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Blurry Vision When I Wake Up

What Causes Blurry Vision

why are my eyes blurry when i wake up in the morning

Environmental, medical, or genealogical conditions can cause blurry vision when you first wake up. In most cases, the treatment to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms will depend on the underlying cause. Before taking action, read on to learn more about what might be blurring your vision in the morning.

Blurred vision can be caused by eye conditions, including:

  • difficulty focusing your eyesight, such as with near-sightedness or far-sightedness
  • problems with the retina, such as diabetic retinopathy
  • an injury to the eye

Blurred vision can also be a symptom of another medical condition, such as:

Sometimes, blurred vision can be a side effect of medicines that you may be taking.

You Have A Corneal Abrasion

A scratch on the surface of your cornea can often be caused by fingernails or makeup brushes. And even if the nick is small in size, it can lead to significant discomfort.

In addition to having blurred or hazy vision, you might experience pain or redness, feel like something is stuck in your eye or have sensitivity to light, the AAO says.

âFix it:â See an ophthalmologist if you have symptoms of a corneal abrasion, because forgoing treatment can make the injury worse. Your doctor can prescribe eye drops to relieve the pain and apply a patch over your eye to help the abrasion heal, according to the AAO.

What To Do When You Wake Up With Blurry Vision

Not every person who experiences blurry vision needs to seek treatment. If blurry vision goes away on its own and is unaccompanied by other symptoms, blinking or waiting for the morning fog to lift is a fine enough treatment.

There are other at-home or store-bought remedies to try before seeking medical support. Some common treatments for blurry vision include:

  • Taking allergy medication to relieve allergy symptoms
  • Sweeping or cleaning around your bed to remove any dust or dandruff allergens
  • Putting a warm washcloth on your eyes to stimulate oil and moisture production
  • Using eye drops that support lubrication
  • Keeping generally hydrated drinking lots of water and refraining from activities that dehydrate you

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Problems With Your Oil Glands

Meibomian glands, which are tiny oil glands around the inside of your eyelids, produce oil and water-based tears to keep the eyes moist. If the glands produce too little oil, it could result in dry eyes, not just while you sleep, but also during the day.

Dry eye testing called the Schirmer’s test is available to determine whether the glands are producing enough lubrication for the eyes.

You Have Dry Eyes From Your Medications

Morning Headaches And Blurry Vision

Certain medications can reduce the amount of tears your eyes produce and cause blurry eyes in the morning. This includes allergy medications, high blood pressure medications, sleeping pills, and cold medicines that you might take before bed.

If you have unexplained or persistent blurry vision after waking up, it is recommended to share your concerns with your doctor right away. This will help rule out any serious eye health concerns or medical conditions, like glaucoma, high/low blood pressure, or diabetes. Protect your eye health. Call 602-955-2700 or go online to schedule an appointment with a Valley Eyecare Center eye doctor.

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Blurry Vision Might Be A Symptom Of An Illness

According to Healthline, consuming different types of medications before sleeping, including allergy medicine, cold pills, or sleeping aids, can alter your tear production and lead to blurry vision in the morning. Alcohol consumption or allergies that impact your eyes can also reduce your tear supply.

If you are a contact lens user, you have to be especially careful about your eye hygiene. If you fall asleep with your contacts, they will accumulate proteins that will blur your vision. “It would be like if you smeared little blobs of gel over your window. That’s why vision goes down,” ophthalmologist Rebecca Taylor told Men’s Health.

However, blurry vision can also be a symptom of a serious illness such as diabetes. Having high blood sugar levels a possible indicator of diabetes causes eye swelling which may affect the eye’s ability to focus . Another possibility is that you may have high blood pressure, which can cause a blockage in the eye veins, stopping the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the eyes and therefore causing blurry vision .

In any case, if you’re worried about your blurry vision, consult your eye doctor as they will have the best resources to determine the reasons for this.

When To See An Eye Doctor

Blurry vision is usually temporary and does not require medical attention. However, if your blurred vision persists or has additional symptoms with it, its wise to see an eye doctor.

Suffering a head injury near bedtime especially one severe enough to cause a concussion can cause blurry vision in the morning. In this case, blurry vision may also be accompanied by other symptoms, including:

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Have You Ever Wake Up With Blurry Vision And Wonder Why You Have Blurred Vision

Waking up with a sudden blurry vision in the morning is a commonly occurred problems, some people may experience blurry vision in one eyes only and some feel in both eyes. Usually, in many cases it is temporary conditions, your vision will be clear after few times if you do blinking frequent times and these are usually harmless, while in rare condition there may be some serious issues so that you have blurred vision. Letâs talk in details here.

How To Get Rid Of Blurry Eyes In The Morning What To Do When You Wake Up With Blurry Vision

Blurry Vision in the Morning: 10 Reasons Why You May Have It.

