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Cost Of Eye Exam Pearle Vision

What To Expect At Your Eye Exam

Looking Forward Exam

A standard eye exam at Pearle Vision takes about an hour and will include the following tests:

  • Visual acuity tests to check the sharpness of your vision at a distance
  • A visual field test to check for blind spots in your peripheral vision
  • A binocular slit lamp test so the doctor can get a magnified view of the interior of your eyes
  • Use of an ophthalmoscope to check the interior of your eye for signs of astigmatism, cataracts, diabetes, or hypertension
  • A glaucoma test performed by a quick puff of air to your eye

The optometrist may want to dilate your eyes for a clearer view of your entire eye. Dilation is included in the cost of the exam at Pearle Vision and may affect your vision for a few hours after the procedure. Be sure to let the receptionist and doctor know if you do not want your eyes to be dilated during the exam.

Digital retinal photography may be available at Pearle Vision for an additional fee. Digital retinal photography can often be done instead of dilation. The cost is typically $39 and is not covered by insurance. However, a Pearle Vision associate said if you order glasses or contacts after your exam, the cost can be reduced to $19.

Exams for contact lenses may also include:

  • Evaluation of the size, shape, cornea size, pupil size, and tear production levels of your eyes
  • Assessment of your eye surface and the fit of the contacts to ensure the right fit

Note: Your eyeglasses prescription will not work for contact lenses.

Payment Methods Payment Options & Special Offers

Pearle Vision accepts cash, checks, debit and credit cards, and flexible spending account cards. Pearle Vision also offers a six-month payment plan through its Pearle Preferred Card.

If cant afford eye care, contact your local Pearle Vision to find out if you qualify for a free eye exam and glasses through OneSight a nonprofit that provides vision care for those in need.

For special offers and current discounts, see Pearle Visions website. AARP and AAA also offer member benefits at Pearl Vision.

The Best Places For Eye Exams In 2022

  • Eye exam cost: About $50 to $100
  • Perk: Ability to bring your own frames
  • Number of locations: 558 throughout the U.S.

Why We Chose It: Costco Optical ranks as the best overall place to get an eye exam because of its convenience and its wide selection.

  • Non-professional warehouse feel

  • Membership required for purchases

Costco is a wholesale American company offering a broad variety of merchandise. The company operates as a membership-only warehouse club with retail outlets across the world and opened its first optical lab in 1988.

Costco Optical now ranks as one of the largest optical companies in the United States. It is important to note that most Costco Optical locations will see patients without Costco memberships, although a membership is required to fill an eyeglass prescription or purchase contact lenses. In most states, the company employs independent doctors of optometry within or near the store.

The optical departments offer a wide range of eyeglass frames for the whole family. The company claims to offer the latest technology in high-definition lenses. For prices call your local Costco.

Costco also allows you to bring your own frames to fill with new lenses. And, it offers a discount if you purchase multiple frames on the same day. Most major insurance is accepted. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., with reduced hours on weekends.

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Pearle Vision Eye Exam Costs + Special Offers

Short Answer

Pearle Visions eye exam costs vary by exam type and store location, but you can expect to pay between $90 and $120 for a standard eyeglasses exam without insurance. Exams for contact lenses can cost up to $220 without insurance. If you have vision coverage, you may only need to pay a copay , depending on your policy. Pearle Vision offers coupons and discounts online, as well as options for low-income patients. When necessary, dilation is included in a standard eye exam digital retinal photography may be available for an additional fee. For more on Pearl Vision exam costs, see below.

Where To Get Cheap Eye Exams

Visionworks Accepted Insurance

Having your eyes checked regularly is important, especially if you wear glasses or contact lenses.

Ive been wearing glasses and contacts for years, so I know how pricey getting an eye examination can be. For this article, I contacted optometrist offices all over the country to get the best idea of where you can get a cheap eye exam.

Heres a look at the best available prices for routine eye exams.

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Estimated Pearle Vision Startup Costs

Heres a full overview of the initial costs for starting a new Pearle Vision EyeCare Center, taken from our 2021 Franchise Disclosure Document. To learn more about any of these costs, contact us to get in touch with our franchise recruitment team. We are happy to answer any of your questions.

Here are the initial costs for new and existing Pearle Vision owners, taken from the 2021 Franchise Disclosure Document.


This is not intended as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. Within the U.S.A. and Canada, we offer franchises solely by means of our Franchise Disclosure Document. Certain states in the U.S.A., provinces in Canada, and other countries have laws governing the offer and sale of franchises. If you are a resident of one of these states/provinces, we will not offer you a franchise unless and until we have complied with applicable legal requirements in your state. This information about our franchise opportunity is intended solely for residents of the United States and Canada.

Eye exams are available at Independent Doctors of Optometry at or next to Pearle Vision in most states. Doctors in some states are employed by Pearle Vision.

