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Blue Cross Blue Shield Vision Insurance Card

What Is Supplementary Health And Dental Insurance

Why that card from BlueCross BlueShield is important: 2 Wants to Know

If you live in Ontario, you are probably covered under the government-funded Ontario Health Insurance Plan . When you are approved for OHIP, youll get an Ontario health card which enables you to go to a doctor, clinic, hospital or emergency room, and receive medical attention, tests and surgeries at no cost to you.

But OHIP only partially covers or doesnt cover some medical services like prescription drugs and vision care, and it does not cover dental care. To pay for medical needs and dental care that OHIP doesnt cover, you may want to consider purchasing supplementary health insurance also known as extended health insurance, or private health insurance, and supplementary dental insurance.

You might have supplementary health and dental insurance through your employer, known as group insurance, or you may decide to buy your own policies, known as individual insurance. Supplementary health and dental insurance is a way to get the medical services you need, at an affordable price. To find out more about the different types of supplementary health and dental insurance, visit Types of Supplementary Health and Dental Insurance.

What Sets Us Apart From Others

First and foremost, this is a Blue Cross Blue Shield product. Our strong points are our customer service and network. As a name trusted for nearly 60 years, Blue Cross and Blue Shield care about you and your familys overall health. Thats why we offer a supplemental vision plan, BCBS FEP Vision, to give you peace of mind about your familys eye health. We offer no copays for comprehensive vision care exams and our Exclusive Collection of frames. Our provider network offers access to over 130,000 eye care providers nationwide, including top national retailers and online retailers. Whether youre beginning your first career, adding to your family, or planning for retirement, BCBS FEP Vision has you covered.

How Do I Enroll In Blue Cross Blue Shield Vision Coverage

Speaking with an insurance agent is a great way to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. A licensed agent can help you review all the plan options available in your area, go over the costs and coverage included with each and answer any questions you may have about the plans. You can also compare plans online for free, with no obligation to enroll.

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What Are The Discounts For Additional Eyewear

All BCBS FEP Vision independent providers are required to extend a 20% discount to all members that purchase additional frames, and/or spectacle lenses, and/or daily wear contact lenses, and a 10% discount when purchasing additional disposable contact lenses. This discount can either be in conjunction with their benefit or at any other time. The materials portion of the members benefit does not need to be exhausted first for the member to receive this discount.

How Much Supplementary Health Or Dental Insurance Do You Need

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There are a wide variety of supplementary health and dental insurance plans, each with their own level of coverage, but the amount of health insurance you need is a highly personal decision. Only you can decide how much is right for you, but an insurance agent or company may be able to help you make those decisions. Visit the finding an insurance agent or company section of Working With an Insurance Agent or Company to find someone who can help you.

Factors to consider when deciding how much coverage you need include:

  • How much can you afford to pay each month? Each year?
  • Supplementary Health and Dental Insurance | 101: Getting Started 4

  • Do you have any other supplementary health insurance through your employer, a parents group plan or a spouse/partner?
  • Do you require prescription drugs on an ongoing basis?
  • Are you willing to share a hospital room, or do you prefer a private room?
  • Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?
  • Do you receive medical services from professionals such as chiropractors or massage therapists?
  • Can you afford to pay out of pocket for ambulance fees?
  • Do you have a chronic illness that requires more extensive medical services than OHIP provides?
  • Do you have a pre-existing medical condition? Some supplementary health insurance plans do not cover this. Be sure to shop around to find an insurer who might.

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Are Medically Necessary Contact Lenses Covered

Contact lenses may be determined to be medically necessary and appropriate in the treatment of patients affected by certain conditions. Clinical documentation is required from your doctor to support the medically necessary contact lens request. Contact lenses may be determined to be medically necessary for the treatment of specific eye conditions such as:

  • Moderate to Severe Dry Eye Disease
  • Irregular Astigmatism

Having the diagnosis of a particular eye condition does not guarantee that the contact lenses would be determined to meet the criteria as outlined in the clinical guidelines.

An In-network provider will complete a prior approval form. For out-of-network services, please submit your Drs clinical documentation along with your claim form for review and reimbursement.

What Options Do I Have For Laser Vision Correction Services

The laser vision correction benefit allows members of BCBS FEP Vision to realize savings on the national average cost. BCBS FEP Vision has partnered with QualSight, whose laser providers are credentialed according to NCQA standards and represent ophthalmologists and surgeons who use the latest, most advanced instrumentation.

If you are a candidate for laser vision correction, you will experience significant savings including 20% to 35% off the national average price of LASIK.

To learn more or to schedule a free LASIK consultation, please call Qualsight at 1 502-2020 or visit their website below.

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Third Party Website Disclaimer

You are about to leave Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama’s website and enter a website operated by HealthEquity. HealthEquity is our business associate and is an independent company that provides account-based plan services to Blue Cross. HealthEquity has agreed to follow Blue Cross’ privacy and security policies regarding the confidentiality and protection of your personal health information.

