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Compassion International Vs World Vision

Best Charities For Sponsoring A Child In Need

Ripple Effects of Hope | Jannas Story

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  • Save The Children: Ensuring A Healthy Start

    Save the Children was founded in 1919 by Eglantyne Jebb to end the suffering of children impacted by World War I in Europe. They were the first global organization dedicated to serving childrens needs and today, they are a global leader in childrens health.

    Their impact and transparency ratings:Charity Navigator gives Save the Children a 4-star rating. GuideStar gives the charity a Platinum Seal of Transparency.

    All children deserve a healthy start in life.

    Save the Children

    What they do: Save the Children works to end the cycle of poverty by ensuring communities have the resources to provide children with a healthy, educational, and safe environment. They allow sponsors to develop a one-on-one relationship with a child while improving the well-being of their entire community. Donations from sponsors fund programs that help communities support children throughout their lifespan. For example, their education programs emphasize the importance of early learning, while their health programs provide access to medical care and nutrition.

    Ways to contribute: You can donate to Save the Children via their website. You can also support the charity by participating in a fundraiser, volunteering, or sponsoring a child.

    Unbound: Flexibility For Unique Needs

    Unbound was founded in 1981 by brothers Bob, Bud, and Jim Hentzen, their sister Nadine Pearce, and family friend Jerry Tolle to meet the needs of impoverished families in Latin America. Today, the charity helps children, the elderly, and their families develop and achieve their goals around the world.

    Their impact and transparency ratings:Charity Navigator gives Unbound a 4-star rating. GuideStar gives the charity a Platinum Seal of Transparency.

    Our families lead the way. Help them take the first step.


    What they do: Unbound helps children, the elderly, and their families identify their own unique challenges, needs, and skill sets. They then help them to develop a personalized plan to overcome poverty. About 94% of Unbounds sponsored individuals and families receive their benefits through cash transfers to their personal bank accounts,so they can use the funds for what they need most. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, some families utilized their funds to purchase tablets and laptops for children to continue their education online. Unbound monitors purchases to prevent misuse of funds, and sponsees are encouraged to provide detailed communication with their sponsors about their progress.

    Ways to contribute: You can donate directly to Unbound through their website, where you have the option to donate directly to specific programs such as scholarship funding or critical needs funding. You can also support the charity by sponsoring a child.

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    Changing Models Is Not Enough

    World Vision International, one of the largest Christian INGOs, with millions of registered sponsored children, recently attempted to turn sponsorship on its head by allowing the child to choose their sponsor. Its new-era sponsorship programme claims it is giving the child agency and power through providing them with a choice. Perhaps it is also symbolically making a point that children living in poverty are not a problem to fix, but a mutually beneficial relationship to be had. Nonetheless, tweaking the language to focus on empowerment and children choosing sponsors does not change the fundamental paternalistic and unequal power dynamics.

    Problems of stigmatisation and the divisive impact from only certain children being sponsored in areas where poverty and underprivilege is endemic made other INGOs change their models to one where sponsorship funds are pooled for community projects.

    That hasnt stopped the marketing of thousands of individual children to raise these sponsorship funds, often because the donor wants to see the difference it has made to the life of the child it funds. Pooling funds for community projects rather than focusing on individual children has allowed more children and their families to benefit, and INGOs have been able to educate their donors to support this change. But it doesnt change the fact that the programme exploits children to raise money for its development work.

    Read more about…

    Can You Stop Sponsoring A Child What If I Decide To Stop Monthly Donations


    What happens if you sponsor a child and then change your mind? Most programs have several donors designated per child, but the funds are actually pooled into a country or project level. The amount needed for each child comes from more than your donations.

    Reality: as Save the Children now discloses, Your sponsorship contributions are not given directly to a child. Instead, your contributions are pooled with those of other sponsors to provide community-based programming for all eligible children in the area.

    You can discontinue your child sponsorship at any time. While we hope that you will be able to continue your support of your sponsored child until he or she completes the program, we recognize that circumstances sometimes change. You may discontinue your child sponsorship at any time.

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    Bonus: Love Without Boundaries

    Love Without Boundaries does things a little differently and doesn’t quite fit into the same format that the rest of the organizations have. Instead of a flat rate sponsorship that covers a wide variety of needs, Love Without Boundaries places children in specific sponsorship programs based on their needs. Because of this, sponsorship cost can vary between children.Love Without Boundaries has a heart specifically for orphans. They are not an adoption agency but help in the process of connecting parents to children in need as well as providing adoption grants when available. Many, if not all, of the children available for sponsorship are in some sort of adoption program.Love Without Boundaries has six different areas of sponsorship.

