance plan. Stand-alone vision insurance policies cannot be purchased for children only, but family vision plans can include children.

At Health for California, we can help you find the right supplemental insurance for your needs. Get a quote for dental and vision coverage from us at Health for California.

Not sure how Obamacare affects your health care plans in California? Learn how the ACA works in California, including benefits, costs and enrollment.

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Dental Plans & Bestsellers In The Golden State

California, as the most populous state in the U.S., supports a robust dental insurance market. The upside of this situation is the wide variety of benefit designs, dentist networks, and price points. The downside of the wealth of plan alternatives is the complexity of the shopping experience. However, this article will help you compare your options better by:

  • Sharing the results of a recent study on California dental plan premiums & deductibles
  • Highlighting the dental plans that stood out from the rest
  • Warning you about plan features that put you at risk for the highest out-of-pocket costs
  • Revealing which options are the bestselling California dental plans on in 2022

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