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Anthem Blue View Vision Providers

Anthem Blue View Vision Review: Overview

MIB Vision Insurance
  • Linked with some big names and associations
  • Reassurance in using a large well-established company

Theres a reassurance in using a large well-established company for something as fundamental as insurance. You need to know that it is going to be there, check-book in hand when you need it most.

Anthem, despite mergers and name changes, has been around for what seems like forever, and is linked with some big names and associations. Over the years, like other business behemoths its picked up its share of controversies, but has continued to grow and succeed nevertheless. When youre talking about a member only network, size means everything.

Top Ten Reviews Verdict

Anthems eye care insurance plan, Blue View Vision, is available as a standalone policy or as a bolt-on to its general medical and dental plans. It’s a very traditional offering, but reliable and good value.


  • Backed by a huge insurance company

  • +

    Linkable to your existing health or dental

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Anthem, previously known as WellPoint, is one of the best vision insurance companies in America. Its the biggest member of the Blue Cross Blue Shield federation of health insurance companies, which represents more than 100 million people across the states. Its near the top of the Fortune 500 list, so you know its a big, established entity with no plans to disappear overnight.

The plans for Anthem Blue View Vision are super-simple: three tiers of premium that each get gradually lower in terms of copay and give more generous allowances. Prices range from $12 to $18.50 for individual plans, with big savings to be made if you add your spouse or partner. Exams and new lenses are scheduled for once a year. A very simple plan, for reasonable premiums.

There are Medicare supported plans, with lots of supporting info on eligibility, benefits and how to apply. However, the site is old and often difficult to use and navigate in parts.

Anthem Blue View Vision Review: Alternatives

Anthem Blue View Vision has a lot going for it, but, just like any other vision insurance plan, it won’t be for everyone. We’d also recommend looking at our VSP Direct review, as well as EyeMed, Direct Vision Insurance and Ameritas Vision before making your final decision.

Visit the Anthem website to learn more about Blue View vision insurance .

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Anthem Blue View Vision Review: Verdict

A big industry, with a simple plan and significant side benefits. Premiums are low and still manage to keep copays down and allowances up. You can opt to up your premium to pay lower fees at the doctors office and for more luxurious frames if you’re happy to trade your low monthlies for greater savings down the road.

There is provision for Medicare and Medicaid plans, should you qualify. If youre buying other health insurance at the same time it might be worth your time and effort to get a combined quote, to see if you can save by buying in tandem.

The website is a little fiddly, but contains a wealth of additional information to aid your health and insurance decisions. All in all this is a very traditional offering, but reliable and good value.

What Is Not Covered

Anthem BlueCross BlueShield Review

Blue View Vision does not cover serious vision conditions like glaucoma, cataracts or vitrectomy. The plans also do not cover laser surgeries that do not involve the correction of refractive errors.

If you have a non-refractive condition like glaucoma, you may consider an alternative insurance policy. Consult your optometrist on alternative care.

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Anthem Blue View Vision: Plans Benefits And Costs

The Blue View Vision is the vision insurance coverage offered by Anthem, the second-largest health insurance provider in the United States. You can enroll in the vision benefits as a stand-alone policy or combine it with another health coverage. Here are the plans the company offers, including the costs.

Anthem Blue View Vision Review: Known Networks

  • Largest member of the Blue cross Blue Shield insurers association
  • Big cities are really well represented

Anthem is the largest member of the Blue cross Blue Shield insurers association, accounting for nearly half of its 100 million members. The Blue Cross Blue Shield network is divided into local chapters and checking how that is represented in your area will play a part in your final buying decision.

The big cities are really well represented, especially in California. Alaska, for example, is a little thinner on the ground for cover, but its only a case of a slimmer range of choices and maybe a longer drive.

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Anthem Blue View Vision Review: Plan Options

  • Three levels of cover
  • Prices range from $12 to $18.50

Anthems three levels of cover are called Blue View Vision, Blue View Vision Plus and Blue View Vision Advanced. Prices range from $12 to $18.50, depending on your coverage needs but all allow you a single visit to your doctor for an eye exam and new lenses in a calendar year.