To continue to the HealthEquity website, click “Accept.” If you want to stay on Blue Cross’ website, click “Cancel.”

What Types Of Blue Cross Blue Shield Vision Plans Are Available

Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC customers getting extra money

Blue Cross Blue Shield operates under dozens of different names according to the state or region where the company does business. For example, you might find plans available from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona in the state of Arizona, but plans might be offered by Florida Blue in Florida, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield in Maryland and many other names depending on where you live. You may even see names like Anthem, Horizon, Empire, Highmark and more attached to the Blue Cross Blue Shield name.

With all that in mind, the exact vision plans that are available from Blue Cross Blue Shield will vary by state. However, they can generally be broken down as follows:

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Bcbs Fep Vision Offers The Coverage You Want:

  • Free comprehensive vision care exams for all members
  • Access to over 117,000 eye care providers nationwide, including Visionworks, LensCrafters, Costco, Walmart, Sams Club, Target Optical, Pearle Vision and more
  • An extensive fully covered Exclusive Collection of frames
  • A $200 frame allowance with our High Option that covers about 90% of national retailers frames in full
  • Benefits that work overseas
  • Access to health and wellness discounts from Blue365®

Do You Have Ophthalmologists In The Network

Yes, though not as many as optometrists. Ophthalmologists are medical doctors , and though perform vision eye exams, they are also trained to diagnose all eye diseases as well as to surgically treat patients dealing with an ocular disorder or disease. Optometrists a vision doctors, who primarily focus on vision care and correction to a vision change diagnosis. Your BCBS FEP Vision program covers non-medical diagnosed vision exams. To locate an in-network Ophthalmologist / MD, look for the letters MD after the Drs within the provider locate, bcbsfepvision.com/providers.

To learn more regarding a medical diagnosis, see FAQ, WHAT IF MY EXAM HAS A MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS?

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How Do I Find My Blue Cross Blue Shield Policy Number

You can sign in to your Blue Access for Members account on the official Blue Cross Blue Shield website, www.bcbstx.com, and see your arrangement data under the My Coverage tab. On the off chance that you have not made an account yet you can do as such by clicking Sign Up or Log In and afterward click on Register now. Once you have access to your account, you can find out your policy and policy number too.

How Do I Access Information Online


To locate BCBS FEP Vision participating providers and benefits information online, please go directly to bcbsfepvision.com. This brings you to the BCBS FEP Vision home page. You do not need to be registered to access this area of the website which provides the ability to access provider locate, benefits information, rates, health, and wellness information as well as additional value-added benefits.

To obtain specific information for you and your covered dependents as validating enrollment, checking your eligibility, viewing paid claims and EOB, and downloading electronic ID cards.

If you have already registered with us, enter your username and password.

If you have not registered yet, then click on Register and follow the directions for access to the secure section of the website.

If you choose to register, the information you enter must match exactly with what we have on file for you, including your BCBS FEP Vision identification number. Once registered, your credentials can be accessed on the mobile app.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental & vision Plans

For additional coverage beyond our health plan benefits, we offer supplemental dental and vision plans, available to federal employees and eligible uniformed service members.

Coronavirus Update

Were committed to supporting our members health and well-being during this time. If youre a BCBS FEP Dental member, learn more here. If youre a BCBS FEP Vision member, learn more here.

The Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program is a voluntary, enrollee-pay-all dental and vision program that offers you the chance to choose your carrier. Backed by the strength of Blue Cross Blue Shield, were proud to offer plans that help keep your mouth and eyes healthy.

Save Money On Eye Exams

Enjoy savings when you get an eye exam from a participating optometrist or ophthalmologist at Vision Discount Program locations. Get $5 off the regular fee for eyeglass eye exams. Or get $10 off exams for contact lenses.

Want to use another doctor? You can still save money on frames and lenses. Simply bring your prescriptions to a Vision Discount Program location.

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Can I Make Changes After I Enroll

Changes to your enrollment can be made through BENEFEDS if you have a Qualifying Life Event or during Open Season. Each year, Open Season runs from the Monday of the second full work week in November through midnight the Monday of the second full work week in December. Any changes made due to a QLE will be effective as of the next premium billing cycle. Any changes made during Open Season will take effect as of the next January 1.

What Is Included In An Eye Examination

Blue Cross Adds Sutter, Blue Shield Blue Card Program, for 2022

The vision care eye examination covered by your BCBS FEP Vision benefit yields a basic prescription for eyeglasses, and includes a refraction, basic glaucoma test, Dilated Retinal Examination , and a general overview of eye health. This examination can detect a number of eye diseases, as well as signs of systemic conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, and neurological impairments. Every vision care examination our providers administer is consistent with clinical guidelines published by the American Optometric Association and the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

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Do You Have A Mobile App

Yes! Search the store for BCBS FEP Vision, available for Android and iOS.