    To keep some consistency, here is the original format filled in the best it can be.

    • Individual Child vs. Community Sponsorship: Program Dependent.

    • Beliefs and Philosophy:“LWB provides life-changing medical care, runs well monitored foster homes, operates schools, and supplies quality nutrition to orphaned and impoverished children. Our programs work together to best meet the needs of children entrusted to our care and are only possible thanks to your support.”

    • Communication Programs: Sponsors will receive updates, however there is no indication of a direct communication program.

    • Religious vs. Secular: No info found.

    • Location:Love Without Boundaries works within Cambodia, China, India, and Uganda.


    The Difference Between Compassion And World Vision

    I’ve been wanting to respond to this question for quite a while as it is one of the top questions I get asked as a leader with World Vision. This post isn’t meant to say which organization is better as they both are great organizations but rather to talk about how each one works in a community. Our conversation with the World Vision Ethiopia National Director, Tenagne Lemma was very informative for many reasons. Tenagne was the former National Director for Compassion here in Ethiopia. It was interesting to ask her the differences between World Vision and Compassion as she knows both organizations extremely well. It was obvious that she loves both and believes that they are both making a difference.

    First of all she told us that there are many similarities to the organizations. In terms of their Christian focus, passion and work with the poor, they are both committed to those. She believes that both models will make a difference in the community. One of the things she clarified to me was that was people often talk about Compassion being child focused and World Vision being community focused. She told me that she would describe World Vision as being child focused and community focused.

    WV Ethiopia has a bright future with Tenagne at the helm. Im extremely impressed with her passion and leadership. She is one of the top Christian leaders I have met in my travels to more than a dozen countries with World Vision. Thank God for leaders like her.

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    Children International: Sponsoring Children Enriching Communities

    Children International was founded in 1936 as the Holy Land Christian Mission, to distribute food baskets to vulnerable families in Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Today, they are a top-rated humanitarian organization, helping children around the world to overcome poverty.

    Their impact and transparency ratings:Charity Navigator gives Children International a 4-star rating. GuideStar gives the charity a Platinum Seal of Transparency.

    Bringing people together to end poverty for good.

    Children International

    What they do: Children International works to break the cycle of generational poverty by providing customized programs tailored to specific communitys needs. They pair children with financial sponsors to provide vital health, social, and educational services. They also build and operate community centers so children have a clean, safe, and permanent place to grow and learn. In addition, they prepare children for successful futures through vocational and financial literacy training and college readiness.

    Ways to contribute: You can donate directly to Children International through their website. You can also support the charity by choosing a child to sponsor or by raising awareness via social media.

    Beyond World Vision Or Compassion International Where Are Evangelicals Giving

    Encountering Jesus at Compassion | Francisco’s Story

    What is your very top priority in how you spend your time?

    What about the people in your life what is your very top priority in who you try to spend time with? Or your top priority in how you spend your money, or which bills you pay first?

    Priorities say a lot about us. What you prioritize can be a pretty clear indicator of what you value most.

    Based on their giving priorities, the majority of evangelicals do not value faith-based charities and ministries most in their giving outside of church.

    Grey Matter Research and Infinity Concepts partnered on research among evangelical Protestants. In our recent report, The Favorite Charity: Evangelical Giving Priorities, we asked evangelical donors to name the one ministry or charity other than their church that they prioritize above all others.

    First, note that 42% of evangelical Protestants did not give a penny in the last year to any organization outside of their church . Those who did identified the one organization they would support financially if they could only give to one.

    The names we got were all over the board : Large Christian brands including Compassion International, World Vision, and K-LOVE Radio. Much smaller ministries such as Kokomo Rescue Mission, WYTJ Radio, and Upward Sports. Secular organizations such as Make-A-Wish, ASPCA, and Wounded Warrior Foundation.

    Among all of these brands, 54% of evangelical donors have a number one giving priority that is not Christian.

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    Children Incorporated: Individual Sponsorship And Beyond

    Children Incorporated was founded in 1964 by Jeanne Clark Wood after she witnessed the deprivation faced by children in Guatemala. Today, the charity provides opportunities for growth and education to impoverished children around the world.

    Their impact and transparency ratings:Charity Navigator gives Children Incorporated a 4-star rating. GuideStar gives the charity a Platinum Seal of Transparency.

    Lasting support that creates real change on a global scale.