© 2022 Pearle Vision, Inc. All rights reserved | Privacy Policy

The Biggest Expense The Eyeglasses

While LensCrafters and Pearle Vision are competitors, they are owned by the same company, Luxottica, which also owns Sunglass Hut International. An Italian company, Luxottica is the worlds largest eyeglass manufacturer. Its easier to name the eyeglass brands it doesnt own than the ones it does. If youre familiar with Ray-Ban, Coach, Chanel, DKNY, Oliver Peoples, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Michael Kors and Valentino, those are just a few of the designer glasses marketed by Luxottica. While an eye exam is relatively reasonable, thats not the case with many of these frames, which can easily run several hundred dollars at the lower end.


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How Often Should You Get An Eye Exam

The American Optometry Association recommends an annual eye exam to help identify any changes in your vision early on and ensure your eyes are in good health. Yearly exams can help detect any health problems with your eyes before symptoms become severe. If you experience any sudden changes in your vision such as dark areas around your field of vision, pain, or vision loss, see an eye doctor immediately. These symptoms can be an indicator of other underlying health issues and should be checked immediately, which is one the reasons why eye exams are important.

Pearle Vision Optical: Our Professional Partners In Eye Care

Letter to Mom: Cover Your Cost

Stonewire Optometry is an independently owned and operated optometry clinic in Edmonton that has partnered with Pearle Vision Optical in Kingsway Mall. Together we help to deliver quality, efficient, affordable eye care products to our shared customers and patients.

Our eye care partnership with Pearle Vision enables Stonewire Optometry to provide extended clinic hours, dispensing of most eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions, and emergency eye care services.

Pearle Vision Optical was originally founded by the late Dr. Stanley Pearle, a Georgia optometrist. The Pearle Vision brand is doctor-focused in its approach to vision care, putting the patient’s eye care experience at the front of its customer service model.Pearle Vision is a real optical store, specializing in eyeglasses, sunglasses and prescription eyewear. The staff and licensed opticians at Pearle Vision will be able to assist you in selecting and fitting you with your next pair of quality brand-named eyeglasses, sunglasses or safety eyewear.

To learn more about Pearle Vision Optical in Kingsway Mall, please visit their website or, or stop by to visit.

Pearle Vision Optical was founded in 1961 by the late Dr. Stanley Pearle and quickly expanded around the world. With over 1000 stores in more than 43 countries, they have helped millions of people see the world a little clearer.

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Make An Eye Exam Appointment At Pearle Vision

Are you due for an eye exam? Its easy to make an appointment with one of the eye doctors at your local Pearle Vision EyeCare Center. Use the Pearle Vision locator to find one near you.

If you need new contacts or glasses, you can get a prescription from an eye doctor and buy them right at Pearle Vision. Youll have a wide variety of frames to choose from so you can find a new pair of glasses or sunglasses you love.

What Information Do I Need To Provide For An Eye Exam

Be prepared to answer questions relating to any eye health problems you have experienced, past and present. These can include:

  • When your eye or vision symptoms began
  • Any work-related or environmental conditions that may be affecting your vision.
  • Any previous eye or health conditions you and your family members have experienced.
  • History of health and eye issues in family

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Best For Doctor Quality: Vision Source

Vision Source

  • Higher examination fees

  • Limited appointment hours

Founded in 1991, Vision Source was established by a group of private-practice optometrists who wanted competitive advantages to compete with commercial and retail locations. Vision Source boasts unmatched personal care, advanced eye care services, state-of-the-art technology, and high-quality vision products.

All Vision Source locations are independently owned by optometrists as franchise locations. Each one is owned by the doctor and all business is controlled as they see fit. Most Vision Source locations offer large opticals with both high-end and budget-friendly frames.

Vision Source’s private-practice optometrists offer the latest technology, new instruments, and diagnostic equipment, as well as treatment of eye disease, injuries, and infections.

To find the cost of an eye or contact lens exam, enter your zip code to find an optometrist. Vision Source practices usually accept many vision and medical plans. Patients may join the Vision Source 20/20 Savings Plan for discounts on eye exams and eyeglasses.

How Much Does An Eye Exam Cost At Pearle Vision

Pearle Vision Gainesville, GA

The cost of an eye exam, as per the official Pearle Vision website, will depend on your geographical region, the reason for your visit and what type of exam you need. While the website does not go into specifics as to what you should be prepared to pay, we did research various unconfirmed third-party websites to come up with a consensus as to what you may be charged, and according to most, the prices ranged anywhere from as little as $48 to $95 for a basic eye exam, with a contact lens exam retailing for $85 to $115+. This price can greatly vary on the factors mentioned prior as well as if any current promotions are being held.

As for vision insurance, the company notes they do accept it, including EyeMed and VSP however, it will vary based which insurance plan you have. To know for certain, its best to call the location you plan on visiting to see if they will accept it.

Comprehensive eye exam with digital retinal imaging as low as $45 with promotion to $65+
Contact lens exam as low as $65 with promotion to $95+
Contact fitting +$29 to $40+

According to one member on this forum thread, for instance, she was quoted $54 for a basic eye exam at her local location and would be charged extra if pupil dilation or more advanced visual field testing.