First of all, blink your eyes frequently and use Artificial eye drops to get immediate relief from the blurry vision in the morning, and here are some tips which help you to prevent the blurry vision in the morning from occurring again

  • Keep hydrated, drink plenty of water.
  • Donât drink alcohol before bed.
  • Make your bedroom neat and clean to avoid allergens.
  • Donât wear contact lenses while sleeping.
  • Donât sleep with a fan on, or pointed directly at your face.
  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours a night. Poor sleep quality may also cause blurry vision.

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When To See A Doctor

Blurry vision is rarely a condition itself and is usually a symptom of an environmental or internal irritant. You should see an optometrist or doctor to address your blurry vision in the morning if you experience one or more of the following:

  • Blurry vision that persists longer than a day
  • Blurry vision accompanied by eye pain or light sensitivity
  • Consistent blurry vision when you wake up that does not improve with lifestyle or environmental changes

The Real Reason Your Vision Is Blurry When You Wake Up

Waking up in the morning thinking about so many things and … everything looks blurry. Have you ever wondered why that is the case? There are several reasons why you might be waking up with blurry vision and many of them are not to worry about.

One of the most simple explanations is that your eyes are dry when you wake up. This can happen if you had slept with the fan on or a source of wind is coming straight at your face . What happens is that when lots of air hits your eyes, it dries up your tears which naturally lubricate your eye allowing you to see clearly.

Another cause of dryness can be sleeping with your face crushed on your pillow . To get rid of the blurry vision caused by dry eyes, blink a few times to produce more tears and remoisten your corneas.

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You Have A Rare Eye Infection Or Injury

Blurry vision can sometimes be caused by serious eye problems, including a corneal ulcer, herpes or amebic infections, Dr. Krauss notes. Often the blurriness will occur alongside other symptoms like pain, cloudy vision or a visible spot on your cornea.

âFix it:â Serious eye infections can cause permanent eye damage, so they need swift medical attention, Dr. Krauss says. See an eye doctor right away.

You Sleep With Your Contacts In

What Causes an Eye to Get Blurry?

If you don’t use contact lenses properly, they can cause sight-robbing infections.

Contact lenses move across the eye every time you blink, creating micro-scratches on the surface of your eye. Infection-causing microorganisms can get caught under the lens and get into the scratches.

Sleeping with your contacts in, said Dr. Le, “is a perfect petri dish to grow those organisms and cause corneal ulcers,” open sores on the cornea that can blur vision.

“Always, always take out at night,” added Dr. Shah, or toss disposable lenses at the end of the day.

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What Causes Blurry Vision In The Morning

1. Dried-off Tear

Blurry vision in the morning is mostly a result of a dried-off tear on the eye surface. A lot of people start rubbing their eyes in the morning in an attempt to clear the visual field or to remove the secretions, which may help in improving the vision.

Note: The blurry vision in this case is transient and generally improves on repeated blinking. In case the symptoms continue, consult your GP as there may be an underlying problem as well. Your healthcare practitioner may advice you to visit an eye doctor.

2. Tiredness

Sometimes you feel itchiness in eyes with blurry vision in the morning, the reasons could be that you didnt have a good nights rest. It makes the visual apparatus of your eyes fatigued and tired, thereby presenting as blurriness of vision.

3. Oil Gland Problem

Oil gland problem causes mucus accumulation in the eye after waking up. It may lead to blepharitis which is eyelid inflammation. Water eyes and red eyes are the most common symptoms, which make your vision blurry.

The treatment for excessive mucus includes warm compression and gentle scrubbing of eyelashes before sleeping. You can also opt for antibiotics.

4. Allergies of the Eyes

Certain eye allergies can also cause blurry vision in the morning with other allergy symptoms such as redness and watering of eyes, sneezing, burning and itchy sensation etc. These symptoms can get worse if you have a known allergy to dust or mites.

5. Abnormal Blood Sugar Levels

6. Fuchs’ Dystrophy

Fuchs Dystrophy With Cataracts

Cataracts are a natural part of aging. A cataract causes a gradual clouding of the eye lens, which may be corrected by cataract surgery.

Its also possible to develop cataracts on top of Fuchs dystrophy. If this happens, you may need to have two types of surgeries at once: cataract removal and corneal transplant. This is because cataract surgery can damage the already-delicate endothelial cells that are characteristic of Fuchs.

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Double Vision Caused By Cornea Problems

The cornea is the clear layer that covers the front of the eye. Its main function is to focus incoming light into the eye. Problems in the cornea distort its surface, which can create double vision. Such problems include:

  • Infections such as shingles or herpes zoster
  • Scars caused by disease, injury or infection

How To Get Rid Of Blurry Eyes In The Morning

“Stroke Of The Eye” Symptoms Need Immediate Attention

In most cases, blurry vision in the morning doesnt require treatment.

But if you wake up with a blurry vision in one eye or both eyes due to the result of medical conditions, treatment depends on the cause.

This condition will improve after treatment of the underlying cause of blurred vision in the morning.

If dry eye is the cause of blurred vision, blinking a few times after waking up can re-moisten the cornea. Similarly, you can use lubricating eye drops to ease the effect of dry eyes.