The mobile app features include Finding an eye care professional, checking your eligibility & benefits, viewing your ID card, reviewing your claims & status, and other tools and resources.

Use the same username and password already established for the member portal or you can register as a new user.

Is The Premium Deducted From My Paycheck Bi

Yes, Federal employees automatically pay premiums through payroll deductions using pre-tax dollars. Annuitants automatically pay premiums through annuity deductions using post-tax dollars. Uniformed Service enrollees automatically pay premiums through payroll deduction or automatic bank withdrawal using post-tax dollars.

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Benefits You Can Clearly See

Healthy eyes and clear vision are important parts of your overall health and quality of life. With BCBS FEP Vision, get supplemental vision coverage that helps you care for your future. Were excited to offer our coverage to federal employees and retirees plus eligible retired uniformed service members enrolled in a TRICARE health plan, their dependents and the dependents of uniformed service members.

These benefits are neither offered nor guaranteed under contract with the FEHB Program but are made available to all enrollees and family members who become members of BCBS FEP Vision.

Understand What Your Vision Plan Covers

Group Number On Insurance Card Blue Cross

The first step to getting the most from your BCBS vision insurance benefits is knowing what your vision plan covers. Blue Cross Blue Shield offers several levels of vision plans, and most BCBS vision plans include at least one annual eye exam each year.

Depending on the plan, benefits may also include:

  • Additional discounts on non-prescription eyewear accessories

With your BCBS vision plan, you may have to pay a small copay $10 or $15, for example on lenses for glasses. You may also pay more if you exceed your plans frames or contacts allowance.

For example, the BCBS 2022 FEP Vision plan for federal employees covers frames from the BCBS FEP Exclusive Collection. However, if you buy frames from another provider, the FEP vision plan has a $140 frame allowance. If you opt for contacts instead of glasses, you receive an allowance for contact lenses of up to $130. If you exceed those amounts, youll still receive a discount on charges over the allowance.

Carefully review your Blue Cross Blue Shield vision plan benefits. Then make sure youre taking advantage of all benefits designed to save money on eyewear, contact lenses and services.

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Do You Have Providers Overseas

Though no network providers are available overseas, we do provide coverage. Federal employees, Annuitants, Retired Uniformed Service members and their families, families of active-duty service members, and their dependents who travel or live outside the United States and Puerto Rico can receive BCBS FEP Vision international benefits.

How Does It Work

Supplementary health and dental insurance policies are contracts between you and an insurance company. You agree to pay a yearly or monthly fee called a premium, and the company agrees to pay the benefits which are covered under your policy. Your policy will outline what is included and what is not.

Here are some common features of supplementary health and dental insurance:

  • Most policies do not cover 100 per cent of your medical expenses. You may have to pay some of the medical expenses you and your dependants incur. This is known as the deductible. Each policy is structured differently and you might have family deductibles or per service deductibles .
  • Some plans have a co-insurance feature in addition to the deductible. That means you have to pay a percentage, or co-insure, the medical expenses on top of your deductible. It could be 10 per cent of the eligible medical expense, or higher, and it may depend on the type of medical service required.
  • You may also have dollar or percentage limits, or maximums placed on the amount of benefits that you can receive. Maximums can apply to specific health benefits like eyeglasses or massage therapy sessions in a specified period typically a year, or during your lifetime.

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What Is Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a major health insurance provider, including Blue Cross Blue Shield vision insurance. BCBS vision insurance covers a vision network of more than 117,000 providers and several top vision care chains. A BCBS vision plan can help save money on eye exams and eyewear.

Even if you dont wear glasses or contacts, a Blue Cross vision insurance plan can still help you and your family stay on top of your overall eye health with routine eye exams. Blue Cross Blue Shield offers family and individual vision insurance plans, as well as employer-sponsored group plans.

What Is The Member Number On An Insurance Card

Check your Blue Cross Blue Shield retail cards

Your membership ID number guarantees and identifies you as a secured individual from Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Its significant on the grounds that it is the means by which you access your advantages when you need care, much like a charge card lets you utilize your record to make buys. Your part ID number interfaces you to your data in our frameworks, and is the thing that suppliers use to ensure you are secured for a treatment or medication when you look for care.

You can discover your part ID number on your part ID card, which you ought to get via the post office not long after you pursue one of our arrangements. In the event that you are a current part and your arrangement doesnt transform, you wont get another card. The card you have will even now work. On the off chance that you are in an arrangement through your activity or another gathering, it will likewise be recorded on your card. Your ID number is given right underneath your name.

Its imperative to take your part ID card with you when you look for care, so your PCPs office has your protection data. Without it, you might be charged wrongly for treatment or administrations. You will likewise require your ID number when you consider Customer Service or cover your tab. Your ID number is likewise the key that gets you into Blue Access for Members, your online asset for dealing with your medical services inclusion. There you can:

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