Prices Quoted/Paid

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Pearle Vision Eye Exam Cost

Opening its doors in 1961, the franchise, today, has expanded to more than 800+ stores nationwide, and according to the fine print of the official site, eye exams are available by Independent Doctors of Optometry at or next to Pearle Vision in most states. In some cases, the doctors will be employed by Pearle Vision, all meaning the prices will vary when you receive an eye exam quote.

Brief History Of Pearle Vision

Pearle Optical was founded in 1961 by Mr. Pearle in Savannah, Georgia. Mr. Pearle later sold the company to the UK-based Grand Metropolitan conglomerate.

Afterward, Grand Metropolitan sold the stores to Cole National Corporation in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. GIB bought the outlets in Belgium, while HAL Investments acquired those in the Netherlands.

One year later, GIB sold the Belgium stores to HAL investments. They renamed the merged chains Pearl Benelux.

Afterward, the North American division became a property of Italy-based Luxottica in 1996 after it took over the operations of Cole National Corporation.

Pearle Optical has over 1,000 branches in 43 countries, including Qatar, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

They sell to brands under their name and other expensive labels. In the United States, Pearle Vision acquired the Hillman/Kohan chain in the 1970s and the NuVision chain in 1997.

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Zeiss Digital Eye Exam

We’re the 1st doctors in South Dakota to offer the Zeiss Digital Eye Exam! This revolutionary exam uses the latest Zeiss Digital Exam Equipment to provide unparalleled accuracy in a shorter amount of time. It’s perfect for everyone from professionals on the go to entire families!

With our years of experience in diagnosing and treating typical vision disorders such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, amblyopia, presbyopia, cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, Drs. Lehr, Keith, & McKenzie and their team are equipped to provide appropriate therapeutic medical eye care.

At the same time, the InSight Eye Care Professionals team offers a wide array of high quality eye care products at reasonable prices. Our patients never pay too much for the best quality in eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, progressive and bifocal lenses, and outstanding service.

Pearle Vision Frames And Lenses

Pearle Vision | Morning Blend

Pearle Vision sells many brands of frames. They offer frames made out of various materials, including acetate, metal and titanium.

Designer frame brands include:

Not every Pearle Vision center will sell all of these brands, so check with your local location to see if they carry the brand you want.

At Pearle Vision, you can choose your frames and then add prescription or non-prescription lenses. They offer single vision, bifocal, trifocal and progressive lenses. You can also select Transitions lenses that darken when you go out in the sun.

You can choose plastic, polycarbonate or high-index lenses. High-index lenses are lighter and thinner than standard lenses. You can also add upgrades such as an anti-scratch coating, an anti-reflective coating or colored lens tints that range from amber to green to gray.

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Eye Exam Costs At Pearle Vision

What are the eye exam costs at Pearle Vision? Pearle Vision eye doctors will generally charge $89 which is comparable to other independent optometrists. If you include a contact lens fitting, the eye exam costs will be between $140 $160. This is for folks without vision insurance. Since Pearle Vision is a franchise, the eye exam costs will vary by location.

Eye Exam Costs at Pearle VisionPearle Vision has been providing services since 1961. With over 50 years experience, it certainly is one of the better known eye service providers in the US. Pearl vision started as a small eye care clinic in Georgia founded by Dr. Stanley Pearle. It has extended services to all major cities of the US and Puerto Rico, and Canada. Pearle Vision is now owned by Luxotica who also owns VSP vision plan, Sunglasses Hut, LensCrafters and most of the popular frame lines. Most of the Pearle Vision locations are a franchise and owned by an independent Optometrist.

Frames and lensesYou can choose from 3 main types of frames acetate, metal and titanium. There are single vision lenses, multifocal, progressives and contact lenses. You can also have specialty eye lenses that are made to specific requirements.

Frames and LensesThere are designer frames from some of the top design houses Ralph Lauren, Oakley, Versace, Ray Ban, Oakley, Prada and many more. You can choose the frame you need to go with your lifestyle, the optometrists will guide you accordingly.

Does A Doctor Have To Provide Eye Exams

An eye doctor is a person who specializes in the examination, treatment, and care of the eyes. The term eye doctor can refer to either an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. Specialized equipment is needed to perform a professional eye examination and can only be conducted by a doctor who has the training and education to fully evaluate your vision and eye health. Do not confuse an eye exam with a vision screening, which is not typically conducted by an eye care professional and is usually only a measure of central visual acuity.

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What Is An Eye Exam

An eye exam consists of a series of tests that measure how well you can see and how healthy your eyes are. During an eye exam, a doctor of optometry or ophthalmology will look for problems that might affect the overall health of your eyes and quality of vision. These can include eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, and cataracts. How often you should have an eye exam depends on a variety of factors, including your overall risk for specific problems.

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