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Color Security Camera With Night Vision

Cameras That Rely On Ambient Lighting

10 Color Night Vision Cameras TESTED – Hikvision, Dahua, Reolink, Lorex, Amcrest, Annke

If you already have external lights set up in your desired location, you wont need to use security cameras with in-built spotlights. However, you need to make sure that the ambient lighting is intensive enough for the cameras to produce clear enough footage and you also have to prepare backup power in the case of an emergency. Therefore, cameras that rely on ambient lighting are a solid choice if you manage to provide the necessary ambient lighting via external sources such as porchlights, streetlights, floodlights, etc

Best Overall: Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

Arlo Pro

Why It Made The Cut: Its easy to install, has a high-definition camera, and can connect to WiFi without a hub.


Camera: 2K, 160 degree field of view w/ 12x zoom Compatibility: Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT


High-definition 2K camera with 12x zoom Small profile Connects to WiFi without hub


Monthly subscription required to access recorded video

Outdoor security cameras that require a power supply can be a challenge to install. If you don’t happen to have an electrical box already in place for installation, you’ll more than likely need to hire an electrician to help with the install. Thats not the case with the Arlo Pro 4. It uses a battery pack, so theres no need for hardwiring. Couple that with Arlos clever magnetic mounting system and the Pro 4 is a breeze to install.

With its 2K resolution, 160-degree field of view and 12x auto zoom, this waterproof night vision security camera offers excellent picture quality and ample coverage thats suitable for covering larger yards and driveways. The Pro 4 also comes equipped with intelligent motion detection, so you can set it to take video of only certain types of events, which is crucial to help save battery life.

Other notable features include a noise-cancelling microphone, and a loud 80-decibel siren for scaring off unwanted visitors.

Cooau Wireless Solar Powered Rechargeable Battery Camera

The COOAU wireless solar powered security camera comes with a large capacity battery that operates at 10400mAh. Their new solar panel model also ensures the camera absorbs more light, more efficiently. Overall, you are going to have enough power to run this product for a very long time.


Full Night Vision

With this item, you are getting high-quality night vision. The camera is equipped with two LED lights that allow you to see through the night. They make it possible to see everything, even on the darkest nights.

Human Motion Detection

The camera is very familiar with the way that people move. It can determine what is a person and what is not, so you are not sent several notifications during the day. The camera can move 130 degrees, so it can pick up where the humans are in the shot.

Two Way Audio

You also receive two-way audio with this product. It includes a high-quality microphone and speaker combination. You can use it to talk with your family and invite them in. Or, you can also use it to deter uninvited people from entering your property.

IP66 Waterproof

This device comes with an IP66 waterproofing, which protects it from all sorts of weather. It should be able to resist rain storms, as well as snowfall easily. The manufacturer says you can use the camera between -13 degrees F and 140 degrees F- which is an extensive range. Simply bring it in if the temperatures are not going to be in that range.


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The Best Indoor Security Cameras For 2022

A Wi-Fi-connected indoor home security camera lets you keep an eye on what’s happening in your home when you’re not there and doesn’t cost nearly as much as a full-fledged security system. These are the best we’ve tested.

I’m PCMag’s expert on fitness and smart home technology, and I’ve written more than 6,000 articles and reviews in the 10-plus years I’ve been here. I unbox, set up, test, and review a wide range of consumer tech products from my home in Florida, often with the help of my pitbull Bradley. I’m also a yoga instructor, and have been actively teaching group and private classes for nearly a decade.

Why Is The Security Camera Blurry At Night

1300TVL HD Color Waterproof Outdoor CCTV Security Camera IR Night ...

One of the most common complaints about security cameras is that they produce blurry images at night. There are a number of reasons why this may be the case.

Night vision security cameras can give you peace of mind both day and night. But high resolution night vision security cameras, especially infrared cameras, may become blurry at night. There could be many causes of this problem.

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Why Is My Security Camera Blurry At Night

Most people have complained about their night vision cameras being blurry during nights. According to experts, this problem is related to infrared light reflecting on the camera glass or any reflective elements that are closer to the camera. The main causes of these problems include:

  • Dust or scratches on the camera glass
  • Reflection from objects nearer to the camera
  • Defective or missing rubber ring around the camera lens
  • Bad lens problem

These are the primary factors that might be causing blurriness in your night vision camera.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Night Vision Security Camera

Camera Location:Its important to first decide on where the camera will be placed. Some cameras are rated for outdoor use, making them ideal for monitoring locations around the exterior home. Indoors cameras are well-suited for monitoring kids and pets and other activity inside the home but arent weather rated for outdoor use. If mounting the cameras outside, its also important to consider how they will be powered if they need to be hardwired and how that may affect location.

