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Davis Vision Providers Albany Ny

How Can I Make A Same

Davis vision benefit overview 2021

On average, patients who use Zocdoc can search for an Optometrist in Albany who takes Davis Vision insurance, book an appointment, and see the Optometrist within 24 hours. Same-day appointments are often available, you can search for real-time availability of Optometrists in Albany who accept Davis Vision insurance and make an appointment online.

How Can I Find A Top

You can use Zocdoc to find Davis Vision Optometrists in Albany who are highly rated by other patients. These ratings are based on verified reviews submitted by real patients. Every time a patient completes an appointment booked on Zocdoc, theyre invited to review their experience. Each review must comply with Zocdocs guidelines.

Not Yet A Pef Retiree Member

  • First year membership is FREE. Year two and thereafter, membership dues are only $36 annually via automatic pension deduction, or $41 annually when paying by check.
  • Enrollment forms must be received and processed by the PEF Retirees prior to you purchasing the Davis Vision plan. Once your enrollment/renewal form and payment has been processed, you will receive a PEF Retiree Membership Identification card.

NYS PEF Retirees

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How Do I Apply To Become A Davis Vision Eye Care Professional How Long Does The Process Take

If you are interested in joining the Davis Vision network of eye care professionals, please and follow the online instructions.

You may also contact us at 1 584-3140 to request an application. Submit the completed application and all requested paperwork. The process of contracting and credentialing a new eye care professional includes source verification and validation of eye care professional qualifications and are performed on all applications, per Davis Visions NCQA-certified credentialing process. The process of contracting with a new eye care professional is usually completed in 90 days or less.

Dental And Vision Insurance

The Staff

Dental and Vision Care Insurance coverage varies by employee type. For more information select your employee type below:

Individual or family coverage is provided at no cost to eligible employees through the CSEA Employee Benefit Fund. The vision plan provides one examination and pair of eyeglasses for each enrollee every twenty-four months, or every 12 months for children under age 19. Dental coverage is paid on a fee schedule basis. Participating dentists accept the fee schedule as payment in full for covered services. To enroll, you must submit an Employee Benefit Fund enrollment card to CSEA. For more information, visit or call CSEA at 782-1500 or 1–323-2732.

Individual or family coverage is provided at no cost to eligible employees through the UUP Benefit Trust Fund. There is an option of two dental plans available through Delta Dental: a Preferred Provider Organization or Premier Plan. Davis Vision provides one free examination and one free pair of glasses every 12 months. To enroll, you must submit a Benefit Trust Fund enrollment card to UUP. For more information, visit.

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Cost Savings Through Medical Claims Review

Making sure you got what you paid for, is a part of getting the best vision care.

Our claims review process is based on nationally-recognized guidelines. Our robust process identifies and mitigates incorrect current procedural terminology coding to reduce health plan spending.

  • Identifies and eliminates reimbursement for unnecessary or duplicative diagnostic procedures
  • Reduces medical spend by eliminating costs associated with inappropriately-billed procedures

What Is The Excel Advantage Program

Davis Visions Excel Advantage program offers eye care professionals the opportunity to purchase frames and safety frames at significant discounts. Davis Visions exclusive frame collection is provided to network providers at no cost, and is designed for use as an extension of their own frame inventory. With our Excel Advantage program, providers can purchase additional collection frames for their private patients, saving on the cost of additional inventory.

Other benefits include:

  • An additional 200+ frames from which to choose.
  • Orders can be placed at the same time as managed care orders, saving valuable time.
  • Save up to 40% off list price for all Excel Advantage products.
  • Any frame may be returned for replacement within one year, as long as its accompanied by its original invoice number. Frames can be returned for a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

Excel Advantage frame orders are never subject to additional shipping charges. Order one frame, or 100. There are no minimum order requirements. Order as you need them. No need to tie up your money in standing inventory. Orders usually ship within 48 hours.

  • Internet searches by medical occupation
  • Counsel for Affordable Quality Healthcare database
  • The Blue Book of Optometrists
  • Databases maintained by Davis Vision
  • Client or member recommendations

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Are Video Visits With An Optometrist Online Covered By Davis Vision

Most insurers provide coverage for video visits at the same cost as in-person visits. You can search on Zocdoc specifically for Optometrists in Albany who accept Davis Vision for video visits by selecting your carrier and plan from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. We recommend you check with your insurance carrier directly to confirm your coverage and out of pocket costs for video visits.

Vision Care Is The Most Impactful Investment In Overall Wellness

Davis Vision

The risk of blindness can be reduced by 90%, with timely treatment and follow-up care. With Davis Vision, you will always receive quality, affordable eye care from qualified eye care professionals. Scheduling an appointment and understanding your benefits is simple.