The higher premiums will see your copay lowered and give you more generous allowances on your frames and contacts.

Anthem Blue View Vision And Lasik Coverage

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Laser in-situ keratomileusis is an eye surgery that helps to correct refractive errors. If the surgery is successful, your need for glasses to see clearly comes to an end. Therefore, it can be cheaper in the long term than glasses and contacts.

Blue View Vision includes coverage for correcting refractive errors. You have coverage for problems like farsightedness , nearsightedness and astigmatism . The plan covers LASIK laser surgery, where you can save up to $800 through special offer discounts.

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Refractive Errors Are Covered Through Blue View Vision

Blue View Vision covers treatment for refractive errors like myopia , astigmatism, and farsightedness . You can get regular eye exams, new glasses, prescription lenses and contact lenses, and even laser refractive surgery with discounts or a certain dollar amount of coverage. This plan works very well for most people, but if you have more serious vision issues, you may need a different insurance option.

Regular Eye Exams & Necessary Surgery

You can get one annual eye exam with an in-network optometrist or ophthalmologist at no cost with Blue View Vision. If you need additional tests outside of basic, thorough eye exams, there may be some cost. For example, retinal imaging can be performed during your regular eye exam, and Blue View pays up to $39.

Blue View Vision does not cover other types of vision surgery, including cataract surgery, vitrectomy, or other types of laser surgery that do not treat refractive errors.

Treatment for some serious eye diseases like glaucoma may be covered by your standard health insurance rather than vision insurance. If you are diagnosed with a chronic vision problem that is not a refractive error, work with your optometrist or ophthalmologist to understand how to best treat this disease.

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Blue View Vision & Lasik

More vision insurance providers realize that laser in-situ keratomileusis is a wonderful option to manage refractive errors. Long term, LASIK is less expensive than glasses or contact lenses, as long as your refractive error does not change every year. You will still need regular eye exams to manage your eyes health, but LASIK means you do not need to wear contact lenses or glasses all the time to see clearly.

Anthem Blue View Vision Review: Extra Benefits

Anthem Blue Cross And Blue Shield
  • Options to save money
  • Combine with dental and health plans

The other advantage of using a general health insurer to take care of your eye care needs is that there may be options to save money by combining your vision care with your dental or health plans.

Its worth comparing what Anthem is offering in its packages to see if your additional vision care spend might be considerably reduced when bought alongside other, vital financial products.

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What Is Covered

Blue view vision covers most of the basic vision requirements, such as

  • Eye exams every 12 months. If you go for an in-network doctor, you will pay a $10 or $20 copay. But for an out-of-network optometrist, you will pay $50.
  • Standard glasses with single, bifocal, or trifocal lenses every 12 months with a $10 or $20 copay. The plan will cover up to $130 of the cost for in-network doctors. But youll get a 20 percent discount on the remaining amount.
  • New frames after every 12 to 24 months. The plan will pay an allowance of $130 to $200.
  • Conventional and disposable contact lenses after every 12 to 24 months. If you use an in-network provider, the maximum benefit is $130, with a 15 percent discount on the remaining balance. For an out-of-network provider, you get up to $115.

How To Enroll

If you want to become a member of Blue View Vision, visit the Vision Anthem Plans page. Enter your zip code and shop for plans available in your state. The company will present you with plans and prices applicable to your specific region.

Then, select the option that works for you and complete the application form. You can also buy vision coverage as a stand-alone policy or add it to your existing health or dental insurance.

Once you enroll, you will receive an ID card. When you visit an optometrist for eye care, you only need to present this ID card and the doctor will take care of the rest.

The best thing about Anthem Blue View Vision is that it is relatively cheap and has many in-network eye doctors. Also, it lets you integrate health, dental, and vision coverage into one bundle.

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