To get rid of blurry vision in the morning due to floppy eye syndrome, try to sleep on your back or side.

Similarly, remember to remove your contact lenses before sleep in order to minimize the related negative effects on your eyes.

Likewise, if corneal edema causes you to wake up with a blurry vision in the morning, the eye doctor prescribes eye drops to minimize corneal swelling.

If an allergy is causing reduced vision, use anti-allergic medicines prescribed by your eye doctor.

Check your blood sugar level regularly to get proper treatment for diabetes and to minimize blurry vision.

Similarly, manage to sleep in a place where the direct effect of the ceiling fan on your eyes is minimum.

Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated all the time. It is not good to drink alcohol before bedtime if you are constantly having the problem of blurred vision in the morning.

Likewise, plenty amount of sleep is necessary to maintain the normal physiology of your body, including the eye.

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New Or Severe Headache Without Trauma

Some emergency conditions marked by headache and blurry vision can also occur without trauma. If you feel you have any of the following conditions, seek immediate medical help.

Closed-angle glaucoma

In closed-angle glaucoma, pressure in the eye builds up because fluid in the front part of the eye does not drain as it should. This is considered a medical emergency, and you should seek immediate medical attention.

If not treated, the pressure inside your eye can build to the point that it damages your optic nerve, which could result in permanent vision loss.

Closed-angle glaucoma is a rare form of glaucoma. Unlike the more common open-angle glaucoma, this type of glaucoma develops quickly, and its symptoms are obvious.

It is called closed-angle glaucoma because the angle between the iris and the cornea is either closed or very narrow. This most often occurs in older adults, especially those with smaller eyes.

Closed-angle glaucoma affects women about twice as often as men. Symptoms usually come on suddenly and can include:

  • blurred or hazy vision
  • red, flushed skin
  • loss of consciousness

Carbon monoxide poisoning is treated with oxygen, either through a mask or placement in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Carbon monoxide poisoning is preventable. Be sure to have a functioning CO detector installed in your home.

Herpes zoster ophthalmicus

Early symptoms of herpes zoster opthalmicus may include:

  • flu-like symptoms

Meningitis and encephalitis


Thunderclap headache

Sudden Blurry Vision In One Eye Heres What To Do

by True Eye Experts | Jun 1, 2022 | Blog Post

We rely on our vision to interact with the world every day, and it can be unnerving when theres a change in how we see. Experiencing sudden blurry vision or cloudy vision in one eye isnt terribly uncommon, but there are a number of potential causessome far more serious than others.

If you have sudden blurry vision in one eye, first, its important to understand the potential causes. Based on risk factors and other symptoms, you can then decide what to do about it, and determine if you need to seek emergency medical attention.

Well look at emergency scenarios first. While these are far less common causes of sudden blurry vision, they are the biggest reasons for concern.

If your blurred vision is accompanied by these factors, dont hesitate to seek medical help immediately!

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Blurry Vision When Waking Up Why

A lot of people complain of dull vision that makes it difficult to see things clearly in the morning. Some causes of blurry vision in the morning are birth complications and congenital defects of visual apparatus. Other acquired causes include eyesight weakness requiring eyeglasses or lenses. You may feel vision blurring in one or both eyes. It can also be due to an acute eye illness or infection as well. You should know when medical advice should be consulted.

Relief For Blurry Vision Is At Your Fingertips

Morning Headaches And Blurry Vision

Blurry vision can be uncomfortable, anxiety-inducing, and aggravating. Though it is rarely serious, some people who experience blurry vision when they wake up in the morning might have an undiagnosed medical need. At Art of Optiks, a team of experienced doctors and opticians are ready to discuss why you are waking up with a blurred vision and how to alleviate symptoms while addressing the underlying cause. Our experts can diagnose a medical condition, or work with you to identify changes to your environment or habits. Give us a call or make an appointment online to get started.

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What Causes Blurry Vision And Headaches Together

The most common cause for a headache and blurred vision is usually to do with uncorrected vision problems linked to needing new or updated glasses or contact lenses.

Even if you have perfect vision, some blur and eye strain is normal when our eyes are tired or strained, this can often feel like pain in the frontal brow or headache. This is often called asthenopia and could have many underlying causes from general over concentration, loss of focus in the eye due to presbyopia or other issues such as eye muscle problems.

Another cause could be migraine. People who suffer from migraines report temporary vision loss or blurred vision as a result of distorted lines or colours, sometimes in one eye, sometimes in both. Ocular migraines dont always have accompanying head pain or headache like a normal migraine.

Whatever the cause, consulting your optometrist is the right thing to do when these symptoms present.

Other causes for blurred vision and headache could include:

Low blood sugar: if your blood sugar gets too low, you can become hypoglycaemic, which means your brain is in desperate need of glucose to keep it going.

Stroke: aside from other symptoms like facial and arm weakness and slurred speech, a stroke can cause a headache and blurred vision. If you suspect a stroke act quickly to seek medical help.

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