Act preventively and schedule regular comprehensive eye exams. These actions could help maintain and save eye health, as well as cut costs for unnecessary medical expenses. Ensure you are making the best investment in your health, by scheduling a regular eye examination.

A comprehensive eye health exam can detect a number of eye diseases, as well as signs of systemic conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, and neurological impairments.

Eye exams allow eye care professionals to take a non-invasive look at the blood vessels in your eye. This can help in the early detection of diseases that affect the entire body, such as diabetes or hypertension.

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Improve Vision Care And Reduce Costs

We expect our eye care professionals to adopt the procedures that lead to be best outcomes.

Davis Visions utilization management program delivers quality care, while driving cost savings and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Our program encompasses:

  • Latest in evidence-based medicine, to assist eye care professionals with care decisions
  • Board-certified ophthalmologists and optometrists on staff, to review requests and ensure members receive quality care
  • Utilization management platform, based on clinical guidelines
  • Quality assurance program

What Is Vision Insurance

Insurance for vision helps protect the health of your eyes. How? Vision insurance plans cover routine eye examinations and help pay for glasses, frames, and contact lenses. Even if your eyes don’t need correction, modern life and digital screens can create stress and problems for your eyes. Regular eye examinations are also important for general health because they can detect diseases like glaucoma and diabetes.1 That’s why everyone in the family needs it.

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How Can I Book An Appointment Online With A Davis Vision Eye Doctor In Albany

Zocdoc is a free online service that helps patients find Davis Vision Eye Doctors in Albany and book appointments instantly. You can search for Davis Vision Eye Doctors in Albany by symptom or visit reason. Based on that information, youll see a list of providers who meet your search criteria, along with their available appointment slots.

Why Children Need Coverage


Poor eyesight can lead to misdiagnosis of learning and psychiatric disorders, which can result in behavioral problems.3

Vision insurance plans complement health insurance because preventive eye care is essential to your overall health. Vision problems are the fourth most prevalent disability in the United States and one of the most prevalent conditions in childhood.2

Even if you have perfect eyesight, it’s important to have regular eye exams to make sure you still see clearly. Most of us eventually need vision correction.

It covers routine eye exams and helps pay for glasses, contact lenses – things not typically covered by health insurance.

Vision care is vital to overall health, and coverage helps encourage an annual eye exam. It also makes glasses and contacts easier to afford.

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How To Purchase & Confirm The Plan

There are three ways to purchase the vision discount plan:

  • Use the Buy Now button below to select your plan option and make your purchase via a debit/credit card .
  • Mail a check payable to the PEF Membership Benefits Program for the correct amount of your plan choice and mail to:
  • You cannot pay for the vision discount plan via pension deduction. This is a single payment plan. There are no monthly payment options.

    Once you place your order, you will receive a Purchase Confirmation Letter from PEF MBP that includes instructions for confirming/validating your plan directly through Davis Vision. You must confirm/validate the plan before you can use it.

    To confirm/validate your plan directly through Davis Vision:

    • Three business days after you purchase the plan, call Davis Vision at 681-4498 and select Option 1-Currently Enrolled, and then press # to speak with a customer service representative.
    • Provide the Davis Vision customer service representative with your:
    • Membership Identification Number
    • Affiliation with the NYS PEF Retiree Vision Plan
    • Your birth date
    • If you purchased the Retiree Plus One or Retiree Plus Family plan, you will also need to provide the name and date of birth for your spouse/domestic partner and/or each family member.

    When setting up an eye care appointment, using your plan at a Davis Vision/Visionworks Eye Center, or when calling Davis Vision directly:

    • Provide your PEF Membership Identification Number located on your PEF Retiree ID Card.

    Need More Information Here Are Resources To Help You Learn And Compare

    Vision for Life and Success, last accessed Aug. 2021

    Material discussed is meant for general information purposes only and is not to be construed as medical, tax, legal or investment advice. Although the information has been gathered from sources believed to be reliable, please note that individual situations can vary. Therefore, the information should be relied upon only when coordinated with individual professional advice.

    Links to external sites are provided for your convenience in locating related information and services. Guardian, its subsidiaries, agents and employees expressly disclaim any responsibility for and do not maintain, control, recommend, or endorse third-party sites, organizations, products, or services and make no representation as to the completeness, suitability, or quality thereof.

    Guardians Group Vision Insurance is underwritten and issued by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY. Products are not available in all states.

    Individual Vision insurance is provided by VSP and billing and premium collection services for such vision insurance are conducted by DTC GLIC, LLC . DTC GLIC, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America . Guardian and DTC GLIC, LLC are not affiliated with VSP and Guardian and DTC GLIC, LLC do not assume any responsibility or liability for non-Guardian products or services, including those offered by VSP.

    2021-131011 20240331

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    Davis Vision Discount Plan

    Effective September 16, 2022, the Davis Vision Discount Plan is no longer available for purchase for the plan year, November 1, 2021 through October 31, 2022.