Field of View: Night vision security cameras vary in how broad a field of view they give you. When selecting a camera, consider how much area you need to monitor. If you need to keep tabs on a large driveway or back patio, consider a wider field of vision of 140 degrees or more. Monitoring a room or small porch, in comparison, may only require a narrow 115-degree field of view.

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Image Sensor Pixel Size And The Absorption Of Light

When the shutter opens, the light is absorbed by the image sensor. Resolution aside, the larger the image sensor size, the more light that can be absorbed by the sensor. In other words, with everything else being equal , a one-inch image sensor is going to let in WAY more light than a smaller half-inch image sensor.

The total image size also isn’t as important as the image sensor size to pixel ratio. In other words, if you have a 4K image sensor that is 4 inches wide , it is absorbing the same amount of light as a one-inch 1080P sensor, since 4K has roughly 4x the number of pixels as 1080P. Now, a four-inch image sensor doesn’t yet exist, which is why all cameras that specialize in low light imagery have lower resolutions.

There’s really only one drawback with a larger sensor size: price. Sensors are typically the most expensive part of a camera to manufacture, and the larger you go the pricier the camera gets.

You get what you pay for. We have all our image sensor sizes listed on our website and we’re happy that we tend to have larger sensors than our competitors .

How We Chose These Products

Amazing night vision – ColorVu Camera Demo

When making our selections for the top night vision cameras for this list we considered a variety of criteria.

Picture Quality: First and foremost, a security camera of this type should produce crisp pictures in low-light conditions. With that in mind, we chose high-definition cameras with the ability to capture infrared video. When possible, we chose cameras capable of taking color nighttime video.

Ease of Use: Keeping in mind that many people want a camera thats easy to set up, we included truly wireless models that can connect directly to WiFi and use a battery for power as well as those that require hubs or NVRs .

Compatibility: Since many people like to integrate their security system with their smart home, we leaned toward cameras that are compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home and can accommodate IFTTT applets that allow them to work with other brands of security equipment.

Features: We also leaned toward cameras that offer other important features, such as smart motion detection, two-way microphones, sirens, and floodlights.

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Color Night Vision Security Cameras Vs Regular Night Vision Security Cameras

For most of you, good night vision of a security camera is perhaps why you buy it in the first place.

That begs the question

Should you choose color night vision security cameras or regular ones?

After looking through the comparison between security cameras with color night vision and regular night vision cameras, youll naturally draw your conclusions.

Image Quality: The full-color images of colour night vision CCTV cameras feature better contrast effect in low-light places, so you can gain more visual details to easily identify potential suspects, vehicles or other objects compared with regular cameras.

To make you understand better about color night vision security cameras, you may watch the review videos of Reolink Argus 3 Pro.

Installation Scenarios

If you intend to monitor areas that are illuminated with strong street lights or some other light source, the color night vision security cameras are absolutely the best options.

Or in case there is no ambient light at all, the infrared IP cameras with the 0 Lux rating, like Reolink RLC-810A, can also deliver high quality video in total darkness.

Price: This is a myth you need to recognize – full color night vision security cameras dont always cost more money than the regular cameras.

For example, you can even buy the high quality color night vision security camera Reolink Argus 3 Probelow USD $130.

And there are various money-saving tips you may employ to get a budget-friendly infrared color night vision camera.

What Are The Benefits Of Benefits Of Solar Security Cameras

When it comes to a solar camera, you are getting all the benefits of a security camera- plus more. For example, you get:

  • Accurate recorded data of your property
  • Two way audio systems to send warnings or invite loved ones inside
  • Better peace of mind when away from the home

On top of those security camera benefits, you also receive the benefit of not having to deal with wires. Solar panels allow the system to be completely wireless. You can access the footage online when needed, so there should be no reason to remove the camera from its place. This feature saves you plenty of time and energy, especially if you want to put the camera high up.

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Daytime And Nighttime Picture Quality

As you can see below, the daytime picture quality is really good: clear, colorful, and sharp. The camera supports the WDR, if your subject is between the camera and the sun then you can enable this feature to avoid the sun blinding. At 20 fps at 4MP, the picture runs smoothly and naturally.

This model also incorporates Hikvisions EXIR infrared array technology to provide industry-leading illumination in any low- or zero-light environment.

Benefiting from an advanced, highly efficient light source that provides up to 30% more illumination efficiency compared to other LEDs and a revolutionary rectangular lens for uniform scene illumination and seamless HD formatting, Hikvisions EXIR cameras deliver the most advanced levels of night-time surveillance available on the market today.

Im very happy with the night time picture quality of this camera and Im getting positive feedback from all the setups I did. The IR block is separate from the camera avoids any reflection or any type of bleeding on the picture. Check the below footage to get an idea of how the camera performs at night time.

How Full Color Night Vision Works On A Security Camera

1300TVL HD Color Waterproof Outdoor CCTV Security Camera IR Night ...

