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Arai Xd-4 Vision Helmet

Why Did The Arai And Shoei Beat The Klim

Tested: Arai XD-4 Helmet
  • Snell M2020 is a proven standard of safety certification shown to demand the highest level of performance from a helmet. Some would argue its overkill and unnecessarily stringent, but in an adventure helmet, it seems appropriate. Conversely, the ECE 22-05 standard while also excellent doesnt demand as much from a helmet comparatively.
  • I have no way of knowing whether the XD-4 performs better than the Hornet X2 in crash testing, but both are Snell M2020 approved. I was hoping SHARP had tested both helmets and I would have used their scoring to break the tie, but alas neither are on their list. So its a draw, unfortunately.

Have a look at the video below to see some of what I witnessed at the Arai factory when it comes to crash testing their RX-7V helmet.

  • The Koroyd safety liner found in the Klim is claimed to absorb a lot more crash energy than the EPS foam liners found in both the Arai and Shoei, but as I mentioned before this hasnt been confirmed by an independent testing facility at the time of this writing. If there comes a time it is then I would have to consider giving the victory to the Krios Pro in this category.

The wavy, disorganized carbon fiber weave patterns found on the Klim shell dont fill me with as much confidence as the hand-built fiberglass and aramid formulas used by Shoei and Arai on theirs.

Helmet Showdown: Arai Xd

A Three Helmet Showdown Is About To Go Down

Search the internet today using the words Best and youll get plenty of opinionated claims popping up from a myriad of sources touting their impartiality and honesty. But who can you really trust? Its getting harder and harder to know whether the source is secretly working for a manufacturer or just overly biased and close-minded, right?

Generally, I read several reviews for this reason and then average them out to get closest to reality but even then, my instinct tells me that some reviews are parroting others or are obsessively negative.

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Why Did The Arai Win

Arai XD
  • In a nutshell, its because it came out of the testing showing the fewest scars, and feels the closest to how it did when it came fresh out of the box. Even after thousands of miles ridden through rough terrain, there are zero dents, dings, scratches, or broken pieces.
  • I also feel Arai took more risks with the design than the other two manufacturers did and yet still came through with flying colors. There are triple the amount of plastic vent covers/louvers stuck to the outer shell which could have fallen off or failed, yet didnt.
  • The Arai interior is customizable for size and shapes more readily than the other two helmets and everything comes apart just as easily as it goes together after cleaning. All features are there for a specific purpose and they just plain work.

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Why Did The Klim Win

I admit this area is dependent on multiple factors that can vary from person to person, so let me hash this out.

  • The Klim Krios Pro has velvet-like microsuede lining every inch of the interior padding which is heavenly to have against your face any day. The interior cradles my head perfectly and evenly all around as it should. Best of all the Krios Pro only weighs 3.1 lbs . Thats nearly a full lb lighter than the two other helmets, resulting in zero neck fatigue even after long days in the saddle. The carbon fiber shell and a Koroyd-infused crash liner get the credit for this win.
  • The Klim shell tapers inward ever so slightly at the neckroll, so its tight getting my fat, round oval shaped head in or out, but not to the point it causes me as much grief as the Shoei does.

What Would I Change About The Shoei Hornet X2 To Make It Better Than The Other Two

  • Make it as light as the Krios Pro is
  • Give it airflow equal to the Krios Pro or XD-4
  • Include the Transitions visor at no extra charge with the Arai anti-fog coating instead of the Pinlock insert
  • Make the helmet less narrow so it fits me like the Arai and Klim do
  • Add the Krios Pros Fidlock chinstrap or micrometric buckle instead of the D-ring one.

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On The Street Or Down The Trail

The recent crop of adventure helmets do a surprisingly good job of being aerodynamic enough to not turn your head into a sail at speed. Do you notice the peak while riding? Yes. Is the XD4 the most aerodynamic adventure helmet Ive used? No. That said, on everything from naked bikes to adventure touring machines, it hasnt been such a problem that I regretted using the helmet.

Finishing plates on each side provide a polished look whether the peak is installed or not.

The XD4s peak does catch some wind, and depending on which motorcycle Im riding I can find myself teetering between the point of wind catching under it and pulling up or over it and pushing down. On adventure bikes, its almost never an issue that bothers me much.

The Arai XD4s rear diffuser vents can be easily replaced by pressing the red tab on the vent closing mechanism to the right. This allows the diffuser to pop free of the vent, then, once the new piece is lined back up, pulling the red tab back into place locks it back in securely.

Note the fog building at the bottom of the visor.

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Film Complet En Francais Youtube

The RF-SR is Shoei’s full face street helmet, designed to look both sleek and minimalist. It’s also designed to be a jack of all trades – Shoei say it’s suitable for short street rides or long tours – it’s also designed to be quiet, stable and aggressive/mean-looking. I’m not too sure about that last point, but let’s take a look.

Why Did The Shoei Win

This one is so close to call because all three helmets perform reasonably well at highway speeds, in busy traffic, and in the rain. Im tempted to call it a draw between the Arai and Shoei but there are a couple of factors that give the nod to the Hornet X2.