    • The new plan year is November 1, 2022 through October 31, 2023 and you may purchase this plan beginning November 1, 2022.
    • If you have an immediate eye care need and you would still like to purchase the existing plan that expires, October 31, 2022, please call the PEF MBP office at 785-1900, ext. 243 to speak to a PEF MBP staff member regarding your immediate need.

    Healthy eyes and clear vision are an important part of your overall health and quality of life. The Davis Vision discount plan helps you care for your eyes while saving you money. The plan is available to active, dues-paying members of the PEF Retirees and their families. This plan is not included in the PEF Retiree dues payment. The plan must be purchased annually in order to take advantage of the discounts on a yearly basis.

    Plans For Individuals And Families

    Best Vision Insurance? See the differences between VSP, EyeMed, Spectera, and Davis Vision.

    We extend quality vision care to individuals and families whose employers do not offer coverage through their benefits programs. Coverage is also available to those who are self-employed or are not currently working. This coverage is offered through our sister product: Superior Vision.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Davis Vision Eye Care Professional

    Davis Vision provides vision coverage to over 22 million members throughout the nation, and only the most qualified doctors are members of our preferred eye care professional organization. Joining the Davis Vision network offers an outstanding opportunity to grow your practice by providing vision care services to our members.

    The following benefits and advantages of becoming a Davis Vision eye care professional are designed to improve your profitability and practice in an ever-changing health care environment.

    • Increased patient base
    • Superior quality through state-of-the-art laboratory facilities
    • Deep discounts on ophthalmic materials through the Davis Vision Excel Advantage program
    • Electronic claim submission
    • Eye care professional newsletters
    • Eye care professional recognition program

    To learn more about your network advantage as a Davis Vision eye care professional, please call us at 1 584-3140 , or and follow the online instructions.

    Our vision care plans offer low out-of-pocket costs and access to a large network of eye care professionals.

    • Low-cost options for both you and your employees
    • Over 121,000 nationwide points of access
    • All calls and claims administered in the U.S.
    • Fully-covered frames included with every Davis Vision plan
    • 4 out of 5 major national retailers are in-network
    • 97% member satisfaction with customer service

    Are Video Visits With An Eye Doctor Online Covered By Davis Vision

    Most insurers provide coverage for video visits at the same cost as in-person visits. You can search on Zocdoc specifically for Eye Doctors in Albany who accept Davis Vision for video visits by selecting your carrier and plan from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. We recommend you check with your insurance carrier directly to confirm your coverage and out of pocket costs for video visits.

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    You Depend On Your Eyes Every Day Take Care Of Them

    Corrective lenses, preventive care, and annual exams help ensure that your eyes perform at their best. Studies suggest that 75% of us need vision correction, and nearly 64% choose eyeglasses.2 No matter what shape your eyes are in now, at some point in your life, you’ll likely need vision correction. That’s why more and more people who care about their health ensure they have access to quality vision care.

    How Can I Book An Appointment Online With A Davis Vision Optometrist In Albany


    Zocdoc is a free online service that helps patients find Davis Vision Optometrists in Albany and book appointments instantly. You can search for Davis Vision Optometrists in Albany by symptom or visit reason. Based on that information, youll see a list of providers who meet your search criteria, along with their available appointment slots.

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    What Is The Credentialing And Recredentialing Process For Network Practitioners

    Davis Visions selection of the most qualified ophthalmologists and optometrists in our network is accomplished through an extensive application and NCQA-certified credentialing process.

    Davis Vision collects, validates and submits all documentation, history and quality data for review by the Credentialing Committee. Source verification of education, licensure, board certification and DEA registration is obtained and the National Practitioner Data Bank is queried for all applicants. The Credentialing Committee conducts an assessment of each eye care professionals credentials based upon pre-established guidelines of professional qualifications and office qualifications deemed necessary to provide quality patient care.

    The credentialing and recredentialing of eye care professional is ongoing to ensure to quality of care provided by our network eye care professionals. Recredentialing, conducted every three years, is based on a review of updated documentation , as well as reports generated through the patient satisfaction feedback mechanism and Davis Visions Quality Assurance Program, including site visits.

    Routine Vision Programs: Why Offer Them

    Annual eye exams and corrective eyewear are essential components to member health. In fact, Americans who have vision coverage are more likely to live a healthier lifestyle. .

    Our members have easy access to quality care, through our broad network of eye care professionals in a range of settings from local, independent eye care professionals to large retail optical chains. Ensuring members easy access to quality care with Davis Vision can help drive improvements in HEDIS/Stars scores.

    Coverage includes routine eye exams and corrective eyewear, including frames, lenses, and contact lenses. These exams promote early detection and treatment of chronic conditions.

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