    Children Incorporated

    What they do: Children Incorporated partners with already-established schools, group homes, and community centers to support children living in poverty. For example, through their Sponsorship program, they provide individual children with basic necessities such as food, school supplies, clothing, and healthcare. They also support children beyond individual sponsorship through Special Funds. For example, the Higher Education Fund helps children pursue college degrees and certificates, while the Hope in Action Fund supports children and families in emergencies. Their Special Projects initiative allows donors to contribute to construction projects to enhance communities, such as playgrounds and community gardens.

    Ways to contribute: You can donate to Children Incorporated through their website, where you also have the option to donate directly to special funds such as the Higher Education Fund or the Hope in Action Fund. You can also support the charity by sponsoring a child.

    Heres What All The Best Charities That Combat Child Poverty Have In Common

    The charities on this list were chosen based on their mission, impact and transparency ratings, and achievements. The majority of these charities are based in the US but many also work internationally to combat child poverty.

    Many of these charities allow donors to connect with a child through sponsorship while funding projects that make life better for the entire community. Others ensure a sponsors donations go directly to an individual child to meet their specific needs. Some incorporate religious ideologies into their work, while others operate secularly. Yet, they all share a common goal: to connect sponsors with children in need.

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    Key Elements To Help You Decide

    From the research I have done, and the help of a CBS article , I have found 7 key elements to look at when considering a child sponsorship organization. In order of what I think reads the best:

    • Individual Child vs. Community Sponsorship: As stated previously, most critics of child sponsorship find fault not with sponsorship as a whole but with individual child sponsorship. However, individual sponsorship could add a level of personal connection with a child.
    • Beliefs and Philosophy: Every organization has a different “why” and “how” to what they do. If it’s important, look for one that shares your same beliefs.
    • Communication Programs: Nearly every organization has a program that allows donors to communicate with their sponsored child. Some include programs that allow the donor to send gifts as well. Communication adds the ability to personally impact someone’s life through more than just monetary means.
    • Religious vs. Secular: Are you looking for a faith based organization that leads children in said faith? Or would you prefer religion be left out of supplying for a child’s needs?
    • Location: Where in the world are you looking to meet needs? In your own country or in a foreign country?
    • Finances: Most organizations do a similarly good job of resource management. However, some allocate differently and are funded differently.
    • Cost: Exactly how much it costs to sponsor a child might be the deciding factor between two otherwise identical organizations.

    Compassion International Company History Timeline

    COUNTRY STRATEGIC PLAN Financial Year 2021

    1952 Compassion International is founded by evangelist Rev.

    In the 1960’s the organization provided complete underwear for children so that they could be comfortable during the winter season.

    Compassion of Canada, Ltd., is also formed in 1963.

    1963 Compassion Canada is established.

    1968 Compassion begins its international growth.

    1978 Compassion Limited of Australia is established.

    1984 The Compassion Fund and Unsponsored Childrens Fund are introduced

    1986 Tear Fund New Zealand partners with Compassion.

    1990 SEL France partners with Compassion.

    In 1991, the Overseas Scholarship Grant Program is organized to financially support older children who have completed their formal education and would like to continue in secondary school, vocational training or university.

    Wally Erickson retired in 1993 after serving as president for 18 years, and Doctor Wess Stafford assumed the presidency.

    1996 The Netherlands joins the Compassion Partner Countries.

    Compassion UK also opened in the United Kingdom in 1999.

    2002 Compassion International celebrates 50 years of ministry.

    2004 Compassion South Korea is established.

    2009 Compassion International celebrates 1,000,000 sponsored children.

    After 36 years of service to children in poverty, including two decades as President and CEO, Doctor Wess Stafford welcomed Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado as his successor in 2013.

    2013 Compassion Nordic is established and opens office in Norway.

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    As A Doctor In A European Refugee Camp I Found Deep Neglect And Xenophobia

    International child sponsorship programmes perpetuate racist and paternalistic thinking. Any benefit they have for families and communities must be weighed against the harm they do and the invidious power relations they reinforce.

    NGOs who still use vulnerable children to raise money need to wean themselves off this model immediately or be shunned. Just tweaking the child sponsorship model, which some leading charities are now doing, isnt good enough.

    In such programmes, a sponsor pays regular contributions to a charity and is given details about an individual child who will benefit from their donations.

    International NGOs like World Vision and Save the Children sponsor millions of children each year, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue for the organisations.

    Updates, letters sometimes photos are delivered via the charity to reinforce the connection to the child for the giver. In practice, the donations are typically used for development projects with an impact much wider than a single family.

    Leaders across the aid sector are engaging in discussions like never before to end racist and paternalistic practices. Business models that smack of colonialism or white saviour mentalities are losing favour to those that shift more power to the Global South.

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