Improving the clarity of the footage captured by a security camera during low-light conditions has always been a challenge. As the day draws to a close and ambient lighting retreats, video footage becomes harder to decipher. Fortunately, Infrared Red waves and Starlight technology have helped provide better hardware-based alternatives to remedy this.

In this article, we will cover the basics of full-color night vision, how it differs from IR and how you can use this technology to improve security.

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The 11 Best Outdoor Security Cameras With Color Night Vision For : Best Deals

Among the featured products of December, Best Outdoor Security Cameras With Color Night Vision cannot be ignored. This is a product globally brand in the world, with a variety of models, designs, and different customers specific needs. The information and peak level of Best Outdoor Security Cameras With Color Night Vision have been researched by our staff using AI and Big Data tools to evaluate. Furthermore, items from major brands like GMK, WYZE, EUKI, LaView, ANNKE, ieGeek, abetap, Dzees, BOSMA, Noorio will also be included in the list below.

1. GMK Security Camera Wireless Outdoor, 1080P Color Night Vision AI

  • More advanced lens, 3.3mm focal length, 1920*1080p ultra-HD quality camera. Dual light source night vision. Full-color night vision and infrared night vision are two options. Excellent lens and exquisite picture quality, wireless camera will not miss a single detail.
  • There’s a wireless battery camera with a built-in premium rechargeable battery. Its a true low power consumption home security camera. No need for any wires, can be installed wherever you want. The scene inside and outside the home is clear at a glance. The installation method is also very simple, as long as the bracket is in place, your camera can be removed or installed at will. more

2. Wyze Cam v3 with Color Night Vision, Wired 1080p HD

3. EUKI Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 2K Solar Security Camera System

Quick Tips To Manually Set Up Color Night Vision Recording

While many color night vision security cameras can automatically record color images or videos at night, some may require manual settings to do the trick.

Taking Reolink Argus 3 Pro security camera with color night vision for example, below are simple steps to manually set up color video recording at night on your smartphone .

Step 1: Launch Reolink App on your mobile phone and click the security camera with color night vision you want to set up.

Step 2: Tap the image icon and you will see three options Color, Black & White and Auto.

Step 3: Switch to the Color mode and the full color night vision security cameras will deliver true color images at night.

Similarly, you can also set up Reolink color night vision IP cameras on your PC in a breeze.

Step 1: Start Reolink Client on your PC and click the color night vision security camera youd like to configurate.

Step 2: Click the Image under Basic Settings, and choose Color in the Day/Night column.

Now you can expect to get full color images day and night from you color night vision CCTV cameras.

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Megapixel Motorized Vandal Dome Hd Security Camera

after 20% promoafter 20% promo


Our professional-grade 8 megapixel infrared dome camera has a motorized adjustable lens and night vision up to 100ft. This camera also has an advanced feature known as WDR that is used to combat any glare from intense lighting. HD over Coax cameras are capable of transmitting high quality video well over 1,000 feet using standard BNC cabling when powered locally. The maximum distance these camera can be powered is 180ft. Our professional-grade security cameras are usually preferred by customers seeking better quality and higher resolution than most consumer brand cameras. The motorized adjustable lens will allow you to capture the perfect angle for monitoring objects nearby or further away. It also has a 3-axis lens so it can be mounted to a ceiling or wall. A fully weatherproof housing makes this camera suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The traditional design and enhanced versatility of this ultra high definition security camera is sure to meet all of your surveillance needs.

All of our superior products include a 3 Year Warranty, Free USA Technical and Support and 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Want to learn more about our top rated security systems? Talk to us at 888.653.2288.

Toguard Solar Battery Powered Security Camera

Security camera with color night vision (Amcrest IP4M-1046EW-AI)

The TOGUARD comes with a sturdy base and includes a WiFi antenna, which provides you with a more reliable wireless connection. The base can even connect up to four cameras, allowing you to view your property from all angles.


Stable Base

The base included in the kit allows you to install up to four cameras. That way, you can view all of your property when the need arises. The base also comes with a dual-antenna that uses a 5db signal to connect to the network. That way, it can reach your router, wherever you have the camera placed.

Low Power Consumption

The system uses a low power consumption, allowing it to last a very long time between charges. The device also receives endless power from the solar panel, although it can still be charged with a USB if you have several cloudy days in a row.

Water Proofing

This model also comes with amazing waterproofing in place. The security camera can sit outside in even the heaviest rain without any issues.

Two Way Audio

The camera also features two-way audio. This allows you to talk to those outside, without having to open your door. Plus, this particular TOGUARD option comes with a noise reduction microphone. That way, you can easily communicate to whoever is outside.

Family Sharing

The wireless camera can be added to your familys app easily, with just a simple QR scan. That way, they can also be aware of what is happening outside and around the home.

Smart PIR Motion Detection


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