  • The sun peak on the Shoei is locked in place and the chinbar isnt elongated like the other helmets making it the least affected by crosswinds and headwinds. Yep, thats it. Thats why it wins by the smallest of margins over the other two helmets.

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Why Does The Klim Krios Pro Win

  • An auto-darkening Transitions visor with a Pinlock anti-fog insert is included with the helmet along with extra hardware for connecting the sun peak and visor to the helmet.
  • You also get a FidLock chinstrap and Koroyd material in the helmet crown as an absorption layer for energy in an impact. Koroyd is claimed to absorb crash energy significantly better than standard EPS foam.
  • This is as of yet unconfirmed by an independent source, though.

What Would I Change About The Klim Krios Pro To Make It Unquestionably The Best Choice For Me Myself

Arai XD
  • Get rid of the Pinlock and install the Arai anti-fog coating on the visor
  • Change the vents and visor mechanisms to be dustproof like on the Shoei and Arai
  • Put the Shoei Hornet X2 sun peak on it
  • Give it a higher quality level of workmanship/finish like the hand made Shoei and Arai have instead of the mass produced-factory finish it currently has
  • Give it Snell M2020 certification like the Shoei and Arai OR have three independent testing facilities confirm Koroyd is superior to EPS foam

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What Would I Change About The Arai Xd

  • Make it as light as the Klim Krios Pro is
  • Get rid of the sun peak whistling noise
  • Make the visor a Transitions auto-tinting one with anti fog coating on it
  • Add the Krios Pros Fidlock chinstrap or a micrometric buckle instead of the D-ring one
  • Make a quiet spot for the microphone to mount on the chinbar or add an integrated microphone somewhere else that isnt affected by wind noise

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Arai Xd 4 Depart Helmet Review And Sizing Info From Stg

  • We feel the Arai XD4 Vision Helmet has an Intermediate Oval Shape, while offering a comfortable fit with an easy on / off effort as compared to other race style helmets.
  • Snell 2020 and DOT Approved.

Information from Arai Helmets:

Offering three distinct configurations, allowing the user to choose which works best for their riding needs, the new XD4 is similar in appearance to the previous XD3, but greatly improved in all-around performance. The combination of the new comfort headliner, with microfitting 5mm peel-away temple pads, and our patent-pending FCS® cheek pad design, also with 5mm peel away layers, add a new dimension to the concept of helmet fit and customization. It takes a unique sense of commitment to continually strive to improve your product especially when it’s already regarded as the very best.

Arai XD4 Vision Helmet Fitment

Intermediate Oval: Arai is the only company offering multiple interior-fit shapes to better address the infinite variety of rider’s head shapes and sizes. The Arai XD4 uses their Intermediate Oval interior fit shape. Arai’s Intermediate Oval shape is a little shorter front-to-back and a little wider side-to-side, compared to their Long Oval shape.

Other Features:


Why Did The Arai Xd

Arai XD-4 Helmet Review at
  • Dust, dirt, and water resistance is the main reason I pick the Arai in this category. The sun peak and visor on the Arai is held on with two plastic screws that were completely unaffected by dust, dirt and mud buildup around the hinge area. Regardless of how much gunk was thrown in there, the visor remained consistent to operate and remove/install despite the fact its not quick release like the other two helmets are.
  • The Arai air vents were largely unaffected by dust, dirt, bugs, etc encountered. Air flow was consistent and the vents didnt plug up as the other two helmet vents did.
  • I stayed the coolest while wearing the Arai while working hard picking up my bike or riding slowly over very technical terrain. I credit it to the combination of silky-smooth nylon material used on the interior along with better than average airflow.

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Best Helmet For The Price

Here are the prices of these helmets from the Revzilla website. You may find them for less elsewhere but I chose this site as a general source to work from. This isnt necessarily about which helmet costs the least, but more so about the value gained for your dollars.

An Adv Lid From The Land Of The Rising Sun

Maybe its the millennial in me, but Ive always appreciated Arai helmets for the privately owned companys history and the fact that the lids are handcrafted in Japan. Use the word heritage and/or handmade and youve got the attention of my generation. The thing is though, with Arai, they dont need to rely on hip marketing to entice interested parties. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and Arai has been serving it up thick since the 1950s. Arai lids can be found on the heads of the worlds most elite racers from MotoGP to Dakar and even in the less interesting four-wheeled sports like F1 .

Arai XD4

  • Wish it came with a Pinlock-ready shield (and a Pinlock insert
  • Not the lightest helmet in the genre
  • The XD4 is getting a little long in the tooth

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Arai Adult Dual Sport Xd4 Vision Helmet White Frost Xl

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Best Scoring Helmet Overall

I didnt keep a running score while writing each section and only at the end did I tally up the total and realize the stunning result. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a tie between the Shoei and Klim helmets!!!

  • Klim Krios Pro: 23 points
  • Shoei Hornet X2: 23 points
  • Arai XD-4: 20 points

This isnt at all surprising to me since all three helmets are strong contenders and Im fanatically critical of any and all shortcomings. I expected a three-way tie before I began the actual testing process based on the reputation of these three competitors.

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